Our Biggest Problem With Arteta and Arsenal Is... | Extra Time 

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This week, Patrick van Straaten is joined by George Wright to discuss all things Arsenal. Though currently riding high in the table, the Gunners are still pretty dull and had an odd window, with the much-heralded arrivals of Partey and Gabriel offset by the weird acquisition of Willian and departures for Torreira and Guendouzi. Just what sort of rebuild starts with shipping out young players? Then we get into the problems with the team, Arteta's (presumed) long-term plans, and the exciting crop of teenagers coming through the academy.

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21 okt. 2020




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Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 8 maanden geleden
So where will Arsenal finish this season?
LYRIC LOKESH 5 maanden geleden
@Incognito bro i didnt knew we would be in this condition , but i said 2 months back we wont reach top 4
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
@LYRIC LOKESH little did he know, he was serious, and optimistic
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
@Threets Aderex 'they have Kepa' Confirmed the fucker doesn't even watch football 🤣😅
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
@Hardeep Dhillon 🤣🤣🤣 top12 max
Whatever Dude
Whatever Dude 6 maanden geleden
@Ludwig Van Beethoven .....
Gagan Singh
Gagan Singh 4 maanden geleden
The utter view greely pine because psychiatrist cumulatively heal down a muddled berry. grandiose, painstaking bread
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
ManU not in top4 is failure as well
Davinder Saini
Davinder Saini 6 maanden geleden
The accurate softball congruently blush because schedule pharmacodynamically wrap minus a quarrelsome actor. next, tired dragonfly
juan 6 maanden geleden
these comments aged well
Joshua Guevara
Joshua Guevara 7 maanden geleden
William , ceballos were wastes , don’t care if they are loans. Rather one average player than two players who are rejects
Crazy Demo
Crazy Demo 7 maanden geleden
When you're Arteta and you hire as head coach for a club like Arsenal.. You gotta back the board decision no matter how bad it is.. Because that's what you get paid for.. Same with Arsene, Unai, Ljungberg.. Even as Arsenal fans for 3 decade.. (I repeat As Arsenal fans for 3 decade) I hope Ozil go to Tottenham on a free transfer after his contract expired.. Get 20 k wage per week to show off and play regularly under Jose.. And play regularly and assist Kane and Son with tons of goals.. Having more assist than Bruno Fernandes & KDB & Firmino combine.. Win league title and other silverware.. Even UCL or at least reach Semi-Final with them.. Then AFTV will get mad.. And force the whole KSG (Kronkoe Sport & Entertainment Group) out of our club.. Best solution ever.. I don't know how to love Arsenal anymore but I can't erase it.. I can't love another club.. I can admire some player like Dybala, Cristiano, Messi, Haaland, Mbappe but that's individually.. Not the whole club, not the badge, not the history, not the legends, not the hope for even every youth inside the club.. A 3 decade club lover can wish the best for player like Yaya Sanogo and Nicklas Bendtner when they're still young decades ago.. And wish them one day getting Premier League Golden Boots.. Can you imagine that kind of love ?? A 3 decade club lover can wish Wilshere & Ramsey will grow into something better than or equal to Xavi & Iniesta a decade ago.. A 3 decade club lover can wish Xhaka Captain Material to rock Premier League more than Lampard & Gerrard ever did.. A 3 decade club lover can wish Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny will be a wall harder than Ramos & Varane.. A 3 decade club lover can wish Wojciech Szczesny will develope until better than David De Gea.. Believe me every player come into our club hope that happen to.. But it just can't happen.. Yeah love is blind.. Love is nonsense when you really love and hoping and wishing and praying the best for the club you love.. Remember I'm not loving Emirates Stadium.. I'm not loving Thierry Henry only.. Not Ian Wright or Tony Adams.. Not Robert Pires.. Not Young Cesc Fabregas.. Not Dennis Bergkamp.. Not David Dein.. Not Robin Van Persie with our #11 and #10.. Not Mikel Arteta.. Not Arsene Wenger.. Not Mesut Ozil.. Not Aaron