Rafa Nadal vs Carlos Alcaraz: Special Moments & Shots | Madrid 2021 

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5 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Alfonso fernandez
Alfonso fernandez 13 dagen geleden
1:40 "no me esta violando, me esta haciendo el amor"
Pedro Hernan
Pedro Hernan 13 dagen geleden
Dzikyy Boston
Dzikyy Boston 16 dagen geleden
i think this kid is a future rafa !!! just respect !!!
KW 16 dagen geleden
this is so funny watching Nadal play against his younger self
deepulse 16 dagen geleden
Nasir Osman
Nasir Osman 19 dagen geleden
Alcaraz best ever birthday gift present is playing against Nadal.
Peter W
Peter W 23 dagen geleden
Getting a free tennis lesson from your hero, Nadal, on your birthday - not a bad gift!
Minh 26 dagen geleden
nadal seems to play extra hard to scar and suppress any promising youth
chding zuure
chding zuure Maand geleden
It’s gotta be an amazing feeling to see your hero living up to - and exceeding - expectations.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Maand geleden
Carlos calling his mom after the match: mom I did it, I broke Rafa's serve in clay and didn't get bagelled at all.
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Maand geleden
2:32 rafa appreciates alcaraz shot! ❤
Romulo Araújo
Romulo Araújo Maand geleden
Nadal versus spanish players= win win win win win win win win 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
chding zuure
chding zuure Maand geleden
many decades
TheRealRonnieJ Maand geleden
3:01 "CAR LOSS" 😂
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy Maand geleden
His smile at the moment of the photos brings me joy
F1 77
F1 77 Maand geleden
Nadal: BOYYY u have much to learn..
Ram Mohan
Ram Mohan Maand geleden
Lol so much for next Rafael nadal . More like next Bautista agut .
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Maand geleden
Lost the match, but he totally won the fans' heart
Thomas Cruise the tall one
Only legal for one day and destroyed by nadal
You see what i did there
His coach is juan carlos ferrero
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Maand geleden
2:32 rafa appreciates alcaraz shot! ❤
Taras B
Taras B Maand geleden
I wish Alcaraz all the best. His clay court game looks promising I have to say.
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Maand geleden
today he got his wish.
Piero Angelo Paolucci
Piero Angelo Paolucci Maand geleden
Rafa è un cannibale in campo e un Signore fuori dal campo...per me è il GOAT. Classe infinita nelle vittorie (tantissime) e nelle sconfitte (pochissime). Notare l'applauso che ha tributato alla giovane speranza spagnola Alcaraz appena ha lasciato il campo...Uomo esemplare! Giocatore Infinito il maiorchino!! Giocatore raro!! Unico!! Incontrastato!! Lunga vita al Re della Terra..King of clay 🌎 😃♥️🎾🥇🤩💪
Dani Maand geleden
I wish I could play tennis like Rafa. Maybe if I thought of the ball as the man's head who tortured me with cobras it'd work. I think I should pick up a ball sport. Anyway, well done Rafa!👏👏👏
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui Maand geleden
Get those fking masks off
JonneyETV Maand geleden
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi Maand geleden
I so wish Toni had decided to coach Carlos rather than Felix cos let's be honest the potential in Carlos is just mind blowing
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi Maand geleden
Everything about carlos's game reminds me of young rafa
Aarnav Kembhavi
Aarnav Kembhavi Maand geleden
His smile while playing Rafa and even seeing rafas shots fly past him on his bday just shows how much of an idol Rafa has been to him and so many others over the past so many decades
Samuel Harris
Samuel Harris Maand geleden
wth was lopez doing there in a suit?
samu el
samu el Maand geleden
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Myytchanneldinako Ha
Myytchanneldinako Ha Maand geleden
3:16 That’s a beautiful turd.
Teresa Rillamas
Teresa Rillamas Maand geleden
The smile on Carlos face is tremendously stunning..!!!
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Maand geleden
Lost the match, but he totally won the fans' heart
NamesAreRandom Maand geleden
The kid has watched Nadal since he was tiny, I am sure he wanted to play Nadal in his prime just like he'd watched all those years. He almost wanted to get blown off the court, today he got his wish.
O7 OFFICIAL Maand geleden
I've never met a guy so happy being crushed in straight sets.
Pats17 Maand geleden
Superb victory
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Maand geleden
Why are we having a French open? Just give Rafa the trophy
moontest sunny
moontest sunny Maand geleden
Korda. Rublev. Alcaraz Whos next ?
Fusion Unison
Fusion Unison Maand geleden
Carlos Alcaraz is cute -Tiffy Roque
Fusion Unison
Fusion Unison Maand geleden
Mohawk1234 College
Mohawk1234 College Maand geleden
Mario Diaz Pedro
Mario Diaz Pedro Maand geleden
Wow precioso de ver, momento unico para el chaval, felicidad inmensa de tener semejante trozo de historia delante. Se le ve en la cara que es el dia de su vida. Seguro que le jodió perder pero es un poco mas dulce así
An Doverwood
An Doverwood Maand geleden
I'm new in this tennis world. I'm just seeing this for learning how to play, for my next class.
Palenko Oleh
Palenko Oleh Maand geleden
Пацан когда станет первой ракеткой Мира, будет вспоминать этот матч с улыбкой....
Marius Man
Marius Man Maand geleden Bautista -Isner Madrid Open 2021...isner big serve
Countrycowboy08 Maand geleden
You know what they say, never meet your idols hahaha
Joel Bolivar
Joel Bolivar Maand geleden
Best Birthday present to Alcaraz from the King - No Bagels in 2 sets
Philippe Yared
Philippe Yared Maand geleden
Out-nadaling Nadal cannot be a good game plan
ke w
ke w Maand geleden
He lost the match even before the match started 😭 he didn't have that game face on
Harish R
Harish R Maand geleden
2:33 I like how rafa applauded Carlos' crazy shot here lol, there were some pretty sick rallies all match but Rafa of course too strong
ferarzo Maand geleden
Why are we having a French open? Just give Rafa the trophy
Sandviento Maand geleden
Who else read ‘Alcatraz’ in the thumbnail?
