Road to Fight Night ft. FaZe Jarvis (Official FaZe Clan Documentary) 

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Follow @FaZe Jarvis as he trains for his upcoming boxing match premiering live this Saturday, June 12th.

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7 jun. 2021




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DaeShon Moorer TV
DaeShon Moorer TV Uur geleden
Lmao Banks message to Lee😭
beta152 Uur geleden
Dude epic need to unbanned Jarvis everyone deserves a second chance otherwise why is there a quart?
Idris22 2 uur geleden
When micheal said that he will make sure that doesnt happen (him getting knocked) he 1, kinxed it and 2 was it just me that saw the look on tannar's face 18:31
NT_2 FF 2 uur geleden
13:36 ,Kay and Jarvis are from nepal? Did i just heard that?😳 if yes than lots of love from Nepal❤🇳🇵🇳🇵
Scorp 3 uur geleden
13:22 Nepalese Power
Sagar 3 uur geleden
Still confused how that Asian guy has 50 mil I’m just wondering who he is
I wanna see him fight more
Joaquin Perez
Joaquin Perez 4 uur geleden
Here after Jarvis did exactly what he said
Real madrid K
Real madrid K 4 uur geleden
When I get hit it feels good
shdws._sneaks 5 uur geleden
The obscene fighter wailly transport because parade microcephaly cross despite a sudden gliding. obscene, craven asparagus
NJ 5 uur geleden
Wow Jarvis and Faze dad is a gerkha army those are warriors
Gregor mclaren
Gregor mclaren 6 uur geleden
The documentary is so much better that Jarvis won
King Bao
King Bao 6 uur geleden
Before anyone else wakes up… lives in a gamer house. Up at 10 holy am the first one up Xd
Thankelemei 10 uur geleden
You know faze should make a game
Nick Czajkowski
Nick Czajkowski 10 uur geleden
This hits different after coming here after Jarvis hit him different.. 🤣
Moonnu Chamling
Moonnu Chamling 11 uur geleden
Oh wow🇳🇵, I didn't know he was Nepali. Now, I know where he got his discipline, will to win and bravery got from🇳🇵💖. I know for a fact that if Nepalese people know he belongs to Nepali Gurkhali background\ancestors All Nepali will be happy to support him with love and respect. We have unity. Anyways, Congratulation Jarvis. So proud of you brother🙏👏👍️
Nylohs 11 uur geleden
He did what he said
Laurits Jelsa
Laurits Jelsa 11 uur geleden
IT IS WHAT IT IS bha 11 uur geleden
Sangam Prajapati
Sangam Prajapati 14 uur geleden
Aayo GORKHALI. Love from NEPAL broda.
nrg mzxyt24
nrg mzxyt24 14 uur geleden
Jarvis killed Michel le
Jacob Chong
Jacob Chong 14 uur geleden
Here after Jarvis destroyed Michael le. Can’t wait what’s next for him 🥊
Boris Kara
Boris Kara 14 uur geleden
Jarvis has tatoos
Brody Cardinal
Brody Cardinal 15 uur geleden
jarvis has potanshle of going so were in life keep it up bud you can go somewere
Abdul Haashir
Abdul Haashir 15 uur geleden
sharpie 16 uur geleden
For some reason I really liked this documentary, idk why but I might watch this again and again
Teezy 16 uur geleden
salfok sama indomie
Danny Thompson
Danny Thompson 19 uur geleden
These are now boxing jesus christ! I'd lay them all out 1 by 1 bare knuckle no training needed
gage godino
gage godino 19 uur geleden
Jarvis should fight Bryce hall
Frenzo IOS
Frenzo IOS 19 uur geleden
Alex Calderon
Alex Calderon 20 uur geleden
Austin looked back smiling and regretted it real quick. Lmao
Robyn Nathalie
Robyn Nathalie 20 uur geleden
The high-pitched menu beautifully protect because double fourthly pause throughout a dashing alley. thick, stiff journey
Beet 20 uur geleden
Thank god Jarvis won or else this vid woulda been memed to hell and back
wolf plays fortnite
wolf plays fortnite 20 uur geleden
Can i join faze clan
maysam hasan
maysam hasan 20 uur geleden
The_ 124tom
The_ 124tom 21 uur geleden
Why does Kay and Jarvis’ mom look like Hillary Clinton 😳
m. 22 uur geleden
cant wait to see rug fight adin
Lonely Lemon
Lonely Lemon 22 uur geleden
atleast he still got aimbot on his side
qazify 22 uur geleden
I just have to wait 3 years to join faze legs goo!!! My name will be Faze qazify
Abdullah Sosa
Abdullah Sosa 23 uur geleden
anyone know the instrumental used at min 19:34
Userthatman Man
Userthatman Man 20 uur geleden
Daniel Dore
Daniel Dore Dag geleden
They weren’t wrong
Liam Keller
Liam Keller Dag geleden
like such a MANLY MAN NOW its true but thats a little funny
Batman the Grower 420
it’s all about your teacher 👍🏽
AM R IT Dag geleden
love from NEPAL to Faze Kay & Jarvis and to whole clan Faze the f**k up
Agustin Coreas
Agustin Coreas Dag geleden
“I’m training to make sure that doesn’t happen” Gets knocked out
Gareth M
Gareth M Dag geleden
Here after he got a knockdown over Michael & won. Well played to them both.
Bh Bonez
Bh Bonez Dag geleden
HighPingKing Dag geleden
If jarvis can learn how to box, then I see no reason why epic shouldn't unban him and trust he learned from his aimbot mistake
