Swimming in a pool of oobleck #Shorts 

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14 apr. 2021




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Grace B
Grace B 35 minuten geleden
Interesting to much time on your hands
Jessica Rex
Jessica Rex 14 uur geleden
Jessica Rex
Jessica Rex 14 uur geleden
Fill it up with glue
D H 15 uur geleden
الي يبي الطريقة يحط نشاء وماي
Lucas Melcher
Lucas Melcher 15 uur geleden
This is the most original video of pool of oobleck ever
lofi zyro
lofi zyro 15 uur geleden
How do you make it?
Zoe Randall
Zoe Randall 16 uur geleden
That looks fun
Red plays Roblox
Red plays Roblox 16 uur geleden
Is oobleck bullet proof if you put it in glass
Calvin Jensen
Calvin Jensen 17 uur geleden
Be in the full week
Sloane Hicks
Sloane Hicks 19 uur geleden
Isn’t he walking on water cause the stuff is just made out of cornstarch and water- 👌🤭🙃😧
purpaxo 19 uur geleden
Kinda sus 😳
Sam 19 uur geleden
Shoot it
The_true_nderue daved_q
This is cornstarch
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 20 uur geleden
Only if you could make it look like water and bring it to a park and walk on it-
David Zheng
David Zheng 20 uur geleden
Michael Abagat
Michael Abagat 21 uur geleden
When u washed off I thought I PeEED
Kim Nash
Kim Nash 22 uur geleden
You need merch that says So one day I...
Julia Bergström
Julia Bergström 23 uur geleden
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 20 uur geleden
Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.
Julia Bergström
Julia Bergström 23 uur geleden
Alison Dixon
Alison Dixon 23 uur geleden
Rosiland Smith
Rosiland Smith Dag geleden
Who else made corn starch mixed with water before not knowing it was called oobleck?
ChubChubs8 Dag geleden
Fake unspeakable video
Stjepan Vargic
Stjepan Vargic Dag geleden
It Lokks like gooby slume
MetalGhosty Dag geleden
So that's how jesus did it
Steven W
Steven W Dag geleden
Alright folks move along, move along nothin to see here.
Sofi Vlogs
Sofi Vlogs Dag geleden
Bro this is what this guy does for a living JUST CHALLENGES think about that for a sec
Karl Kahn
Karl Kahn Dag geleden
Eat It!!!!!
Erika Bedford
Erika Bedford Dag geleden
Love it
Avril Carrizo
Avril Carrizo Dag geleden
Hi tú si eh
A C Dag geleden
Lucas Cuevas
Lucas Cuevas Dag geleden
Jump out of a plane into a pool of that stuff and you’ll smack the surface and slowly sink into it like a cartoon character
stewie Dag geleden
Bruh you and you're buddies need a real damn job.
Shannon C
Shannon C Dag geleden
Corn starch and water lol
Jimmy Nguyen
Jimmy Nguyen Dag geleden
The narration sounds like it was a 3rd grader's essay on what he did during summer
Yusuf Ayaz
Yusuf Ayaz Dag geleden
Imagine copying Collins key
Cute Girl
Cute Girl Dag geleden
Do something like walking on water
Ms. Smith
Ms. Smith Dag geleden
smoooty Dag geleden
Morrigan Weasel
Morrigan Weasel Dag geleden
Uhm...cornstarch does the same when you mix it with a little water
G O Dag geleden
Fill it with gummy bears or haribos
Little Artist
Little Artist Dag geleden
Giovanna Cruz
Giovanna Cruz Dag geleden
Didnt collins key do this????
THE NADER 2 dagen geleden
Step 1 : put some ooblek Step 2 : go mad
JOSH’S GOLF J0URNEY 2 dagen geleden
Zuzu Zulu
Zuzu Zulu 2 dagen geleden
Pedro Cuevas
Pedro Cuevas 2 dagen geleden
Slime or coke and metose
kylee sullivan
kylee sullivan 2 dagen geleden
So much detail🤭👍👏
Jayda Comer
Jayda Comer 2 dagen geleden
... u should fill the pool up with pudding just imagine
Joshua Meyer
Joshua Meyer 2 dagen geleden
Also know as a non-Newtonian fluid
Marcellus Ashford
Marcellus Ashford 2 dagen geleden
The definition of a kid trapped in a teen body
Porcia Tutton
Porcia Tutton 2 dagen geleden
Do a pool of marbles!