Ayush Krishnan Chakravarthy
the kid has heart
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
This just shows Rafa is on a totally different level when playing someone like Carlos.
OverCraft Maand geleden
I wonder if someone from Nadal's academy will beat him one day
BeatTheBieber Maand geleden
MrJohnnyblazed Maand geleden
I'm sorry but you have to believe some of these draws are rigged... What are the odds??? 1) up and coming Spaniard 2) compared to Rafael 3) home tournament 4) 18th birthday 5) they used to do the draw in public (Because of covid they cant)
david Maand geleden
Mannarino doesn't approves your comment.
Jake1995 Maand geleden
Does being negative keep you happy?
OverCraft Maand geleden
Who else watches tennis because of Nadal?
Nova Maand geleden
No respect from nadal. He went too hard on him. He should’ve let him win more points.
Nova Maand geleden
Happiest defeat ever 😂
rusdayati idrus
rusdayati idrus Maand geleden
The young dude should change his name to Alcatraz to terrify his opponents. D u agree ?
Celestial Spartan
Celestial Spartan Maand geleden
If Federer is winning RG then Rafa is not losing Wimbledon.
Marcos Doyter
Marcos Doyter Maand geleden
I was afraid that Nadal would give him a bike for birthday. It would be cruel and discourage this young talent.
Josefsing Maand geleden
Wax on wax off kid. Rooting for him in the long run but right now Rafa is still the King Of Clay
Left Behind: Abandoned Not Forgotten
Nadal at 18 could of easily beat Nadal at 34. Ha Ha.
Hector Gomez Jofre
Hector Gomez Jofre Maand geleden
que fortuna tienen los españoles de tener un campeón como Nadal, la inspiración y modelo para el talento joven es algo invaluable
Marzin Tronker
Marzin Tronker Maand geleden
Rafa will win Roland Garros. Noone can stop him.
Rachmad Hidayat
Rachmad Hidayat Maand geleden
Carlos calling his mom after the match: mom I did it, I broke Rafa's serve in clay and didn't get bagelled at all.
707ladytee Maand geleden
Freda Patel
Freda Patel Maand geleden
Alcaraz has a long way to go. He gave it his best!!
s account
s account Maand geleden
Nadal just hammers everyone on clay. I definitely back him to win rg again
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Maand geleden
Rober Williasy lo que Faltan,malo sería.Chatin que sigas cumpliendo años.esa ñ
Bocah Tua Nakal
Bocah Tua Nakal Maand geleden
I have just watched a movie called Merciless right before watching this video. I found that the big guy has been merciful.
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Maand geleden
Futuros Ingenieros de Minas y Energía 1 primero Cuidado con la Práctica de Orgánica,por cierto es de 3.Miedo meda
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Maand geleden
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Maand geleden
Esa Batería no te llamaron AC/DC. Pequeña Aprendiz
JC Simonassi
JC Simonassi Maand geleden
What a day for Carlos. Best birthday gift ever! 🏆👍 😎
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido Maand geleden
Go Go Rafa
Benny Wang
Benny Wang Maand geleden
You can hear the camera clicks during each shots
M L Maand geleden
I liked the way Alcaraz laughed like "nothing to do here" , after the dynamit point from Rafa ...
Mark Swindell
Mark Swindell Maand geleden
Rafa’s groundstrokes were looking good today! I will be so pumped if he can manage to get #21 at RG ‘21 🤞
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia Maand geleden
Me adelante Roma ,por supuesto antes tienes que pasar por Madrid España.Vamos chatin
Мэтт Уайт
Мэтт Уайт Maand geleden
Good lesson from Rafa for young man
krishna saish
krishna saish Maand geleden
Why does the present look like decorated poop?
Sel Os
Sel Os Maand geleden
That cake looked delicious
Neseir deilg
Neseir deilg Maand geleden
Nadal is getting Stronger and Stronger . Dont forget him for next french Open Title
Ina Marie
Ina Marie Maand geleden
Rafaaaaa my idol forever.. humble, great friendship for every one... very nice
Taarak Ahuja 5112
Taarak Ahuja 5112 Maand geleden
It's good that today is his 18th birthday cause now he can consume unhealthy amounts of alcohol after that defeat
k1ngkyrg1os.1 Maand geleden
k1ngkyrg1os.1 Maand geleden
k1ngkyrg1os.1 Maand geleden
k1ngkyrg1os.1 Maand geleden
k1ngkyrg1os.1 Maand geleden
Vikram Aditya
Vikram Aditya Maand geleden
Rafa played very well...down the lines are super.
Додо Баланчива
Гарфию разьебали
Jorge Augusto
Jorge Augusto Maand geleden
Alacaraz vas a llegar!
RTK Maand geleden
Can’t wait for the Nadal-Thiem semi and Nadal-Tsitsipas final!!! Good luck Rafa!💪💪💪
Fly Like A Lamb
Fly Like A Lamb Maand geleden
This is me smilling when I play Serena Williams!!
Atoe Precious
Atoe Precious Maand geleden
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Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez Maand geleden
Rafa took him to school lol
OzMate Jules
OzMate Jules Maand geleden
Is it it just me or it this video sped up slightly? 🤨
Ashley Rees
Ashley Rees Maand geleden
0:49 classic
Tom Graham
Tom Graham Maand geleden
It's going to be tough living up to 13 French Open title sort of expectation.
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