Sensor Issues, Fastest Lap Fights & More | Portuguese GP F1 Race Debrief 

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James answers all the big questions from the Portuguese Grand Prix weekend! 👊

He talks sensor issues, fastest lap battles, pit strategy, wind speeds and more in our Portimão F1 Race Debrief 👀

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5 mei. 2021




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Mike Owens
Mike Owens 28 dagen geleden
Big shout out to Mercedes and the team for doing these short Race debriefs there very interesting as I dont see any other teams doing them so good for you Merc
Maggie Trupido
Maggie Trupido Maand geleden
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sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Maand geleden
I liked it how he cautiously said Max was good. The undercut actually worked because of how good Max was in his outlap.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Maand geleden
Great to see Grosjean back on track again
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock Maand geleden
Sure the tool that said Lewis is overpaid get to drive his car! 🙄
Oved Appr
Oved Appr Maand geleden
just heard lewis car ! he seem to have a marshmallow for gas pedal ! can you glue foam under his racing shoe ? he seem to be extra careful because he does not have enough feed back feeling from the gas petal
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Maand geleden
the season, as different tracks may favor one or the other and of course upgrades :)
Emmanuel Stephenson
Emmanuel Stephenson Maand geleden
I liked it how he cautiously said Max was good. The undercut actually worked because of how good Max was in his outlap.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Maand geleden
amazing little initiative to include some personal questions at the end, felt more human keep it going
Manuja Kirinde
Manuja Kirinde Maand geleden
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Maand geleden
Is one of the books Grosjean's cook book?
Voldemort Maand geleden
9:08 lol and you'd wonder why it's rarely asked nowadays exept in US. The answer that should be "good", or "not too bad, and you?"
Voldemort Maand geleden
8:47 I appreciate the honesty.
Peter Lowery
Peter Lowery Maand geleden
Voted down for mild curry, shame on you 😂
PETRONAS Motorsports
PETRONAS Motorsports Maand geleden
Interesting watch & great to live through the #PortuguesGP double podium again 😎
Kalpesh Patel
Kalpesh Patel Maand geleden
Hold on! Did he just say the reason they won so many championships is 'Curry' nights?
Samuel Sanchith
Samuel Sanchith Maand geleden
repping the korma love you jamess
Avinav Bhandari
Avinav Bhandari Maand geleden
His pitstop time was actually trash. He was 8 tenth down on Verstappen & Hamilton. 3.4 secs. Why is valterri having so many issues with the car ?
gixxer750cc Maand geleden
Bottas' pit stop was 3.3s which was a whole second too much... being stationary for an additional whole second while Max was lapping at full speed made all the difference...
Tax4Teens Maand geleden
The Damon Hill biography in the shelf tho
blogtwot Maand geleden
F for the patio furniture. Hungry now after that last question 😂
Fabio A.
Fabio A. Maand geleden
These guys come on camera and make it look like they have been on camera forever. Go AMG!
Phileas Fogg
Phileas Fogg Maand geleden
Has the strategy team considered inviting Max to a Curry night - a Phaal Curry might just wing it.
Mikael Åkerfeldt
Mikael Åkerfeldt Maand geleden
Thanks for the debrief mate, shame about the sensor issue as you guys had the fastest race car last week, be interesting to see the battle between you and the Redbulls over the season, as different tracks may favor one or the other and of course upgrades :)
noneighborhood 7
noneighborhood 7 Maand geleden
amazing little initiative to include some personal questions at the end, felt more human keep it going
Varun Mehta
Varun Mehta Maand geleden
This is my first time watching James..... I already love him ❤️ Awesome explaination ! Loved the video
DaveMcIroy Maand geleden
Is one of the books Grosjean's cook book?
georgegamerfc2 Maand geleden
Toms onfire
Toms onfire Maand geleden
You forgot one thing in the title of the video...Bottas can't overtake in the fastest car on the grid
nyotek Maand geleden
The rules prohibit the change of engine modes during a race, via the directive introduced to ban the use of multiple power unit modes. For safety reasons it's allowed to tune it down, but ones done that is the mode it remains in for the remainder of the race. In this it's pointed out that the software put the engine in a "safety mode" it recovered after the sensor failed. But in the mean time Mercedes was looking at ways to excluded the sensor. Is this then not the same as the engine is tuned down (not by the driver but due to a sensor). I wonder does this clash with directive 37? after x time you overload a sensor and if you are in a good position you leave it preserving the engine. If you are in a fight you overrule the sensor and get back to full power. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something here or that I missinterpret a rule or so, can someone help me out?
Victor victor
Victor victor Maand geleden
Will george go to mercedes team
rolf ski
rolf ski Maand geleden
Valteri basically lost his position to Max in the pitlane. Mercedes will need to step up their pitlane performance if this championship ends up coming down to the details.
