Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020 

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Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic - Final Highlights I Roland-Garros 2020. Watch the best moments of the final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The Spanish player won in three sets 6/0 6/2 7/5 and claimed his 13th Roland-Garros, his 20th Grand Slam. It's his 100th victory in Roland-Garros.
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11 okt. 2020




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yağız satılmış
yağız satılmış 5 minuten geleden
Goat Rafa
Trevor Rotan
Trevor Rotan 49 minuten geleden
Surreal seeing that red clay in Autumn. No crowd going crazy, almost no one ready to play but Rafa, the energy missing-pandemics suck so bad. All I can hope for is Rafa to complete the winning of every tournament twice at the Australian next year.
Roger's All Like
Roger's All Like 5 uur geleden
Why everyone thinks Djokovic will end up GOAT when Rafa kick ass still . In Djokovic’s career he could easy lose 3 titles 2012 against Nadal , 2019 against Federer 2011 semis against Federer (so no chance to win the title on Us open ) so if that was the deal 17-3= 14 titles so not too good for him i think. In Rafa career you barely see 50/50 titles wins he is like real wall same Roger he had like 1 match 2009 where it could go wrong so that is real Goat
David Bailey
David Bailey 6 uur geleden
Well, after viewing this perhaps Nadal is Federer's biggest competition! Thanks for this!!!
mahmoud maabed
mahmoud maabed 18 uur geleden
i watched this video more and more ...who looks like me
noraini nasir
noraini nasir 19 uur geleden
The 2020 unbeaten run ended in RG finale by the king of clay.
m k
m k 19 uur geleden
walktheworld 19 uur geleden
Rafa will win Roland Garros at least 5 times more...
Sam lee
Sam lee 21 uur geleden
Would like to see this guy win a 2nd AO and make more history.
alida flus
alida flus 21 uur geleden
Stop writing comments about how godly Rafa is. I'm tired of liking them all.
Hkameleon Music World
The GOAT 🐐 .
Is it me or is all that grunting a little over the top? I'm just saying... I used to kick-box and get punched in the face and the body and never groaned like that.... hahaha
HALONGBay LVV Dag geleden
Un genie
alida flus
alida flus 21 uur geleden
Bor gwas my favorites I never thought anyone would come close to his 6 French Opens.
Deepak Bhandari
Deepak Bhandari Dag geleden
3:06 Against Nadal you gotta be that good, every time.
Deepak Bhandari
Deepak Bhandari Dag geleden
Can't get enough of this
Lungas Sakata
Lungas Sakata Dag geleden
😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣 proper beating
Maria Teresa Fernandez
Jokovic Corona virus👎👎
El dandy somoza
El dandy somoza Dag geleden
Djocovick será el más grande de la historia, al retirarse;alguien quiere apostar lo contrario?
Alex Alexbest
Alex Alexbest Dag geleden
Rafa is the best tennis player in the world, that's all.
Caleb Bakare
Caleb Bakare Dag geleden
Watching the AO 2019 highlights and then watching this is an interesting exercise.
Scott Andigan
Scott Andigan Dag geleden
Caleb Bakare
Caleb Bakare Dag geleden
Nadal hit so much deeper in this match, hit far fewer unforced errors, and utilised the angles of the court much better. He also had Djokovic guessing which way he was going to hit the ball, which is what Novak did to Rafa at the AO.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Dag geleden
other 2 great players.
Dale Avellanosa
Dale Avellanosa Dag geleden
I will forever be a Rafan ❤️❤️❤️🎾🎾🎾🇪🇸 legend !!
Mini Surf
Mini Surf 2 dagen geleden
God of Clay
Marumaru 2 dagen geleden
GOAT the Djokovic
charlie Wriedt
charlie Wriedt 2 dagen geleden
My favorite male tennis player!he is so awesome 👌
charlie Wriedt
charlie Wriedt Dag geleden
@abbsnn cose yes,he is incredible but seem sluggish and lazy,can't be like that when he's playing Rafael.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Dag geleden
I am Spaniard but I must admit that Djokovic is incredibly good too. There is no doubt why he is at that level.
mr slick
mr slick 2 dagen geleden
When those big 3 nadal fed djoko retires.. i am done watching tennis...
