Should Phil Foden Start For England? | Extra Time 

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This week, Patrick van Straaten is joined by resident Phil Foden expert Dougie Critchley on the pod for a discussion of the youngster's development this season and how he can slot into both Man City and the England team going forward. That inevitably turns into two non-English people discussing England, and what their best attacking lineup could be at the Euros, as well as the tactical and stylistic issues facing Gareth Southgate.

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3 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 3 maanden geleden
Should Phil Foden start for England? What's your ideal England forward line for the Euros this summer?
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 3 maanden geleden
I’m sorry but Wan Bissaka is a nailed on starter
Hisham Ahmed
Hisham Ahmed 3 maanden geleden
NO IMPACT SUB Rashford,Sancho,Kane
kyle brodie
kyle brodie 3 maanden geleden
@Final Whistle mo
Palemon Hurtado
Palemon Hurtado 3 maanden geleden
(LW Sterling) (False 9 Kane) (RWRashford)
Donna Gregory
Donna Gregory 3 maanden geleden
Foden number 10 sancho sterling kane
Lawrence Danao
Lawrence Danao 2 maanden geleden
Grealish and mount are not on the same level as foden sancho and rashford. I can't believe how blind fans are and get caught up with the hype train. England have got some great talents coming through and they are going to shoot themselves in the foot if they start with mount and grealish.
Yaw Plange
Yaw Plange 3 maanden geleden
Since England have so much quality at right back and little in midfield why not play Trent AA there?
exaltedlmao 3 maanden geleden
someone should make a movie about Foden titled: El Mago: The Second Coming
Noah Leydon
Noah Leydon 3 maanden geleden
grealish is more creative than foden i mean look at the stats. Grealish has better stats in them all except from goals. So right now i choose grealish. i a couple of years time that could change though.
Mourinho The bus driver
Mourinho The bus driver 3 maanden geleden
The disrespect for Grealish is unreal
Moe Foley
Moe Foley 3 maanden geleden
It doesn't matter who plays, it's England they won't win a major tournament.
Moe Foley
Moe Foley 3 maanden geleden
Mount is by far the best English midfielder and gets no respect from this channel.
Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 3 maanden geleden
Yes he does - check this Explained video on him:
Timber Team
Timber Team 3 maanden geleden
I think Kane striker, grealish left wing and Mount cam should all be nailed on. So that leaves Sancho, Rashford , Sterling and Foden with one place to fight for. Right now it’s hard to argue that person shouldn’t be Rashford, but form could change. I personally think Sterling should be bottom of that pecking order based on form this season.
byronzeroful 3 maanden geleden
Southgate’d probably play Mount instead of Foden/Grealish.
Rvssian 3 maanden geleden
I love this guy Doug, really has a big football brain..literally 😅 Cheers mate 👌🏽❤ Big Ups to Patrick as well 👏
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 3 maanden geleden
I think Prowsy would be perfect with Rice, Foden and Mount. He would defend solidly and create attacks for Foden, Kane, Sterling and Sancho. He's so underrated and evryone thinks because he plays for Saints he's rubbish. He still has the potential to be a regular midfield and personally he deserves that! Give the South Coast Lampard a chance!!! I hope Bellingham can do it too but he cannot at the moment so give Prowsy a chance!
JJ Samuel Gunn
JJ Samuel Gunn 3 maanden geleden
The small problem for England now is that their pool of talented young midfielders are spread out in different clubs. Foden, Grealish, Maddison, Saka, Mount, Rice. You have ask whether they can gel into a solid unit.
Shofi Miah
Shofi Miah 3 maanden geleden
Pickford, TAA, Stones, Gomez, Shaw, Henderson, Rice, Grealish, Sterling, Kane & Sancho.
ETin 3 maanden geleden
Pat overrating Saka again, jesus.
Mrcatcake 3 maanden geleden
I’m not convinced TAA should be nailed on for RW. His form’s dropped off worryingly this season and I think Reece James would offer more in his link up play.
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 3 maanden geleden
We need a new show called “Pat in a Hat” and it’s just him ranting about football stuff. The episodes would be endless
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 3 maanden geleden
Trent over Wan Bissaka XoX wtf !?
