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Jeremy Clarkson test de geruisloze Tesla X. Deze zelfbesturende auto racet tegen de Audi R8 op het circuit. Wie zal er winnen? Bekijk meer van The Grand Tour op Prime Video! Abonneer nu op het NLblock kanaal ⇨
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25 nov. 2020




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Amazon Prime Video Nederland
I wonder why Jeremy didn't let Richard review this electric car
BAU Dag geleden
@Step with Stef u mean rimac?
Step with Stef
Step with Stef Dag geleden
@BAU yeaa tell that to Tesla
BAU 2 dagen geleden
Richard Shunt badly affects on EVs.
Gabriel 2 dagen geleden
I wonder why...💥🚗
stormhawk 149
stormhawk 149 9 dagen geleden
He crashed and nearly died
Julian Ruffles
Julian Ruffles 7 minuten geleden
Just build a green car that your average man can afford without all the crap
LABBO 55 18 minuten geleden
Bet jezza is please she's not always in that seat, god help her hubby, assuming she legally trapped one😂😂😂😂😂
scale sandwich
scale sandwich 28 minuten geleden
The classy rise timely ruin because cotton ophthalmoscopically roll past a hurried trapezoid. decorous, relieved stomach
TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC!
TheLittleAcura aka A-SPEC! 42 minuten geleden
If the Model X had one electric motor driving the front wheels, and two driving the back wheels, one for each wheel, it would feel even more nimble and agile...
Rockleo 48 minuten geleden
How many Hammonds is the boot?
Emmanuel Meyer
Emmanuel Meyer Uur geleden
156k£ for that? must be wrong
sep chabock
sep chabock Uur geleden
Missed Jeremy so much 😭
A Passerby
A Passerby 2 uur geleden
Tesla engineers: “Hey Elon, I’ve got an idea for the Model X. Why not inclu-“ Elon: “Do it”
Jack Jones
Jack Jones 3 uur geleden
Why all the rubbish about drag racing, its the only thing the Tesla can do. What about round bends and a longer race?.
Digidream 4 uur geleden
They can actually get out, the doors in the back open nearly vertically.
Nemer Saad
Nemer Saad 4 uur geleden
Ever time I haer Jeremy voice I, remember my childhood, man I was watching every episode.
Zarkian Beacon
Zarkian Beacon 4 uur geleden
I’m pretty sure it can be summoned from park now... correct if wrong
Jozef Alishaq
Jozef Alishaq 4 uur geleden
Was I the only one that thought he was drawing a penis
THE PROJECTS 5 uur geleden
So y’all not gonna say anything abt the dick that Jeremy drew😂😂
Hamza Mussy
Hamza Mussy 5 uur geleden
PLOT TWIST: He actually paid the Audi driver not to overtake him😊
PANTYEATR1 5 uur geleden
Muhammad Adiguna Bimasakti
2:56 "James May is a moror"
rick ijdo
rick ijdo 6 uur geleden
Wasthat the stromberg
TexasGreenTea 6 uur geleden
The Model X debuted a few short years after this douche falsified a Tesla breakdown on his show. He knows jack $h!t about EVs.
Antony Carter
Antony Carter 6 uur geleden
The future!!👍
Seun Ajiboye
Seun Ajiboye 7 uur geleden
Intro Song: Clark Water Linn
Barry Boo
Barry Boo 8 uur geleden
Who has $150K?
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles 8 uur geleden
150K save the best till last!
ivan tejada
ivan tejada 8 uur geleden
“ and you can draw pretty patterns and stuff” .. proceeds to draw a dick 😂
Quintus Batiatus
Quintus Batiatus 9 uur geleden
"This may be a two and a half tonne seven seater Playstation" haha classic Jezza!
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown 9 uur geleden
He’s gold
Carefreeblues 9 uur geleden
I love how Tesla, while obviously being at the edge of motor vehicle technology, does not take itself too seriously. Celebration mode? Genius :)
Nick Dodson
Nick Dodson 9 uur geleden
So what I am gathering is, Tesla, and therefore Musk, is such a wanker that they had to do the lawyer bit, which isn't surprising given how much Musk over exaggerates with promises, and even lies about profitability of his own companies. SpaceX hides that their rockets aren't really any cheaper than NASA, his "Boring Company" is the same situation (average price for the industry), Tesla still struggles to stay profitable after Musk refused to listen to advice that would have saved the company hundreds of millions, and Hyperloop is a wealth people MLM.
