Pro-Trump demonstration against Biden's certification turns into riot at US Capitol | FULL 

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WARNING: This event was streaming live and may contain adult language and footage not suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.
Pro-Trump protesters stormed the Capitol building in Washington, DC after a march decrying the vote in the Electoral College and oppose Congress' certification of the Republican president's Nov. 3 election loss. Protesters violently stormed the House Chamber to prevent President-Elect Joe Biden’s certification, leaving at least one woman dead and an unknown number injured at this time.
The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington, D.C., said the woman, who was shot inside the Capitol during the protest, died at a nearby hospital. No other details were provided.
The protests interrupted Congress as Republican lawmakers mounted their first official challenge to the certification of Biden’s presidential election win, objecting to state results from Arizona as they took up Trump’s relentless effort to overturn the election results in an extraordinary joint session of Congress.
Democrats and Republicans condemned the mob as chaos descended onto the House Chamber floor and protesters supporting the president breached the Capitol building’s doors.
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6 jan. 2021




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Joshua Bond
Joshua Bond Uur geleden
like the lyrics from drowning pool.. let the bodies hit the floor
Dule Dule
Dule Dule Uur geleden
To be shameless means to be successful - especially in the USA
Dule Dule
Dule Dule 2 uur geleden
You need millions of well-meaning people to defeat one imbecile ascendant.A little bad always spoils a lot of good
Bruce Lee Roy
Bruce Lee Roy 7 uur geleden
They edited out when they went up the stairs.
Troy 7 uur geleden
Look at all these losers. Imagine caring so much about a man that has no care for you. Brainwashed cult.
Sliverado 8 uur geleden
Banish Trump to the. Nether realm
Sliverado 8 uur geleden
We want gamers!!
Booty Boots
Booty Boots 9 uur geleden
That’s what you get for poking hk to go against China! Bad karma.
jCentricity JC
jCentricity JC 10 uur geleden
Coronavirus bill included $10 million for Pakistan during pandemic? Congress embodiment of corruption and pillaging our tax dollars to be used abroad to advance US hegemony. US is a corpatacrcy one big corporation and Congress are employees of the corporation. We are seeing the future when US government collapses. Once social services like social security, welfare unemployment.. collapse then we will see hell on earth. Crime already up due to coronavirus so we are seeing the future of America
mandofan 12 uur geleden
army should have opened fire. could have been ended in 20 minutes.
Affected Area
Affected Area 15 uur geleden
5 years of riots and insurrection by the Left supported by the Democrat Party, the media, corporations, tech companies and big banks. Worst US riots in 50 years, dozens dead. Not declared terrorism or insurrection. One day of protests against that = more than half of Americans declared terrorists and the military are called into Washington to install a puppet President while they roll out a one-party state.
Jamie Sanchez
Jamie Sanchez 15 uur geleden
Eliminate Trump allies at any cost!
rottvang 16 uur geleden
Wow, BLM, ANTIFA AND PATRIOTS shaking the grounds on the government. Imagine what can be accomplished if they all got along 🤔
BeastyAnt 16 uur geleden
Social distancing and face mask 🙈
Евгений Energy
Евгений Energy 18 uur geleden
We the American people chose Donald Trump in the presidential election. More than half of voters voted for Trump. Democrats want to steal Donald Trump's victory. People go out to rallies, to protests with weapons and protect our President Trump. Democrats are evil, corruption. Crime, terrorism. Democrats have stifled free speech. Biden will be court-martialed.
THE NEW AMERICA 16 uur geleden
Meeka Jones
Meeka Jones 21 uur geleden
Look at the sprew of corona x2
truth seeker
truth seeker 22 uur geleden
Make a image to the beast
Mad Trucka Max
Mad Trucka Max Dag geleden
pida siouy
pida siouy Dag geleden
Security : " My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined. "
100% 100%
100% 100% Dag geleden
Sliverado 8 uur geleden
Irrelevant skinhead
Gravestone999 23 uur geleden
Oh, you're the racist uncle I met at Thanksgiving! How've you been?
Nelly C.
Nelly C. Dag geleden
This is more then justice , it’s more of accountability .The right media , the Republican Party and the soon former President Trump are the blame for the uprising
J. M. KIRK Dag geleden
Trump didn’t walk with them because he would have been killed.
pida siouy
pida siouy Dag geleden
see the politicians running out the back door with their suitcases full of cash
Steven Keller
Steven Keller Dag geleden
4:30:45 some dude who stole a camera and filmed his shoes 😂
Juan Makabayan
Juan Makabayan Dag geleden
So this is called Insurrection if it happens in the US, but is it called ‘People power, ’Democracy movement if elsewhere. Lots of Hypocrites.
