Reacting to the SMARTEST Plays in Fortnite History... 

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Today I react to the Smatest Plays in Fortnite History, but we sprinkled in some 0 IQ plays too!
Thank you to Fortnite Legion for providing these clips!
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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video where I reacted to the the luckiest moments in fortnite history! Today I react to the smartest 200IQ Plays in fortnite history! Hope you enjoy!
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SypherPK Maand geleden
You guys have been LOVING the reaction videos so here's another! This time we spiced it up and threw in some 0 IQ Plays to mix you guys up 👀 Don't worry though, Season 6 is a just over a week away so we're going to have TONS of fresh content to check out!
Cal Butler
Cal Butler 6 dagen geleden
Hey man
Bl00dyT00th 12 dagen geleden
@Gamergambler no
Bl00dyT00th 12 dagen geleden
Mythic NoScopes
Mythic NoScopes 13 dagen geleden
@Chazz it’s the hater on my videos
Hoaba Khan
Hoaba Khan 28 dagen geleden
@DieDoom Razor wow
Ruth Martinez
Ruth Martinez Dag geleden
1 million iq code sypher pk
Tas Abdullah
Tas Abdullah Dag geleden
This video swore. On the scoped one
Anonymous 260
Anonymous 260 2 dagen geleden
The last guy was so helpful he got betrayed but he went down to save the other guy He needs applause 👏
Vizion Ryan
Vizion Ryan 2 dagen geleden
I think everyone can agree savage is the smartest player after that play in world cup
Levis Green
Levis Green 2 dagen geleden
Farbizzbat9 топ!!
Marten Raudemetsa
Marten Raudemetsa 2 dagen geleden
Why u think that TIM THE TATMAN has only fails SYPHER PK !????!!!!!🤬😡😠😤 Tim is good player.🤬
Safia Gul
Safia Gul 2 dagen geleden
The last guy deserve a oscar
RANGER PYE 3 dagen geleden
You know the gernade strat person he killed ryft
Panda Plays Nite
Panda Plays Nite 3 dagen geleden
3:16 I did that once in a skybase in floor is lava
ZyanzFn 4 dagen geleden
Fun fact: the last guy that saved that dude was fearless
Aurmaghan Aurmaghan 07
Aurmaghan Aurmaghan 07 4 dagen geleden
2:22 POV - you didnt realise in the clip that sypher had 15 bandages! 🤣
Elvis The Maker
Elvis The Maker 5 dagen geleden
epic end lol.
ZachQ HoopsTV
ZachQ HoopsTV 5 dagen geleden
0:47 I thought that was 0 IQ
Andrew Santos
Andrew Santos 5 dagen geleden
4:49 I would definitely shake that person down
Jadier Perez
Jadier Perez 5 dagen geleden
3 one is 2 iq
Aj’s World
Aj’s World 6 dagen geleden
Fortnite is not nba 2k 7:57
First Person Eater
First Person Eater 6 dagen geleden
Idk know I’ve watched like all this guys vids
assa sin
assa sin 7 dagen geleden
assa sin
assa sin 7 dagen geleden
The last was the bedt
susan Mundy
susan Mundy 7 dagen geleden
Bigger is better than you at fortnite
Fortnite Ned
Fortnite Ned 7 dagen geleden
Last one ❤️
Minitoon Piggy
Minitoon Piggy 7 dagen geleden
Lol you can be props now in season 6
Stringed Gem1525
Stringed Gem1525 7 dagen geleden
Fortnite4 life
Fortnite4 life 8 dagen geleden
Why u just show the bad clips of fresh
Fortnite4 life
Fortnite4 life 8 dagen geleden
Sypher when it was u of course it was unlucky but when it was other people u laugh jealous dushbag
Youtube Editor
Youtube Editor 8 dagen geleden
The last one is what a real one would do
lil_ beanzie
lil_ beanzie 8 dagen geleden
Who else pretends 2 team and then kill them 😈
LOLDINGOLD 123 9 dagen geleden
everybody sees sypher reaction after is clip is in the video?
Young gangster
Young gangster 9 dagen geleden
Bruh the buhga hair is lol
Leeyon 9 dagen geleden
Lmaoo these are fcking not smartest plays in history, its maybe for american people who have a 10iq average... I see clips 100x better everyday in highlights
T and E games Roblox
T and E games Roblox 9 dagen geleden
Blake Wos
Blake Wos 10 dagen geleden
That guy that go shot through the cone is probably so mad and thought that he was hacking
Alastair Cheng
Alastair Cheng 10 dagen geleden
Bro give that last guy an award
Brael Ashneel
Brael Ashneel 11 dagen geleden
200 iq he shouted the ✈️
Miller Dexter
Miller Dexter 11 dagen geleden
The tested dictionary immunochemically lighten because dresser bizarrely greet toward a hideous high inch. recondite, insidious foot
Sheila Bablee
Sheila Bablee 11 dagen geleden
sypher seeing his twin: OH CRAP the views, substribers:
x3 Skully
x3 Skully 14 dagen geleden
I miss the chair I use to always land there🥺
gaming crow
gaming crow 14 dagen geleden
Just got a win from a while I was scooting all game I met a arena player in a public game and he carried me when I couldn't shoot at when it was just 2 left I was going into storm to give a casual a win he gave me the Dub his name was sn34ky
Darkforge 9 dagen geleden
Hugh Phillips
Hugh Phillips 14 dagen geleden
Good compilation but I didn’t like the narrarator
Ian Torres
Ian Torres 14 dagen geleden
2:37 old fortnite 🥺
Andrea Yang
Andrea Yang 14 dagen geleden
The volatile hockey demographically relax because vein intuitively harm pro a acid dungeon. squalid, clever keyboarding
Jonny Hick
Jonny Hick 15 dagen geleden
I really enjoy your vids
Louis Walker
Louis Walker 15 dagen geleden
Sypher k can you add me on fortnight
Milorex 15 dagen geleden
love your content!!! Keep up the good work.