Algo que decir
Algo que decir 2 dagen geleden
Es el put.. amo
ad 2 dagen geleden
Bor gwas my favorites I never thought anyone would come close to his 6 French Opens.
ad 2 dagen geleden
GOAT Nadal simply beat the piss out Novak Djocovich
Wikingwarrior Kostecki-Andersen
Even if French open wasn't played they would probobly just send Rafa the trophy anyway
Jojmo Jo
Jojmo Jo Dag geleden
Please don’t steal people’s jokes.
Dan 2 dagen geleden
the conclusion one reaches after analyzing and studying nadal at 50% on clay (at 100%... just don't show up to the game) and how to win is the following cross the net in the middle of the game go to nadal smiling and "wanting to talk" and stick a knife in him
Dan 2 dagen geleden
@Scully Mulder humour!
Scully Mulder
Scully Mulder 2 dagen geleden
lol, that's a little extreme
Lord Ares
Lord Ares 2 dagen geleden
Alguém me explica pq tem vezes que os jogadores nao deixa a bola quicar no chao e mesmo assim o juiz nao fala nada? Alguém me explica isso? A bola não precisa quicar o chão.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 dagen geleden
Someone should've called the police because that was a massacre!
Jesus Fandino
Jesus Fandino 2 dagen geleden
Never been pushed to the 5th set in 13 finals. Which final would you consider the "hardest" for him to win?
Scully Mulder
Scully Mulder 2 dagen geleden
The hardest were RG 06 , 11 , 14 , 07, they were all tricky for different reasons, but i'll go with 2014
martin m
martin m 2 dagen geleden
Nadal ga razvalio ko bivšu yugu...🤣
webbski7 2 dagen geleden
From 15-all at 5-5 in the 3rd, to match point serve. Where are the intervening points
Laura Rodríguez
Laura Rodríguez 2 dagen geleden
Hi! I've designed a beautiful Rafael Nadal Logo mask!
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 dagen geleden
Par contre parlez français c’est quand même un tournois en France donc svp merci
newhuskytwenty 3 dagen geleden
I am Spaniard but I must admit that Djokovic is incredibly good too. There is no doubt why he is at that level.
kingwilson06ad 3 dagen geleden
Nadal is not the greatest clay courter ever. He is the ten best players on clay in the history of the game. Bjorn Borg probably comes at number 11.
Armadyl 2 dagen geleden
Ronan 3 dagen geleden
They should name one of the courts after Nadal
Michelle Gonzales
Michelle Gonzales 3 dagen geleden
Like the terno outfit
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 dagen geleden
G R A N D E R A F A E L N A D A L.
Neha Talwalkar
Neha Talwalkar 3 dagen geleden
Rafa Nadal’s 13 Roland Garros only 1 behind Sampras’ entire slam tally!! Vamos Rafa!! Only thing in 2020 that was normal!
Harry Chang
Harry Chang 3 dagen geleden
At this point they might as well rename the entire tournament to Rafael Garros
Steven 3 dagen geleden
Before this match, I couldn't remember the last time I saw one of the Big 3 get a bagel.
Armadyl 2 dagen geleden
Last time was Djokovic getting bagelled by Nadal in Rome 2019 final
Steven 3 dagen geleden
Obviously I and most predicted Rafa winning the tournament but I did not expect this steamrolling. Rafa is a master of all surfaces but on clay he is magic.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 dagen geleden
Rewatching this Magical Moment Vamos Rafa!!
Dr.Khawar Taimoor
Dr.Khawar Taimoor 3 dagen geleden
Rafa winning At RG is Better Than Getting Covid 19😀😀😀
ercrypto 74
ercrypto 74 3 dagen geleden
The king of clay!
