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Excited to share the official trailer for @AlexFergusonFilm! Go to for more:

📅 27 May: UK cinemas
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5 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Yoesif Gg
Yoesif Gg 14 uur geleden
😩😩😩😩😩💔💔💔💔💔I miss you Coach
P A N D A Dag geleden
Im a city fan but this movie is amazing!
Samuel Girum
Samuel Girum Dag geleden
It’s very emotional video
Mark B
Mark B 2 dagen geleden
Had me in absolute pieces, tears streaming down my eyes. Not because I'm a united fan, but because he always reminded me of my grandfather who passed away last year. Both from Glasgow, both fearsome and strong principled Glaswegian working class men with strong values and the upmost of integrity They don't make men like this anymore
Rhinoceros 13 dagen geleden
Just saw that last night. What a watch.
Dylan 14 dagen geleden
Literally the best documentary I’ve ever watched, any football fan would enjoy this. Brilliant.
poppy don
poppy don 15 dagen geleden
서정우 15 dagen geleden
James Sloyan
James Sloyan 15 dagen geleden
He is truly the greatest manager as he even won the pl with Cris smelling and Phil jones
Chris InBlackpool
Chris InBlackpool 16 dagen geleden
I lived through the 70's reign of the red scousers, barring a certain FA cup win it was awful! This man changed all that! He gave us hope that we could actually beat anyone - but more than that, he didn't just do it with one team, he did it with three! No other manager in the history of our game has done that with one club. I was there for his last game and cried like a baby... I was not the only one!
CJ Studios
CJ Studios 16 dagen geleden
I live in Australia and the movie has not came out can someone help me find a way to watch the movie
Neil Ritchie
Neil Ritchie 17 dagen geleden
The greatest.
Red 17 dagen geleden
Imagine him being young again managing a man United team in 2021
F1 All Time
F1 All Time 17 dagen geleden
I have seen the docu, I don't like it. But I have great respect for the man.
F1 All Time
F1 All Time 16 dagen geleden
@Csokops #glazersout it's more like an interview
Csokops #glazersout
Csokops #glazersout 16 dagen geleden
why don't you like it?
Qasim Afzal (Q-Tube)
Qasim Afzal (Q-Tube) 20 dagen geleden
peps greatest achievement is being compared to saf
Pritesh Maru
Pritesh Maru 20 dagen geleden
I miss our Man United
ZAB OKENYE 20 dagen geleden
Simply the legend. Just the greatest sir Alex Fergie
Alex Core
Alex Core 20 dagen geleden
This is a great movie,,What a story truly Epic,,I cant believe he trained Aberdeen on the beach in the winter,,that will toughen ya right up that,That beach is the last place i go in winter its freezin
Md Izzat
Md Izzat 20 dagen geleden
True inspiration legend
Asri Loremsa
Asri Loremsa 21 dag geleden
2008 ! For me is the Best Team from Sir Alex Ferguson 😀 the Winner Premier league and UEFA Champions league, CR7 Top SCORER Premier league and UCL, Perfect 😎👍
Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪
And we had the trio: Rooney-CR7-Tevez
James Prentice
James Prentice 22 dagen geleden
I saw this in the cinema last night - wonderful story. Its more about him as a person than the football. As a lifelong Manchester United fan I learnt a lot!
Priyansha Das
Priyansha Das 22 dagen geleden
Physcology is someone else's word . I call it Management . - Sir Alex Ferguson .
Michael Kiffiak
Michael Kiffiak 22 dagen geleden
This is the only documentary in history that I am excited to watch.
Mantu LANGIT 22 dagen geleden
Father...of the ball world in your grasp 💪💪💪
login all
login all 22 dagen geleden
Giggs : Father son relationship How about brother relationship 😏😏😏
Awak Dewe
Awak Dewe 23 dagen geleden
Really, We miss this moment
Mar Vell
Mar Vell 23 dagen geleden
Manchester is RED)
Naza Bn
Naza Bn 25 dagen geleden
If we ever gonna win the title, it would be an honor to have the former players to attend the title presentation.. that includes CR7..
NRMN ABDLH 25 dagen geleden
Iam already watched this movie
Нусратулло Хушназаров
Sir Alex you great hello from Russia 🔴
mostRADude 26 dagen geleden
The Father of Manchester UNITED.
jainam sharma
jainam sharma 26 dagen geleden
"Psychology, someone else's word, I call it Management".......
