Russell Westbrook got a standing ovation after he did this | Wizards vs Pacers 

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Russell Westbrook got a standing ovation after he did this | Washington Wizards vs Indiana Pacers

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3 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Jonathan Brenner
Jonathan Brenner Maand geleden
Let's go wiz
david Konfield
david Konfield Maand geleden
me and my wife was there at this game.....seeing Russ play in person was unreal...the T.V doesn't do his talents justice as in real time! Incredible player!
Kelly Austin
Kelly Austin Maand geleden
Who else loves Russ?
Pouncing Panther Pucks
Westbrook seems so happy to be there even with the Wiz struggling for most of the season.
John Pettitt
John Pettitt Maand geleden
He's a black hole. He won't pass even if he is on the floor.
Hala Madrid
Hala Madrid Maand geleden
He's gonna be known as one of the best players ever to never wing a ring
Benjamin Schniedelrüttler
Xavier Nunez
Xavier Nunez Maand geleden
People are funny saying stat padding. This dude is playing against professional athletes and grown ass men. Getting any stats is hard to do. Westbrook is just a beast
Tim Newton
Tim Newton Maand geleden
I don’t recall ever seeing him so happy playing pro ball as he looks in Washington.
Samuel A
Samuel A Maand geleden
if you put aside his personality, russ is one of the best to pLy it
Banana Posting
Banana Posting Maand geleden
Mini goat
Jeff Rone
Jeff Rone Maand geleden
He gets credit for assists that aren’t really assists. If he passes the ball to a teammate and that guy makes a move or a few dribbles and creates his own shot, that’s not an assist. The NBA is unwatchable!. And by the way- that’s a double dribble. He bounces the ball a couple of times, falls to his knees, and starts another dribble. Pathetic reffing.
Piotr Kacprzak
Piotr Kacprzak Maand geleden
Just a clown
Brandon Wayne
Brandon Wayne Maand geleden
Just pass the ball
Jerson Figueiredo
Jerson Figueiredo Maand geleden
What's that standing ovation for? These people realize they'll never win a championship with Westbrook, right?
CJ G Maand geleden
stat padder. lukas gonna get that record
Robert L. Anderson
Robert L. Anderson Maand geleden
Westbrook is one of my all-time favorite players. There won't be too many other players that play with his level of passion on a daily basis.
H Factor64
H Factor64 Maand geleden
Yes it was Harlem Globetrotteresk ......cause he traveled and doubled dribbled
Antione Wright
Antione Wright Maand geleden
He might not have a championship but heart and determination my god. Who else plays harder on a nightly basis let me answer for you nobody😂 first ballot Hall of Famer
Clarence Smith
Clarence Smith Maand geleden
Russ is just like dwight was just a freak of nature that just love to have fun
Paul Zaj
Paul Zaj Maand geleden
I really hope Westbrook can win a ring his a true legend of the game and deserves more recognition
Joel Guevara
Joel Guevara Maand geleden
Good to see him having fun
TeViiNz Maand geleden
Say what you want about russ but you know he isn't going to ever short change you on effort
folumb Maand geleden
If everyone could stat pad, they would do it. They can't so they hate on the SINGLE guy who can. He will not immediately get there, but in 2-3 decades he will be in the HOF. No one can do what he's doing and he's among the best who have ever done it, what else can you say against him? No rings? Besides that what hasn't he done as an individual basketball player?
Washington starting to love RUSS
Fabri, zio
Fabri, zio Maand geleden
russ have a lot of haters but... just love from fans who watch him live and his teammates. Great guy and great player
M S Maand geleden
5 turnovers per game 30% from 3. Compiler
L K Maand geleden
did westbeast drop a 40 point triple double on your team?
William Lower III
William Lower III Maand geleden
22ppg 11rpg 11apg... What more could you ask from a point guard???
indychase1997 Maand geleden
Get this man a championship
Rock Away
Rock Away Maand geleden
Westbrook grew on me. I love his passion and work ethic.