Ramsey.. Not Aubameyang or Leno.. Not Cazorla or Arshavin.. Not Patrick Vieira or Gilberto Silva.. Not even the Invincible season only.. THEY'RE JUST PART OF THE LOVE I HAVE FOR THIS CLUB !! I just love Arsenal Football Club and for the sake of the future of our club.. And the change of ownership.. Let that Tottenham & Ozil shit disaster happen.. If Ozil go Tottenham and prove himself there.. Whole Arsenal fans around the world sees.. And those owner has no face to stay anymore.. Even if they have no shame.. Fans all around the world wouldn't accept that.. People will even bomb them for that shit to happen.. If I have a nuclear right now first thing I do is bomb whole city where Kronkoe and his every KSG exist.. And tell the world I do it because I love Arsenal and I hate Kronkoe for ruining our club.. If Ozil win silverware with Tottenham.. That'll be a big big big lesson for us as a club.. And that probably will move things right in the future.. Donkeys fans will hate Ozil more than they hate Van Persie or Adebayor.. But I see that shit very clear.. Stop scapegoating Lord Mustafi.. Invisible Ozil.. Poor Distribution Leno.. Captain Traitor Koscielny.. Dunno How To Defense Kolasinac.. Thomas Fail Vermaelen.. William Fail Gallas.. Samir Na$ri.. Gael Shitty Clichy.. Captain Deadfoot Xhaka.. Poor Creativity Ceballos.. Jack Wheelchair Wilshere.. 10 Year Wonderkid Chamberlain.. Dunno How To Cross Walcott.. Aaron Unconsistent Ramsey.. Wojciech No Silverware Szczesny.. Arsene Specialist Failure Wenger.. Rare Scoring 9 Lacazette.. Auba Stop Perform After New Contract.. High Value Low Contribution Pepe.. Snake Van Persie.. Running Celebration Shitty Adebayor.. Chelshit Fabregas.. Unai Clown Emery.. Freddie Dunno What To Do Ljungberg.. And now MIkel Copy Pep Arteta.. After 10 years later this list goes on for Tierney, Partey, Leno, Luiz and so on.. Because they're not the main problem they're just a result of the main problem.. THE OWNERSHIP IS MAIN PROBLEM !! Any of those individual you scapegoating for years and decade is just part of the result of the stupid decision maker up there.. Not Edu can save you or Raul or Alisher Usmanov.. Probably someone from China / Russia with bigger needs to shift their money to Europe than Abramovic a decade ago can save our club.. Kronkoe KSG means Kronkoe Sport & Entertainment.. Group.. Remember.. This might be sport you love.. Club you love.. But it's entertainment for them and rival fans.. As long as the club finance is okay.. And they get profit from this asset.. They don't care the love you have for their asset.. They don't care about your wish.. Your prayer.. Your hope.. They care about financial status and how many money produce from 7th Most Valueable Club On Earth.. Loving this club cause you a liability.. But Arsenal FC is their asset.. And your liability.. When you experience all the love & time & hope & prayer I have for this club.. You know the main problem and stop scapegoating any of the player or manager.. They're just like us.. Loving the club.. But their heart is in pain that you'll never know.. If I have a time machine I will not change WW2 or 3 from happening.. But I will change the fact that KSG own our club.. Trust me if you're a prospect footballer and you have a career to go like Haaland or Mbappe.. And you find this all.. And you love Arsenal since you're 6-9 years old.. And you're on the stage Mbappe or Haaland career right now.. You will never choose Arsenal even if you love.. Because you know how fucked up your career will be.. And if you're Martinelli.. You know this club is only a place you develope.. To win something big is anywhere out there..
Adriaan Milovanovic
Adriaan Milovanovic 7 maanden geleden
Xhaka out, aouar in! World of difference! Podcast done in 2 seconds 😅
Str20ng 7 maanden geleden
This video is really good. Thanks. I’m not sure how you guys rate Pepe. What are his numbers for dribbles completed? He is so left footed that once defenders figure him out, he becomes completely ineffective. Our front 3 don’t have the ability to take on defenders and go past them, and no one in the midfield is playing through balls to strikers at the moment. Lots of improvement needed. Does Arteta have the ability to move on to the next level? Time will tell.
Wayne Taylor
Wayne Taylor 7 maanden geleden
This video is awesome. Great chat guys 👏👏
chas farthing
chas farthing 7 maanden geleden
Creativity, done.
