studio footage: vocal arranging the “positions” bridge - ariana grande 

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positions out now:


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6 apr. 2021




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Diego Freitas
Diego Freitas 8 minuten geleden
omg this is so satisfying 😭❤❤
Alma Th
Alma Th 17 minuten geleden
ARIANA I LOVE U 😍 😇🙂🙃😉😌 you are amazing singer
Melinda Legerski
Melinda Legerski 29 minuten geleden
Can you imagine her and Jungkook working together?
Bryan Serafin
Bryan Serafin 43 minuten geleden
“One more please”
Utkarsh Verma
Utkarsh Verma 52 minuten geleden
She's not just a singer!! She fully understands the job of a producer and audio engineer too! 🤯
ItsNiyaDemi 58 minuten geleden
s/o the fantastic producer/engineer! they literally make the music. she’s talented
Priyamvada Tyagi
Priyamvada Tyagi Uur geleden
The fact that her sound is always melodious drives me crazy...
BLEEP Uur geleden
Shes a freaking genius!!
Chantel Jean
Chantel Jean Uur geleden
Love to see artists work
James O'Connor
James O'Connor Uur geleden
Such a talent, but so humble!!! 👑 👑 👑
yash patil
yash patil Uur geleden
She got a voice that doesn't need any music 😍😍
Holland Cogan
Holland Cogan 2 uur geleden
Honey Rose Penes
Honey Rose Penes 2 uur geleden
Videos like these😍👍🔥 the making. Oh yeah
Aaliyah Sampson
Aaliyah Sampson 2 uur geleden
YEAH thats auto tune to pitch correction or sumn sounds cool
Sneha Sri
Sneha Sri 2 uur geleden
ITSNOT Reenz 2 uur geleden
She is so polite I love itt
Lol. Irrelevant
Lol. Irrelevant 2 uur geleden
What kind of positions!?! 🤣
NIYA GLEECE 3 uur geleden
Love this woman a lot
I listen to too much asmr
that is what I wish I had the talent to do
Danai Kag
Danai Kag 3 uur geleden
Royal Cordilleran
Royal Cordilleran 3 uur geleden
♫♪ ♥♥♥ ♪♫
Kennedy Brownie
Kennedy Brownie 3 uur geleden
Bruhh her voice is so good!!! Ari I have the adoption papers right here!!
Michaela Umali
Michaela Umali 3 uur geleden
Cipa a
Cipa a 3 uur geleden
gabby edwards
gabby edwards 3 uur geleden
the talent
Michkaella Aducal
Michkaella Aducal 3 uur geleden
Daaaaaamn 😭😭
Isha 3 uur geleden
ariana is her own producer lmaooo
Anderson Villamar
Anderson Villamar 3 uur geleden
Eso suena tan limpio 😔☝🏼
Nats Martin
Nats Martin 3 uur geleden
TheRasecYT 4 uur geleden
He ariana grande ?
Alegra Iturra
Alegra Iturra 4 uur geleden
e 4 uur geleden
ugh love her
ana luzia.
ana luzia. 4 uur geleden
we need more of this
Chiz Francis
Chiz Francis 4 uur geleden
Yay she's adding more yuhs
Yashvee Patel
Yashvee Patel 4 uur geleden
You are soo amazing ari I just love you............. 😍💜❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💕♥️💕💖💕💯. You are an amazing artist, I had never seen such one before. Love you♥️♥️♥️💞♥️💕💖
M Z 5 uur geleden
She copied Mariah Carey. Mariah is the queen of leveling
Enkeleda Selimaj
Enkeleda Selimaj 6 uur geleden
Ok but can we take a moment of silence for all the great yeAh she said omfg 😍😍😍🤩✨🥰❤️😍
Choco Bear
Choco Bear 6 uur geleden
If I had her voice I wouldn’t shut up
Nick Drozd
Nick Drozd 6 uur geleden
I’m the guy in the brown sweater. My only job is to bob my head and say, firrreeee. Lmao. Jk
Nick Drozd
Nick Drozd 6 uur geleden
Seeing this makes her even more impressive. In order for her to communicate what she wants she has to have a total understating of her vision. Meaning, she has basically already finished this song in her head and is now recording it. I mean, sick!!
anais 6 uur geleden
this is so cool wtf
johnjeffrey Richardson
HAHAHAHA. kainin ko yan FEFE
miuu guup
miuu guup 6 uur geleden
i thought it's easy when you have such a great voice as her, but turns out it still need to be this complicated to make it perfect, her passion is fire!!
Axel Sical chanaz
Axel Sical chanaz 7 uur geleden
ariana tiene la magia., estilo., fuerza ., maña estilo,.´´ççç
QueenMaxine 7 uur geleden
We stan singers in this house
Maleeha Qazi
Maleeha Qazi 7 uur geleden
I did not sneeze but Ariana blessed me with this
lexa chalamet
lexa chalamet 7 uur geleden
she is precious i love her
Oh no!
Oh no! 7 uur geleden😭
D_b3ndz _
D_b3ndz _ 8 uur geleden
This is GOLD
jasmine ade
jasmine ade 8 uur geleden
just one more
TheRealDirtySkillz 8 uur geleden