LiteStuff LLC
LiteStuff LLC 9 uur geleden
Lets take the R8 and the Tesla x to Le Mann or a lengthy drive on the Autobahn maybe Munich to Berlin and see who wins a race, I dare say the R8 in 24 hours will defeat the X by 2000 Km. I'm not particularly interested to know which starts ahead a few dozen yards, the X weights about 2500 kg .At any sort of speed, perhaps 200 km/hr the X will have a very limited range; far less than claimed range at 100 km per hour. You'll be sitting charging half the time. As a result even a Prius will give it a run at any sort of real race. I'm pretty tired of that sort of Tesla hype.
Jangsen J
Jangsen J 10 uur geleden
Audi is of no use
Dnet Vaggos
Dnet Vaggos 10 uur geleden
i'm the only person who saw the D!ck that he design in the Tesla's screen? hahahahaha
D B 11 uur geleden
Anybody else notice the penis he draws on the sketch pad. He plays it off pretty well.
Akhumse K. Sangtam .36
Akhumse K. Sangtam .36 11 uur geleden
Love your drawing 🤣🤣🤣
Joshua Lloyd Noche
Joshua Lloyd Noche 12 uur geleden
1:03 bruh what is that?
Karem Civa
Karem Civa 15 uur geleden
Everything’s cool and so but did he draw a d*ck at 1:05 ?
Arthur Lima Rocha
Arthur Lima Rocha 15 uur geleden
1:05 why he drew a penis?
IGNITE STRENGTH 15 uur geleden
Very useful to kill someone, Elon musk will be very helpful to terrorist in the future 👍😀
looking about
looking about 16 uur geleden
A little late Clarkson. You were slagging tesla before. When you underhanded worked for the European car cartel.
Sebi One
Sebi One 13 uur geleden
Why doesn't anyone remember this? Top Gear LIED about the Tesla breaking down in their first review to make the car company look bad in and effort to kill the fledgling car company. Evil, evil, evil. I will never forgive them.
ivan L.
ivan L. 16 uur geleden
I would only imagine if he activated the dog mode with the lawyers in the car while they were in the parking
faster than faster than valentino
Shonky build quality and a soulless drive
Stiff On
Stiff On 18 uur geleden
Nice review, plus its the most amazing vehicle to drive.
kyle bauer
kyle bauer 20 uur geleden
funny thing about the last clip is that the automatic doors in the rear would open :D
Francisco Medina
Francisco Medina 20 uur geleden
Tonight on bottom gear: Jeremy drives an electric silent car Hammond uses a toilet James commits arson
David O Brien
David O Brien 20 uur geleden
Tesla model S Tesla model 3 Tesla model X Tesla model Y S3XY. ELON MUSK EXPLAIN
DJ 20 uur geleden
1:05 I was expecting that
TATER JD 21 uur geleden
Didn’t say that the first time
Kallen Murphy
Kallen Murphy 21 uur geleden
"Draw pretty patterns and such"
Stephen Coyle
Stephen Coyle 22 uur geleden
“If you crash in a car with lithium batteries you will catch fire”... as apposed to a combustion engine vehicle literally full of petrol which obviously never catch fire?!
brt d
brt d Uur geleden
Petrol is far more safe as compared to theae batteries
Filip Krawczyk
Filip Krawczyk 23 uur geleden
Why is the video inverted
Folarin Osibodu
Folarin Osibodu Dag geleden
should have opened the falcon wings at the end
Siakol Yano
Siakol Yano Dag geleden
Tesla had eliminated the stigma of a typical electric cars of being slow, boring, lack of features and associated with tree huggers. Thanks to Tesla, car manufacturers finally get more serious with electric car, no longer a never ending concept cars.
MrSec84 Dag geleden
Jeremy's right, the car companies need to prove their range figures, the lawyers are actually wrong, in Law the Onus is on the party making a claim to provide proof that claim is accurate. We do not need to be careful asking car companies to provide proof, car companies should just do it.
stathxant Dag geleden
so we are going to ignore the fact that he drew a dick? 1:03
Very Old Channel
Very Old Channel Dag geleden
He could have scribbled anything but he drew....👍
EpicMusicLemon Dag geleden
Model X performance is 90k usd not 160k? Even with autopilot, custom paint, upgrades it is 110k USD?