Mic Mid
Mic Mid 3 maanden geleden
Dean Henderson Trent Alexander-Arnold John Stones Harry Maguire Ben Chilwell Declan Rice Mason Mount Phil Foden Raheem Sterling Harry Kane Jack Grealish
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza 3 maanden geleden
I might be wrong but maddison was mentioned once he has been amazing since he came back from injury ik these past 2-3 games he hasn't been amazing like the others but I think he should be in the squad at the player behind if we play a 4-2-3-1. Also dougie I watched the explained I loved it well done.
martin lift
martin lift 3 maanden geleden
Pope Trent stones maguire shaw Grealish rice foden Sancho kane sterling
fifa el regala
fifa el regala 3 maanden geleden
Gk Pope Rb Trent Cb Stones Cb Konsa Lb Shaw Cdm Henderson Cdm Rice Lm Sterling Cam Grealish Rm Sancho St Kane
Sandesh Pokhrel
Sandesh Pokhrel 3 maanden geleden
Without any doubt
Simon Kurz
Simon Kurz 3 maanden geleden
they need Curtis in the midfield
Wooderz245 3 maanden geleden
My Starting XI for England Pope Alexander-Arnold Stones Maguire Chilwell Rice Foden Grealish Sancho Kane Sterling
PhilI -
PhilI - 3 maanden geleden
Southgate is out of his depth, we wont win a thing.only someonelike pep would be justified to drop grealish for apparently lack of work rate/pressing. I dont trust in southgates abilities enough as a tactician to drop our best attacking threat for ‘the greater good’. Sometimes you can over analyse just stick grealish in. 1) your exaggerating his lack of defence as people in the comments have alluded to. 2) any slight lack of defensive output im sure can be made up by other players
PhilI -
PhilI - 3 maanden geleden
Could even play mount along side hendo slightly further forward and stick maddison as no10
PhilI -
PhilI - 3 maanden geleden
Kane Grealish mount sterling Rice hendo Rashford foden sancho maddison DCL as subs
casualUKboxingfan 3 maanden geleden
Kane doesn’t press great for sure but in his own box he a great assets for corners
Cheema Skillz
Cheema Skillz 3 maanden geleden
in my opinion the only nailed on starters are henderson, kane, sterling and grealish
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen 3 maanden geleden
Saka over Rashford any day of the week
Chuka 3 maanden geleden
Pat definitely got something personal against Ward-Prowse 😂😂
Raphael Nasser
Raphael Nasser 3 maanden geleden
that fact hes overrated af
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 3 maanden geleden
Yeah I don't know why when he's the best all-rounded English Midfielder and deserves more credit
andson02 3 maanden geleden
Pat: No competition on the right wing for Phoden * names 5 other players who are more natural RW
Dylan Miles
Dylan Miles 3 maanden geleden
Jesse Lingard has a better chance of going to the Euros than Delle Alli
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z 3 maanden geleden
Congrats to you and your wife again Pat on the 👶.
Max Aston
Max Aston 3 maanden geleden
thug pat wtf lol
Callum Horspool
Callum Horspool 3 maanden geleden
“The Pat in the Hat”
Billy McClain
Billy McClain 3 maanden geleden
Pat looks like an ex snowboarder that got injured five yrs ago and resorted to numbing the pain of his failed career by drinking IPAs and eating food truck tacos under the local bridge
Fayiz 3 maanden geleden
That's extremely specific, you okay dude?
Charlie Carey
Charlie Carey 3 maanden geleden
Haha pat hat
ryan smith
ryan smith 3 maanden geleden
I can't believe people are still underrating Grealish.
James Harte
James Harte 3 maanden geleden
Looking well Pato mate
Josh Mason
Josh Mason 3 maanden geleden
Foden is FAR superior to Maddison., mount and grealish
Llleytron Frosty
Llleytron Frosty 3 maanden geleden
Not really
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy 3 maanden geleden
35 minutes what a disgrace
Aditya Hingorani
Aditya Hingorani 3 maanden geleden
Pope Alexander-Arnold Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Henderson grealish Sancho Kane sterling
N4R4 Plays
N4R4 Plays 3 maanden geleden
Saka is just another Danny Rose
Ben Smith
Ben Smith 3 maanden geleden
Maybe a controversial take, but I half hope England bomb at the Euros this year. We’ve got such exciting young players coming through at the moment, and Southgate is not the man to be taking them forward. If we fail to get out the group stage this year, Gareth will almost certainly resign and then we can hire a competent manager to lead this Golden Generation to glory in ‘22, ‘24 and ‘26
Football Calcio
Football Calcio 3 maanden geleden
just posted a Dybala career highlight video and spent a lot of time editing it. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT because he is disrespected because of his recent injuries!
