Nieky Holzken vs. John Wayne Parr | ONE Championship Full Fight 

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The legendary clash between kickboxing icon Nieky Holzken and Muay Thai great John Wayne Parr in the @Bleacher Report lead card of ONE on TNT III concluded with a stunning KNOCKOUT!

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21 apr. 2021




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ONE Championship
ONE Championship Maand geleden
What's NEXT for these legends?
MARIE JOY INTES Maand geleden
i mean neiky vs haida or eersel
SENTENZA Maand geleden
Revenge vs Buakaw
Ian Graham
Ian Graham Maand geleden
Massive JWP fan, I can’t believe he’s fighting at this level after a hip replacement. But you can see his kicks aren’t the same and he’s reacting a bit more to getting touched. He’s achieved it all but it might be time to hang them up at 45, to fight at that level to that age is amazing. What a great career!
El Chupa Cabra
El Chupa Cabra Maand geleden
8 limbed warrior nak muay
@Argooh JWP is too big . He is like 10 KG bigger than Souwer at this point . You know that JWP vs Nieky was supposed to be at 77 KG ? JWP couldn't cut anymore so it was at 80 KG . No way Andy Souwer who is already looking chubby at 70 KG is gonna fight 80 KG JWP . JWP will KO Sower easy . Too big . Is like saying 38 years old ( current ) Buakaw who is 71 KG is a good fight for ( 22 years old ) current Rodang who is 61 KG . Rodtang is 16 years younger than Buakaw lol . It would be still a mistmatch . Buakaw is too big .
mavetek 13 uur geleden
I seriously dont get the point of this match. Parr is a great fighter but even at his peak has never been at Holzken level yet he wanted to fight him at 44 years old? People around Parr had nothing to say about this match? seriously? If Holzken wanted he would have really hurt him.
jamiejosh 2 dagen geleden
How needs to be stopped , he will be punch drunk by 50
The Nameless King
The Nameless King 2 dagen geleden
nieky is a hell of a man!^^
phil s
phil s 9 dagen geleden
told ya!
Kylo B
Kylo B 9 dagen geleden
Nieky's defence is so tight.
Dowico 9 dagen geleden
holzken is like a ufc created fighter irl
Den Lazar
Den Lazar 10 dagen geleden
A 37 years old John Wayne Parr would win this fight for sure... 37 to 45 years old at top level competitive martial arts is A LOT of difference...!
spakkx 10 dagen geleden
Damn that was hard to watch, JWP really looked out of it. Maybe he should've waited longer till his hip is back to normal.
Alexandre Compliance
Alexandre Compliance 11 dagen geleden
2 guerreiros, total respeito!
McJonko 11 dagen geleden
Is that the same guy as in team rico?
Professional Shittalker
Professional Shittalker 13 dagen geleden
I havent see nieky this sharp for years
Acheron 19 dagen geleden
When you fight someone your own size and cant cheat in weight in.
Ricardo Blikman
Ricardo Blikman 21 dag geleden
Jezus wat mooi man!
Mr. Wen \m/
Mr. Wen \m/ 21 dag geleden
"With timing like this, Holzken shouldn't be Dutch, he should be Swiss" "Tough as a truck stop sirloin" what's up with all these terrible canned jokes >:(
Andrew Chesler
Andrew Chesler 19 dagen geleden
Too much cheapo beer
Aaronamour 21 dag geleden
Look up some more of Michael Schiavello's commentary highlights and you'll learn to love those jokes.
Luke Edwards
Luke Edwards 25 dagen geleden
Tough as a truck stop sirloin brilliant 😂😂
Jake Barber
Jake Barber 27 dagen geleden
This is incredible! My new favorite combat sport
Eradicate 27 dagen geleden
37 years old vs 44 is too big of an advantage for Nieky. Awesome to see nonetheless.
mainmidmusketeer jones
mainmidmusketeer jones 27 dagen geleden
nieky is a different kind of animal, learning adepting and not letting age get the best of him. Legend indeed!
Robin Maand geleden
Nieky the best🤜🏽🤛🏽
Nick Smith
Nick Smith Maand geleden
Time for JWP to retire 😕
musashidanmcgrath Maand geleden
JWP - invented small gloves Muay Thai Lethwei Burmese boxing - 2,000 years old
Weekend Living
Weekend Living Maand geleden
Parr should have retired years ago, his reaction time and pretty much zero guard speaks for itself Nieky dominated him
tilla bakos
tilla bakos Maand geleden
ONE Championship is on par with UFC. Unfortunately, when comes to commentators, at least for those who watch it in English, these two muppets of a commentator kill it off. Say what you want Rogans enthusiasm is gold.