Liam Gleeson
Liam Gleeson 7 maanden geleden
Nice to see Theon grayjoy keeping busy
Muhd Faris
Muhd Faris 7 maanden geleden
We lack creativity thats our problem.Play Auba down the middle with pepe on the right and saka on the left with ozil at CAM.I think with Ozil at CAM we would be more creative and make more chances in the final third
liam lusted
liam lusted 7 maanden geleden
I don’t know how Micah Bell from RDR2 made it to football daily but he talks a lot of sense.
AWM 7 maanden geleden
Shreyansh Jain
Shreyansh Jain 7 maanden geleden
This guy Pato is an idiot, don't understand most of his statements. This is not FIFA career mode.
Captain Smoke
Captain Smoke 7 maanden geleden
Partey will free up Xhaka and Ceballos and will offer offence by himself. That may be enough.
Seba 666
Seba 666 7 maanden geleden
Wenger got us in. the Top 4 every season, without spending big money.
Raphael Nasser
Raphael Nasser 7 maanden geleden
should hav signed sangare and buendia instead of partey and willian
Jason Bigz
Jason Bigz 7 maanden geleden
Boys willian can hold possession well, further more he has got a killer pass he can beat a man and he can score goals he is here and he is playing regular so i am hoping certain fans can stop bitchin and get behind him cos he is OUR man COYG
Segun 7 maanden geleden
What Willian are you talking about?
mark “maverickmark”
mark “maverickmark” 7 maanden geleden
i tell you the problem without watching people talk on video... composed footballing midfielders who create and know how to run a game.. 11th richest in the world without champions league, 400 million turnover... its a BIG JOKE...real midfielders can play in the gaps, tight spaces like alcantara, iniesta, pirlos, ramseys, eriksons, modric, xavi, maddison, david silva, de bruyne, we cant improve until this happens, we wont get anywhere.. not rocket science OK! we cant bypass the midfield playing long from the wing backs , nothing coming through the middle for years. most the premier leagues centre midfielders create more than arsenal.. arsenal midfielders need too long to think, ESPECIALLY XHAKA, its alarming so many think hes worth having instead of great footballers like the above. you all need to snap out of it.
Kyle Wilkie
Kyle Wilkie 7 maanden geleden
Is that vydra??
Iga Arnold
Iga Arnold 7 maanden geleden
If we could get that Joelson Fernandez kid from sporting cp we could have a potential champions league front 3 in 3 years with Saka LW, Gaby CF and Jeolson RW.
Faris Imran
Faris Imran 7 maanden geleden
I HATE How Pat is so pessimistic about Arsenal. I mean I get it, never get your hopes high with Arsenal because we are shit. But he needs to understand we cant do a full rebuild because no one wants to buy our players and in a COVID hit market its hard. Partey was "overpaid" because Atletico were not budging! All of the players we wanted to ship out are shit how do we get people to pay for them??? Arteta has addressed our issues with balance and what we partially need. we have good youngsters that can improve. we had a lot of old defenders, he bought young defenders. we have a few young midfielders in Torreira and Guendouzi that we couldnt sell and wont play hence they go out on loan and maybe next year if they do well this season, we can sell them or keep them. And he bought and Partey. Sure Willian is old and overpaid, but we have young stars coming through in Pepe and Saka and Nelson and Smith Rowe so we dont need to anymore young people. Im sorry its been a long day. sending love from Malaysia xx
Scott Seager
Scott Seager 7 maanden geleden
Did Patrick just say we overpaid, for Thomas Partey.... Fucking hell. Get if the agenda
andson02 7 maanden geleden
But how do you fix the frenchie problem? Always and forever is League Un their breeding ground and it's clearly not working unless you ARE IN LEAGUE UN
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 7 maanden geleden
Again Arsenal 😭
Keerat Singh
Keerat Singh 8 maanden geleden
I absolutely loved this. You both need to do this more often for all Arsenal fans!!!
aditya sharma
aditya sharma 8 maanden geleden
DJ.11 N5
DJ.11 N5 8 maanden geleden
George is underrated icl uno
Kenny O'Brien
Kenny O'Brien 8 maanden geleden
Since when is 27 old. Ffs
Josh Connor
Josh Connor 8 maanden geleden
I do not agree. Look at the last two champions league winners. Bayern and Liverpool. Neither have an Ozil or Auoar. They are system teams and in today’s game system teams do better. We need to let Arteta create our system
Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson 8 maanden geleden
...They always try and walk it in.