A7 3 maanden geleden
Pat in the hat
Brad Day
Brad Day 3 maanden geleden
Even as a united fan, gotta love Pats backing for Saka. Greenwood the better player and talent but Saka form puts him ahead unless things change
Gl0wwwz 3 maanden geleden
Patrick doesnt like England national team?
ryan smith
ryan smith 3 maanden geleden
Why would he?
Joseantonio Garcia
Joseantonio Garcia 3 maanden geleden
Pat kinda looks like Action Bronson
ET FROM EARTH 3 maanden geleden
Tom Davis has to be in England squad over Winks, and Ward-Prowse. Fit south gates system much better & can closely resemble Henderson at times.
Adam Williams
Adam Williams 3 maanden geleden
Think it’s important for players come through to play different positions, i wouldn’t try pin him down to one , and being young with fresh legs definitely help with conditioning injuries after a covid year
sirjaws49 3 maanden geleden
Tragic & Terrible as your thoughts about England are and your suggestions are clearly flawed thinking. Without Grealish and Foden in the starting team England will not get past the Quarters and I will be miserable as the semi-final and final comes along at Wembley. You are probably right though in predicting how Southgate will go. I am getting depressed listening to this. I'd rather hope that England attack play Rice at the back alongside Stones with Foden, Grealish, Maddison and Mount in midfield and Sterling & Kane upfront be positive score proper goals not the poor fare from the last World Cup again
Melwyn Fernandes
Melwyn Fernandes 3 maanden geleden
Pato comments on Greenwood uncalled for...
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 3 maanden geleden
England's front 3 should be sancho sterling and kane.
B0bby Moon
B0bby Moon 2 maanden geleden
Grealish Kane Sancho
Kwanele S. Gumede
Kwanele S. Gumede 3 maanden geleden
Rudolph/RudyCritchley in the house🙌🏾
Will 3 maanden geleden
Grealish has 4 goal involvements in his last 6 games, how is that a dip in form?
Will 3 maanden geleden
Pope TAA/RJ Stones Maguire Shaw Hendo Rice Mount Sancho Kane Grealish
Random Peer
Random Peer 3 maanden geleden
Pat who do you think the starting left back should be for the Netherlands national team?
Random Peer
Random Peer 3 maanden geleden
Or left wing back
Sean McGrath
Sean McGrath 3 maanden geleden
Pat once said grealish’s 2 defensive actions per game was poor but has now said that foden’s 2 defensive actions per game is really good. There is an inaccurate depiction that grealish is lazy within the media.
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas 3 maanden geleden
Pope Walker. Stones. Maguire Shaw Rice Grealish. Foden Sterling Kane Rashford
west ay
west ay 3 maanden geleden
id like the line up to be this: -------------------- Pope (if you want a keeper good with his feet play kyle walker) -------------------- james (more athletic than trent) stones (good in the ball) gomez (if fit) shaw or cresswell (good on the ball, englands best lb's this year) ---------------------- rice (englands best cdm) trent (id like him to move out wide as a kdb rcm type crossing role) mount (good at pressing, does a job) ---------------------- sancho (just world class, right footed spreads the play) kane (its kane) foden or grealish - if you want the play stretched more then play foden, if you want a creative inwards cutting winger go for grealish
MBTE 3 maanden geleden
Grealish’s press is unreal I feel like you guys often bash him unfairly/ignorantly
MBTE 3 maanden geleden
Grealish got to play he’s the modern day gazza
Luke Fisch
Luke Fisch 3 maanden geleden
Didn’t know you‘re becoming a Dad @Pat. Congrats!!
