Netflix 2021 Film Preview | Official Trailer 

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Here's a reason to get excited about 2021: Netflix has a new movie coming out every single week! This is just a sneak peak of the full list, which ranges from superheroes, to westerns, thrillers, rom-coms, action, comedy, and sometimes all of those things combined - and always with the world's biggest and best stars, directors, and fresh faces. Get hyped, people, because this year is gonna be a big one.
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About Netflix:
Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with over 195 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.
Netflix 2021 Film Preview | Official Trailer


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12 jan. 2021




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Mike H
Mike H 54 minuten geleden
Let me guess, all the new movies are going to be foreign films with English dubbed over them. Pass.
charu pathak
charu pathak Uur geleden
I love it. and plz give song played here.
elvis boakye
elvis boakye Uur geleden
Jesus Netflix is the world bank of movie's
Cain Tindal
Cain Tindal Uur geleden
I like how the got the movie outbreak on made in 1995 and what is going on now in the world and see people crying over being in Lockdown.
shady from the block
shady from the block 2 uur geleden
That Leonardo DiCaprio reveal tho
Arpit Pathak
Arpit Pathak 2 uur geleden
What is the name of that dope background music?
Sky 3 uur geleden
Aow Gulf
Aow Gulf 3 uur geleden
Red notice Army of the dead Beauty Sweet Girl Dont look up Im patiently waiting☠️
Aow Gulf
Aow Gulf 3 uur geleden
Jearevh Natividad
Jearevh Natividad 3 uur geleden
Deadpool, Wonderwoman, Dr. Bravestone. Hmm, pretty neat Trio
Mathilde N'diaye
Mathilde N'diaye 5 uur geleden
Music teaser? I love it and I can't find it so please help me 😢🙏
SUPER USER 6 uur geleden
Army of the dead though. Fan of zombie movies and Zack Snyder.
Pie In The Sky
Pie In The Sky 6 uur geleden
Pie In The Sky
Pie In The Sky 6 uur geleden
Yes! Red Notice!
Abhirut Meherishi
Abhirut Meherishi 6 uur geleden
What was the Leonardo DiCaprio and j law movie?
O4 Somya Ranjan Bhatta
Aly :D
Aly :D 8 uur geleden
I just want another 6 underground
LG REMOTE CONTROL 9 uur geleden
congrats nexflix you saved my 2020's locked
Raj Sisodiya
Raj Sisodiya 11 uur geleden
You're showing Leonardo Dicaprio in the last.
Paw Kuroda
Paw Kuroda 11 uur geleden
OMG! JLaw on a Netflix Original! 😍😍😍
Honor TheGift
Honor TheGift 11 uur geleden
let's get it!!
Doug The Pizza Addict
Doug The Pizza Addict 11 uur geleden
Wow all looks like trash.... glad i got rid of nf
Emilly Ruby
Emilly Ruby 11 uur geleden
I see Sadie!!!😩
Fionna Adeline
Fionna Adeline 12 uur geleden
Ferdy Ilzam
Ferdy Ilzam 12 uur geleden
Tick Tick boom
Monk & Po
Monk & Po 12 uur geleden
When you think everything's going to be healthy relationship then the kissing booth 3 comes on
giedryztube 13 uur geleden
Tom Cruise you now officially are the last big-screen-only legend. Wanna stay that way? Just continue saying no netflix 😎
Gifas 13 uur geleden
Aight we got Reynolds and Johnson but NOW I want Leo and Ryan film!
LG Waring
LG Waring 14 uur geleden
Maroun Abdo
Maroun Abdo 14 uur geleden
All filmed during a pandemic nice 👍🏻
Taylor's Journey
Taylor's Journey 14 uur geleden
I am literally SPEECHLESS. Being a movie buff! 52 MOVIES?!?! During the pandemic???? NETFLIX. I thank you!
BaddestSalmon 14 uur geleden
They all look like shit bro, respectively
Mabell Rodríguez
Mabell Rodríguez 14 uur geleden
wow Increíble!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Ironside II
Ironside II 14 uur geleden
Trash, except Dicaprio
carisse s
carisse s 14 uur geleden
JLaw is back 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
sdot 14 uur geleden
That's when things got personal for Movie Theaters.
Cum Gum
Cum Gum 15 uur geleden
They all have Covid. Gross
J A 15 uur geleden
In my opinion Netflix original films always look low budget and are corny.
epicLaserSharks 15 uur geleden
where the office
The One-Eyed Undertaker
Can Hollywood still make a movie without a gun, a fast car or a superhero?
Callandor 16 uur geleden
Netflix is so awesome.
Daniel Ofori
Daniel Ofori 16 uur geleden
Worth the extra $2 now to think of.
gengar_ate_me 16 uur geleden
Wtf netflix just got all the OG actors or what
Petey Arias
Petey Arias 16 uur geleden
Movie theaters are crying right now.
Pablo Conde
Pablo Conde 16 uur geleden
seeing this generic netflix crap, I realy can´t wait for the cinemas to reopen
Mia Pawelec
Mia Pawelec 16 uur geleden
When is the third Jumanji coming out???????🤔😔
Diego Romero
Diego Romero 16 uur geleden
That’s great and all but that’s why they’re charging more 😭😭I thing like 24 dollars
Viocur 16 uur geleden
Just give me lost in space season 3 and I’m chilling
Dash Cash
Dash Cash 16 uur geleden
Thunder force looks wack af
TNT1138 17 uur geleden
Charlee Lane
Charlee Lane 17 uur geleden
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Lukáš Tuček
