REVEALED: Dortmund Open To SELLING €90M Jadon Sancho To Man United! | Euro Transfer Talk 

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Hello and welcome back to Euro Transfer Talk where today we bring you the news that Man United are considering signing Mauro Icardi, selling David De Gea and might even land Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho in a transfer merry-go-round to beat all merry-go-rounds!
We also breakdown the rumours that Barcelona are considering signing Juve’s Adrien Rabiot this summer, with Andrea Pirlo keen to offload his €7m per year wages. With Erling Haaland looking more unaffordable by the week, we tell you about a Serie A striker being heavily scouted by Thomas Tuchel's Chelsea and reveal Inter Milan and PSG's interest in signing Arsenal loanee Martin Ødegaard.
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6 apr. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
How much would you pay for Jadon Sancho?! (Dougie)
alesha daniel
alesha daniel 23 dagen geleden
70 millon that would be good
ahmed 28 dagen geleden
Yash Bhushan
Yash Bhushan 28 dagen geleden
Lets Not Forget Haaland
Yash Bhushan
Yash Bhushan 28 dagen geleden
£70 Mil Fair AF
naveen k
naveen k 29 dagen geleden
70 to 75 and some performance based add ons. Without a cl spot Dortmund may need to sell him to cut off high wage bill and 70-75 is a reasonable price
Hein Khant Zaw age 14 Football Crazy
love sancho from 🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲🇲
Vidar Jensen
Vidar Jensen 21 dag geleden
Icardi can have his girl go fuck over another club thank you......
AJIN LAL 26 dagen geleden
I will take Icardi at United he is a good finisher and classic No:9.
Gabriel Ordonez
Gabriel Ordonez 27 dagen geleden
Imagine selling Lukaku just pay for the lesser striker from the same team a year after. How stupid is United.
N O 28 dagen geleden
Arsenal do us all a favour and knock out the racist club
Vishal Arora
Vishal Arora 28 dagen geleden
All Spanish media sources indicate Odegaard will not be sold by madrid. Zero intention. There is no price tag put on him.
Red or Dead
Red or Dead 28 dagen geleden
Icardi and his wife NO THANKS!
Richie Mason
Richie Mason 28 dagen geleden
Why don't we swap martial and money for kane or haaland.
Fab Jon
Fab Jon 29 dagen geleden
Icardi brings a lot of baggage. Better give opportunities to Greenwood & Brexit Haalaad
abdi libaax
abdi libaax 29 dagen geleden
We need a good defender and midfielder and striker who isn't icardi.
Rishi Joe Sanu
Rishi Joe Sanu 29 dagen geleden
Jadon Sancho is the best English player currently behind Harry Kane. I regularly watch Bundesliga and Sancho has been the consistent competitor to Lewandowski over the last seasons as the best player in the league. Sancho is much more than just stats too, he is always involved in the game. Besides England doesn't have a genuine right winger apart from him. Sancho should be nailed on in the starting XI for England.
Jamie_Weir0916 29 dagen geleden
i hope we dont sign icardi or sancho tdh, i would love sancho... to have been signed last summer, we have much more pressing issues that need to be addresses now, dm, definetely cb, maybe even cover for wan-bissaka if ole doesnt think dalot can do the job there, and after all that i dont think a move for any attacker is feasable, unless the board pull some more money out of their arse.
MK26 29 dagen geleden
De Gea should go to Dortmund!!
Zain R
Zain R 29 dagen geleden
I do not want belotti but I would love romelu lukaku
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria 29 dagen geleden
after 10 yrs: agent to all players : who wants to go chelsea? haland : shut up and get lost. mbappe : for a visit i would go to stamford bridge not playing there
Emmanuel Lesotlho
Emmanuel Lesotlho 29 dagen geleden
definitely rather play Greenwood
AMITESH SINGH 29 dagen geleden
We need a CDM and CB more than striker ManU should sign a CDM first
Alexander Atur
Alexander Atur 29 dagen geleden
I don't know why ole insists on getting strikers when he doesn't know how to use them.
Shane SY
Shane SY 29 dagen geleden
I prefer Sancho to Manchester United and Greenwood be No.9
Kenny Mctyson
Kenny Mctyson 29 dagen geleden
Man Utd should buy sancho this summer. Trade van de beek for rabiot Sell lingard to west ham, move on jones, mata, matic and use de gea in a deal for icardi
Cj Fat
Cj Fat 29 dagen geleden
Greenwood All Day For Mhee
Lewis Siliva
Lewis Siliva 29 dagen geleden
As a Manchester United fan, I would be happy to see Icardi join us. He's a proven number 9, and as mentioned, his injury record this season has been really unlucky for him. But he can be a real threat when at his best, and he may be 28 now but he is an upgrade on Martial and we got get 4-5 good seasons out of him, plus his experience at top teams such as PSG and Inter are valuable for the future young stars.