Tapajyoti Bhandari
Tapajyoti Bhandari 26 dagen geleden
The man who knocked Liverpool off the f perch!! The man who embodies Manchester United! Here's to our hero, Sir Alex Ferguson
Egzon Dushku
Egzon Dushku 26 dagen geleden
I thought I was speechless, though my tears say more than words could ever! Thank you Sir.
Hangga Bagaswara
Hangga Bagaswara 27 dagen geleden
The best football manager in the world 👍🏻
RM89 27 dagen geleden
Absolutely Love this man!
Deepak Prasad
Deepak Prasad 27 dagen geleden
SIR ALEX FERGUSON ⚽🏆🏆🏆🏆🎖️🎖️🎖️🎖️🏅🏅🥇🥇🥇
kungfukenny 27 dagen geleden
As liverpool fan. I am definitely watching this and i am going to enjoy it. One of the best ever. Knocked us off our perch. Sir Alex Ferguson
Lê Hà Lê Anh Hà
Lê Hà Lê Anh Hà 28 dagen geleden
Sir Alex Ferguson ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanapat Phetkemkeaw
Thanapat Phetkemkeaw 28 dagen geleden
So want see
J-Zeena13 28 dagen geleden
Sir Alex Ferguson : The greatest manager of all time. I'm so glad I got to see my team play at old Trafford under this brilliant footballing man i can still feel the atmosphere as I'm writing this. Thanks Sir Alex Ferguson for all the great footballing memories you have gave us
k.ayman Nasir
k.ayman Nasir 28 dagen geleden
I am no united fan. But this just got me the chills!😅
Arran Strachan
Arran Strachan 28 dagen geleden
Greatest manger ever without doubt, ignore the brilliance he done in the premier league - he split the old firm and won a European title with Aberdeen. The mans a genius.
iLL-Nois22 29 dagen geleden
I’d run into a wall for Sir Alex, his influence to Man United is bigger than football. My respects for the Boss 👏🏼
Rency Mathews
Rency Mathews 29 dagen geleden
The greatest manager created the greatest player of all time Me : imagine that MU: We don’t imagine we did it
Bách Hà Huy
Bách Hà Huy 29 dagen geleden
việt nam
ask_. of _.ashlan
ask_. of _.ashlan 29 dagen geleden
barbaro Helm
barbaro Helm 29 dagen geleden
Sir matt then sir alex 2 of the greatest British managers of all time.. glazers out you know nothing about the history of this special club.
hoazgzabezt 991
hoazgzabezt 991 29 dagen geleden
Im too emotional for this
Fresnanda red 8
Fresnanda red 8 29 dagen geleden
Manchester United is my pride 🔥 Glory Glory Man United 🔥 I'm RED ARMY from INDONESIA
Paul Far
Paul Far Maand geleden
Watched it the other night. Amazing
David Hunt
David Hunt Maand geleden
The Boss! and will always be the best manager in history for me.
will graham
will graham Maand geleden
Made me tingle and I am a Gooner you have to respect Sir Alex end of
Zaheer Suhabuth
Zaheer Suhabuth Maand geleden
Andrew Palmer
Andrew Palmer Maand geleden
Brilliant documentary gets into the soul of the man
The Hh
The Hh Maand geleden
The Boss. ❤ The best Football manager of all-time. 🔴
Juned Asoy
Juned Asoy Maand geleden
The real legend Manchester united
TouchMeShrek Maand geleden
This gives me goosebumps
Mohamed Husni
Mohamed Husni Maand geleden
This made me weep with joy and smile. My Boss.
Big Smoke 🇮🇳🇮🇪
Seeing this after losing 4-2 to Liverpool. We really aren’t the same as we used to be. 😞
Saviour Cacciattolo
Saviour Cacciattolo Maand geleden
what's the name of the soundtracks?
JC Maand geleden
Man U after Howard Webb retired: 0 Premier League.
Lee Cutty
Lee Cutty Maand geleden
It’s great to see this but at the same time sad, the Glazers and their other cronies have destroyed what he built over all them years. Also them last 2 league titles we had no right in winning really, Fergie managed to get something else from an average and ageing squad on 2 occasions!