Viktor Schlatte
Viktor Schlatte 8 maanden geleden
George is so well spoken, why do we have to endure Joe or Zac when you’ve got him knocking about
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 8 maanden geleden
1 man city 2 liverpool 3 chelsea 4 tottenham 5 everton 6 man united 7 arsenal 8 aston villa 9 leicester city 10 wolves 11 leeds 12 west ham 13 newcastle 14 southampton 15 brighton 16 palace 17 sheffied united 18 burnley 19 fulham 20 west brom Debate.
Joshwa Mendez
Joshwa Mendez 8 maanden geleden
George is pretty cool, should be on much more shows!!
Matt 8 maanden geleden
Artetas Playing Style reminds me so much of that of our former Head Coach Nouri at Werder Bremen but of course with much better players and defensively on a much higher level. The Partey Transfer was great despite cheaper alternatives like Sangare. You need this Javi Martinez Guy in the Middle to be successful and balance the midfield. I wish Werder Bremen would have bought such a player after the Delaney Exit. What really bothered me is that Edu and Arteta both wanted to trade for Jorginho after the failed transfer of Aouar. Arsenal got one washed player in Willian with a heavy contract for the next 3 years and Jorginho could have been the next one. Both Gabriel Transfers have been great so far but the "brazilian connection" with Edu and Kia is a little terryfing to me.
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel 8 maanden geleden
Leave. your if and buts.. I just wonder🤷🏾‍♂️😬
joe kelly
joe kelly 8 maanden geleden
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel 8 maanden geleden
You dont like partey age, but were ok with Thiago on LFC🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
Edward Davies
Edward Davies 8 maanden geleden
Two whining arsenal fans, christ. Waffle, Waffle nonsense. Talked a lot. Said nothing. Every arsenal fan. Win the Europa League. Get fourth. Arsenal top 8 max..
Tuchelista 8 maanden geleden
As a Chelsea fan, this has been eye-opening.
Tuchelista 7 maanden geleden
@Rainman 48 Always thought you lot loved his pragmatic approach as opposed to a gun-ho attacking style like Lampard.
Rainman 48
Rainman 48 8 maanden geleden
Justin C Marsden
Justin C Marsden 8 maanden geleden
So we have our own Rory hahaha
Veekshan Sunny
Veekshan Sunny 7 maanden geleden
With some brains ofcourse
HIIIPOWER 000 8 maanden geleden
I love fat pat he’s a sexy genius god
Yonatan Exss
Yonatan Exss 8 maanden geleden
I want gheorghe to tell me bedtime stories
Phellon Dillinger
Phellon Dillinger 8 maanden geleden
Gave up listening at 24:41.... youve convinced me your either liars or just straight clueless
Nick Larsen
Nick Larsen 8 maanden geleden
pato has an insanely smart footballing brain but the man utd agenda kills me as a fan each time the topic comes up one way or another. he cannot get a pass for saying martinelli is AT LEAST as good as greenwood and it seems like everytime united come up he finds a way to undermine them. wouldn't be suprised if pato found a way to discredit the win away at psg either.
Ash Young
Ash Young 8 maanden geleden
They always try to walk it in.
Edward Kelly
Edward Kelly 8 maanden geleden
I don’t think Arsenal have creative enough midfielders. They need an advanced midfielder that creates chances for Aubameyang,Saka and Willian.They shoot the ball less than most EPL teams
IA 3p
IA 3p 8 maanden geleden
Is this just an Arsenal episode or is this for each of the Top 6?
Arthur Feital
Arthur Feital 8 maanden geleden
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks 8 maanden geleden
Pato literally just always finds something to be pissed about lol
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
Which is logical when discussing arsenal their transfer dealings
Adam Carroll
Adam Carroll 8 maanden geleden
I really don't agree with the 2 arsenal fans that martinelli is as good as Greenwood at all
karim biggs
karim biggs 8 maanden geleden
Arteta is probably the only person you can trust at Arsenal right now
karim biggs
karim biggs 8 maanden geleden
I see @GHEORGHEWRIGHT is in to some good music. That's an MF DOOM record behind him
Mauri 1991
Mauri 1991 8 maanden geleden
I still don't understand why Arsenal didn't give Lyon Guandouzi plus 10-20 million. Aouar would be theirs
Insert Name
Insert Name 8 maanden geleden
A creative midfielder would instantly change the game for us Perhaps we give Ceballos or Saka the role for now, maybe we sign Buendia or Brandt in Jan?
