Police officer fired for pepper-spraying Black and Latino lieutenant during traffic stop 

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Bodycam and cellphone video shows how a Virginia officer pepper-sprayed a Black and Latino Army lieutenant during a traffic stop in December. Christina Ruffini reports on the details of the stop and the lawsuit against the officers.
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12 apr. 2021




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Reacties 98   
Mike Scarborough
Mike Scarborough 10 minuten geleden
Keep in mind we're talking about a state that until recently had an official state song with the word "darkies" in it. What did you expect?
Gilbert Gonzalez
Gilbert Gonzalez 2 uur geleden
Bad cops
Bud Mane
Bud Mane 4 uur geleden
police are america’s worst gang members, violent and racist retards backed by the government
La donte Holland
La donte Holland 4 uur geleden
Disgusting 😑
mitsoulas13 5 uur geleden
Friendly fire
JM Kamau
JM Kamau 5 uur geleden
How I wish this is in Kenya the military could have real the Jews of the police hahaha
Wadi3 Anwar
Wadi3 Anwar 6 uur geleden
الشرطة المتوحشة الهمجية
HL Watts
HL Watts 6 uur geleden
This is why I will NEVER allow my kids to “fight” for this country. This is what you’re fighting for. To maintain a system of oppression.
The Red Joker
The Red Joker 6 uur geleden
America, f*ck yeah!
Abel Marquez
Abel Marquez 7 uur geleden
Wonder what would happen if they got lit for self defense. That s assault and harassment .
Mike Riggall
Mike Riggall 7 uur geleden
That’s why I don’t trust police
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 7 uur geleden
Dismiss the police
Baba Yaga
Baba Yaga 7 uur geleden
LRJ YARD 8 uur geleden
Low speed really
iMaxAL 9 uur geleden
Do what the officers say?
Dreamz Bts
Dreamz Bts 10 uur geleden
Since I'm not from the US I'm going to ask this, how is just firing him any justification at all? What he did probably broke few laws too right? Shouldn't he be charged for those?
alexandrei Vila
alexandrei Vila 10 uur geleden
worst cop ever
Ahir zaman şairi
Ahir zaman şairi 10 uur geleden
I wanna remind everyone of a less obvious perspective, if there were no guns, that army guy could beat the crap outta that fat officer who stutters when he shouts
Steve1 M
Steve1 M 10 uur geleden
Why didn't he just get out?
Natnael Fasil
Natnael Fasil 11 uur geleden
If Malcom x we’re here ........???!!
Josh 11 uur geleden
Why didn't he get out of his car? That's all the cops were asking.
MoeNation 12 uur geleden
What a piece of trash
Gene Kelley
Gene Kelley 13 uur geleden
America will never see the level of quality of policing our public deserves until our smaller/medium sized police departments are consolidated and funded/managed/operated at the federal level. Unfortunately that will never happen because of the “Big Brother” “Big Government” folks who are terrified of accountability or the county Sheriffs that have a death grip on their power. The models of success that we see in countries like Germany or England/UK are due to the federal oversight that their governments provide which comes with consistent, adequate funding which leads to standardized training across many territories (like our states and counties) that results in a higher level of accountability because they’re not wasting time navigating jurisdictional politics or dealing with ill equipped local departments. I say all of this as someone who has worked in/with law enforcement at different levels and is passionate about seeing mass reform, hopefully in my lifetime.
Why does it matter if he's black or Latino color should have nothing to do with it how about you say a human being was pepper sprayed and you can say he's a lieutenant in the army but you don't have to keep separating the human race by the color of their skin. You do it for views so it's obvious how self-centered and out for your own desires you guys are.
george duncan
george duncan 15 uur geleden
HTF u get calm W 2 guns on you woooooow!! Smh
meixangej 15 uur geleden
“Im honestly afraid to get out” Cop: “yeah you should be” Tf
P1x 16 uur geleden
Ok, I'm African American and I'll remember to not go to Virginia hahaha
Eddie Smith
Eddie Smith 16 uur geleden
Real live Punks -- the Biggest Pansies on earth -- The police ... Big Men with their guns --- but girl scouts without ... But don't worry Mr. Gutierrez - just move out of town to another city -- go to Mississippi - they love guys like you -- a Bona Fide Racist .... but change your name to Mr. White 😄😄😁😁😁
Если бы вояки были белыми, этой истории не придали бы никакого значения.
DW Biggly
DW Biggly 17 uur geleden
100% behind the police officers. Why argue? are just asking for problems.
Suleman Durojaye
Suleman Durojaye 18 uur geleden
Become Best
Become Best 18 uur geleden
Send these police officers to syria....