Multisweezy 3 dagen geleden
5:39 beautiful camera angle
Santiago4three 3 dagen geleden
THIS is God Mode 💯
BLAROD 64 3 dagen geleden
Par contre parlez français c’est quand même un tournois en France donc svp merci
Vi Su
Vi Su 4 dagen geleden
2024 Olympic gold winner Nadal.
Gargolath Lornt
Gargolath Lornt 4 dagen geleden
Nadal winning these matches like a walk in the park just casually blasting shots with inhuman skill. It's insane, almost like he's a different person playing in Roland-Garros.
Manuel San jose
Manuel San jose 4 dagen geleden
Cundo un jugador o su entrenador menosprecian d esta manera a un gran jugador como Rafa, sé merecen no esta derrota sino mucho más, Djikovic tiene q saber ya d una vez q pir mucha ambición q tenga no le llegara núnca a Rafa a la suela del zapato, la raza i la fuerza d Nadal no la tendra núnca, aunqué este d número 1 hasta q sé retire, GRANDE NADAL, ERES UN CAMPEÓN 💪💪💪💪🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇
devertz995 4 dagen geleden
4 Simple Reasons Nadal is the GOAT: 1_Nadal has Olympic gold in singles, Federer and djokovic dont have it. 2_Nadal has won 20 slams with just one slam being on a slow court, while Federer and Djokovic every year have 3 slams in fast courts to potentially win since they're better on fast court, while Nadal is better in slow courts. It's crazy that he won 20 slams with just one slam on slow court every year. 3_ Nadal has had a lot of injuries and for longer time than Djokovic and Federer injuries, BUT STILL Nadal has 20 Slams and 1 Olympic Gold in singles. Federer has 20 but He's older and he has zero olympic gold, Djokovic has 17 with zero olympic gold. Federer and Djokovic never beat a prime Nadal on Roland Garros, while Nadal beat prime Federer in Australian Open 2009 and Wimbledon 2008 and also beat prime Djokovic in Us open 2013
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
@xasprin12 vob As Nadal himself hs said, "if if if doesn't exist".
xasprin12 vob
xasprin12 vob 3 dagen geleden
@Game Ovais If there were two GS on clay every year Nadal would have been number one for the last 15 years
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
@devertz995 they have more hard court tournaments because that is what public want to watch.
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
@devertz995 if there were more clay slams then more players would tune their games for it. As it stands there are more hard court tournaments and so that's why there is more competition.
devertz995 3 dagen geleden
@Game Ovais With slow courts I meant exactly for the bounce height on clay very higher than grass and hard courts. That's exactly the point. The irony about denying how many slams Nadal would have right now if It was 2 CLAY SLAMS every year instead of 3 FAST COURTS and only 1 CLAY SLAM. This would be a huge difference for the Goat argument and you're acting like it doesnt matter. Of course right now we cant change it but still It's an injustice for Nadal. Nadal had the same chances to get olympic gold as Federer and Djokovic chances. The irony is that he won it on hard court as well ahah.
Aashim Gupta
Aashim Gupta 4 dagen geleden
Bravo! Death, Taxes and Nadal at Roland Garrros.
SkyH23 4 dagen geleden
Its simple... BEST player of all time
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dagen geleden
il a dead ca
Sports Channel
Sports Channel 4 dagen geleden
Whether it is night,day,cold,hot or balls change to the tourney Rafa said I don't mind it's still CLAY!! got Yah!! Vamos Rafa!
Sports Channel
Sports Channel 4 dagen geleden
Rewatching this Magical Moment Vamos Rafa!!
Alas en la herida
Alas en la herida 4 dagen geleden
ATENCION PUDIERON SER ASESINADOS DOS FUTBOLISTAS del FC Barcelona, Sigfrid Gracia Royo y Mario Cabanes i Sabat y el WATERPOLISTA JESUS ROLLAN, vídeos aquí por presunta mafia Judicial en Cataluña, con otros muchos, youtube Santiago Royuela Samit,suscríbete
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dagen geleden
How much did Djokovic collect from a bowl at Roland Cross 😢😢😢 ???