Joshua Guevara
Joshua Guevara 7 maanden geleden
Cebellos would continue to do absolutely nothing if you give him the role of creator .
Isaiah Bright
Isaiah Bright 8 maanden geleden
PVS saying Brighton and West Ham are better than Arsenal shows how undervalued defensive ability is. Brighton and West Ham's defences have been considerably worse but he considers them better because they score some more goals. Brighton especially have a bad defence.
Boogz capone
Boogz capone 8 maanden geleden
I feel like we could’ve got diawara or soumare still not just partey because we only have 1 powerhouse in midfield
Dokgo Hyuk
Dokgo Hyuk 8 maanden geleden
I rate the madvilliany and liquid swords vynil s George has
Braden Masten
Braden Masten 8 maanden geleden
Georghe is a really smart guy
marco da cruz
marco da cruz 8 maanden geleden
Wright brings girls over to his house and plays them mf doom
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar 8 maanden geleden
Main problem 1) stan kroenke 2) board 3)mikel seems out of depth 4) Toxic players and people around the club.. 5) toxic and deluded fans 6) weak mentality
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar 8 maanden geleden
@aditya28 joshi ofcourse i will be celebrating because i love arsenal. But im not arteta ass licker like most of our fans
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar 8 maanden geleden
@aditya28 joshi we shall see.. it just seems arteta is out of his depth. He doesnt even know his best 11 yet
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar 8 maanden geleden
@aditya28 joshi its not about that. Its about arteta making two mistake starting lineup in the big games. Cost us point. Other then that the performance is boring. Owh we just concede 1 goal. What a weak mentality. We are arsenal fc. 29 games. Stil cant win at anfield or manshity. Manshity not on full gear yet. Atleast pun on a fight. For once we improve the defence. Our attacker lettin us down
Punyo Tadii
Punyo Tadii 8 maanden geleden
Add no.7. Park the bus.
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar 8 maanden geleden
@aditya28 joshi out of depth. No top 4. No europa league trophy. Out
Calum brooks
Calum brooks 8 maanden geleden
I love the podcast boys midweek favourite! Thank you! ❤️❤️✌️ and I think arsenal will finish 6th
J Dog
J Dog 8 maanden geleden
George with the mf doom poster I see it🐐
iB8Z 8 maanden geleden
Top tier fan fiction this 👍
Ayodeji Alarape
Ayodeji Alarape 8 maanden geleden
Timothy Akindayomi
Timothy Akindayomi 8 maanden geleden
Very very false, ozil did very well when arteta came in
CEDWARDS1 7 maanden geleden
1 assist and 1 big chance created in 1600 minutes...
ste farrelly
ste farrelly 8 maanden geleden
I honestly can't see how PVS thinks it was a really bad summer for Arsenal Gabriel and Partey are two great additions for the spine of the team
Sean Burtt
Sean Burtt 8 maanden geleden
Can’t believe Pat said Laca’s goals weren’t flukey 😂. He’s literally scored 3 tap ins with no goalie in the goal
Abanazer Woldegebriel
Abanazer Woldegebriel 8 maanden geleden
George was great 10/10 performance
OutKast2Life 8 maanden geleden
Ben Vizcaino
Ben Vizcaino 8 maanden geleden
George is an mf doom fan. Instantly my favorite gooner
Azim Zain
Azim Zain 8 maanden geleden
They need to maintain this defensive progress and players like Pepe and Willian need to step up creatively
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan 8 maanden geleden
George needs to be come on more. He’s good in videos where there are 2 or more people
Jason Bigz
Jason Bigz 7 maanden geleden
Also CF my man is calm still
Jason Bigz
Jason Bigz 7 maanden geleden
@DJ.11 N5 bruv honestly im nothin special but Cmon pro club vibes
Jason Bigz
Jason Bigz 7 maanden geleden
@Jimmy Knizzle jim ffs u got man crackin up
Jason Bigz
Jason Bigz 7 maanden geleden
@Jimmy Knizzle cuz i cant lie that was madd mean but hillarious, tbh tho i sort of didnt notice till u sed. HILLARIOUS
DJ.11 N5
DJ.11 N5 8 maanden geleden
@Jimmy Knizzle loooool sn jimmy knizzle some neeky yr 9
T Spencer
T Spencer 8 maanden geleden
I do not care for van Stratton just seems like he’s up his own ass too much and probably can’t play a lick of football.