Tevin Patrick
Tevin Patrick Dag geleden
For winning
Tevin Patrick
Tevin Patrick Dag geleden
Tevin Patrick
Tevin Patrick Dag geleden
Fornite should in banedd
Brandon Lomeli
Brandon Lomeli Dag geleden
new arm wreseling vid
Slayer_Levi Dag geleden
Who else wants to be a boxer now lol
Dinesh Moktan
Dinesh Moktan Dag geleden
oh my god i didnt knew that jarivs dad was gurkhas army
Lajana Manandhar
Lajana Manandhar Dag geleden
Omgg he's from Nepal 😮😮😮
soniya Singh
soniya Singh Dag geleden
Nice video bro
Chill The Heart
Chill The Heart Dag geleden
What are they talking about the ghurkas being the best wariors in the world?? U never heard of the caucasian people?? the mountain people? Chechens and dagestani people?? they are the strongest wariors on earth!
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed Dag geleden
Leshhhhhh gooooo Jarvissssss MICHAEL LE DESTROYED
Mansingh Jokchandra
Very nice 👍 video and nice work 👍
Emanuel Cruz
Emanuel Cruz Dag geleden
Yo when Jarvis was like I've been training to make sure that does happen than they pan the camera on him his face you can tell Jarvis was gonna do more than just fight 18:28
Daddy Mali
Daddy Mali Dag geleden
Who after Jarvis actually rocked his stuff
Jacob Jay
Jacob Jay Dag geleden
Cant watch but I appreciate the effort by Jarvis, very obvious in the fight, I’ll like and sub
Jamesha Thomas
Jamesha Thomas Dag geleden
That food look bussin bussin
Lynerw Dag geleden
Capital Dag geleden
we all know jev is the most famous one
Frost Dag geleden
also that shit look fire how he make that boil ??
Frost Dag geleden
really liking this fighing arc
Uday Singh
Uday Singh Dag geleden
I come here every morning at eight and get motivated to workout and be the best version of myself. My respect for jarvis is 📈📈
BList Dag geleden
From watching all of my wartime documentaries everybody believes that whatever armed force their relative was in was the most deadly armed force ever
Chase Dag geleden
Man probably gonna be holding quarters under those gloves, since they turned aimbot off 😂
BList Dag geleden
That definition of sugar is extremely limited. You should do a little bit of research it's impossible not to eat sugar
Chase Dag geleden
He just needs to learn not to cheat to win, because all I see is someone that will cheat with nothing at stake. Imagine what he would do with it all out their on the line 😂
I'm Sasquatch
I'm Sasquatch Dag geleden
Faze up 🔥🔥
Jordonsky Dag geleden
Faze up
123 lucas
123 lucas Dag geleden
Kay such a good brother
Garry Gurung
Garry Gurung Dag geleden
Youngmonky YT
Youngmonky YT Dag geleden
he can be a UFC fighter
JonnyN Dag geleden
This video gave me so much respect for Jarvis
Kayla Sanchez
Kayla Sanchez Dag geleden
This was lit
Zachary Entertainment
Wayne M
Wayne M Dag geleden
Jarvis is a man of his word
Gictor official
Gictor official Dag geleden
Imagine getting invited to join faze clan
Resk 11
Resk 11 Dag geleden
All that hard work paid off! Jarvis looked really good in the fight
Jose Elizarraras
Jose Elizarraras Dag geleden
Could I become a FaZe Clan boxer? I’m truly interested...?
Love what y'all are doing! Very inspiring!
Alexa Vlog - Live Now
Alexa Vlog - Live Now 2 dagen geleden
I feel like the hardest part about training, it’s just the diet, that’s the hardest thing to keep in tact
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Dag geleden
The kid he’s fighting looks like he doesn’t even want to fight anymore 😂
Anthony P
Anthony P 2 dagen geleden
Plus he won!!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Khadija bint-jibreel
Khadija bint-jibreel 2 dagen geleden
"He aint no tiktok mother******" love that line
Jay420 2 dagen geleden
Here after jarvis fcked lee up 💀🤙🏼
Chris Gueli
Chris Gueli 2 dagen geleden
Jarvis is gonna get banned from boxing 😳
Karlo Domijan
Karlo Domijan 2 dagen geleden
Oh yeah yeah
Beam BOYZ 2 dagen geleden
Imagine your older brother makes it and the first thing on his mind is “ wait till you see my lil brother his the best just watch guys “ now I cant say that’s not a family of mad men but it’s as close to it as you can get with out having kids
Qasim Ali
Qasim Ali 2 dagen geleden
Hwo has big batty sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh
SliXx 2 dagen geleden
Jarvis is the kind of person to get into tik tok and shit but, jarvis gonna get K.O but have I have faith.
Yourboy Krish
Yourboy Krish 2 dagen geleden
Why is josie cancel there
Daddy Co.
Daddy Co. 2 dagen geleden
Faze members randomly fighting 😂
Anup Rijal
Anup Rijal 2 dagen geleden
You got that Gurkha in you. Keep boxing my man. Love from Nepal🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵
Hanad Hussein
Hanad Hussein 2 dagen geleden
Jarvis got banned only because he was so goof
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