Eat myshorts
Eat myshorts 2 dagen geleden
Good, good
kim jong un
kim jong un 2 dagen geleden
Indian president Modi help trump this protest
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 dagen geleden
"2021 will be better." - They said
Wannabe Bonsai
Wannabe Bonsai 2 dagen geleden
This isn’t “1776”, its 1921 when nazis began their fight
Bomtifa Dag geleden
1776 loser democrats
Wong Yoon Chark
Wong Yoon Chark 2 dagen geleden
Safe to live in US?
Ahndeux 2 dagen geleden
This is clearly a False Flag move by Antifa agents. You can tell the first wave are antifa guys. They put their hands up in the air as if its a George Floyd antifa riot. They prepare ahead. They wear different gear than a regular MAGA person. They have helmets and wear tactical backpacks. They probably have gas masks and a change of clothes. Those guys with megaphones and whistles are antifa guys and they know how to use AP (Agent Provocateur) techniques to get the crowd to follow. It was all a setup. Some of the capitol cops may have been involved. I remember seeing a video when they were inside and yelling "ACAB" over and over again. MAGA people don't do that. Its Antifa tactics. They brought in a couple of elite level AP level to rouse of the crowds. They told most of the low class B+ to F Antifa groups (basically drug addicts) to not be there because they would have done more harm than good.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 2 dagen geleden
Trump Republican Domestic Terrorists are responsible for 5 Deaths and 50 Wounded Police Officers,Trump Terrorists use American Flags to Attack Police Officers.
KAI SOLO 2020 2 dagen geleden
0:13 Biden’s a PDF file
SAMRAT creation
SAMRAT creation 2 dagen geleden
What was that song played in 3hr55
black1582 2 dagen geleden
Rush Limbaugh said this the other day: 'There's a lot of people demanding the end of violence...I am glad the men at Lexington and Concord didn't feel that way.’ I certainly won’t turn to violence, and haven’t. But I do wonder, amongst all leaders, even trump, saying "violence is never the answer," what do they think of the founders and the Declaration of Independence? Were they just all a bunch of terrorists targeting the valiant UK? And I think if they’re honest, that’s what they think. And what it means, is this country is gone from a free country to a very repressive empire. And I know that I won’t do violence, if this country goes to a revolution, I’ll leave. But I know there will be people who don’t, because they can’t, and eventually they will be forced to be violent, if the empire represses them enough. Corporations and special interest groups have just stolen the presidential election, because they want the war in Afghanistan to continue, and a lot of other things that are illegal, Trump was putting an end to, like illegal labor, and mass prisons that target the poor and unfortunate, with prison reform. They’ve used Scotus to declare that corporations are people, they bribed all of our Congress members, they’ve bribed scotus to the hilt, and because of that, we now have a de facto corporate and special interest group dictatorship, not a democracy republic. And apparently they all think they’re revolution proof. But the constitution teaches that no nation is. Our politicians need to realize that the more they do injustice the more likely that violence is going to happen, and they will reach a point where nothing can stop it. And if they kill the American people in the face of that, rather than capitulate, then the world will step in, and end them, if needed. It happened to the king of England, it happened to the king of France, it happened to Hitler, and it will happen to our de facto corporate and special interest group, dictatorship, government, that just stole the election. I won’t do it, but somebody will. And if they’re not accepting that reality, then they’re being very stupid. That’s what the founders would say, and the founders would support what those who get violent when there is no other recourse for injustice, are doing, once that gets to be the only recourse for justice. And now that we clearly have a stolen presidential election, it seems we’re getting pretty close. Again, I won’t do anything illegal, I’ll leave. But it worries me that the people running this country now seem to think that this nation is revolution proof, and no one will ever turn to violence, no matter what injustice they pull. The founders turned to violence, and wrote in the Declaration of Independence, that people have not only the right, but the duty to free themselves from unjust tyranny. Someone will follow what the founders wrote, someone always does, once they have no other choice. I hope that Congress decides to have televised hearings on all this. Because if Trump is lying he needs to go to prison for the rest of his life, and pay restitution for the harm his lies have caused. But not having hearings makes it look like Congress is censoring the truth that the election was stolen. And even creating that appearance, puts our nation in grave risk of a revolution. It doesn’t matter if people don’t like trump. I don’t like trump. But when a president makes an accusation of such magnitude, failure to investigate it and have the nation reach a consensus, is a grave failure, indeed, one that has the potential to result in many graves. And certainly it would be most tragic, if it was all based on a misunderstanding, that could have all been resolved by examining the evidence in national televised hearings.