Joshua B
Joshua B Maand geleden
Westbrook rejuvenated his career the 2nd half of this season 😁 im so happy for him
Joe Brees
Joe Brees Maand geleden
aint the first time he played with balls on his knees
ISMAEL SANTANA Maand geleden
Could of passed it and got it back
Keon Hilliard
Keon Hilliard Maand geleden
West A Goat
Paulo Reyes
Paulo Reyes Maand geleden
Nothin but respect to Russ, i guess somehow he matured to all he have been thru the past few years,
T U Maand geleden
He got standing ovation because he didn't start a fast break by passing the ball, but opted for getting up for 5 seconds with the ball on his own?
T U Maand geleden
@Jonn Cockrell i think he wanted go get the assist from this fast break
Jonn Cockrell
Jonn Cockrell Maand geleden
Its his passion for the game and the hard work he puts into playing that the crowd was applauding. Unequaled in today's game.
rjrex8 Maand geleden
Perennial Thoughts
Perennial Thoughts Maand geleden
He is one of those few players left in this era who has that Kobe and Jordan mentality. Notable mention! A point guard!!
Dennis Robbins
Dennis Robbins Maand geleden
When Westbrook's having fun, everybody's in for a treat... amazing player!
Eli Hernandez
Eli Hernandez Maand geleden
"Coach Brooks calling a timeout, that was smart" Bro, they are up by 23 and have Westbrook on the floor, they could've taken a violation
charlie lane
charlie lane Maand geleden
Rakesh Maand geleden
Robin Lopez was clutch with the handshake
Malcolm Dalle
Malcolm Dalle Maand geleden
Good to see this guy having fun. Everyone knows westbrook as a hot head so seeing him have fun is actually pretty cool.
Dragon Balla
Dragon Balla Maand geleden
I want him to get a ring so bad!
Gibby Cash
Gibby Cash Maand geleden
Good to his fans 👑
Masterson Masters
Masterson Masters Maand geleden
Why would Brooks call a timeout?? Westbrook was already over halfcourt so no backcourt violation was gonna happen, not sure what violation the announcers are talking about??
Loin77 Maand geleden
People gonna say stat padding. How can you get so many assists if you are garbage ?
Romeo Velasco
Romeo Velasco Maand geleden
low iq player...
Michael Tran
Michael Tran Maand geleden
Westbrook! Gotta love him!
Mahly mahl At law
Mahly mahl At law Maand geleden
You can get more fans if you stop complying
pretty sure
pretty sure Maand geleden
If only he could shoot from the perimeter. He could've been great.
Burt Swanson
Burt Swanson Maand geleden
If its under a minute no ads... cmon man that's the deal!
Daily NBA Clips
Daily NBA Clips Maand geleden
I have no control about that. This channel is not monetize I do not or cannot add ads.
JiveAt5 Maand geleden
What a clown 😂😂
antho Maand geleden
Seein Russ succeed makes me happy
Rob Bandoy
Rob Bandoy Maand geleden
I gotta admit I was a westbrick hater but kobe and ai being my idols I had to learn to appreciate the passion and love for the game. Glad Westbrook is having fun I’m becoming more of a fan
Bailey Dixon
Bailey Dixon Maand geleden
Lol y’all can say great things all day he is a phenomenal player but he’s not a winner and he’s not a champion.
H, Wen
H, Wen Maand geleden
Gotta love Russell’s energy on court
Kevin Schart
Kevin Schart Maand geleden
taking a break from stat stuffing to make about him again. would've been a turnover without the time out
Julz Flex
Julz Flex Maand geleden
This is the real definition of "I LOVE THIS GAME" He didn't care about rings. Just loves to play full throttle for us to enjoy. That's why he's my favorite player in the NBA for the past decade.
MC Maand geleden
Yeah you don’t have to worry about rings when you selfishly stat pad and make the most boneheaded plays in the history of basketball
Angelo S.
Angelo S. Maand geleden
Gotta love Brodie
Staten Island MTB
Staten Island MTB Maand geleden
He's happy because his team is winning. If losing he'll be kicking chairs again
Yur NFT Guy
Yur NFT Guy Maand geleden
Shaqtin'A' Fool lol
Denis Demeter
Denis Demeter Maand geleden
You can’t really start dribbling after you fall. It’s a travel.