Fred Fernades
Fred Fernades 29 dagen geleden
His attitude is not something you would want in a dressing room
Brandon Bossert
Brandon Bossert 29 dagen geleden
Meh on Icardi.
Why Me
Why Me 29 dagen geleden
If I am United I’ll sign sancho and nididi and let greenwood play striker also look for a center back
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 28 dagen geleden
And skip the whole Haaland/Raiola circus
Pete11377 29 dagen geleden
We’re fine up front with Mason. But I think we should also promote Hugill and McNeil. 3 deadly number 9s there
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 28 dagen geleden
Too early. Both McNeill and Hugill will get their chances, but why force it right now?
Mitchell Brough
Mitchell Brough 28 dagen geleden
Martials had the same number of chances this season as last season he's just not turned them into goals. It's entirely possible he bangs them in again next season, not saying we shouldn't look to replace him but until Mason's ready it works and we can focus on fixing our non-existent rw
Navin dgl
Navin dgl 29 dagen geleden
Do they really want Sancho when they have Lingordenio I meant for real
semiretired86 Maand geleden
I don't think that Haaland (who's a Man City fan) will sign for Man Utd
HenSt1985 29 dagen geleden
But Raiola won't make a deal with Pep.
Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker Maand geleden
Ain't worth 90 mil We wouldn't sign him for 40! So that's sancho (90m) Haaland (200m) And the glazers who are laughing their heads off at this bullshit!
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
You wouldn’t sign sancho for 40?Your off your head
Yassine VJPro
Yassine VJPro Maand geleden
Pjanic - Rabiot Swap deal ? Here we go again
saad abdullah
saad abdullah Maand geleden
Belotti could probably be had for 40 mil
Chelsea Fc
Chelsea Fc 29 dagen geleden
Ursula Wilson
Ursula Wilson Maand geleden
Make greenwood are no.9 and we've saved 100+million on kane or haaland
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
@Ursula Wilson greenwood played rm last seaosn Haaland and Kane didn’t
Ursula Wilson
Ursula Wilson 29 dagen geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 ye and show me how well haaland or kane or any striker would play on the right wing and then come with your handicap stats
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
Greenwood has 2 goals
Ursula Wilson
Ursula Wilson Maand geleden
I think some united fans have forgotten how badly we need a rw If we sell bailly,dalot,a gk and lingard we would have the funds to bring in bissouma,kounde and the marquee signing of sancho
Ursula Wilson
Ursula Wilson 29 dagen geleden
@singsangsung ye we should sell pogba but keep martial
singsangsung 29 dagen geleden
Well should sell martial and pogba for those options
Evan Sherlock
Evan Sherlock Maand geleden
I would rather just give McNeil a opportunity at number 9 and let him and Greenwood fight it out instead of icardi
Mance Rayder
Mance Rayder 29 dagen geleden
I believe Greenwood is good enough We just need to create more chances
Pius Utionkpan
Pius Utionkpan Maand geleden
As a Dortmund fan, we not selling him anything under 110. Stop being stubborn and pay up. Or even add van de beek because he’s not doing shit.
BANYHU123 29 dagen geleden
That was the price for last season but reports saying Dortmund are going to lower the fee due to Covid screwing their finances and because a potential lack of Champions league. They’d be lucky to get the 110 mil this summer.
Kaybee Nkosi
Kaybee Nkosi Maand geleden
Covid has greatly affected transfer fees, Dortmund are the ones being stubborn 100 million should be the maximum for yall. Just like Dortmund listing Haaland as 150 million in this current market is bullshit and thats why his 2022 release clause of 75 million makes more sense. Van De Beek is a Pogba replacement in case he leaves.
Tron Maand geleden
Imagine sancho and foden, I wouldn’t mind seeing qatar money take the chip with those two at front. Piss off united buy some healthy cb’s and cdm’s
Lexin 17
Lexin 17 Maand geleden
Inside the mind of a plastic man city fan 😂😂🤣🤣
Monamela Mokhesi
Monamela Mokhesi Maand geleden
Isaiah Gere
Isaiah Gere Maand geleden
12 goals and 16 assist for sancho in a “bad” season? Wow, this boy is a generational talent.
Daniel Ko
Daniel Ko Maand geleden
United definitely should rather go for a CB
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
@saad abdullah 1 he’s having a worse seaosn 2 he isn’t that physically demanding
saad abdullah
saad abdullah 29 dagen geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 and why isnt he good for the prem?