My Mini Memes
My Mini Memes Maand geleden
I actually forgot how back in the 80s United hated him, oh they were in for something years later.
CJ Junior
CJ Junior Maand geleden
Don't compare him to Pep or Mourinho. The GREATEST of all time
Karthyk Rajan
Karthyk Rajan Maand geleden
What an impact he brought in my life....
Yash Tendulkar
Yash Tendulkar Maand geleden
I'm a die hard Liverpool fan but this guy is the greatest football manager of all time
Chakky S.
Chakky S. Maand geleden
idk how you could watch this without getting goose bumps
Johnny Cotton
Johnny Cotton Maand geleden
This might get me back to the cinema
Peter Kimani
Peter Kimani Maand geleden
Oh boy 🥺 this gave me goosebumps
Prajjwal Gedam
Prajjwal Gedam Maand geleden
Him & David Beckham too shared a gr8 bond.📝
Johnstone72 Maand geleden
Well, you know, pwaticuwally, no ones bigger than the cwub. Remember that. So, ah had a decision to make.
Keith Lim
Keith Lim Maand geleden
This is the only person who singlehandedly managed the club his way of finding the best player who will produced their gem and shine for the club, each member knows the in /out of the club history , tradition & DNA of Alex Ferguson's DNA, a record no other comes close to replicate his club records signing of extraordinary players who will excel that embodies anew king in every position thy had played for & forever forged with world wide fans memories forever. Thank you Sir Alex😀😉👍🏼🏆🙏🏼
dksjdms jsnhfj
dksjdms jsnhfj Maand geleden
Music name??
YouTube Life
YouTube Life Maand geleden
Glazers have ruined Man Utd because of all the debt. Love UTD hate GLAZERS.
eddie talbot
eddie talbot Maand geleden
He is like a grandfather to me even though I've never met him. The connection he had with United fans will never be seen again
Celtic fan
Celtic fan Maand geleden
Greatest Scot of all time! 👑🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Muhammad Alam
Muhammad Alam Maand geleden
the best manager in the world!
TimboStyle_CNWY Maand geleden
imma cry now..
Haaris Qureshi
Haaris Qureshi Maand geleden
Ultimate living legend SAF ❤️❤️ Goat manager
Benji Ramadhan
Benji Ramadhan Maand geleden
Sir Alex Ferguson, the GOAT of GOATs
Jeri Permana
Jeri Permana Maand geleden
The end of an era, football nowadays is all about money..
Premjith P
Premjith P Maand geleden
manĐjango 88
manĐjango 88 Maand geleden
alex racist
GroZNikY 17 dagen geleden
Shut up
northbadger Maand geleden
A man forged in the fires of Glasgow in the heat of Rangers and Celtic. Like can't escape the Scottish connection. What a guy....❤🙏
oga boga
oga boga Maand geleden
Man I cried watching this 💗 GGMU
Jamie Willis
Jamie Willis Maand geleden
Shame it's already leaked :O
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Maand geleden
Our Gaffer, our Club, our Legends, our History. Thank you Gaffer for innumerable memories you have given us with our Club❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yogesh Maand geleden
Imagine if Roy Keane makes a cameo
Krishnadas Meppalli
Krishnadas Meppalli Maand geleden
Goosebumps ❤️🔥
Ceenalossanto Maand geleden
Got major Goosebumps
TEDD J Maand geleden
And glazers want to tarnish this legacy
Nilanjan Bose
Nilanjan Bose Maand geleden
si_clay Maand geleden
Sir Alex Ferguson is just the very definition of Manchester United Football Club..
Sumaiya Chowdhury
Sumaiya Chowdhury Maand geleden
Sir Alex is the best British manager of all time and for me the 3rd best manger in the world of all time and maybe for others all time best
Mohamad Fais
Mohamad Fais Maand geleden
I love Manchester United because of Sir Alex Ferguson's coaching era, I like you boss
Academic Adept
Academic Adept Maand geleden
"Psychology someone else's word. I'd call it!" Sir Alex. That's ICONIC I say!
Aryank Manjunatha
Aryank Manjunatha Maand geleden
Dave MUFC Whitehead
Dave MUFC Whitehead Maand geleden
What a man. 🔴⚪⚫ ❤Saf
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