Diplodocus 15 dagen geleden
When Slappie did the fishing rod thing did it remind you of when dream did something like that
Hlias Konstantis
Hlias Konstantis 15 dagen geleden
Lol goofy121
Pineapple 16 dagen geleden
They edits?
Floperis Floperis
Floperis Floperis 16 dagen geleden
8:22 from me country!
Jayson Mendoza
Jayson Mendoza 17 dagen geleden
When you where talking about the bubble you can put on a skateboard thing that was I season 9
TTV12 TV12
TTV12 TV12 17 dagen geleden
The last one was fearless clip
Kaia Storks
Kaia Storks 17 dagen geleden
Kortlon 13.0000 V bucks
Ezequiel Arias
Ezequiel Arias 17 dagen geleden
Jesus loves you repent he is coming soon repent before its too late he loves you all he died for us
Jaeviohn Mendez
Jaeviohn Mendez 17 dagen geleden
In one of your videos you said “you never make 0 IQ play” But now you died lol
Baby Naruto
Baby Naruto 18 dagen geleden
I this love that he saved him at the end 🙂
Rob Bark
Rob Bark 18 dagen geleden
You can tell when he has no idea what he’s talking about
Lavanah Williams
Lavanah Williams 18 dagen geleden
Lavanah Williams
Lavanah Williams 18 dagen geleden
You love Alexa
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez 18 dagen geleden
That high distortion clip tho 👀
Ahmadturky Ahmadturky
Ahmadturky Ahmadturky 19 dagen geleden
Season six is already here Duh
MeowLooL 19 dagen geleden
i forgot that dabbing was a thig lol thats like 2017
Bugha 20 dagen geleden
Why did scoped leave still he would have 25 hp
Elizabeth Andrews
Elizabeth Andrews 20 dagen geleden
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dom a maty
dom a maty 20 dagen geleden
Cz skailer
Meqanix 20 dagen geleden
Im Meqanix 😈, Killed Tier 1s like Tayson and Letshe. Help me get recognised. Every like helps ❤️
Meqanix 20 dagen geleden
Im Meqanix 😈, Killed Tier 1s like Tayson and Letshe. Help me get recognised. Every like helps ❤️
Meqanix 20 dagen geleden
Im Meqanix 😈, Killed Tier 1s like Tayson and Letshe. Help me get recognised. Every like helps ❤️
Meqanix 20 dagen geleden
Im Meqanix 😈, Killed Tier 1s like Tayson and Letshe. Help me get recognised. Every like helps ❤️
VR-Coop 22 dagen geleden
Water Prism
Water Prism 22 dagen geleden
10:10 that guy is nice even tho he tried to kill him
Kryptic Tron
Kryptic Tron 22 dagen geleden
The last one is BEAUTIFUL
Corddry Taylor
Corddry Taylor 22 dagen geleden
Why does sypher think he’s so hood
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET
Da yeeter Yeet yeet YEET 23 dagen geleden
Why was it only syphers bad moments lol and a liiiiiitttlleeee good ones hehe 🙃
Lucas U
Lucas U 23 dagen geleden
Lucas U
Lucas U 23 dagen geleden
Latrell Fultz
Latrell Fultz 23 dagen geleden
Y does courage sound like the commentator from the world cup that bugha won
joris 4444
joris 4444 24 dagen geleden
SAZ kanalas 8:20
joris 4444
joris 4444 24 dagen geleden
@sazkanalas 8:20
Tiger Gaming
Tiger Gaming 24 dagen geleden
SimplyStimulating 25 dagen geleden
Fatma Ahmed
Fatma Ahmed 25 dagen geleden
hey peeps
Cal 25 dagen geleden
The last guy had me like 😵
Leul negru
Leul negru 25 dagen geleden
Gufu Gaga babyyyy
Zana Jamal Noori
Zana Jamal Noori 26 dagen geleden
R1tual_XR 26 dagen geleden
The last one was just the best
Void-L1m1x 26 dagen geleden
No u didnt have 30 kills u had 18
Sultan Alnuaimi
Sultan Alnuaimi 26 dagen geleden
At 2:44 that man I think he killed sypherpk see the name lol
Jeffrey Rogers
Jeffrey Rogers 27 dagen geleden
hey sypher i love your videos i have idea for your new reaction u should do Faiz fortnite wtf moments videos there funny too.
Elijah Litterst
Elijah Litterst 27 dagen geleden
Not unlucky you just suck
Jad1x 27 dagen geleden
Zafer D.
Zafer D. 29 dagen geleden
I am kinda redarted
Gaven Townsend
Gaven Townsend 29 dagen geleden
Hi can you shut up not like you use a lot of snips
Everyday with Ethan
Everyday with Ethan 28 dagen geleden
Hi can you shut up Gavin Townsend?
Sam Billingsley
Sam Billingsley 29 dagen geleden
Pause the video if you need to talk about something. You let moments slide or don't highlight them enough for what actually happened
KDSooner99 29 dagen geleden
Sypher ur amazing!
Fadan Maand geleden
1:06 loool Skailer
AvaKIngwel NicolaSImpson
The flaky archaeology naturalistically hammer because racing literally talk unlike a macho panty. lively, permissible birthday
Austin Courtney
Austin Courtney Maand geleden
Love the vids bra
Eian perri
Eian perri Maand geleden
These fails that's why preston only plays creative
SRG-_-Ranboyzcc Maand geleden
Guys if you go back to the beginning with the scoped clip... he should not have left the game. He would have survived. I know this because I tried this in a real game
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