Jack Powell
Jack Powell Maand geleden
WP just too old to hang for a long period of time! World class definitely gave NH techniques to think about. Well done chaps.
che yeop
che yeop Maand geleden
that high kick projection at the early 0:26 is really something else to my eyes 👀
Saussinati Beats
Saussinati Beats Maand geleden
so vicious
Kim Jung Un
Kim Jung Un Maand geleden
Wasn't that lesson one : "Keep your hands UP ? "
Tommie L
Tommie L Maand geleden
Parr looked like what he is: an old man
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Maand geleden
How would these do against canelo under these exact rules? What you think?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Maand geleden
I’d love to see holtzkin try his hand in MMA, absolute destroyer
Rock girl
Rock girl Maand geleden
Would've loved to see this fight 10 years ago. JWP is way past his prime at 44.
Neder Hop
Neder Hop Maand geleden
Nieky still got it!
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Maand geleden
Looking at Holzken...thinking of Ramon 'Diamond' Dekkers. True beauty all at once.💪
Flatzee1 Maand geleden
Wouldve loved to see this when JWP was in his prime
Rock girl
Rock girl Maand geleden
and not rigged for $$ fight here
d jay
d jay Maand geleden
In 8 years time, Jesse takes this loss personally and challenges Nieky to avenge jw loss. Reaching here, but love to see it.
MARIE JOY INTES Maand geleden
neiky vs haida or neiky vs eersel 2
raboratory Maand geleden
Like a lion playing with its prey...
Drew John
Drew John Maand geleden
UFC should put on fights with this rule set.
K G Maand geleden
Its hard to hate john wanye parr hes just one of them guys you should be jailed for hating on him hes so easy going and humble
Good for you
Good for you Maand geleden
How much bigger is nicky?
William cox
William cox Maand geleden
Parr Is One of my Idol....but now It s top old....., no Speed no Power...😢
T FLINT Maand geleden
Please no more jwp
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Maand geleden
protect the brain from more damage.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Maand geleden
Would've loved to see this fight 10 years ago. JWP is way past his prime at 44.
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Maand geleden
Surge Álvarez
Surge Álvarez Maand geleden
That one bloke didn't have enough tattoos.
Deenus 1987
Deenus 1987 Maand geleden
Is it just me who finds this commentating cringey and full of puns..
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon Maand geleden
Par has that old man look
Pino Pino
Pino Pino Maand geleden
Looking at Holzken...thinking of Ramon 'Diamond' Dekkers. True beauty all at once.💪
Santi I.
Santi I. Maand geleden
I wish I could see Holzken against Connor McGregor, so Nieky could teach that clown a proper lesson of what it means to fight for real. Kudos to Holzken for he showed us a real and not rigged for $$ fight here
lewis.f Maand geleden
JWP should just retire. Painful to watch.
Bela Gyorfi
Bela Gyorfi Maand geleden
“As tough as a truck stop sirloin”
Jason Born
Jason Born Maand geleden
John Wayne’s a rapper
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Maand geleden
JWP is amazing but Nieky is one of the few Kickboxers who crosses to fight with Muay Thai rules and wins! Awesome as always, Holzken! Respect to both warriors!
Boris Maand geleden
Goed gedaan weer Nieky 👌🏻 🇳🇱
Davi d
Davi d Maand geleden
And what's up with these people in the comment section: JWP was slow and old.... This was a TOTAL MISMATCH. No challenge for the great Holzken
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu Maand geleden
What a fight. Was a bit hard to watch though, a guy taking so much damage with those small gloves. This is not MMA, this stuff is serious.
Davi d
Davi d Maand geleden
Holzken. in those gloves. Now go and do some mma man!!! :D
NPD Maand geleden
Please retire John. Don’t want to see you get seriously hurt brother... be with your family. 🙏🏽
Dennis Rauwhero
Dennis Rauwhero Maand geleden
Much love jwp
jim Maand geleden
makes me realize the difference from UFC striking and kicks to full fletched muay thai. Holzken would absolutely merc some of the top strikers from the ufc, his defence alone is incredible
It'sme Josh
It'sme Josh Maand geleden
the saddest part of the fight game is watching legends who fight for too long. JWP is a legend but it's time to hang em up. No use taking more punishment...enjoy life, get fat and protect the brain from more damage.
Mc De Waard
Mc De Waard Maand geleden
geweldig Nieky!
marcus marriott
marcus marriott Maand geleden
Par has that old man look
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Maand geleden
respect voor beide vechters. deze is voor Ramon. Nieky, je hebt ons trots gemaakt
Jim Johnston
Jim Johnston Maand geleden
Why is Wayne par the legend still fighting ? Hope he stays retired he can't do what he use to.
Baranka den laman
Baranka den laman Maand geleden
It ain't much if it's not Dutch!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Maand geleden
Roger Horscroft
Roger Horscroft Maand geleden
Par needs to retire already? This is getting sad...
MrKomadant Maand geleden
Is this guy Bruce Wayne brother ??
zeil 1time
zeil 1time Maand geleden
Jwp needs to retire he too old and slow
Ryza Big sky
Ryza Big sky Maand geleden
Jwp would of won in his prime
Honigdachs Maand geleden
What a fight. Was a bit hard to watch though, a guy taking so much damage with those small gloves. This is not MMA, this stuff is serious.
RuthlessBeats Maand geleden
Great fight a shame neither in their prime 10/15 years ago for JWP and 5 years ago for Nieky
Khan Maand geleden
Thumbnail: volko vs cro cop
Dmitriy Maand geleden
Nieky is my favorite kick boxing fighter of all time! so crisp and pure!
Keanu Velasco
Keanu Velasco Maand geleden
Regian Eersel, be careful.
Jhu Youknowwho
Jhu Youknowwho Maand geleden
On ya JWP Always be a legend of Muay Thai! Neiky is a beast
mick Maand geleden
Jwp is as tough as nails!!!
Philip Roberts
Philip Roberts Maand geleden
Those head shots aren’t going to do JWP any good at all ☹️
Liam Moir
Liam Moir Maand geleden
Respect JWP forever a legend 🥊🥊💪💪❤️
BES Maand geleden
Respect to both fighters. But stoppage was too early
Mike Maand geleden
Greg Hansford
Greg Hansford Maand geleden
I love John, unfortunately can see his age here he can't even get the kicks up. What a legend though.
How To Fish
How To Fish Maand geleden
Respect. Two tough fighters. Those light gloves don't leave much room for error. I've always been a fan of JWP and this was a good fight. It was stopped at the right time because, it was clear, JWP would not have thrown in the towel, no matter what.
Sensei Experience
Sensei Experience Maand geleden
what a great fight ! Nice techniques with accuracy. Both are excellent fighters
Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave Maand geleden
Jwp is a stud .
Surkhai Ramazan
Surkhai Ramazan Maand geleden
Left high kick 🔥
Brandon W.
Brandon W. Maand geleden
Nieky Holzken vs Edson Barboza is my dream matchup
Marshall Maia
Marshall Maia Maand geleden
At this point in his career, JWP should be fighting up and comers that want to make a name off him. This is the reason why Saenchai doesn't fight top contenders anymore, at a certain age you just lose that edge you once had. JWP still has an incredible fight IQ and work rate, I still think he has the style to beat Nieky.
Craig Cassidy
Craig Cassidy Maand geleden
This was messy
John Pedder
John Pedder Maand geleden
Both their skill levels are amazing
Nico Spruijt
Nico Spruijt Maand geleden
Respect voor Nieky the natural topfighter...
Lars Bo Berg
Lars Bo Berg Maand geleden
JWP is a legend but here he was out weighed with quite a lot of pounds...👍
XXX amsterdam WST
XXX amsterdam WST Maand geleden
Mooie counter mn pfff respect voor JWP nog steeds kennen meedoen met dit level
R ob
R ob Maand geleden
Supertrots op onze reiziger!
Ashley Bryant
Ashley Bryant Maand geleden
This might actually be my favourite ever bit of stand up watched
H4NDS0M3 B33F Maand geleden
It ain't much if it ain't Dutch 👊
8-BITE Maand geleden
How old is parr? OveR 50?
Matthew Harris-Davies
Matthew Harris-Davies Maand geleden
Is knocked out but still manages to tell ref I'm alright mate Let's Go
Lord Popo
Lord Popo Maand geleden
this "bunches and bunches" is it like a general synonym for giving preasure which mike tyson said in his prime, or is it even older than that?
Cpz.automotive Maand geleden
Nicky is a underrated player if you see him fighting like this!
Ken Beswick
Ken Beswick Maand geleden
As great as JWP is you can’t beat Father Time!! Will always be one of my favourite fights, a legend!!
Plastows P
Plastows P Maand geleden
Sad to see him lose like this and he should never have been allowed to be in the ring.
Argooh Maand geleden
JW ive watched you for as long as I remember. What a legend and role model. Keep going if you feel like it man - Can't believe you took on Nieky Holzken in mma gloves though ya mad man! Haha. F*** it why not ey.
If you laugh you get cancelled...
If you laugh you get cancelled...