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Avinash V
Avinash V 3 uur geleden
This is painful to watch
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 5 uur geleden
This is the progress report on that slimy guy in Oozma kappa from monsters university
Marcelle L. Macedo
Marcelle L. Macedo 6 uur geleden
Loved the bi flag on Simon’s shirt
Jack Islanders 80 81 82 83
Why couldn’t JJ be part of this 😭
Achilles World
Achilles World Dag geleden
11:00 Bro bro bro bro 🤣
MoltenKetchup 89
MoltenKetchup 89 Dag geleden
He looks like squishy from monsters uni
Disboii Is cool
Disboii Is cool Dag geleden
walmart ed sheeran lmao
Your Typical Youtube User
Firstbaseball 24
Firstbaseball 24 Dag geleden
“He just goes into Skippy mode” that got me dying 😂😂
Conor Guirke
Conor Guirke Dag geleden
Poor Skippy 😂😂😂
Yousor0 2 dagen geleden
My man actually said "What Jimmy has in muscles, I have in personality. I hate to brag but that's kind of the case" while wearing a "Fun. Single. Ready to Mingle" T-shirt and that's not even the worse part. The worse part is when the girl said "He's a nice kid" while having a Belly. Button. Lint. Collection. *BRUH*
shay stout
shay stout 2 dagen geleden
Belly button lint collection?!! 🤮🤮
ZAmpedNZ 3 dagen geleden
At that party he sounds a lot like me, which is not good, I’m openly gay and excitedly talk to girls so we can chat and have fun... but he wants to fuck them... you can’t sound like that friendly gay friend if you want to clap those cheeks, Skippy!!!!
Ken Kaneki240
Ken Kaneki240 3 dagen geleden
I would like for harry to try something like this from the person who says he smokes upon the devil's lettuce 🤣🤣
Nathan Guerra
Nathan Guerra 3 dagen geleden
As a virgin, this hurt to watch. But at the same time, he at least got a date😭
Deepa 3 dagen geleden
13:03 me trying to read harry’s saturday planning of the day in the background 😀
Rustyrolla 543
Rustyrolla 543 3 dagen geleden
So its um... worth noting this isn't a representation of what all Mormons are like but oh my gosh this guy might be the cringiest person to ever exist.
Ibrahim Murad
Ibrahim Murad 3 dagen geleden
this hurts too watch
Nathan Punay
Nathan Punay 3 dagen geleden
Alternate Title: Sidemen React to Original "That's Cringe" Video
Casey May
Casey May 4 dagen geleden
The cringe was strong with this one. It’s almost unbelievable to me that no one pointed out everything he did wrong here to him. I feel bad for the guy.
Paul Njeru
Paul Njeru 4 dagen geleden
Is a mormon Me: Utah 100
Ya BoiTev
Ya BoiTev 4 dagen geleden
Tobi's face made my day😂😂😂
Jos 4 dagen geleden
how they didnt realise that this is clearly fake
Cameron grobler
Cameron grobler 4 dagen geleden
Braa this guy,🤦‍♂️
wheniambored 4 dagen geleden
Skippy went good bad good bad
Andy Brah
Andy Brah 5 dagen geleden
fkn up skippy hes a legend
Futiehub Fc
Futiehub Fc 5 dagen geleden
Harry Simon and Toby are the best on this channel no cap
Livvy Reid-Ward
Livvy Reid-Ward 5 dagen geleden
Skippy mode
Alphaop7 6 dagen geleden
Skippy lad😂😂😂😂
Xd Trickshot
Xd Trickshot 6 dagen geleden
This guy got the virginity rocks shirt from
Lucy Farrell
Lucy Farrell 6 dagen geleden
Impulse 7 dagen geleden
" *I opened a door for you* " " *go on, it won't suck itself* "
Joe Patel
Joe Patel 7 dagen geleden
Music in the background is Sims 3... And I'm loving it
Brad plays Minecraft
Brad plays Minecraft 7 dagen geleden
This dude forty years later finally not a vergen 😂
Brad plays Minecraft
Brad plays Minecraft 7 dagen geleden
Where the hell is Vick in these things
Boysai 7 dagen geleden
6:28. When Callux said, “Simon off camera you have no friends” I think Simon’s jealous xD
Joe Edz
Joe Edz 8 dagen geleden
Harry is a champ
joshua bolton
joshua bolton 8 dagen geleden
Was this painful to anyone else? lol
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh 8 dagen geleden
@4:20 Harry def high on something
Zaaddy FN
Zaaddy FN 8 dagen geleden
Fucking eh skippy
Rachel Lloyd
Rachel Lloyd 8 dagen geleden
Harry is just the cutest.. he needs to protected at all costs
I am boy
I am boy 8 dagen geleden
In stead of sicko mode it's Skippy mode
Jay Valdez
Jay Valdez 9 dagen geleden
Man I’m 16 and I still haven’t heard even had my first girlfriend but I’ve had my first kiss and other things as well 🤓 but the fact that people tell me I’m cute but don’t wanna date me 😔😒
Pete2thaBeat 9 dagen geleden
Harry looks high in this lol
Twitch decbtw
Twitch decbtw 9 dagen geleden
7:24 hurt me "kid" i feel bad
AnonymousUser 9 dagen geleden
Tobi's humor is so underrated "he's negotiating a kiss" LMAO
Liam Worgan
Liam Worgan 9 dagen geleden
Harry go and wing man that man ffs
Kyle Renegar
Kyle Renegar 9 dagen geleden
I’m sorry guys I couldn’t finish the video
Phillip Mayer
Phillip Mayer 10 dagen geleden
has it just me or was this hard to watch
Koli R
Koli R 10 dagen geleden
4:07 that was the longest stutter i’ve ever heard in my life HAHAHHA
Nikhita Dass
Nikhita Dass 10 dagen geleden
So sidemen react to harry??