Brian Healy
Brian Healy 3 maanden geleden
You think you have a decent level of knowledge about the game you've watched and loved your entire life and then Dougie speaks.. One can only wish to have that level of knowledge. All hail Dougie
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 3 maanden geleden
Ha thanks Brian! Sure you know just as much (Doug)
Hamzeh Janakat
Hamzeh Janakat 3 maanden geleden
My favorite two people, do it more often please
yalhamadhd 3 maanden geleden
That hat is dope
Ben Abbott (Ben Abbott)
Ben Abbott (Ben Abbott) 3 maanden geleden
I think we have two teams realistically we have a team to break down a sitting defence which is probably a 4231 and contains Sterling, Foden, Sancho and TAA or we have a team that will play a defensive counter attacking style which is probably in a 3421 with Rashford and mount in the two 10 roles and will need wing backs so possibly not suited to TAA
YtbGamer 3 maanden geleden
@Ben Abbott (Ben Abbott) nah sterling better at counters because he can find the pass to other attackers while Rashford is a more selfish
Ben Abbott (Ben Abbott)
Ben Abbott (Ben Abbott) 3 maanden geleden
@Julius Rajpaul Sterling is the better overall player but in terms of playing a quick counter attack I feel like Rashford trumps him for that as it’s what he’s used to
Julius Rajpaul
Julius Rajpaul 3 maanden geleden
Sterling is better than rashford my g
The Many-Faced God
The Many-Faced God 3 maanden geleden
"Saka is the best winger in the world" God damn pat you really can't go an episode without saying something completely ridiculous 🤦‍♂️
Joshua Conrad
Joshua Conrad 3 maanden geleden
He was obviously joking
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 3 maanden geleden
Pretty sure he was joking! (Doug)
MrBananaBandana 3 maanden geleden
Harrison Reed for England
Mikk Lustmets
Mikk Lustmets 3 maanden geleden
Best England starting 11 (imo): Pope Trent - Stones - Mings - Shaw Rice - Henderson Sancho - Foden - Grealish Kane Obv Mr. Southgate knows better than me, so he probably plays Rashford, Mount, Maguire. As a United supporter, it's so clear that if you play Maguire, you need fast CB next to him. However, Stones has been on form and Mings (left-footed CB) is needed if you want to play high line and from the back.
Alfie Dunn
Alfie Dunn 3 maanden geleden
My team: Pickford James Stones Godfrey Chilwell Rice Henderson Foden Sterling Kane Grealish
Orga Brahma Basumatary
Orga Brahma Basumatary 3 maanden geleden
@Alfie Dunn Yeah I admit I haven't watched Everton much but yeah Godfrey impressed me as well
Alfie Dunn
Alfie Dunn 3 maanden geleden
@Orga Brahma Basumatary honestly mate I watch Everton every game and Godfrey is twice the player of Keane. Keane is too slow for England.
Orga Brahma Basumatary
Orga Brahma Basumatary 3 maanden geleden
Nice but I'll maybe put Pope and Keane ahead of Pickford and Godfrey
Jt Junk
Jt Junk 3 maanden geleden
Sancho is a far far better player than Rashford.
Tiernan Oshea
Tiernan Oshea 3 maanden geleden
I’d love to see them play Trent as a deeper cm if Henderson is unfit alongside Rice and either AWB or James at RB
west ay
west ay 3 maanden geleden
creativity would be good tbf, and rice is good enough to protect trents poor defensive output. sounds like a good idea, could be on the right of a 433 like a kdb.
Jt Junk
Jt Junk 3 maanden geleden
I think Sancho is practically a nailed on starter. His form is back to peak levels and is out preforming Grealish at the moment. He definitely gets in before rashford no question.
Callum Sleet
Callum Sleet 3 maanden geleden
Different leagues mate
M W 3 maanden geleden
@Hisham Ahmed Rashford is complete trash
M W 3 maanden geleden
@Nuke Ireland Sancho doing it in Germany. Won't start. Sterling nailed on and deserving. Class player.
s i
s i 3 maanden geleden
Southgate loves Rashford he’ll play most of the games and there’s no guaranteed starter in the attack bar Kane
Kuro Savagee
Kuro Savagee 3 maanden geleden
@Hisham Ahmed in more games and doesn't cover his awful performances at times. All you united fans need to get off the stat sheet and watch actual matchea
Ethan Haussmann
Ethan Haussmann 3 maanden geleden
Pope Trent Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Hendo Mount Sterling Rashford Kane Sancho Foden Grealish James Imo James should start over Trent but that’s a long shot given Trent’s popularity and Tuchel’s reluctance to play 4 at the back.. Sancho could easily start but Sterling and Rashford have earned their seniority.. With Grealish basically turned full winger and Sancho too good not to use as a sub, Foden has to be considered for Mount’s spot and the start should be based on current form. If Rice can hit a higher level of defensive actions you could see a foden Mount partnership as 8s similar to the David Silva de bruyne days at city but rn I think you need hendo along side rice for the defensive balance and tempo of possession. Prayers that Pickford doesn’t play
Will Chan
Will Chan 3 maanden geleden
Shouts to PvS the soon to be father! And shouts to Dougie for burning his nose in the park.