PREPFORIT 2 dagen geleden
ALL the Traitors that Rioted need to be put in prison for 20 years Minimum. Send a message to the conspiracy nutbars!
Knight Watchman
Knight Watchman 2 dagen geleden
Observations of the FIRST HOUR: What's odd (to me) is ... all the cameras set up ahead of time on both sides of the building. They could NOT have been there just to interview congressmen and senators because the Electoral College vote counting proceedings (due to the scheduled objection of the vote from 5 or 6 states) were to take about 8 to 10 hours. So why are they all assembled so soon? Normally, cameras are never set up in the back of the Capitol Building. Nothing of interest goes on back there. Was the storming of the building planned in advance? Was the news media tipped off that "something" newsworthy was going to take place? Notice (early) that the Trump supporters are casually walking from the WH to the Capitol. Doesn't seem to me they are rushing to riot. Were the Trump protesters lured into a riot trap by agitators who were on the scene early? At 42:45 notice the guy in red with the white mask. He is waving people to come up the stairs. At 43:13 (as the camera zooms in) notice the guy with (what appears to be) a red signal "flag" urging others to come up to his area. Notice him again at 45:42 urging people to ascend. Then at 46:01 a woman who notices a camera is on her (almost on queue) begins waving people to ascend. There's a lot of people at the head of the crowd who have ascended that DON'T look like "normal" protesters.
Mason Volynski
Mason Volynski 2 dagen geleden
Working hard pays off .. China worked so hard to destroy America in the past 18 years .. supporting in-house conflicts such as BLM or ANTIFA to drain public resources and divide and keep you busy with the bulshit .. meanwhile, they took over big tech!! I mean, they got you cencering your own president!!! and some Americans are happy about that!! they found Chinese agents in our military, NYC police Department, our top universities, they have chinese agents sleeping with our politicians!!! Trump was a shock to their intel community so he had to go!! you can't buy the guy he is too rich! he wanna place tax on their goods, move jobs from there to the U.S, fund our intel community to investigate China, all bad news for China!.. they hacked the elections and their last step was getting a Chinese puppet in the office. the entire Biden family are literary owned by China! and they keep the American public busy fighting each other .. Americans eat it up and fall for it so it's working great for China! the real threat to America is not bunch of guys in the Middle East with an AK47 that we spend over 2.4 Trillion on .. the real threat is who owns our politicians and big tech! oh and covid was made by a Chinese lab for a bio war.
Knight Watchman
Knight Watchman 2 dagen geleden
Well said, sir.
Austria Germany
Austria Germany 2 dagen geleden
see the politicians running out the back door with their suitcases full of cash
Orlando407100 2 dagen geleden
Wait a second I thought that MAGA supporters back the blue, and BLUE LIVE MATTERS? I guess LAW and ORDER doesn't apply to them. R.I.P to the officer who was killed DOING HIS JOB
Diphuaji 2 dagen geleden
Ron Sagolili
Ron Sagolili 2 dagen geleden
Isaiah 59:8 nkjv The way of peace they have not known, And there is no justice in their ways; They have made themselves crooked paths; Whoever takes that way shall not know peace.
R. Amedi
R. Amedi 2 dagen geleden
Look at the true freedom in the USA. Could Chinese citizen do the same on streets of China?!
Nanette DeGroat
Nanette DeGroat 2 dagen geleden
it was a riot because of antifa infiltrators! everyone knows this yay...look at those old people rioting!
christopher albertson
christopher albertson 2 dagen geleden
Da Fare
Da Fare 2 dagen geleden
Trump Republican Domestic Terrorists are responsible for 5 Deaths and 50 Wounded Police Officers,Trump Terrorists use American Flags to Attack Police Officers.
Bomtifa Dag geleden
We are coming for you traitors
tjan grant
tjan grant 2 dagen geleden
uhhh americans dont get it there so caught up in there own believes they dont even listen lets see how many more years sweet sweet america has bc like the romans there falling from the inside out
Dingo The Dude
Dingo The Dude 2 dagen geleden
Welcome back anxiety! :D
Cvyatko Mitov
Cvyatko Mitov 2 dagen geleden
Watching the news about the Washington Riots. From the comfort and safety of my South Eastern European Home Laugh in Balkan. XD XD XD XD I knew the USA was really down, but this ...... Oh, this is priceless.