Very Pretty vocals. I always liked the "Meeeee" part.
Evelina Music
Evelina Music 8 uur geleden
Loaflie 8 uur geleden
True queen out here perfects notes that she just uses as examples before even recording it- wh-
Robert Enriquez
Robert Enriquez 8 uur geleden
random fish guy off the streets
2:12 let's moOooOve it over
Deshawn Taylor
Deshawn Taylor 9 uur geleden
Nice voice
hanna thompson
hanna thompson 9 uur geleden
Anna Shot
Anna Shot 9 uur geleden
Anna Shot
Anna Shot 9 uur geleden
Anna Shot
Anna Shot 9 uur geleden
Anna Shot
Anna Shot 9 uur geleden
Anna Shot
Anna Shot 9 uur geleden
Keith Showell
Keith Showell 9 uur geleden
Wow! When your clay is in the craft you intend to create for the world to love. Brilliant!
mila bianchi
mila bianchi 9 uur geleden
the lil "is that pretty 🥺"? MY HEART PLEASE
Jos Antonioeriberto
Jos Antonioeriberto 9 uur geleden
Too much art
Ploychompoo Inthajak
Ploychompoo Inthajak 9 uur geleden
I'm so obsessed with her songs
ari martinez
ari martinez 9 uur geleden
Stephen Leon Chase
Stephen Leon Chase 9 uur geleden
She still as stunning as ever
Aika Yuwa
Aika Yuwa 9 uur geleden
Ok don't mind me Im just watching how Ariana create another masterpiece.
Azalea 10 uur geleden
I feel like Ariana's team and just the people who got to help her arrange the songs and EVERYTHING are just so understanding
Richard Castro
Richard Castro 10 uur geleden
B E A S T 🔥
Charlotte Morris
Charlotte Morris 10 uur geleden
shes so effortless
Gayatri 10 uur geleden
Her angelic voice ❤❤❤
aizat5b 10 uur geleden
The best. Thanks @Ariana Grande 🙏🏽
井上彩 10 uur geleden
lollipopss30 10 uur geleden
yes kween doing her thing
Hannah Weiss
Hannah Weiss 11 uur geleden
i’m in a youtube hole, i never listen to her music because i’m just not a fan of the style, but this made me appreciate how talented she really is
Shalini K
Shalini K 11 uur geleden
❤️ARIABEL❤️ Ariana G❤️Abel tesfaye
black_ moon
black_ moon 11 uur geleden
where is jade? cat? ;-;
Joseph Riley
Joseph Riley 11 uur geleden
One of the few artists who knows everything from melodies and harmonies right up to comping and editing. No one can say she doesn't write her own songs after watching this. It's so nice to hear the bridge build up to result with the final song.
Ilaria 11 uur geleden
she's amazing but she doesn't write her own songs...
Dramatello 11 uur geleden
Ladies and Gents... this is what we, producers, call - PRO LEVEL SINGER !!! Ariana's talent is not just vocally... she has a vision and she knows how to make the moves to get there. So much the producer doesn't even get involved. I'm SPEECHLESS!
Tara Young
Tara Young 13 uur geleden
Keep going Ariana
Tara Young
Tara Young 13 uur geleden
She is such a amazing singer
David Bobowski
David Bobowski 13 uur geleden
Y'all would love Brandy! She pioneered this kind of harmonization and stacking.
Third Harmony 07x
Third Harmony 07x 13 uur geleden
Please reply randomly
Third Harmony 07x
Third Harmony 07x 13 uur geleden
She looks so pretty 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Third Harmony 07x
Third Harmony 07x 13 uur geleden
Who are haters of Ariana? 😂 Please reply
Sami Akuma
Sami Akuma 13 uur geleden
Thanks you just taught me many things
No ThisIsPatrick
No ThisIsPatrick 13 uur geleden
the slight pitch correction on her mic is so funny when she talks I love it
Risse 13 uur geleden
omg how can she harmonize that QUICKLY?! she has sooo many ideas. that's queen behavior right there!
ariana's bad idea
ariana's bad idea 13 uur geleden
ari that f*cking tight ari vocals yeah yeah 4:32
Risse 14 uur geleden
genchied 14 uur geleden
yeah man
Saejal 14 uur geleden
I swear auto-tune needs Ariana ❤️
tee. 14 uur geleden
the layering reminds me of digital artists creating 200 layers of a sketch cuz they keep having too many ideas and get carried away lol
Amina Yusupova
Amina Yusupova 14 uur geleden
0:03 “do we need a little little ✨yeah✨” made me laugh🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻💍
softlyxs 14 uur geleden
god i love her
Nomvuselelo Phoswa
Nomvuselelo Phoswa 14 uur geleden
"Is that pretty?" 😍
Gracie Hodges
Gracie Hodges 14 uur geleden
Just want to let you no Ari is I love you more then anything in the world your the QUEEN
lizzy 14 uur geleden
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