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 3 maanden geleden
Ha thanks boss! (Doug)
Alex Stephens
Alex Stephens 3 maanden geleden
Dougie, close game on Saturday. I thought we'd beat Sunderlands until that last minute. What about Rice in a double pivot?
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 3 maanden geleden
That was too tight! (Doug)
Harry Fletcher
Harry Fletcher 3 maanden geleden
Against the lesser teams, a 4231 with mount next to rice could work very well
James M. Duffy
James M. Duffy 3 maanden geleden
Pope James Maguire Stones Shaw Rice Hendo Sancho Foden Grealish Kane
Kelvin Francis
Kelvin Francis 3 maanden geleden
Jasnesh Bhullar
Jasnesh Bhullar 3 maanden geleden
Attacking players aplenty. Centre midfield lacking variety. That's the conundrum for the Three Lions.
Dave 3 maanden geleden
How about how Tuchel has used Hudson Odoi on wing back ?
Dave 3 maanden geleden
Play A-Arnold, C-Lewin and Kane, and just have him cross at them !
Walrus Ro
Walrus Ro 3 maanden geleden
Frustrating to see the absolute negligence of Grealish's ability.He plays for Aston villa gets constantly marked and still produces chances.Does not take every set piece or penalty .Defensively good contrary to belief.I beg Dougie and Pat to watch 5 villa games. Dougie says Grealish loses ball a lot of times dont know about the stats but i think it is completely wrong .He protects the ball till the end
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 3 maanden geleden
In my defence I said he used to think he lost the ball a lot... said he had been incredible this season! (Doug)
Dave 3 maanden geleden
If you want a high pressing side, just play as many Klopp and Guardiola players as possible.
Michael Barry
Michael Barry 3 maanden geleden
Wednesday morning. New podcast. What more could you ask for 🤝
tomas L
tomas L 3 maanden geleden
I’m still thinking about pats serious talk last week and I’m still sad
FI 3 maanden geleden
Have really warmed to Pato recently. Content has been great. Would like to see more of Irish/Scottish and especially Welsh perspective BUT I can see why that might not work on the channel. Pob lwc i Loegr - any football fan regardless of nationality has to enjoy seeing those players develop, and plus Southgate seems switched on, too. It feels wrong to want England to have a howler these days 😂
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes 3 maanden geleden
How about the same thing about some of the European countries, like Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, or whomever you find as potential title contenders.
Muhd Nasir
Muhd Nasir 3 maanden geleden
Saka is a baller but he is not the best winger in the world. Wtf Pat. 😅
unknown m
unknown m 3 maanden geleden
It’s Sarcasm
Chris Lampett
Chris Lampett 3 maanden geleden
My team: Pickford James stones maguire Shaw Maddison rice grealish Sancho foden sterling
M W 3 maanden geleden
No Harry Kane are you mentsl
Walrus Ro
Walrus Ro 3 maanden geleden
Dont know about tackles, interceptions and pressure stats but Grealish really helps out his defence. He constantly helps Targett defensively.Maybe his stats are down but i have watches a lot of villa games but their left side hardly gets exposed .Foden's stats might be better defensively because of Pep's style and complexity of their defensive structure .Grealish is a descent defensive presence imo
safe 3 maanden geleden
So despite the fact that his tracking back, tackle, interception and pressure stats are all average or lower, we are supposed to trust your word?
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 3 maanden geleden
Surely the best option for the defence is playing the Villa back 4? They play with each other every day and are all competent footballers with one of the best records in the league. Sure Southgate would get absolutely slaughtered, but it would work.
charlie elliott
charlie elliott 3 maanden geleden
that villa back four is nothing without martinez, theyd have average clean sheet stats at least
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 3 maanden geleden
@Nash Mundondo international teams possess heaps more quality than your average club, but wouldn’t necessarily beat them in a match. International games are for the most part extremely scrappy also, a bit of organisation, especially in defence would go a long way imo.