Gravestone999 23 uur geleden
Hey! Shut up!
Julila! 2 dagen geleden
this is so gross to watch.
John Connor
John Connor 3 dagen geleden
As a European i back Trump’s policy completely but it is getting out of hand ..... I love it.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 2 dagen geleden
side... The telling you . e pluribus unum.. nevermind this is just an uneducated observation..
Zero27 3 dagen geleden
Didn't the Republicans make fun of the democrats when they protested after Trump won?
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 2 dagen geleden
You are the best
Gunner Jewell
Gunner Jewell 3 dagen geleden
Reeder 007
Reeder 007 3 dagen geleden
The blm and antifa morons where having "peaceful protests" burning, looting an vandalizing their own neighborhoods and local businesses...but these white people are rioting?🙄oh please. If the infiltration of capitol hill's "rioters" were a different skin color, how would this have turned out? Hmm i wonder🤔
Reggie Rendon
Reggie Rendon 3 dagen geleden
First Rebels since 1861. In China or Russia they would've been shot on sight at the site.
d-tox 3 dagen geleden
i cant still believe this happend.. they call themselfs patriots but real patriots will never do this.
B Rudd
B Rudd 3 dagen geleden
How clueless these people were about their position. They are fighting against America and the Constitution.
StreetArtillery 3 dagen geleden
Look at all those thugs. Criminals. 18 U.S. Code § 700 - Desecration of the flag of the United States; penalties. Whoever knowingly mutilates, defaces, physically defiles, burns, maintains on the floor or ground, or tramples upon any flag of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.
roundedges2 3 dagen geleden
The key failure was not to draw a self-imposed red line at the steps. Or even go to another symbolic place altogether not the capital building. Dress code. only the US flag. With crowds, Details are crucial. Textbook material for event planning disasters.
R T 3 dagen geleden
Bout time the left gets a taste of their own medicine lol
蔡宗勤 3 dagen geleden
Killing field
PG10 3 dagen geleden
Good start to 2021. I wonder what else will make this year worse than 2020 and make me feel like dying in this endless trial of bad things that will lead till 2030.
mR andross guy
mR andross guy 3 dagen geleden
2030 ? LoL minority Report
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna 3 dagen geleden
A seven hour Public Service Announcement warning of the dangers of inbreeding.
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna 3 dagen geleden
"We had stormed into the chambers" the dude says before giving his full name and where he's from at 1:46:50 . It's amazing that they have no idea that they committed crimes, especially this guy who was trying to smash into the House chambers and standing next to someone who was killed. If he gets a compassionate prosecutor he may not be charged with accessory to her murder, but he is going to prison.
Scott Carey
Scott Carey 3 dagen geleden
2021 sucks more then 2020
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
4 minutes and 53 seconds... I'm sure nobody will.....Will put your show towards the beginning of the revolutionary war... And instead of these guys wearing black in plastic.. picture of them wearing white fleece in red coats... Instead of batons they had swords.. you got to understand back in the day.. New England was a British owned sovereignty... Oh man people's history is so obtuse...
HeeTer23 3 dagen geleden
Looks like a bunch of uneducated sheep followers screaming for attention... "Look at me look what I can do"🐑
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
2 hours and 16 minutes that's an awesome beautiful building..where did the land materials and manpower come from to build that awesome building...🤔🤔😪😪😪😪😪.. assault on our nation's capital??? Let's just do a quick scientific survey of how many people directly or indirectly were assaulted to get the land property with a capital was built. The materials and they call it money to have that built.. you want to talk about the biggest pyramidal money laundering scheme.. just trying you $1 bill over and look on the left hand side... The telling you . e pluribus unum.. nevermind this is just an uneducated observation..
Jaewon Hwang
Jaewon Hwang 3 dagen geleden
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
Just gloss over how many tens of trillions of dollars..of United States Federal reserve notes have been money laundered through this castle made of sand,!!! Look on the back of the $1 note on the left hand side...they're telling you this is the biggest pyramid scheme..
Leo Martinez
Leo Martinez 3 dagen geleden
gas them all ...
