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12 apr. 2019




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FliteTest Jaar geleden
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Gaines gause
Gaines gause 7 dagen geleden
You are the osum👍👍👍👍👍👍
Tony Bryant
Tony Bryant 2 maanden geleden
I want a dragon that can fly and shoot fire
Paul Riikonen
Paul Riikonen 3 maanden geleden
Theo Stuivenberg
Theo Stuivenberg 4 maanden geleden
@Jak e tim
Charlotte 4 maanden geleden
FliteTest s
Dantevan Swinney
Dantevan Swinney 2 dagen geleden
is there a button to open the back of the plane
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan 5 dagen geleden
what was there on 14.14
Jun Yang Wu
Jun Yang Wu 6 dagen geleden
hahah sooo coool
jackdanyify 7 dagen geleden
mens are only big children!!!
Jacob Schneider
Jacob Schneider 10 dagen geleden
This reminds me of the PBY - 5 Catlina look it up
Jaysie Baltazar
Jaysie Baltazar 12 dagen geleden
best rc video ive ever watch
PRADEEP MURTY 13 dagen geleden
Like fast and furious
Mr. Nice Guy
Mr. Nice Guy 14 dagen geleden
You guys are so cool.
Stark Industries
Stark Industries 15 dagen geleden
16:40 fast and furios 7
Iyaz Dio
Iyaz Dio 18 dagen geleden
I smell an fast and furious 7 rc recreating and i love it
Camden Robinson
Camden Robinson 29 dagen geleden
Am 9 ine can you please do me a fighter jet of what you just did this video
Challi Martineau
Challi Martineau Maand geleden
I really want that it did so good
jlions72 Maand geleden
Can I buy the planes for this build ..?...I really want to make one for my RC Skydivers .....Please ...
jlions72 Maand geleden
Where Are the Plans Please.........???????
Sheila Lievense
Sheila Lievense Maand geleden
can you make a airplane that drops a airplane?
jlions72 Maand geleden
,l want this plane release the dementions Please .....Love it, Can you help A guy out who wants to build one myself .!..
李志銘 Maand geleden
Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar Maand geleden
Reena Ray Garg
Reena Ray Garg Maand geleden
ash games
ash games Maand geleden
I want it and that would work well if it had enough energy to be a little bomber
Thiago van der Ploeg
Thiago van der Ploeg Maand geleden
Fast and furious 7
Benjocool_971YT Maand geleden
I wonder how i wonder why yesterday is see a car that fall out of the sky
Christopher Almeida
Christopher Almeida Maand geleden
The chivalrous okra preferentially man because tuba unquestionably rejoice despite a nappy minute. used, efficient shrine
Chris James
Chris James Maand geleden
Would love to see a chihuahua (or small monkey.....or baby) taken for a ride in one of your (much faster) jet powered RC planes.
Georgiana Ilinca
Georgiana Ilinca Maand geleden
Chandan Panda
Chandan Panda Maand geleden
Me struggling to getting a RC car ... They dropping the Rc car with no value😑
Lane Tarbill
Lane Tarbill Maand geleden
make a helicopter
topone Maand geleden
Make a air plane transport YOU
Isheanesu Machingauta
Isheanesu Machingauta Maand geleden
The innovation of these guys is phenomenal
Sowroy Trak
Sowroy Trak Maand geleden
I made the same airplane, then put an hamster in it. then I made the hamster fly and now it keeps biting me.
Rhona Joy
Rhona Joy Maand geleden
U.s. government driving a plane dropping cars and tanks
Nayibe Parra
Nayibe Parra Maand geleden
Que dueno
Class 7
Class 7 Maand geleden
You get a dog
Jonel's World
Jonel's World Maand geleden
Where do you find That cartboard
merve koyuncu
merve koyuncu Maand geleden
you ara meybe
Ellie Bateman
Ellie Bateman Maand geleden
It's so cool
Ellie Bateman
Ellie Bateman Maand geleden
Nice cargo plane
Ellie Bateman
Ellie Bateman Maand geleden
Hi 🚗✈️
Kendrick & MIALIZ TV
Kendrick & MIALIZ TV 2 maanden geleden
That was cool 😎
mellessia diaram
mellessia diaram 2 maanden geleden
Make the airship
mellessia diaram
mellessia diaram 2 maanden geleden
They are coooooooolll lol
mellessia diaram
mellessia diaram 2 maanden geleden
I love these guys ❤️
Bello Orbits
Bello Orbits 2 maanden geleden
Space shuttle rc
Lonnie LouHoo
Lonnie LouHoo 2 maanden geleden
what did the plane mate with to birth a car?
Neubaufahrzeug 2 maanden geleden
the special effects from f&f
Franklin L G da Silva
Franklin L G da Silva 2 maanden geleden
Onde baoxa planta avião?
Tim Weldon
Tim Weldon 2 maanden geleden
I love tucker gott!
Derailed Spy
Derailed Spy 2 maanden geleden
Pls make a B-17
William Still
William Still 2 maanden geleden
Safaa Daoud
Safaa Daoud 2 maanden geleden
That little girl: aaaah Alex: What the fish 9:46
Jerome Dinampo
Jerome Dinampo 2 maanden geleden
14:12 he is floating?
Szabina Kálé
Szabina Kálé 2 maanden geleden
jlions72 2 maanden geleden
Sure wish you guys would answer the questions and comments by US,...I wish to build the SkyVan and i need to find the plans prints or just all the measurements that I need to draw this out and make one for my self ...I m looking at getting into RC Skydiving and I need A Drop Plane for my divers 2 at a time ,...CAN YOU HELP ME OUT ..PLEASE.......
jlions72 2 maanden geleden
You guys said there are free Plans for your builds.....and I Am VERY INTREST in the SkyVan ...! Please ..
Aidan S
Aidan S 2 maanden geleden
I love the energy on this channel
Nintendebloz 2 maanden geleden
Can yall build me a plane like that please but without a parachute please
PunchingBagGaming 2 maanden geleden
Listen raid is sponsoring everything
Carser 118
Carser 118 3 maanden geleden
con que material lo hacen yo lo hago de carton y apenas se levanta va pal piso xd
nak trazi
nak trazi 3 maanden geleden
You two sound soo nice
D syanx
D syanx 3 maanden geleden
Raghav gupta 3rd 'c'
Raghav gupta 3rd 'c' 3 maanden geleden
I don't understand English
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 3 maanden geleden
The best parachutes are on military illumination flares, they will slow a bicycle...(army kid, in the 70's they were silk, gotta be a few laying around)
Emmanuel Hushie
Emmanuel Hushie 3 maanden geleden
Weston Ross
Weston Ross 3 maanden geleden
Tauhidul Haque Rakib
Tauhidul Haque Rakib 3 maanden geleden
I absolutely loved it. You guys are the ones whom I want to work with new project and builds in the future. But, for now I will focus on my O levels. Do send good wishes and prays for me. Love you all 💙 Keep up the good stuff.
2 Minutes Crafts PK
2 Minutes Crafts PK 3 maanden geleden
Very interesting video 🥰 Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Gabriel 3 maanden geleden
goutam das
goutam das 3 maanden geleden
Your dog is so cuite
ishan nimsara
ishan nimsara 3 maanden geleden
Enes Arapoglu
Enes Arapoglu 3 maanden geleden
Robert Balan
Robert Balan 3 maanden geleden
Drop starting at 12:29 :)
T&M NATION 4 maanden geleden
This is my first time watching and I am glad I picked this because I woke up on the wrong side of the bed but now nothing can wipe the smile off my face u gained a new subscriber
devasia Co
devasia Co 4 maanden geleden
Fast and furious 7 recreation !!!!!
Oofy Fan
Oofy Fan 4 maanden geleden
Sorry but you can't deliver me some candy cause i came from philippines but that's ok thx and GD BLESS!!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏
Fabienne Candavoine
Fabienne Candavoine 4 maanden geleden
Yes cool
E Saikaly
E Saikaly 4 maanden geleden
We need a troop transport now ok sending in the sky van
Vinzzz 4 maanden geleden
what if that was a PUBGM Airdrop......
Charlie Koop
Charlie Koop 4 maanden geleden
and a baby!
Charlie Koop
Charlie Koop 4 maanden geleden
a dog in the video!
Bam Dimaporo
Bam Dimaporo 4 maanden geleden
Color Tile billing
Color Tile billing 4 maanden geleden
I think this is very interesting.
Cheryl CHO2
Cheryl CHO2 4 maanden geleden
Back in the late 1960s, or maybe the early '70s, MG did a commercial in which they parachute dropped an MGB. The original plan was to drop the car with a driver in it, and as soon as it landed, he'd drive it away. Fortunately, they decided to fake it. The first time they dropped it, the parachute failed and the car landed upside down and very flat.
1game saja
1game saja 4 maanden geleden
i now i now
patricia dega
patricia dega 4 maanden geleden
minecraftkid127 _
minecraftkid127 _ 4 maanden geleden
They actualy start doing stuff around 12:29
Robert Martian
Robert Martian 4 maanden geleden
Fun to watch the car squish under the force caused by the banking
Isaac 217
Isaac 217 4 maanden geleden
14:13 wtf
Rick B.
Rick B. 4 maanden geleden
LOL you guys are crazy. Love it.
Playlists HERE
Playlists HERE 4 maanden geleden
you guys can make fast and furious 7 landing scene in RC
Josiah Keller
Josiah Keller 4 maanden geleden
y'all need an airplane hangar
Fart Man
Fart Man 4 maanden geleden
I haven’t been on because I was on my back up account
speedy Joe
speedy Joe 4 maanden geleden
Why don ť you make more of that plane and sell it because I would love to have one
Taran Singh
Taran Singh 4 maanden geleden
RC car big jump
JakeAndKitten Plays
JakeAndKitten Plays 4 maanden geleden
Ok whoever is that short guy, he is very annoying ( no offense ) but he is getting annoying by the screaming
Crescente Jose Rodriguez
Crescente Jose Rodriguez 5 maanden geleden
Moment fast and furius 🤣👌🚘
Sebastian Hernandez
Sebastian Hernandez 5 maanden geleden
Make boms that flie
Carole Maccready
Carole Maccready 5 maanden geleden
What’s with the little girl running around like a lunatic?
Jennifer Pielago
Jennifer Pielago 5 maanden geleden
search hentai pls
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