Nash Mundondo
Nash Mundondo 3 maanden geleden
Have to disagree mate "playing together" can't make up for that amount of quality difference
Christopher Trotter
Christopher Trotter 3 maanden geleden
Its a good idea, unfortunately you're right, Southgate won't do it
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 3 maanden geleden
tell the truth is Dougie the leader?
Hassan 555
Hassan 555 3 maanden geleden
Dougie when your talking about Henderson replacements you keep on saying ‘it’s Phillips and that’s it’ when your forgetting JWP is better than Phillips
Walrus Ro
Walrus Ro 3 maanden geleden
Jwp is a free kick merchant.He is a bang average player .The only thing he does besides taking set pieces is to press which is because of Hassenhutl.He is not better than Phillips and its not even close
Rightful Max
Rightful Max 3 maanden geleden
Can’t wait for Tommy doyle to break through at city, he has just as much talent as Foden
safe 3 maanden geleden
@Rohit R I'm not the one that compared them?
Rohit R
Rohit R 3 maanden geleden
@safe you can't compare Doyle with Foden. Foden is AM and Doyle is CM..
Zamani Mvukela
Zamani Mvukela 3 maanden geleden
Not really as talented, but he's an incredible prospect no doubt
Julius Rajpaul
Julius Rajpaul 3 maanden geleden
He’s similar to ward-prowse
safe 3 maanden geleden
If that was true we'd have atleast seen SOMETHING from him
Ross 3 maanden geleden
Yo Dougie lemme see your banana hammock
Joe Sayer
Joe Sayer 3 maanden geleden
Grealish being lazy is a myth, he consistently tracks back and wins the ball back for villa, the excuse of not playing him due to his so called lack of defensive intensity is the exact reason why Gareth Southgate will waste this English golden generation of attackers
safe 3 maanden geleden
@Momore Adekoya He is. 312th in the league for pressures and 259th in the league for ground covered tracking back.
Kuro Savagee
Kuro Savagee 3 maanden geleden
It's not a myth its basically saying the others are streets ahead of him in terms of defensive presence theres a reason he was moved out wide
safe 3 maanden geleden
@Joe Sayer I mean I wouldn't turn him down, but it depends what Southgate wants. All I know is you can't play Kane Rashford Sterling Grealish all in the same team. There is absolutely no defensive intensity. Unless you literally go Rice Henderson Shaw AWB.
Joe Sayer
Joe Sayer 3 maanden geleden
@safe we’ve been crying out for a player like grealish for years now who can unlock these teams that sit back like an Iceland, and now we’re going to turn that option down now due to his slight defensive flaws. He was the only bright spark against Belgium and is the only one who gets England up the pitch, everyone else passes sideways and backwards, he gives us this go forward that we need
safe 3 maanden geleden
@Joe Sayer That's not really how it works though. This is why Liverpool went on with Firmino at striker despite the fact that they could've bought a better quality player and kept Firmino in the midfield, because Firmino has a drive that Klopp needed in his system. The fact of the matter is, Rashford is an awful work man, Kane is an average work man, Sterling is an awful work man, so you need someone in there who is actually going to be putting in a shift. Grealish is just not that guy. And I would rather miss out on Grealish then I would Sterling or Kane.
Mr Cooper
Mr Cooper 3 maanden geleden
I'm a Spurs fan, I first became aware of Phil Foden when watching the U17 World Cup in India, you could see than he was going to be a special talent, so yes he should definitely start for England, in years to come he will be the player England build their team around.
Bob Dfgh
Bob Dfgh 3 maanden geleden
Pope. James Stones Maguire Shaw Henderson Rice Sancho Grealish Sterling Kane
Daniel Vincent
Daniel Vincent 3 maanden geleden
@YtbGamer he literally started yesterday..... 😂🤦‍♂️
Kunal Aloo
Kunal Aloo 3 maanden geleden
@YtbGamer u clearly dont watch football
YtbGamer 3 maanden geleden
@Kunal Aloo Rashford doesn’t have the same qualities as sterling and Sancho. Them 2 can find the final ball to Kane whereas Rashford just runs and makes opportunities for himself and isn’t as good of the ball.
YtbGamer 3 maanden geleden
James is injured
Kunal Aloo
Kunal Aloo 3 maanden geleden
i would rather start rashford on thhee left and bench sancho for sterling. and have a bit progressive mid in the a mount
Weergaven 6 mln.
Weergaven 6 mln.