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
Democratic party President Obama.. I mean his main campaign.. it was all about change.. who would have ever thought a black man running for president in Washington DC begging for change...?? Isn't that what he said how many hundred times!! Because I'm looking at his term in office... And President Obama definitely filled up his change cup!;!!!! He personally got all the change he was begging for.. PEOPLE ARE SO OBTUSE DON'T GET YOUR OVERALL BIG PICTURE.. and neither do I..🧐🧐🧐.. sitting on my porch on top of a pyramid. It's good to be ... WORSHIPPED!! ..
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
If you think the incident in Nashville ... Coincidence ;;unrelated;;;?? they are but... Coincidentally they are unrelated..🤔🤔🤔.. I'm a Congressional... Of the people for the people and by the people.. so I'm going to need like 12 security staff armored vehicles a hidden underground office... I got ties worth more than the monthly salary of most middle-income Americans... AND GUESS WHAT 85% OF MOST ELECTED CONGRESSIONAL MEMBERS.. THEIR CONSTITUENTS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!! DO YOU NOT DO A GOOGLE RESEARCH DO A QUICK POLL..
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
I don't know at 36 minutes to chant USA.. in a place named district of Columbia.. THIS IS JUST A SHORT QUESTION.. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME.. SINCE THE OFFICIAL TITLE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... HOW MANY OF THOSE STATES WERE ACTUALLY UNITED.. AND FOR WHAT WERE THEY UNITED... AND WHO WERE THEY.. enclosing an uneducated observation United States house of Congress is a castle... Made of sand???
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
Put a mathematical number in do a scientific review independent.. on the expenditures and achievements of the United States Congress for the last 150 years... Do and overall breakdown you can do this with the encyclopedia Britannica you don't need the Internet!!!they will lead you to other publications and documentation it's going to take a lot longer but you probably get a better representation then the internet!!! LET'S TAKE AN INDEPENDENT POLL ON HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW WHERE THE FEDERALIST IS... No Google it and come up with an answer.. right now straight out your interpretation of the Federalists in the United States... Be honest.. because honestly I don't have a clue.. but everybody knows in 1492..😂😂😂😂.. listen in 1492 China!!!! China was the economic hub of the entire globe...... Well before 1492 Columbus was looking for a way to mainland China you wasn't looking for the United States.. he was looking for an overseas.. way to trade with China without going to the silk road.. the only thing and I think Columbus realized it too he was way way way behind the curve.. enclosing and in my humble opinion it's all a distraction..
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
35 minutes and 4 seconds... 2000 people break a couple of Windows in basically..when you really look at the overall global picture not even a castle in the sand.. Egyptian obelisks right outside the door!!! Whiskey tango foxtrot.. Washington DC.. DC district of Christopher Columbus???🤔🤔🤔🙄🙄
Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith 3 dagen geleden
This wasn’t a riot instead it was a domestic terrorist attack.
Greg Peterman
Greg Peterman 2 dagen geleden
@Xavier Smith how's your reading comprehension? Evidently not too swooft.
Xavier Smith
Xavier Smith 2 dagen geleden
@Greg Peterman is this a threat?...
Greg Peterman
Greg Peterman 3 dagen geleden
Had it been a terrorist attack, the building would be down or burning.
Justin Hughes
Justin Hughes 3 dagen geleden
It would have been OK if they weren't all "Being White in Public". 🙂
K 2
K 2 3 dagen geleden
I don't know Occam's razor connect the dots coincidence not a coincidence..if you just do a brief summary just the highlighted stuff and then exclude a lot of the.. well you have to break it down.. my break it down I mean start at the bottom and work your way up.. I guess you could say it's kind of using the pyramid method.. and with all due respect to anyone who disagrees.. in the blink of an eye that we call human civilization.. the United States capitol is a very very tiny Sandcastle made at low tide right on the edge of the shore...Research who built. IT.. AND MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR DOCUMENTATION CORRECT EVERYTHING!! HOW MANY PICTURES YOU HAVE OF THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL BEING BUILT?? IT'S JUST A CASTLE MADE OF SAND!!!
Whatutalkn Boutwillis
Whatutalkn Boutwillis 3 dagen geleden
If you think that's a riot, you should have been in Minneapolis, when they burnt half the city to the ground.
miko foin
miko foin 3 dagen geleden
"2021 will be better." - They said
Dr Stoner
Dr Stoner 3 dagen geleden
I can't make out what they are chanting but yeah Imma just chill over here in Canada
Irene Gea
Irene Gea 3 dagen geleden
I just curious who blew the trumpet 🎺 sound. It's possible an Angel open the seal what the bible says or something.