Beasty 10 dagen geleden
Skippy you wanker why belly lint
TTV Swag1491
TTV Swag1491 12 dagen geleden
The trio of sidemen reactes
Vehctor 12 dagen geleden
Skippy is typing ....
RandomEntertainerYT 12 dagen geleden
Ngl this hurt to watch
Connor Mcteer
Connor Mcteer 12 dagen geleden
Skippy hits her with a negotiation 😂😂😂😂😂
Stride 13 dagen geleden
im 13 and i was shouting at the screen saying not to do stuff
lel69 e
lel69 e 13 dagen geleden
beasty has already reacted to this like years ago XD
Erin Skeete
Erin Skeete 13 dagen geleden
Harry is actually the cutest human
Jim 13 dagen geleden
this is painful to watch
Pootoori 14 dagen geleden
My brain done did a seppuku m8. This was painful.
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley 14 dagen geleden
This guy is stupid enough to think he can be a good man for a woman. He did so much wrong
Christopher Woods
Christopher Woods 14 dagen geleden
The cringe of this video is so terrible, it’s a good reaction but that dude is so cringe to me and I cant
Jermaine Larmond
Jermaine Larmond 15 dagen geleden
Wah skippy a do lol
Olivér Palmer
Olivér Palmer 15 dagen geleden
this video gave me physical pain, fucking skippy asking for a kiss omg pls kill meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Olivér Palmer
Olivér Palmer 15 dagen geleden
ayoo, what collection does he have??
Soham Mhatre
Soham Mhatre 15 dagen geleden
I refuse to believe this is real, there's no way that such a guy could exist. Nah just nah!
Kevin EK
Kevin EK 15 dagen geleden
4:04 I couldn’t stop rewinding it lol
Anna Ingram
Anna Ingram 16 dagen geleden
tobys face is so disgusted
branko vanhoutte
branko vanhoutte 16 dagen geleden
Skippy? more like SKIP ME
Official Da Mad Man Channel
Do you wanna meet my mom? 4:45 Skippy and harry comparison 6:35 He's a great kid 7:20 It always starts off well 7:50 Belly button lint collection 8:07 Tells her to clean up 9:33 Ultimate cringe: 10:00 NOOOO 11:17 Goes for the kiss 11:41 Skippy in the sidemen 12:28 Harry im proud of you 13:07
Villain Cereal
Villain Cereal 17 dagen geleden
We need Skippy in the next sidemen tinder
Prince Bayezid
Prince Bayezid 17 dagen geleden
That's a L
Yorby Gam3z
Yorby Gam3z 17 dagen geleden
Skippy is for Utah and in Utah its actuelly illigal to have sex with a prostitute
Hardik Kapoor
Hardik Kapoor 17 dagen geleden
Harry gives the vibes of a younger version of Boris Johnson 😂😂
Fedia Muzy
Fedia Muzy 17 dagen geleden
This is so cringe, I literally had to stop watching at 3:41 lol
NINOOOO 18 dagen geleden
This was fucking painful to watch man ngl
E V 18 dagen geleden
This and the rapper one are the best ones so far
Randomz 18 dagen geleden
Harry seems like he would be really nice, when you get to know him well.
bmhp Cr
bmhp Cr 18 dagen geleden
shahan osman
shahan osman 19 dagen geleden
I'm reporting this video
Bilal z
Bilal z 19 dagen geleden
Skippy m8t wtf
omar alkrad
omar alkrad 19 dagen geleden
His mom always never fails to make me laugh
Andres Arencibia
Andres Arencibia 19 dagen geleden
*Skippy asks for a kiss* Dude that comes natural. Not in a question. 😩😑
Jessica 19 dagen geleden
Why is there sims 3 music playing in the background?
AbduelO .S
AbduelO .S 19 dagen geleden
8:06 my jaw actually dropped.
Demøn 19 dagen geleden
Ethans documentary lit JJ was right.(copied Ik Ik)
Zanto NFE
Zanto NFE 20 dagen geleden
Harry I'm proud of you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
DishRag 20 dagen geleden
"Do we have to finish the video?" Had me deaddd
Lukeymo 09
Lukeymo 09 20 dagen geleden
Showing off that nice belly button lint collection
L4GGY Eclipse
L4GGY Eclipse 20 dagen geleden
Paulo Rodriguez
Paulo Rodriguez 20 dagen geleden
This lifts my self-esteem up
Ecokit 20 dagen geleden
Honestly the saddest video I’ve watched in a while and I watched Ethan’s dad leave.
Charles Smith
Charles Smith 20 dagen geleden
no one, Absolutely no one, Skippy: can i kiss you?
Crud Nugget
Crud Nugget 21 dag geleden
Harry should have said “skippy out” then the outro 😂
Safa Munir
Safa Munir 21 dag geleden
D Free
D Free 21 dag geleden
yeah, I'm Mormon, and this sucks for him, this is not how it usually goes, get married around 22 - 24, then have sex at 23 - 25
Ben Green
Ben Green 22 dagen geleden
Bro I’m 14 and I’ve done better than this guy
Dominic Campoli
Dominic Campoli 22 dagen geleden
That physical hurt watching that
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 22 dagen geleden
Yo watching this video makes me feel like an absolute stallion with the ladies
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