Lukáš Tuček 17 uur geleden
This year will be AMAZING on netflix
Quave Lan
Quave Lan 17 uur geleden
Goodbye outside world. I will miss you.
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
Maria y Melanie Vargas ,Lopes Vargas
Eres genial
Crowsy Cured
Crowsy Cured 17 uur geleden
i'm so i excited for malcolm and marie holy shit
K J 17 uur geleden
I fell asleep watching this... They had to hire all these big names to try to make up for their lackluster lineup of movie content. At least their series have a little better success.
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
Aziz Murotov
Aziz Murotov 17 uur geleden
They shot all of these movies in 2019?
DaQuavious' Nintendo DSi XL
DiCaprio wants to be a soft boy
Devon Anderson
Devon Anderson 17 uur geleden
Hey the rock
DaQuavious' Nintendo DSi XL
The only one that looks good is the Mellissa McCarthy-Octavia Spencer movie. The tv shows better hit different bruh
Martin Gonzalez
Martin Gonzalez 18 uur geleden
And that’s why I cut my Netflix.... lame
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
aDayInTheLife 18 uur geleden
As expensive as Netflix has gotten, it better release a shit load of movie
Robert Ness
Robert Ness 18 uur geleden
Mr johnson you are a joke and a jerk and a criminal go f yourself
Spectra 18 uur geleden
Netflix is garbage for brainless normies
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
Scary Stories
Scary Stories 18 uur geleden
Finally. Some great news for 2021.
Nishant Parker
Nishant Parker 18 uur geleden
What is the reaking song ?? Anybody?
Nishant Parker
Nishant Parker 17 uur geleden
@isaac song played at the background ?
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
Mirkus 18 uur geleden
But...i saw Lee Scoresby
Артем Ведкин
Мощно 💪
Daniel Avila
Daniel Avila 19 uur geleden
Maybe I’m not that mad that the price raised? Nope still pissed, but it looks pretty good
Leek Henny
Leek Henny 19 uur geleden
Mariza Vögtli
Mariza Vögtli 19 uur geleden
NETFLIX😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍👍👍 LOVE LOVE LOVE
LG TeamGenius
LG TeamGenius 19 uur geleden
DiabloJacek 17 uur geleden
Big big big thx
ty 19 uur geleden
I got a feeling they didn't shoot shit. just took heads shots from zoom... copy and pasted
ty 11 uur geleden
@isaac never seen Hilda
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
ty 19 uur geleden
They even doing trailers from their livingoom/hotelroom. For me this just makes me think the last thing is should be doing is waiting for a good movie.
noah 19 uur geleden
Please make amongus movie, that would be awesome !
03 AI
03 AI 19 uur geleden
People seem to have forgotten to cancel Netflix on Cuties😂🤣
Nemo Krad
Nemo Krad 20 uur geleden
Twitter and NLblock need to be regulated by the Government/Voters
Messiah Agurs
Messiah Agurs 20 uur geleden
I wanna see thunder force
Debbie Nadine
Debbie Nadine 20 uur geleden
I thought I saw Aang biking.
Whirling Music
Whirling Music 20 uur geleden
Jordan Robert Allison
Jordan Robert Allison 20 uur geleden
Netflix, thank you for keeping my dream as a filmmaker alive. Now for the big question, could you hire me? for free even. put me on a set so I can prove myself.
isaac 17 uur geleden
Grnde 20 uur geleden
don’t look up has: ariana grande, timothee chalamat, jennifer lawrence, leonardo dicaprio and so many more iconic actors omg!!
Os Comentadores
Os Comentadores 20 uur geleden
What the song from the video?????????????????????????
isaac 17 uur geleden
matilda pilqvist
Tom 21 uur geleden
name of the song = Coming for it - LG (Team Genius)
Cat i's
Cat i's 21 uur geleden
Rosna Lidah
Rosna Lidah 21 uur geleden
I want insatiable season 3, please make it
Just say the word Zoinks
When will we get the full army of the dead trailer?
MegaTimmytommy 21 uur geleden
Okay now can we get release dates?
BeingHuman 21 uur geleden
Another year of staying home yeahh
Abigail spriggs
Abigail spriggs 21 uur geleden
Hollywood: exists Netflix: hold my beer gentlemen
DanielAlexander YT
DanielAlexander YT 21 uur geleden
The fact that all the top comments are verified says something about youtube...
M. t.k
M. t.k 21 uur geleden
no leo,no bale, no nolan just 3th or 4th class actors no one will work with rhem anymore ...
Moist Breadstick
Moist Breadstick 21 uur geleden
They better have a movie with Dwayne,Ryan and Chris in it
Isaiah Shiau
Isaiah Shiau 21 uur geleden
Ah yes the classic Netflix formula of taking an A list actor and throwing it in a b tier film🙏
Mo2 21 uur geleden
Hi we are Netflix, we are gonna pay a bunch of celebrities and put them in a bad video
Unsolicited But Offered
All rubbish. Mccarthy? Crap personified. And the Rock and Reynolds make dumb movies. Is this the best Netflix has?
Laurize Ynna Durango
Laurize Ynna Durango 22 uur geleden
Kissing booth 3 ❤
Jakub Kamiński
Jakub Kamiński 22 uur geleden
Looks like I'm gonna be busy this year!
Bildad Ochieng
Bildad Ochieng 22 uur geleden
So this your reply to Disney +
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