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
@saad abdullah didn’t actually completely understand me did you?I said he’s not good for the prem
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 29 dagen geleden
@saad abdullah sampordia are a mid table side and he was one of their top scorers
saad abdullah
saad abdullah 29 dagen geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 and isak is playing really well now. Hes young as well going into his prime. Tall fast strong ambidextrous and good movement
TALKINGsports Maand geleden
8:41 sancho 40 years later
Eldridge Coutinho
Eldridge Coutinho Maand geleden
As a Chelsea fan I'd say they would be stupid to sacrifice greenwood for Icardi.
Arthur Kariuki
Arthur Kariuki 25 dagen geleden
It’s not sacrifice Icardi is 28 and seems to be kinda injury prone so Greenwood would still get game time at ST. By the time icadi leaves like after 2 or 3 years Greenwood would be 22/23 and better placed to lead the line because his physic would have filled up
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 28 dagen geleden
Highly doubtful those rumors have anything to do with reality
Akshajan Arulrasa
Akshajan Arulrasa Maand geleden
27 goals and 13 assists in 53 games 🤮 €90 mil Belotti 🤮🤮 Rabiot to Barcelona (even more) 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Alessandro Taccani
Alessandro Taccani Maand geleden
Love to hear Dougie struggle with "cagliari"
Alessandro Taccani
Alessandro Taccani Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily work in progress on that pronunciation but great content as always!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Shit did I not get it right? Damn thought I smashed it....! (Dougie)
zahran Maand geleden
Bellotti can be as fox as vardy upfront💥🔥
zahran 29 dagen geleden
@Mudassir Ali He will definitely fit it , it is a legue where a proper CF can definitely have roles ,He also have the trait of making those dummy runs and mazing runs.I think he will be a perfect dupe of vardy
saad abdullah
saad abdullah Maand geleden
He would be amazing for utd
Mudassir Ali
Mudassir Ali Maand geleden
Bellotti wouldn't fit in the Prem.
John Carter
John Carter Maand geleden
£70 million would be the ceiling due to current football economics and Dortmunds poor financial position and no champions league football next season (most likely). De Gea would be perfect for PSG and Pochettino's system. If they can sign him for around £20 million then they'll have a great deal. Man Utd should target Bellotti, he's only got a year left and he never goes missing, he'll be perfect for the club and Greenwood to learn from whilst transitioning to a striker. Man Utd CM option should be Kessie, Goretzka, Camavinga, Pellegrini or Sabitzer (or a combination of 2 if Pogba leaves). They're all top CM that only have a year left on contract. Man Utd CB target should be Badiashile as he'd provide good balance and is a left sided young CB Ole is looking for. Man Utd RB should be Laird as the back up to AWB as he possesses the attributes AWB does not and has been impressing albeit at a lower level.
Mudassir Ali
Mudassir Ali Maand geleden
@John Carter nah mate i just wanted to end the convo can't argue
John Carter
John Carter Maand geleden
@Mudassir Ali I never said I know everything, I just gave an opinion. If you're butthurt from words that form a healthy counterargument then I feel sorry for you. Have a good Ramadan and don't take comment section talk to heart
Mudassir Ali
Mudassir Ali Maand geleden
@John Carter Alright Mr. Everything I know is Right, you are right i am wrong you can go shove your thought to Ed Woodward
John Carter
John Carter Maand geleden
@Mudassir Ali yeah you're the agent for all 3 players, it's a judgement based upon player contracts, their quality and the buyers market due to the pandemic. I'm not saying any of those moves will happen but that the club should look at these targets. Goretzka moved to Bayern on a free (to join a giant but also a huge financial package) and we dont lnow but maybe he could be tempted to do so again. Camavinga isn't signed to Real so all clubs can still target him, Man Utd is a massive upgrade from his current club and can provide a huge financial package as well as upgrade in sporting ambitions. Pellegrini will miss out on Champions league football and has moved previously so could do so for financial and sporting reasons. There are other options mentioned too and they can be attained with the right financial package and showing the club's sporting direction. Man Utd is still a huge name and draw in football and have shown improvements in the last couple of years
Mudassir Ali
Mudassir Ali Maand geleden
Why would Goretzka downgrade lol? as for Cama,he is set for Real. Pellegrini is the best out of those But is highly Unlikely because he will be a ROMA legend
Max C
Max C Maand geleden
I would rather get Odegard to be the backup to Bruno if he is open to it and have Greenwood be striker and get a rw
jblack107 Maand geleden
If Man Utd are getting a a new cam, we may as well just keep lingard
Graham Evangelist jnr
Graham Evangelist jnr Maand geleden
I want icardi !!!!
Akshay Balalee
Akshay Balalee Maand geleden
De Gea will win everything at his next club!