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan 8 maanden geleden
Why watch the video if you’re going to offend the people who make it?
JF4 8 maanden geleden
MF doom, black flag n king Krule behind him respect
Vishal Kotecha
Vishal Kotecha 8 maanden geleden
Sorry but I think it's ridiculous to say Ozil did nothing when Arteta came in. We saw the immediate improvement, and we were able to play with 4 at the back. Ozil had to start deeper because we had no one providing him the ball as Xhaka kept covering for our left back, and he's never been on the carzola level creatively. By doing that Ozil couldn't be the one making the final assist because he's having to make the poor assist. Despite that he's still got highest no of chances per min, and 2nd in terms of chances created both under Arteta when he didn't play for half that time. When Ceballos came in, it helped and Ozil got a assist against West ham. Some guy on NLblock created a video of our improved play under Arteta & guess who was involved in most movements.
Naytik Vora
Naytik Vora 8 maanden geleden
Y’all forgetting about martinelli
Naytik Vora
Naytik Vora 8 maanden geleden
Sorry man didn’t hear the whole thing
Owen Smith
Owen Smith 8 maanden geleden
They literally talked about him for 5-7 minutes
Casey 8 maanden geleden
Don't like Partey's age??? He only turned 27 this year, he still has 6 years at the top of his game. What you said makes zero sense
Casey 5 maanden geleden
@Incognito We are a team that needs top quality players to get back into the Champions League. Part of the reason we are in this mess is that we are run like a business
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
@Corey Brooks nope, it's about profitability and even more so, the contract difficulty it brings
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
Has to do with inability to make a profit on him and he'll cause contract issues again, as he will be offered a new deal at 30-31ish
Blink41 7 maanden geleden
@fry 69 let me spell it out for you. For a team looking to build, and who aren't going to challange for the top four this year, probably next year as well, a younger player is preferable. Someone like a Denis Zakaria say. A player like Partey is someone you go in for to complete the squad not to build the squad around (given his age). Look at Liverpool, they bought players under the age of 25 when Klopp just came in. They only went for the special players (like VVD and Allison) after the team was in place (nobody expected Salah and Mane to be as good as they are).
Blink41 7 maanden geleden
@Justin C Marsden I'm saying I don't think spending 50 million on a 27 year old for a club who're in a long terms project like arsenal is a smart idea, especially if they won't be able to recoup most of the money they spend. They should have looked at younger options for the future or invested in an older players on the cheap who'd contribute for a few years. It is not like signing him will push them towards the top four, if it does, then money well spent, but looks unlikely. If they were in a better position (like Liverpool were when they spent on VVD) then it would make perfect sense and would be the best signings of the summer.
Gbenro Arojojoye
Gbenro Arojojoye 8 maanden geleden
Pat you do not know what you’re talking about, laughable 😂 Good insights George !
Special Roast
Special Roast 8 maanden geleden
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo 8 maanden geleden
What specifically?
HALAM899 Live
HALAM899 Live 8 maanden geleden
Great video today keep it up your doing amazing job
Ishraq Nur
Ishraq Nur 8 maanden geleden
do one about chelsea
Namejs Liepiņš
Namejs Liepiņš 8 maanden geleden
Just an opinion: isn't 4. and 9. place in current EPL like not even one win apart: I mean Spurs, Arsenal, MUTD, Everton, Leicester and Wolves are quite similiar and IMO each can finish 3. As well as 8. And there almost always is one wild card team in top 9 (Villa if first 4 games is anything to go by).