Pierre Vulliez
Pierre Vulliez 4 dagen geleden
Is it just me, but Rafael Nadal, at the end wearing his mask and brandishing the trophy, bore striking resemblances to Federer -maybe I should lay off the red wine but for a moment I thought it was Roger-? Have they cloned into one another to become one and the same?
Pierre Vulliez
Pierre Vulliez 4 dagen geleden
Is it just me, but Rafael Nadal, at the end wearing his mask and brandishing the trophy, bore striking resemblances to Federer -maybe I should lay off the red wine but for a moment I thought it was Roger-? Have they cloned into one another to become one and the same?
Nico’s Gaming
Nico’s Gaming 4 dagen geleden
I wonder what would’ve happened if Federer would’ve played
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
Perhaps the score would have been something like 6-2 6-3 6-2, Federer would not have served as bad as Djokovic did. Federer would also have finished off points better at the net.
Thoukis Thoukis
Thoukis Thoukis 4 dagen geleden
to me this match was the epitome of what smarts against arrogance can result to ... and all though am not a fan of either of them if a had to choose Nadal does bring a certain hardworking focussed love for the actual sport (as apposed to the frantic "I must be the best I must brake all records" that Mr Djokovic and his surroundings bring) ... so at the end of the day one must respect at least that
Game Ovais
Game Ovais Dag geleden
@Thoukis Thoukis I find match ups exciting. Djokovic vs Medvedev or Murray is a match between great baselines so of course you will get longer rallies. Why does being popular matter so much? Winning matters in sport and Djokovic has done a heck of a lot of winning. You talk about a 40 point rally but that is an exception and not the norm. The norm based on stats and facts is that even in Djokovic matches the vast majority of the rallies are under 4 shots. Yet you keep droning on about 40 shots as if there are 50 of them each match. You will be lucky to see more than 5 rallies in any match over 30 shots. Conditions play a factor more than the players. Djokovic is number 1 in tennis, no one gives a shit if he's not number 1 in ""magic"" or "popularity".
Thoukis Thoukis
Thoukis Thoukis 2 dagen geleden
@Game Ovais ive been exposed????? This is not a spy thriller this is my opinion! Now i could i guess find the stats that support my opinion, for instance i have seen a large amount of matches were Djoko won but had less winners (im assuming he had more at matches with Murray or Medvedev cause they are worse at it than he is) but I couldn’t care less! Its there ive seen it and so have millions of others! I love how you say he has plenty of support it feels you agree that he is the least popular of the Big three and again there is a reason for that his style of play is predictable and unimaginative and finally i call upon magic you call upon numbers even the way you defend him is boring so let us watch a tennis match me waiting for magic to happen and you waiting for it to end so you can send true tennis lovers the numbers!!!! Oh and another thing that Simin Djoko match 40 strokes to win a point 40 strokes not even at a junior girls match you dont see that!!! Ugly tennis
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 2 dagen geleden
@Thoukis Thoukis Plenty of people enjoy the sport as it is because Tennis is not just about Federer or Djokovic. It's about matchups, it's about the competition and ability to adapt to surface. You reference the Simon vs Djokovic match of 2016 and once again you're wrong. That match had 83 rallies over 10 shots which is about 23% and 61 between 7 and 9 shots, which is about 17%. So about 40% of the points were long. Djokovic hit 57 winners compared to Simon's 30. Djokovic hit 102 UE compared to 60 from Simon. Based on the stats alone there's nothing, absolutely nothing to suggest Djokovic was defensive and waiting for mistakes. He made 102 UE and still managed to win. In fact people remember that match because Djokovic played so bad. Later in that tournament Djokovic played and beat Federer playing some great tennis. I'm not surpised you've resorted to talking about "magic" and want to ignore the stats because you've been exposed time and time again to be wrong. You're right about one thing, enjoyment is subjective. But you're wrong about everything else so it's high time you just zipped it.