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 dagen geleden
Her: he is probably cheating on me😥 Him:
Saffron Dag geleden
James Lawson
James Lawson 2 dagen geleden
rteakell7983 2 dagen geleden
Put cracked eggs in there then jump in it
《Burning Rose》
《Burning Rose》 2 dagen geleden
Does anyone else realize that this is use a shorter version of Unspeakable's video from a few years ago about oblecc
Zach Jones
Zach Jones 2 dagen geleden
How do you make it?
Jolene McCance
Jolene McCance 2 dagen geleden
Madison Larson
Madison Larson 2 dagen geleden
It’s a sliquid
just bre 33
just bre 33 2 dagen geleden
Fill it up with glue and play on it I dare u hehe
Ava May Buxton
Ava May Buxton 2 dagen geleden
I wanna do that so bad
justin bloomfield
justin bloomfield 2 dagen geleden
I wanna do that
Ali Khan
Ali Khan 2 dagen geleden
Bella Parker
Bella Parker 2 dagen geleden
Gamerking Baca
Gamerking Baca 3 dagen geleden
Giving me 2016 Collins key vibes pool filled with Oobleck vid
Aeson Reyes
Aeson Reyes 3 dagen geleden
Copycats you got the idea from collins key
JuniorYT 3 dagen geleden
the neighbor's child :
Loretta L
Loretta L 3 dagen geleden
Ordinary Vlogger
Ordinary Vlogger 3 dagen geleden
Did someone say o block 👀
Gaming with Memes
Gaming with Memes 3 dagen geleden
Liv N
Liv N 3 dagen geleden
That is so cool I really wanna try it now but I won't cos like where do u even get that stuff from
TheZahnFactor 3 dagen geleden
Nice feet
Djuna Glasson Green
Djuna Glasson Green 3 dagen geleden
umm... just quickly gonna credit Collins Key...
J. 3 dagen geleden
I'll try at a friend's house next weekend
Luv Wavy
Luv Wavy 3 dagen geleden
I'm guessing you watched collin keys old obleck vid 🤣 and u try these out for yourself
Buggs channel
Buggs channel 3 dagen geleden
Fill a pool full of lego heads
Zahid Iqbal
Zahid Iqbal 3 dagen geleden
Pagal ha ye to jo aisa lag raha ha poop ha
DZ3OA 3 dagen geleden
Dude copied off the youtubers that did this like 4 years ago
Avery Frost
Avery Frost 3 dagen geleden
What's up bro stoptexting
Nicole Leavitt
Nicole Leavitt 3 dagen geleden
I love oblique
Zoe Gem Laguda
Zoe Gem Laguda 3 dagen geleden
Omg we have that pool•~•
Danny Knows
Danny Knows 3 dagen geleden
This is daily dose of internet voice
Sue Fineday
Sue Fineday 3 dagen geleden
Do it in jello
Carolina Renteria
Carolina Renteria 3 dagen geleden
Sharlotte Baine
Sharlotte Baine 3 dagen geleden
Make lava
AliyahRJ MommyDaddy
AliyahRJ MommyDaddy 3 dagen geleden
Natalie Pyles
Natalie Pyles 3 dagen geleden
I think 🤔 next y'all should fill it up with different liquids of your fav!
Tiffanie West
Tiffanie West 3 dagen geleden
Do slime
Addison Olvena
Addison Olvena 3 dagen geleden
Wat wat nuni?!
Vansrule 3 dagen geleden
Kim Markland
Kim Markland 3 dagen geleden
Fill it up with concrete😃😀🙂
Isabel Delgado
Isabel Delgado 3 dagen geleden
Black Moon
Black Moon 3 dagen geleden
3 years ago when I was in church we made oobleck that was blue
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 dagen geleden
Okay that's got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen
Aubrey Garcia
Aubrey Garcia 3 dagen geleden
How do you make obleck
Tom Binoy
Tom Binoy 3 dagen geleden
Stop copying Collins key lul
Willy Stott
Willy Stott 3 dagen geleden
Try riding a bike across it
Vladimir Grom
Vladimir Grom 4 dagen geleden
In Russian it's called something like "Non-Newtonian fluid"
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 3 dagen geleden
I have that pool but i cant show pics
limi TeaTae
limi TeaTae 4 dagen geleden
Putting that on his hair was risky I could never what if you couldn’t wash that stuff out.
Amber Everman
Amber Everman 4 dagen geleden
That’s cool
ABI FF 4 dagen geleden
M4 tech
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