AS SA 8 maanden geleden
Arsenal have become very frustrating to watch under Arteta just like in Emery days
reuben judge
reuben judge 8 maanden geleden
53 minute podcast? spaftastic
Josh 8 maanden geleden
Yanik vestergard on the pod! Class man
Matthew Cliffe
Matthew Cliffe 8 maanden geleden
Its a shame we don't see George as much on different shows, even as a united fan i do enjoy hearing his opinion on things and think he's very knowledgeable of his club
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 8 maanden geleden
The problems are no penetration from the wings, no plan B and no good false nine. To solve it, Arsenal need to get a winger who's good in one-one-one situations and a towering target man who's willing to be a super sub or a tall false nine who's better than Lacazette
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 8 maanden geleden
@Cosmin Contra you needed a winger but he’s undoubtedly not worth the money and his price tag is still holding you back even 1 year on.
Cosmin Contra
Cosmin Contra 8 maanden geleden
@Daniel Burgess Pepe is the type of player Arsenal didn't have, hence the purchase. Unfortunately, the scouts and the decision makers at the club ignored Pepe's bad performances in AFCON
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 8 maanden geleden
This would all be achievable and probably done by now if you hadn’t blown £72m on Pepe. Gabriel is perhaps the first smart/value for money signing I’ve seen Arsenal make in a while
Vibbs 68s
Vibbs 68s 8 maanden geleden
Am i the only one thinking that if pepe plsyed on the right for spurs he would be incredible
r a
r a 8 maanden geleden
Get George on more often
Connor Maunder
Connor Maunder 8 maanden geleden
Smith Rowe>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Jude White
Jude White 8 maanden geleden
Sibusiso Maphanga
Sibusiso Maphanga 8 maanden geleden
My man listens to MF Doom, mad respect.
Dre 8 maanden geleden
I see Liquid Swords by GZA on the wall too, mad respect for that too.
Fan Person
Fan Person 8 maanden geleden
you forgot all caps
Alan Ruangrad
Alan Ruangrad 8 maanden geleden
just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name
Big Chungus
Big Chungus 8 maanden geleden
I think if u are u 21 u can register on the night before the game hope ye see this
daniel baycock
daniel baycock 8 maanden geleden
Smith Rowe has played in the prem
Nick Valdes
Nick Valdes 8 maanden geleden
More George Wright 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Arianna Reguly
Arianna Reguly 8 maanden geleden
@Jack Osborne same as a spurs fan, but his insight is fantastic
Jack Osborne
Jack Osborne 8 maanden geleden
Agree. Couldn't give a rats arse about Arsenal but you can tell he's really knowledgable about his team and what they're trying to do.
mr tree
mr tree 8 maanden geleden
pato is deluded. Our squad could be average age 24 and hed say we need to get our age lower. The problem is with give old, declining, bad players on long term high wage contracts. Luckily, IMO I think the season coming with Mustafi, Ozil, Sokratis, Luiz contracts ending, it could be one of the best seasons as an arsenal fan in recent years. Along with that, with the dead wood like Kolasinac, Chambers, Holding, Elneny, Torreira all set to leave. We could bring in ALOT of cash through transfer fees and ALOT of cash through wages by getting rid of pretty much either over the hill stars or deadwood 28 year olds. Pato being so negative is really unjustified, IMO signings like Willian and the extension of Aubameyang are all here for immediate success/depth (top 4/europa league win) and a will finish there careers at arsenal, helping them to rebuild. If we got rid of the players mentioned above wed generate about £60M-£70M in transfer fees and £48.5M per annum in wages. We are not far off, but you cant expect things to work overnight. Also I'm not saying dont buy young risky players, but Pato is trying to push an argument that we should just buy young, inexperienced players to replace our big names. Sure buy a young player, but nurse him into the team. Dont rely on them, have the big names to help them. Not every young player with great stats in some random league turns out to be a good player
unun septium
unun septium 8 maanden geleden
Partey is a much better signing that Pat thinks. I understand his logic about price and age, but Partey plays a position that isn't sexy, and came from a boring side where his stats aren't a reflection of his true talent. When people give their PL Team of the Decade, they rarely mention Fernandinho and praise Kante. I see Partey like I do Ferna. They are highly underrated.
LYRIC LOKESH 8 maanden geleden
Fernandinho is truly underrated , coming from arsenal fan , And The CDM position many ppl dosent recognize too often
Caden Turner
Caden Turner 8 maanden geleden
Still not understanding why Arsenal didn’t try for Zakaria
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