Thoukis Thoukis
Thoukis Thoukis 2 dagen geleden
@Game Ovais Federer never waited for a 40 strokes rally to win a point ... Djokovic did ... (that match with Simon at the AO still gives me the chills - the ugliest match ever)... also in many of the matches he wins he has less winners than the player that lost ... Federer doesnt ... now you may use your statistics to justify what an uninspiring player Djokovic is (evident my public support, or lack of it) and my guess is that by the end of his carrier he will have numbers on his side but im afraid from the two of us you are the one who don't really get what tennis is - spoiler, its not about the numbers its about the magic the sooner you get that the sooner you will enjoy the sport as it should be
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 2 dagen geleden
@Thoukis Thoukis Once again you're proving that you know little about the sport. Less than 20% of all rallies in a match are over 9 shots. Usually it's less than 10% across an entire season for the ATP tour. The vast majority of points, more than 50% are in the 1-4 shot range. Even in some unique matchups like Djokovic vs Murray or Djokovic vs Nadal, 9+ rallies make up no more than 20% of the total points.
alex 4 dagen geleden cr7
Ryan Kuppan
Ryan Kuppan 4 dagen geleden
Its like Nadal was genetically engineered to win Roland Garros
Mirsha Matias
Mirsha Matias 5 dagen geleden
Nadal Destroyed Djokovic.
loody Good
loody Good 5 dagen geleden
I advise Djokovic to open a restaurant due to the large number of trays he obtained at Roland Garros. i also suggest naming the restaurant (Nadal's victims)
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
Whilst that's a valid comment, one might actually say this is something that is in Djokovic and Federer's favour. They are good enough to consistenty meet Nadal on his turf. But why isn't Nadal good enough to consistently meet them on their turf? We saw what Federer and Djokovic did at AO 2019 and Wim 2019 when they met Nadal. Both won handsomly.
Emily An
Emily An 5 dagen geleden
il a dead ca
Macville 5 dagen geleden
Bageling one the greatest players of all time :D
Asjid Khan
Asjid Khan 5 dagen geleden
Al Truism
Al Truism 5 dagen geleden
Tennis will never have the three titans again. I picked up tennis in 2015 at age 29 and truly am fortunate to have done so. Especially when federer come back in 2017. I think he has a treat for us fans next year. Nadal is a beast.
Emily An
Emily An 5 dagen geleden
Superb game
Joshua Goldstein
Joshua Goldstein 5 dagen geleden
I expected Rafa to win. But why didn't Djokovic compete at all? He seemed out of it. Probably too tired after 5-semi.
louisa frikat
louisa frikat 5 dagen geleden
Bravo à l'année prochaine.
mehdi labiad
mehdi labiad 5 dagen geleden
How much did Djokovic collect from a bowl at Roland Cross 😢😢😢 ???
Kalum Priya
Kalum Priya 5 dagen geleden
Superb game with game
Chrioni Hernandez
Chrioni Hernandez 5 dagen geleden
Since 2005 only 4 men have been ranked 1 and 2 - Fed, Nadal, Djoker and Murray. That's 15 years of dominance and theyve basically wiped out 2 generations
triodesrbetter 6 dagen geleden
straight sets through the entire tournament. didn't lose one set.
elijah tolentino
elijah tolentino 6 dagen geleden
Raffa is nearing to be the G.O.A.T. in Tennis world. keep winning idol of most Filipinos.
Tammy Dove
Tammy Dove 6 dagen geleden
the best athlete ever born he has the fire power the intensity never die attitude ,humble and a good human being .. born to kill
Mute Spider Returns
Mute Spider Returns 6 dagen geleden
Rocko Balboa
Rocko Balboa 6 dagen geleden
He just can't stop winning it. He'll easy win 2 o 3 more!