Muhammed Samil
Muhammed Samil Maand geleden
I heard redbull is hiring Mercedes workers on their engine department. Is it cause any problem to Mercedes?.
Sundar Senthil kumar
Sundar Senthil kumar Maand geleden
How come Valleteris car always has a problem
Herve D
Herve D Maand geleden
Love all your race debriefs, its what I look forward to midweek after the race, I love the humor and the drive for excellence in all you do. Great job Team Mercedes, Keep it coming, stay safe and be blessed.
Vikram N.B.
Vikram N.B. Maand geleden
All that talk about softs graining and difficulty maintaining temperature makes you appreciate Stroll getting 40 laps out of the things.
Antwi Frank
Antwi Frank Maand geleden
What measures does mercedes team engineers are putting in place for w12 to run on every tack to keep pace to win .😇
RSA169 Maand geleden
I'm concerned RBR has swayed 6 top staff from HPP to Milton Keynes.
Nepal Sharma
Nepal Sharma Maand geleden
Why Mercedes HPP people are leaving to Red bull engine division....
Du Bist Weltmeister
Du Bist Weltmeister Maand geleden
All the teams must watch previous year debriefs so that they can perform well😂
Sigurd Flaatten
Sigurd Flaatten Maand geleden
The only way would be to stop Valtteri earlier? He had a 3.3 second pit stop? Couldn't those 4 tenths you said he was lacking be made up by having a 2.9 second pit stop?
Paul Maand geleden
Mercedes-ASMR Petronas Formula One Tingles.
Nick Jackson
Nick Jackson Maand geleden
A lot of people called James at Mercedes
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Yes, there are
V Dlensi
V Dlensi Maand geleden
My family don't do spicy, and as everyone my brother James neither. I am the only one :) So I am not surprised with his answer, although I am sure Butter Chicken in my recipes has tomatoes in it :)
Michle raju
Michle raju Maand geleden
After every grand prix i will ve eagerly waiting for your debrief. I think the only team who care about is you guys. Hats off to your effort of understanding the auidence. Nice win LEWIS.
Paradise Palm
Paradise Palm Maand geleden
Kinda sus how Valteri always have some issues in all the grand prix and Lewis just zooms through the weekend without technical issues...1 unlucky RACE is acceptable...Valtteri's been having back to back unlucky SEASONS mind you
MrNgMichael Maand geleden
I feel you James on that tomato allergy :( I miss eating pasta and pizza.
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Lots of pizza and pasta you can still eat without Tomato!
real isrealite
real isrealite Maand geleden
Good to hear some of your strategies the ones that work and the ones that didn't.
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
They won't always work out, but there's always reasons as to why we choose them and we're always up for explaining why! 😊
Dando Norricciardo
Dando Norricciardo Maand geleden
hi James, has Lewis finally gotten in there or not?
Shamanth KR
Shamanth KR Maand geleden
Make an updated video on Curry Night. Love from India.
iamAX 830
iamAX 830 Maand geleden
was that youg TOTO?
Nilesh Bhanot
Nilesh Bhanot Maand geleden
I really like James Allison in race debrief episodes
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Well he'll be back for another one soon!
Brian T
Brian T Maand geleden
You should develop ai to recognize a bad sensor versus an actual engine problem. That way the engine doesn't go into limp mode
Anand S
Anand S Maand geleden
Redbulls guys after seeing this debrief: Why don't we invite the Merc strategy team for dinner Saturday night. We'll serve them Chinese dishes with lots of tomato sauce 😌
sicmic Maand geleden
This was excellent. I mean, who better to answer questions about the race than James.
Julian S
Julian S Maand geleden
Note to the editor: Please don't to the "White fading" / pulsating on the images. It feels kind of weird.
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Thanks for the feedback 😊
Ken Lizzio
Ken Lizzio Maand geleden
The debrief just rounded off the Portugal race weekend 👍.
XenothGaming Maand geleden
Honestly, these videos are amazing!!!!
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Thanks! 🙏
Berkay Akdag
Berkay Akdag Maand geleden
İ take my words back mercedes still rules that was a serious gap right there between bulls in this race
Question Everything
Question Everything Maand geleden
Red Bull moaning about track limits, Those are the rules unfortunately, Red Bull is always keen to point out when Mercedes break a rule 🤔
CMA Maand geleden
These are great
In case you missed it
In case you missed it Maand geleden
Audio is toovlow
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle Maand geleden
This is not the same guy??
Sprain Ankle
Sprain Ankle Maand geleden
@Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team no offense but we want james we want james,valtteri,it's James romaine need your seat..
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
Same guy as the other videos? No, we alternate the host of this video series between James Vowles, Andrew Shovlin and then (a little less often) James Allison
Chris R
Chris R Maand geleden
I don't recall any mention of Valtteri losing power in the highlights video, FOM being weird again I suppose.
Mariel Fernandez
Mariel Fernandez Maand geleden
The same happened in 2020 when Valterri set the fastest time in Q2.