Danny California
Danny California Maand geleden
He made faults three times.
Keith Watkins
Keith Watkins Maand geleden
He play for stats he don’t mind losing 😂🤦🏾‍♂️😭
Foolzball Maand geleden
People just praising him now to be a contrarian because we were all shitting on him for years.
thetramp123 Maand geleden
Hoping the Wizards win both their games against the Hawks.
Jake Broad
Jake Broad Maand geleden
I just wanna know how the fucking wizards score so many points. I mean they only have two real scorers 😂.
DavoPerro Maand geleden
Is russel westbrook drunk? 2021 edition
JPGSTEVENS Maand geleden
Notice how he not only has full court vision, but also tracks his coach.
Michael White
Michael White Maand geleden
I love Westbrook!!! Love his will, attitude, competitive spirit, and he gives it his all. Has Heart!!! No give up in his DNA. I’d take him on my team any day.
NJTDover Maand geleden
Westbrook is one of a kind in the NBA. Next year is certainly going to be much, much better for the Wizards now that Beal and Russ have figured themselves out.
47Hundo Maand geleden
Nah that was GREAT😂😂😂
Coup de Gras
Coup de Gras Maand geleden
Sweaty try hard
Fakename70 Maand geleden
I still think it might’ve been a continuation violation
Pran Thani
Pran Thani Maand geleden
Hmm...double dribble?
Xion Maand geleden
Westbrook >>>>> Beal
Xion Maand geleden
The best player in Wizards 🔥
Miguel Navarro
Miguel Navarro Maand geleden
Solid effort man!! 👏🏻👍🏻
Kevin L
Kevin L Maand geleden
Still 10th seed
D. Carter
D. Carter Maand geleden
Wait - over 180 points scored in just 2-1/2 quarters of play?!?! Looks like standing is all either team was doing... where's the defense?!
CREEDO Maand geleden
westbrook always gets standing ovations bru jus like me ongod
Luke P
Luke P Maand geleden
If someone did this in a pick up game automatic travel called lol
Oliver Yasay (CityRider)
how can you not love this player. so underrated, hardest worker on the floor plus that triple double season ave is insane . we all love dame and cp3, but im sorry this dude should be ranked over cp3 and dame in all time greatest point guards.
Dira Dadaro
Dira Dadaro Maand geleden
This the best version of russ
Joshua Amos
Joshua Amos Maand geleden
That man really been enjoying life
J S Maand geleden
Pound for pound the best athlete to play the game.
Steve Sam
Steve Sam Maand geleden
I love Westbrook
Val Tolome
Val Tolome Maand geleden
That is real happiness. Zup kd?
Abdallah Ahmed
Abdallah Ahmed Maand geleden
Wait why did the coach call a timeout
Mugiwara Maand geleden
Damn russ is still so athletic my man block someone and was still able to jump again and grab the ball
Sammy J
Sammy J Maand geleden
He wanted to finish the play so bad
Frank 5599
Frank 5599 Maand geleden
You see back in Okc if he just let the triple double come naturally and not force to get the rebound or assist, Westbrook undoubtedly would be one of the most respected, lovable player in the league. I'm won't lie I hated Russ back in Okc after KD left and in Houston ehh... but now I enjoy watching him.
Mr. Sang
Mr. Sang Maand geleden
Good for him giving his all so he can ask to be traded to GSW.
Quentin Coberley
Quentin Coberley Maand geleden
Him , kawhi and kyrie are my favorite players in the league. Inherit the mamba mentality 💪🏾🙌🏽
螢LilithBug Maand geleden
Glad to see Wizards getting fans cuz of Westbrook
Boks Ugoks
Boks Ugoks Maand geleden
He didn't want to to be caught walking with the ball again like he did in OKC so he did this
JordansHorizon Maand geleden
Russ would be the scariest Wide receiver EVER
KD “KD” Maand geleden
He is clown who only take care about statistics and he never win a ring and thats all.
unkown Maand geleden
I wish he'd be champion one day.
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