Ces Yal
Ces Yal 6 dagen geleden
Huge Rafa fan here. Honestly Djokovic looked weak. His footwork looked unbalanced and he did not look sharp. Rafa played excellent.
Brian Mannion
Brian Mannion 6 dagen geleden
5:05 - 5:18 "What the hell do I have to do?"
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 dagen geleden
how many times have you won ROLAND GARROS Rafa : YES
Pat Cisz
Pat Cisz 6 dagen geleden
I just watched this for the 5th time he absolutely slaughtered Novak here in the biggest match in history and the perfect revenge for AO 2019
Kalum Priya
Kalum Priya 6 dagen geleden
Superb game
Luis V.
Luis V. 6 dagen geleden
Who is Roland?
holdan_ 6 dagen geleden
Why do i feel that Djokovic Murray is a more iconic rivalry than Nadal Djokovic?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 6 dagen geleden
God bless Rafael...The Old Path..
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido 6 dagen geleden
I love Rafa Nadal how he played tennis his great you're the Legend you're my idol Vamos
Peter Peter
Peter Peter 6 dagen geleden
He never wins the Antarctic Open but he play well
Zero Cool
Zero Cool 6 dagen geleden
And who says you can't serve and volley on clay courts? 3:39 shows you can! Joker did it a few times. Bad year to Joker - US Open was kick out because he hit lines lady accidentally. Now he gets humiliated by King of Clay in straight sets. Joker is hitting as hard as he can but he was just outgunned by somebody who literally sleeps on clay. Congrats to Nadal!
Radu Goran
Radu Goran 9 uur geleden
@Game Ovais if he hadn't played aggressively, Nadal would have won 6-0 6-1 6-2, even worse 🤣 everyone knows you can beat Rafa only by firing winners after winners which is a very difficult task against him 🤫
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
Hitting as hard as you can makes sense on other courts or against different opponents. Against Nadal on clay it hasn't worked, many have failed including Djokovic. I feel Djokovic should have played this match in the same way RBA has done against him recently. Just pick a side and keep hitting there and wait because off the ground he is the one player who can go toe to toe with Nadal even on clay. But that won't rememdy the terrible serve he had or the persistent use of the dropshot. Djokovic should have binned the dropped shot and gone for patience.
long ngo
long ngo 6 dagen geleden
In 2019 AO The Joker No1 defeated Rafa 3-0 .
David Mon
David Mon 6 dagen geleden
Una máquina ...
Purwanto Purwanto
Purwanto Purwanto 7 dagen geleden
Memang rajanya tanah liat dia. Djokovic pun tak berkutik.
Lou Ong
Lou Ong 7 dagen geleden
I have the feeling that next year aussie open and Wimbledon will be win by Federer and French open nadal, us open dominic thiem. Looking at Djokovic conditions I have the feeling he wont win anything next year. I have nothing against him , I am not saying my predictions are 100 percent right. It is just a prediction.
Game Ovais
Game Ovais 3 dagen geleden
@Sticky Rice They've been saying there will be a new GS winner for several years now and still these guys keep winning. It took a global pandemic, Federer injury, Nadal absence and Djokovic mental implosing for a new winner.
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice 6 dagen geleden
depends on how Roger Federer recovers from knee surgery... next year might have a few new GS i'd say.
Fadzel Nor
Fadzel Nor 7 dagen geleden
You can never find another tennis player like Nadal. So committed to his profession, so humble in character, so devastating with his game. His never give up attitude of reaching for every ball has never been seen in tennis before. He deserves the adulation showered by the tennis fans allover the world. Spain should give him the highest award for achievement in sports.
Juan Carlos Alonso
Juan Carlos Alonso 5 dagen geleden
Don’t worry, he has it, along with many other awards ;)
Lilian Oak tree
Lilian Oak tree 7 dagen geleden
Bravo! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼❤️❤️❤️
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