Dongsheng Di
Dongsheng Di Dag geleden
BaoJun is super ugly … as far as Chinese people are concerned , it is not a GM car. That's how the CCP govt Brainwashes the people and the World. stop the steal. stop intellectual property theft
pickle '_'
pickle '_' Dag geleden
1:02 Nice pattern
Ken Pau
Ken Pau Dag geleden
I like the way he brought up Samsung
Sy Hungry
Sy Hungry Dag geleden
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Do Dong
Do Dong Dag geleden
strousegn frahm
strousegn frahm Dag geleden
The accurate kilogram thankfully brush because radish nouzilly describe throughout a miniature sofa. deep, standing carrot
Raghav Dag geleden
What did he draw, dirty mind
Drew Marshall
Drew Marshall Dag geleden
The long-term fireplace commonly disapprove because lunch startlingly untidy before a gray greasy great step-aunt. elegant, shrill robert
Ashkan Zahed
Ashkan Zahed Dag geleden
fat shaming Model X shame
William Cross
William Cross Dag geleden
This is an old firmware revision. Lots has improved!
smallbustboy matthews
Great until a big white artic pulls out in front of you, six foot under in a box.
Rahil Panda
Rahil Panda Dag geleden
10:38 Did the lady in the back sleep lol?
sly fly
sly fly Dag geleden
"i can draw pretty patterns" then he draws a penis . Smh...
aZeddPrattFilm Dag geleden
I know this is gonna be unpopular... but I think the new miata should be electric... imagine what would happen to the market. Imagine if they made it rev, sound like a roaster, etc etc.
Thomas Dag geleden
Yeah it also beats a chiron
B H Dag geleden
Did he really draw a dick?
33 Dag geleden
Wtf why hes drawing a dick
Tyler Mclarnon
Tyler Mclarnon Dag geleden
You can draw funny patterns.... next thing he knew draws a penis 😂😂
Sun Of Dawn
Sun Of Dawn Dag geleden
the guy to the left at 2.43 is priceless
A Shah
A Shah Dag geleden
what a bool
Raaghav K
Raaghav K Dag geleden
Welcome to bottom gear mates
Shonen Dash
Shonen Dash Dag geleden
HAHAHA for those who don't know Tesla sued him for saying something negative about there car in 2013 and thus the lawyers
INVALID USER Dag geleden
No they sued him because he said something false about the Tesla and dropped their stocks aka deformation
FeNoM Dag geleden
Yes, but it doesn't have the sound of the R8, nor it's feeling. What's sad about e-car is that it doesn't have this motor/power feeling
Geno Cardosi
Geno Cardosi Dag geleden
It also has a Bio-weapon defense mode
Sandeep Kumar
Sandeep Kumar Dag geleden
Was he trying to draw a dick at 1:03 ?😂
Subhakar Jeyachandran
Oh Jeremy you are nasty to draw a di## at 1.06 lol😂😂😂😂
Usama Arshad 17-08
Usama Arshad 17-08 Dag geleden
The girl with the glasses is supercute. 🌹
REBWAR RS Dag geleden
That was nice 🔥😍🔥😍🔥😍🔥
Shen Wei
Shen Wei 2 dagen geleden
LOL....this car is trash...
kenshen Billionare
kenshen Billionare 2 dagen geleden
david perets
david perets 2 dagen geleden
of course clarkson find out a special use for the clipboard "SHUT UP"
Okuhle Ntshintshi
Okuhle Ntshintshi 2 dagen geleden
Did he just draw a dick on that sketch pad 😂
Shirshak Subedi
Shirshak Subedi 2 dagen geleden
1:05 did he draw a d...??
WB Games
WB Games 2 dagen geleden
The best Road Vehicle right?
SIDDHARTH MAHARANA 2 dagen geleden
Tony Stark's car VS Elon Musk's car
Brent Cox
Brent Cox 2 dagen geleden
The inconclusive call ordinarily cross because pest electrophysiologically nail like a tiny mexican. learned, somber creature
Y_Y Yc
Y_Y Yc 2 dagen geleden
The tesla x stystem only has 8gb on the the touch screen when its full the touch screen shuts down u cant even open the windowns for some breeze to come in they got to fix this issue
Stephen D James
Stephen D James 2 dagen geleden
There is also a "Brake Regen" mode that when you let off the gas pedal, the motor will brake and allow a certain percentage back into the batteries.. Something you need to get used to, and does not take long. In short is saves money on brake usage and therefore longer to need to change brakes,,,
Zaher Miah
Zaher Miah 2 dagen geleden
7.05 tesla doors dances to the music. Nick diaz: "oh your a dancer now"🏎🥊
Marcon TV
Marcon TV 2 dagen geleden
After you criticized tesla back years and faking a result suck a stupid
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez 2 dagen geleden
Clarkson is still truly the best car presenter ever.
alex nielsen
alex nielsen 3 dagen geleden
a couple of years ago this jackass was talking shit about telsa lmao i guess this show sways in the direction of money..
Dimitris Iakovidis
Dimitris Iakovidis 3 dagen geleden
Roasted is what I think fits here
Clinton Sang
Clinton Sang 3 dagen geleden
So much for laughing at Tesla and Elon at a young age
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