Павел Верещагин
loo chow
loo chow 4 dagen geleden
its so nice to find a video unedited...the left and right are responsible for showing and spreading so much out of context. :( fueling this riot
D Star
D Star 4 dagen geleden
This looks mostly peaceful to me!
Necoal Wiggins
Necoal Wiggins 4 dagen geleden
I watched this stem live and it has been edited from the original. What happened to the cops letting them in and waving them in.
bluebull2006 4 dagen geleden
Who thought that such a dumb man will have so much supporters
Jn Hook808
Jn Hook808 4 dagen geleden
Total Number Of Burnt Down Buildings: 0
viktor1496 3 dagen geleden
@Ibn Yahud Every person that entered the capitol is complicit. Those who stayed outside are of course not guilty. Just like the people during BLM protests that spiraled out of control are not guilty but the scum that damaged private property and looted was.
Ibn Yahud
Ibn Yahud 3 dagen geleden
@viktor1496 not "they", some individuals collectivism isn't real
viktor1496 4 dagen geleden
They smashed the windows, killed a police officer, pissed and shat in the hallways..... but sure they didn't burn it down. Hope that makes you feel better
Ejomon 4 dagen geleden
Friendly reminder that the nuclear treaty between the US and Russia expires this year
Gravestone999 22 uur geleden
Dika Mahardika
Dika Mahardika 4 dagen geleden
Indonesia yuk ngumpul sini hehehe
Join The Progress
Join The Progress 4 dagen geleden
Isn't it funny how leftists destroy neighborhoods, mom 'n pop establishments, and terrorize cities including fires all over Washington DC in 2020, with the permission of their representatives, but when righty protestors perform a civic duty, are able to simply walk into the Capitol Building to aggressively protest (no fires, no shootings, barely anything broken in comparison to the carnage last summer), the leftist part of our government whines and appeals to that very same public whose lives/buildings they allowed to be destroyed. The hypocrisy of the left isn't just obnoxious...they are literally psychotic.
Join The Progress
Join The Progress 22 uur geleden
@ThePinkMan "Indicating that..." Sorry, assumptions and speculation don't fly as any form of proof of anything. I have a law background, so if you want to debate what actually happened...such as the fact that there was no "inciting" of anything, ever, I'll be here. I find it easy to defeat leftists with little effort.
ThePinkMan Dag geleden
Five people died in the coup attempt at the capitol, including a police officer. Some people who raided the building were found with zip ties, indicating they intended to take congresspeople hostage. There were multiple pipe bombs and molotov cocktails recovered from the DNC and RNC. But no, somebody stealing a Nerf gun from a Target is worse.
The Wandering Scotsman
The Wandering Scotsman 4 dagen geleden
What riot?
Gravestone999 22 uur geleden
That one.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 4 dagen geleden
2020 : Aren't you glad i'm over? 2021 : Hold my Calendar
Celeste Miller
Celeste Miller 4 dagen geleden
That's a lie. You are painting what happened with a broad brush and are being deceptive and misleading.
Morris Phillips
Morris Phillips 4 dagen geleden
Donald Trump is a demigod, please don't destroy 240 years with an insurrection.
M OG 4 dagen geleden
TRUMP SUPPORTERS: What!?!? We don’t like Socialism. Socialism is all about Communism!!! Although we don’t understand how anyone is Anti-Fa? Isn’t Fascism all about Fashion!? We love Fashion!! Melania has great Fashion. She’s so FASCISM!! So Yeah! We still think that the vote has been stolen by Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny helped him too!! SMART PEOPLE : 😦😦😧😧😧😧😧
M OG 4 dagen geleden
@gioyu comi so you also think Santa Claus stole the votes too!? You very Disgusting by the way! Lol 🤢🤮🤣😂🤣😂
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 4 dagen geleden
Normal people right there
Robert Makins
Robert Makins 4 dagen geleden
Batlte of the dullards
Kyle McEntee
Kyle McEntee 4 dagen geleden
From what I saw here you guys didn't spin this at all and showed the crowd naturally. If that is fully the case, thank you very much for documenting this and not being part of the problem!
Hotel California
Hotel California 4 dagen geleden
Gravestone999 22 uur geleden
Actually, chances are that Trump will be barred from running and holding office again come January 20th when the Democrats become the Senate majority.
Al Sheppard
Al Sheppard 4 dagen geleden
3 sides to every story.
ThatKid 4 dagen geleden
If anybody comments trump 2020 in this just tell them sorry wrong year
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