G Gonz
G Gonz 18 uur geleden
Aren’t they suppose to call military police?
Darwisyah Kamarudzaman
Darwisyah Kamarudzaman 18 uur geleden
I dont understand how its so easy for the police to draw gun from the holster in america. In other countries, you can get in trouble if the police cannot justify the action.
T To'o
T To'o 18 uur geleden
you'll barely see an Army Lieutenant with an approved chin-hair beard like that, unless he had a no shaving profile. just saying.
Zo Wo
Zo Wo 18 uur geleden
the lieutenant seemed calm and respectful, however the officers were clowns
Gustavo Roll
Gustavo Roll 19 uur geleden
Nevor yard
Nevor yard 19 uur geleden
I wonder how “FAUX NEWS” will spin this.
Rodel Montano
Rodel Montano 19 uur geleden
And that’s what you call a bad police work.
Lux 19 uur geleden
These scums are legalised criminal
Archit Raghuvanshi
Archit Raghuvanshi 19 uur geleden
And then America preachs the world on human rights and racism. What a joke.
Ma. Elena Sale
Ma. Elena Sale 19 uur geleden
Why always police act like that?
Uhi Shulz
Uhi Shulz 20 uur geleden
Cups imbecilli going back to school
Vern Wilson
Vern Wilson 20 uur geleden
The cop was totaly out of line, totally out of line, both of them were total abusing their authority,,
Allo Lady
Allo Lady 20 uur geleden
I always try to do what a police officer instructs after being pulled over but I never stop within a completely dark or secluded area
Kenyon Smith
Kenyon Smith 20 uur geleden
Debra 21 uur geleden
Imagine if he wasn’t an army man, and just a regular citizen, I’m sure they would have shot and killed him, and made some excuse, and got away with it, like always.
MrSevenup89 21 uur geleden
Ok but just get out of the car
Doa Fan
Doa Fan 21 uur geleden
That cop should be banned for life for working
Unpopular Person
Unpopular Person 22 uur geleden
US cop are stupid
Blake Burrows
Blake Burrows 23 uur geleden
Sue them
Calvin Glenn
Calvin Glenn 23 uur geleden
Don't be dumb.....there are thugs in suits and tie also in the military and the police force so think about that....or did you just mean street thugs....criminals come all ways
Chandra B
Chandra B 23 uur geleden
DWB... Driving while black/ brown in a nice vehicle. SMH!! The pepper spray was completely unnecessary. The lieutenant had his hands in plain sight . And to make things worse at the end he tried to talk his way out of his harassment at the end. SMH
Southwest Performance LLC
If Russian cops did this to a Russian officer they would be dead.
John smith
John smith 23 uur geleden
We are at war on our own land against our own police. I hate police and hope they all die
Kate Daniel's
Kate Daniel's Dag geleden
Breztools fixed mine one instagram perfectly
Kate Daniel's
Kate Daniel's Dag geleden
No one does it. More than Breztools on instagram
JEREMY.H AHN Dag geleden
내가 보기에 경찰은 정당했다. 저 흑인장교 새끼는 질이 좋지않다. 징계감이다.
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel Sullivan Dag geleden
The police officer is like “whaaat?” Like from idocracy
KatoMade Dag geleden
Does anyone have a full register of these officers??
Sung jin Woo
Sung jin Woo Dag geleden
Why police on US always like that?
mark armstead
mark armstead Dag geleden
Soldier turns up at the cops house with his platoon. Lieutenant.step outside officer. too scared. Lieutenant. You should be.
Such racist officers needs no place in police. They need prison time
Brynden RV
Brynden RV Dag geleden
Im confuse why american police love getting them self in trouble, do they will be paid more if they arrests people?
Arieldny Dag geleden
Waooo this guy was in uniform !
Arieldny Dag geleden
DarthBricksEmpire Dag geleden
Huh, no conservatives have reacted to this yet
jim page
jim page Dag geleden
Sad that cop definitely has some hypertension issues and racist attitude
Handsome Dag geleden
Country of freedom btw 😁😁
ragranok Dag geleden
he got sprayed into his eyes, in one badly. He got handcuffed behind his back, the damage for the eye...could be irreversible.
vito andolini
vito andolini Dag geleden
if you are reading this stupid cop.. you deserve that
vito andolini
vito andolini Dag geleden
stupid cop
Frankie Lol
Frankie Lol Dag geleden
It’s 2021 why are people like this
Team_Ca$hOut Dag geleden
This man just got jumped by police and then a little, “hey sorry we were aggressive and violent but have some water and go home”.... this goes beyond being a cop... these officers are unstable beings. They need some help.