LedFoot Harry
LedFoot Harry 29 dagen geleden
RIP David de Gea's career ☠️☠️☠️
Joe 33
Joe 33 Maand geleden
Thanks for the tip. I'll remortgage and place a huge bet
Bobby banana the first
I dont get tour obsessions with age, you probably thought that van Persie and pirlo were bad signings
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Maand geleden
I card would be good option as well callum wilson short term fix
William Starck
William Starck Maand geleden
The treatment of De Gea have been awful. United owe so much to him. We wouldn't be relative anymore without him.
Tristan Ramsaroop
Tristan Ramsaroop 27 dagen geleden
@Phiko Sobantu Man City don’t treat their legends bad hahahahah
William Starck
William Starck Maand geleden
@Divine Favour I've never wanted him to be dropped. I've always backed him.
Divine Favour
Divine Favour Maand geleden
@William Starck letting go of players is by no means disrespect. If the player takes it so, so be it because until Man U start letting go of legend on decline they will always be behind club like city.. I mean They let go of guys like aguero , yaya toure , komany who literally won them titles and they got better for it ddg literally cost united in the fa semis last season and I can remember most united fans wanting him to be dropped for Romero now they all being sentimental the clubs has to grow he did a good job but I think it’s time to move forward
William Starck
William Starck Maand geleden
@Phiko Sobantu so because I think De Gea should be treated better, I should go support a club whose biggest legend is still active? OK...
Phiko Sobantu
Phiko Sobantu Maand geleden
Mate shut up go to man city if you want awful treatment like the legends there
Abubakr Wally
Abubakr Wally Maand geleden
United’s attack is better than their defense I think they should focus on signing a quality CB. If they want to challenge for the premier league they have to stop conceding silly goals
Kay B
Kay B Maand geleden
I think getting a CDM who can create from deep would solve both issues
Malcolm Amaral
Malcolm Amaral Maand geleden
Icardi to Man u? Sounds very fifa-ish
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria 26 dagen geleden
@Get Out of here i thought messi to bayern was a PES MOVE
Get Out of here
Get Out of here 26 dagen geleden
@Malcolm Amaral basically yeah 😂 every time I made a career mode lewandoski to United is always one of the first things I see
Malcolm Amaral
Malcolm Amaral 27 dagen geleden
@shamim rahman I had a thought about yours and considering man u do need a rm, I don't really see it a fifa move, unless ofc ur seasons ahead
Malcolm Amaral
Malcolm Amaral 27 dagen geleden
@Get Out of here so basically, any striker higher that has been 86 on fifa moving to Manchester United irl is a fifa move
Get Out of here
Get Out of here 27 dagen geleden
Really? I thought it was lewandoski to United was a fifa move
Gms Maand geleden
Lol Woodward wins in the end have it zorc
Rodney Munene
Rodney Munene Maand geleden
United messed up on Sancho last year but might get him cheaper Lol, Woodward masterclass
Rodney Munene
Rodney Munene Maand geleden
@Kavan Wild Woodward got lucky coz I thought we'd never get him again, still might not if the price is reduced
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø Maand geleden
@Kavan Wild not only that,His form dipped as well because of that and he may not make it to the Euros,that'll definitely decrease his value a lot
Kavan Wild
Kavan Wild Maand geleden
Of course he’s cheaper? A year less on his contract now, nothing to do with a masterclass
Rodney Munene
Rodney Munene Maand geleden
@Jiffies Udydyey Woodward worked his gypsy magic and shit😂
Jiffies Udydyey
Jiffies Udydyey Maand geleden
Man really pulled the Uno Reverse card on Dortmund
Baldino Salvador
Baldino Salvador Maand geleden
Woodward: We are only paying 70M!
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 28 dagen geleden
@Mr Nobody dortmund is in interesting position. They are 7pts behind UCL with 7 games ro go, so they CAN miss out. Sancho has 2 years left, so next summer his value drops to 50-60m, Haaland has release clause, but if Dortmund misses out on UCL, he will probably want to leave. Hummels, Delaney, Dahoud, Zagadou, Witsel Moukoko, are on last year, so if somebody is able to get their heads turned, Dortmund will have to sell... Bellingham, Akanji, Guerrero are on last 2 years. They could have a really shitty season next year, depending on their transfer window. But the status of selling club will haunt them. I hope they fucking crash and burn for their greediness
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 28 dagen geleden
@Ivan Donson Depends on how desperate Utd thinks Dortmund is to sell him.
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 28 dagen geleden
@Mr Nobody i feel like this time Man Utd will walk away at 80m or so
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson 28 dagen geleden
@singsangsung matt judge is the negotiator, not woodward. Both should be sacked tbh...
singsangsung 29 dagen geleden
@Mr Nobody typical woodward way of negotiation
Doomsday Fish
Doomsday Fish Maand geleden
ChEaH Maand geleden
The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes
The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes