Playing an RPG for the second time 

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Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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12 jan. 2021




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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 2 dagen geleden
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
Zex Station
Zex Station 7 uur geleden
So glad youv e made more. Keep making them, we love this series.
Picklr 7 uur geleden
The heck is this
User Name
User Name 9 uur geleden
Beautiful animation
jet100a 10 uur geleden
Please post more happy endings to jokes that end in a sad way please, I didn't know I needed this but damn, I really love this animation. It's kinda insane how attached I got to the old man and the rest of the characters in just one, two, or three videos 😂😂😂
The Fine Game of Nil
The Fine Game of Nil 10 uur geleden
What is this genius I have just witnessed? I must tell the world.
Kobi Eyal
Kobi Eyal 5 uur geleden
The new Elder Scrolls game is looking pretty good!
Alixir 5 uur geleden
I watched this video before the other two. Damn I was so confused XD
Brody 115
Brody 115 5 uur geleden
The happy ending ?
TIMBERWOLF HD 5 uur geleden
Dafuk a rat
Isaac Marion
Isaac Marion 5 uur geleden
As someone who also does everything wrong, I felt this.
Riley Duncan
Riley Duncan 5 uur geleden
Yo this animation style is trippy af. Is there some motion tracking involved?
Eric Chapman
Eric Chapman 5 uur geleden
Yea im gonna need more of these. Like... immediately.
Croatilillious Partridge
This imaginary RPG game would be fucking amazing.
Visceral Emu
Visceral Emu 5 uur geleden
The Epic Trilogy comes to a close... For now? (I have no idea. I just really liked these vids.)
ToxicRamz 5 uur geleden
This feels like an adult swim show
L33T 5 uur geleden
Jack The Slayer 7220
Jack The Slayer 7220 5 uur geleden
Hello there
Pogostic09 5 uur geleden
This RPG has a high replay value!
Z 5 uur geleden
Congratulations on the resent blow up. you appeared in my recommendations about 2 weeks ago and i’ve been watching ever since. very very funny channel.
Akeldama1570 5 uur geleden
FunWithSmiley 5 uur geleden
The 4th installment should be a huge fuckin' twist like Jacob goes on to become the old man for the next adventurer, who is just as new as he was, but waaaaaaaaay better than he was too.
Grant Phillips
Grant Phillips 5 uur geleden
You are lying to me, you are lying! flippin great!
Sword Guy
Sword Guy 5 uur geleden
Hassaaaaann !!
Ooberham69 5 uur geleden
that was quite pleasant!
Ethan Galaz
Ethan Galaz 5 uur geleden
If only this was an actual show I’d binge watch it
YuichiPH 5 uur geleden
The wholesomeness is what I needed to get on with my life.
Nathaniel Wright
Nathaniel Wright 5 uur geleden
starchiv 5 uur geleden
this is the true ending
J D 5 uur geleden
Lol I hop it's not exclusive on garbagestation 5
NotTheWheel 5 uur geleden
Greatest trilogy of our age. Now time for the convoluted prequel followed by lore breaking disappointing sequel. :)
Razzledazzy 6 uur geleden
the vibes of this are exquisitely incomprehensible
Carl N
Carl N 6 uur geleden
doctor_with 6 uur geleden
Hydrec 6 uur geleden
holy shit Joel, #39 on trending I'm proud of you good to see you're getting the recognition you deserve!
Anonymous Mouse
Anonymous Mouse 6 uur geleden
This is the best ending to a trilogy that I have ever watched
Chilled Syn
Chilled Syn 6 uur geleden
I have no idea what just happened.
Jojo Amoah
Jojo Amoah 5 uur geleden
It's a sequel to a video called playing an rpg for the first time. Watch it and it will all make sense
Batclocks 6 uur geleden
fuck did i just watch
Loyal Death
Loyal Death 6 uur geleden
The hair wave at 2:44 is weirdly gonna be the part i will remember most about this animation
Drax (Levi)
Drax (Levi) 6 uur geleden
ahh yes, this perfectly encapsulates the emotional rollercoaster i went on after accidentally killing yoel of londor on my first DS3 playthrough
The_UnwantedReaper 6 uur geleden
Marshal is probably the best antagonist ever made.
Larry The Cable Guy
Larry The Cable Guy 6 uur geleden
Tfw the rpg has rng events
Wehrmacht Hans
Wehrmacht Hans 6 uur geleden
That last "adventure awaits" hit like an express train. It was very glorious and heroic.
The_UnwantedReaper 6 uur geleden
My man was fed up with everything so he changed the entire mechanics of a game and got a happy ending, what an adventure.
Gonzalo Ortega
Gonzalo Ortega 6 uur geleden
Yo the art style is crazy tho.
Chicken Nuggets
Chicken Nuggets 6 uur geleden
Jakub Piteľ
Jakub Piteľ 6 uur geleden
a closure ... at last
C Fin
C Fin 6 uur geleden
This looks like a weird LSD trip... Correction...This would be an awful LSD trip.
MarkusBoarVT 6 uur geleden
Raging_Keato. 6 uur geleden
man this was epic are we going to get the giants backstory?
Simonas Butvilas
Simonas Butvilas 6 uur geleden
Both endings completed. Secret ending unlocked
Toby Smith
Toby Smith 6 uur geleden
This made me happy :)
Sr. Noodleface
Sr. Noodleface 6 uur geleden
“Oh fuck”
Bremarkel07 7 uur geleden
Why doesn't this man have a show on adult swim rn
Rinocorn 7 uur geleden
You should do more trilogies
flightless kiwi
flightless kiwi 7 uur geleden
satisfied :)
CEO of MeMeS
CEO of MeMeS 7 uur geleden
This is the story we’ve all wanted to see, thanks
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee 7 uur geleden
animation: 2008 comedy: 2086
Henry 7 uur geleden
Fantastic as always
Nathan Hawthorne
Nathan Hawthorne 7 uur geleden
This video has trapped my soul! Like Azura's Star!
Bruh 7 uur geleden
my prediction came true...
GrismarPicklemelt 7 uur geleden
The Adventurer has a better character arc than most I've seen. He starts out believing that it is him against the world, and views everyone as his enemy. He thinks that the world is a broken place that only he can fix, but realizes that his lust for power and adventure has hurt innocent people and ruined the very peace he wanted to protect. Disillusioned by what he had done he loses faith in his blade, until it is his lack of action that costs the lives of hundreds, and thousands more to come. Seeing the destruction before him and remembering his misdeeds he ventures forth, seeing the truth for what it is: One must not raise their blade with haste. But there are those that words alone cannot reach. Marshall is one such being. And with him in sight our Adventurer steels himself, ready to begin his final atonement. In the very end we see our hero sitting on a hill alongside a giant, someone he once would have viewed as a vile creature unworthy of life. Yet he sees this giant as an equal, a friend even. After everything he had finally opened his eyes. And in doing so he is finally happy, and able to call himself a true adventurer.
Big J
Big J 7 uur geleden
This is actualy very good
WizardCows 7 uur geleden
The sequel we all needed
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 7 uur geleden
Good god this animation has everything I didn’t expect to have such hilarious yet wholesome content when I opened NLblock today. You definitely earned a new sub.
Levi Warren
Levi Warren 7 uur geleden
Marshal versus RPGs!🎵
ThermoChrome 7 uur geleden
maybe I just haven't seen the other videos if there are some but seems like the second time through was just modded
Tristian Lefebvre
Tristian Lefebvre 7 uur geleden
... What the fuck?
Allan 7 uur geleden
Easily one of your best films yet, my brother and I literally can't stop quoting the old man's lines haha, keep up the great work man!
the dog21
the dog21 7 uur geleden
Now I want a game with this exact mission lol
Dalton White
Dalton White 7 uur geleden
Why is this the most satisfying thing I've ever laid eyes on?
Rosebud Keely
Rosebud Keely 7 uur geleden
I love the old man's voice, it conveys so much despair
Alex B.
Alex B. 7 uur geleden
This...this is not what I was expecting... I must investigate further
Distracted Gaming
Distracted Gaming 7 uur geleden
Okay, this makes a lot more sense after watching the first one. This was legit the first thing I saw from this channel.
K Ryuzaki
K Ryuzaki 7 uur geleden
Definitely Oblivion references. Love it
Some Guy
Some Guy 7 uur geleden
It’s just a masterpiece *chefs kiss*
Gage M
Gage M 7 uur geleden
This series so far is about how I played Undertale
Matt Romero Saavedra
Matt Romero Saavedra 7 uur geleden
what is this precious animation???
dragzest 7 uur geleden
I love the nose when he looks at his health bar
Sean Morrow
Sean Morrow 7 uur geleden
This is so me when I play an RPG for the second time
Martin Valík
Martin Valík 7 uur geleden
1:19 black eyes
Dr. Gundeath Punchface-enstein
I'm happy things turned out well for Jacob.
rockmanjim 7 uur geleden
H4MMER _ 7 uur geleden
Elder scrolls 6 developments really gone downhill...but the plot is perfection.
TheChonk 11
TheChonk 11 7 uur geleden
The trilogy we needed, not the one we deserved.
JoWaffles 7 uur geleden
I really don't understand the health bar part
Challenger 7 uur geleden
djyakuza89 8 uur geleden
Love how you did a trilogy! Keep em coming
P.O. Square Neck
P.O. Square Neck 8 uur geleden
I really love the chilling giant!!
Luke Manthey
Luke Manthey 8 uur geleden
RIP king that wasn’t that corrupt. You are exemplar of leadership and a reminder to not be entirely corrupt except for sometimes but not always being corrupt only when really necessary and even then not to much.
Sonico 8 uur geleden
They should make an rpg like this... no matter what you'll do, you will always end up doing something wrong and there's no perfect run.
Will Xtinger
Will Xtinger 8 uur geleden
This adult swim quality humour
Logan Anderson
Logan Anderson 8 uur geleden
at first he was the first enemy. at the end he was the last. truly a tale to be told
Javier Rapalo
Javier Rapalo 8 uur geleden
This video showed up in my recommended. I hadn't seen the first one so I was kinda confused but thought it was still funny. Then I watched the other videos and i dunno if me watching it out of order made it funnier
Daiyuki117 8 uur geleden
What is this animation technology that looks so amazing and yet so janky at the same time? I love it but I am so curious!
[ B O N E S ]
[ B O N E S ] 8 uur geleden
1:50 the greatest part
cantsaycoco 8 uur geleden
This has most Character Development than any Netflix Original shows.
Luke Manthey
Luke Manthey 8 uur geleden
1:45 low key the best part of the series.
Avery Johnston
Avery Johnston 8 uur geleden
Jasondurgen 8 uur geleden
The oblivion soundtrack 🥲
Potato Bag
Potato Bag 8 uur geleden
pls more
Max2ds 8 uur geleden
Dude got so upset he speedran the rpg on his second playthrough. Crazy.
cantsaycoco 8 uur geleden
Wish I can donate in your Patreon, but I'm broke.
cantsaycoco 8 uur geleden
You should make an opening or an ending theme.
cantsaycoco 8 uur geleden
I'm downloading it and it's in 2160p? Dang, that's some top notch Quality.
Playing an RPG for the first time
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