E Lol
E Lol Dag geleden
If a cop is on duty afraid he shouldn't be a cop.
Michael Ignatius
Michael Ignatius Dag geleden
im afraid to come out cops:yea u should be bruh are these cops
ICON Dula DaRula
ICON Dula DaRula Dag geleden
Typical driving while black
Miki Miki
Miki Miki Dag geleden
Sue both of them for everything they own
J Condron
J Condron Dag geleden
Samiro Dag geleden
Using pepperspray on a latino for no reason: horrible Using pepperspray on a black latino for no reason: horrible Using pepperspray on a black latino for no reason whos an army lieutanat who would give his life for his country and his people: the worst thing you can do. This cop really should be ashamed.
NLU UPNA Dag geleden
I saw another video and all my prejudice of the story changed. I hope the cops did not get fired.
Robert Law
Robert Law Dag geleden
There is a great series on YT I recently discovered by user Audit The Audit that shows and discusses many body cam footage where police get the law wrong, exceed their legal authority, fail to do the right thing, etc. but because things in most of those videos don't get this dramatic, and/or there isn't a special interest angle like "officers don't respect the uniform", they just go unremarked and undisgussed in the national dialogue on excessive policing / police abuse of citizens / the realities of the current de facto police state. Those are the cases that need to be corrected in police training; those are the cases that our crumb-bum legislators and mayors and governors need to take account of when they ratify policies, pass laws, or set police hiring and review guidelines. Those crumb-bums are the first ones to express shock and outrage when a cop shoots and unarmed person of color and the BLM folks take to the streets, but that are also the last ones to understand what goes on in the streets prior to that person being shot! It's not enough that when something sensational is filmed like this pepper spray incident it makes the 5 o'clock news. It is the many other incidents where the police fail to respect citizen's rights that go without any notice that creates an institutional sense of self-righteousness in police departments all around the country. As far as the pepper spray business goes, it is a little discussed fact, but many police departments require officers to be pepper sprayed in the face as part of their training. The "good story" is that the experience will allow the officers to recognize how painful the experience is. But for officers who have seen / experienced far worse trauma, or whose psyche is over-ridden by fear and other irrational emotions when dealing with suspects, that just isn't the case. And in fact, it can give rise to a general indifference to pepper spraying a suspect in narcissistic officers who will say to themselves, well, I had to submit to being sprayed in the face with pepper spay, so this guy who is probably a criminal has nothing to complain about getting sprayed.
wea Dag geleden
To many american imoron police!!
Biansyah Putra
Biansyah Putra Dag geleden
If soldiers in Indonesia are treated like that, it will be a different story that the police will be hit in the face. want to bet?
Flipp Skout
Flipp Skout Dag geleden
Thats a very useless police officer compared to the army
Ryan Parish
Ryan Parish Dag geleden
I wonder why police get called scumbags and abuse their powers for now reason!
uguumur uyanga
uguumur uyanga Dag geleden
Black and Asia lives matter
mïlk marïe
mïlk marïe Dag geleden
*the news guy asked when someone would get pulled over with tinted windows* *they’re silently hoping for it to be a black person*
mïlk marïe
mïlk marïe Dag geleden
*J-U-S-T-I-C-E B-A-B-Y*
Asad Ali
Asad Ali Dag geleden
He is a racist
Jae Espinoza
Jae Espinoza Dag geleden
Are some cops doing drugs these days. Some have major mental issues
Rafael Scott
Rafael Scott Dag geleden
He needs to be prosecuted, jailed and fined.
Sine Good
Sine Good Dag geleden
you need a reason to be black outside of Africa, honestly.
N33T0 K1M
N33T0 K1M Dag geleden
Mukoro Elohor
Mukoro Elohor Dag geleden
Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-weath, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time.
Mikelo Degreat
Mikelo Degreat 7 uur geleden
Ituha Pablo
Ituha Pablo Dag geleden
Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on frustration. It's built on fear that you have to overcome.
Campbell Elliott
Campbell Elliott Dag geleden
So don't be scared of trying because of failure and don't give up your dreams because you failed once
Campbell Elliott
Campbell Elliott Dag geleden
I failed 15 times trying to get my driver's permit and I finally it on the 16th attempt and my teacher told me I've never seen someone fails as many times as you and I said winners fail alot more than they succeed.
Macdonald Frank
Macdonald Frank Dag geleden
You are correct! ButIs better to try and fail than not trying at all is too much this days. And that's is the reason why most people are now scared of investing.
Panchita Forbes
Panchita Forbes Dag geleden
What a shame
Yogesh Borde
Yogesh Borde Dag geleden
Racist Americans
Gabone Service
Gabone Service Dag geleden
a part of the the "great" America :(
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