Lamster 66
Lamster 66 Maand geleden
James likes a Tarka Curry it's like aTikka, but a little otter!
RocK 111
RocK 111 Maand geleden
Will it be good to have 2 exhaust sensors? ECU will read both, if both showing high temp then ECU will cut the power
SaLaTaToe Maand geleden
Nothing like listening to this while trying to sleep
Shadow456376 Maand geleden
I'm sorry but Valtteri's pit stop time was not "very good." His stop was 3.3 seconds vs Lewis's 2.5. there are your 0.4 and then some
Nuno Salvaterra
Nuno Salvaterra Maand geleden
You just can't not love James and his calm, caring demeanour.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Maand geleden
Mercedes just displaying the usual excellence! #8 on the way for Lewis
I Just Fell Down
I Just Fell Down Maand geleden
Thank you for the explanation, James! It's amazing how much the tyres matter even outside of the regular under/over cut strategies.
Parth Maand geleden
Keema naan ❤️
M ALI Maand geleden
wind?? what is it, a badminton match?
Alejandro Vicinay Estrade
Ty for your time in explaining all this! great job!
Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team
And Ty for watching
Bo Dewerchin
Bo Dewerchin Maand geleden
Not to be weird or anything but am I the only one who finds him very attractive?
Laurentiu Prisacariu
Laurentiu Prisacariu Maand geleden
i love your videos 😍
Fard Mee
Fard Mee Maand geleden
Will Mercedes's low rake concept problem still affect them in 2022?
Simon Aldred
Simon Aldred Maand geleden
The gear on the top shelf, what’s that from? Superb content making F1 much more interesting, ensuring the future of the sport, thank you🙏🙏
hockey helps
hockey helps Maand geleden
Schwarzenegger plays a terminator in a movie, Toto... does it in real life. I have no doubt he’s gonna terminate something by Thanksgiving. Maybe Arnold played Toto.
Δέσποινα Μαρκοπούλου
As a McLaren-Mercedes old fan here & a McLaren fan still, I appreciate and enjoy these videos so much, I fear I'm gonna turn to a Mercedes fan :D Well, no... but I can still admit that you are doing a fantastic work, being a great team of people :)
red4eyes Maand geleden
Here for the technical food review.
Ethanmeister Maand geleden
"what is your favorite curry?" *braces for James' entire life story*
i am the drum and bass farmer
Must be a Portugal thing, yall were lucky it didn't start snowing between sessions like Montalegre a few years ago haha
C C Maand geleden
Calling it Curry Evening is so James
Ari Loggia
Ari Loggia Maand geleden
How much HP would an engine lose when entering a default/safety mode such as what happened on sunday?
Logo 800
Logo 800 Maand geleden
Valtteri Bottas Yes, you were screwed again. Don't worry any time you get pace this will happen because you have the worst luck or are they holding you back?
Logo 800
Logo 800 Maand geleden
@Black Girls Rock Nope! It's reality open your eyes. I'm not a VB fan just telling it like it is. Guy has zero luck and they have screwed him over.
Black Girls Rock
Black Girls Rock Maand geleden
Excuses! Keep being salty!🧂🤣
Brian Powell2
Brian Powell2 Maand geleden
cantgetnoconsistancy Maand geleden
I look forward to these debriefs almost as much as the race
Terry Brigden
Terry Brigden Maand geleden
Update your driver line-up!
Giray DAYI
Giray DAYI Maand geleden
How does team decides who will go on the podium for representing the team? I would be delighted if I get an answer 🙂
LosBarrel Maand geleden
James: I have a mild tomato allergy. RB: hmm 🧐 💡
Ricky John Baldoque
Ricky John Baldoque Maand geleden
"Everyone, it's James." Jokes aside, it's nice to hear from you!
020Tom020 Maand geleden
Why not replace Bottas for a woman?
William Stephens
William Stephens Maand geleden
Ferrari wait for James' debriefs with a pen and paper at hand!
Khan Maand geleden
Why have you won so many championships again, curry nights or rare participation?
Ellipsis115 Maand geleden
I love the description of the curry night, he uses the same tone as for race critical events x)
Duarte Baptista
Duarte Baptista Maand geleden
Went down like a treat 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Red bull will definitely beat y'all this week💪
Dániel Hertelendi
Dániel Hertelendi Maand geleden
“The perfect car” book in the background…now, i understand everything🧐👀
Dániel Hertelendi
Dániel Hertelendi Maand geleden
navnig Maand geleden
Always admire & love the honesty of the Mercedes team.
Michael M.
Michael M. Maand geleden
Always enjoy these 👍🏼 Also 👍🏼 for Roman’s Ride !
Rohit Chhetri
Rohit Chhetri Maand geleden
Chicken korma and keema naan for life!
Collin Phiri
Collin Phiri Maand geleden
Thanks for the debrief James
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