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In this video, James Allcott reveals the England XI he would choose if he was England Manager Gareth Southgate in the final of Euro 2020.
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24 mrt. 2021




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Jake Lfc
Jake Lfc 5 dagen geleden
We can interchange on the left, with Raheem on the right or not, but how do we counter attack effectively? I think Rice, Sancho and Calvert-lewin can provide the answer.
EDDO 6 dagen geleden
England is going to win this Euros !!!!!! England's first Playoff game is going to be easy Win !!!! Group F is the toughest group, but after they play with each other, they are going to be exhausted for playoff game against England , on the other hand, i think England's Group is lees of a challenge for them, and the team will be able to stay fresh and save energy for playoffs
B0bby Moon
B0bby Moon 15 dagen geleden
The case for playing these players: 1. Trent Alexander Arnold If you play back 3, you need to play TAA If you play TAA, you need 2 no.8 which is Declan + Hendo to cover his space If Kane is injured and DCL is on, TAA is a must for crossing and DCL's height is a perfect match for that 2. Grealish If you play Grealish, drop useless Sterling, both player are similar. They dribble, they attract players pressure and they tear lines apart. You only need 1 player doing that 3. Kyle Walker If you face Portugal (Ronaldo), France (Mbappe), Belgium (Hazard), Germany (Leroy Sane), you need Kyle Walker. His pace, his strength is the only thing stopping these world class left wing 4. Rashford If you wanna play defensive game, counter attack, or changed tactic to defensive after leading the game. Like James Allcott said, he is like Son to Kane. Kane will be a great linkup for Rashford's pace
ThePinkGoat 21 dag geleden
I agree with the majority but Mount has to start over Henderson for me, Henderson would’ve have a long time out, and he may be fit but won’t be in form, whereas Mount has been insane
Daniel Hackett
Daniel Hackett 22 dagen geleden
Tbh the vibe around England seems much better now than in the 2000s where they were expected to win.
Dharam Cheema
Dharam Cheema 22 dagen geleden
I like this team but I dont think gareths will be anything like this lol
MrDeden666 23 dagen geleden
The squad is missing something? maybe Lingard?
HD 23 dagen geleden
I subscribed from the Tier List vid. And I'll say again what I said in that vid.... I'll put my money in England for 2022. My only concern is the lack of a "defensive enforcer" like Van Dijk, or a "24/7 interception DMF" like Kante
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas 24 dagen geleden
Interesting you mentioned partnerships being important- so you went with Shaw & Maguire as the Man U left side but not Stones & Walker as the man city partnership. People think Right back is the hardest position to choose but In my mind it’s definitely Walker & TAA as the two best I think CAM role is the hardest position to choose because you have Foden, Lingard , Maddison , Mount and Grealish who are all excellent. I think also the CDM role you’ve got Rice , Henderson and also I think Phillips has played excellent for England as well and he s so use to connecting defense and attack via Bielsa . Personally I think we should only play with 1 CDM and 2 CAMs and then you can play Rashford on left wing who has been playing there all season and Sterling on right wing who has played there all season. So for me the perfect XI formation for me would be a 4-1-2-3 for me would be 1) Pope 2) Walker 5) Stones 6) Maguire 3) Shaw CDM 4) Rice CAM 7) Lingard 8) Foden LF 11) Rashford 9) Striker : Kane RF 10) Sterling
Mike Thomas
Mike Thomas 24 dagen geleden
Also I have used symbol to indicate chemistry- which I think historically has been under looked at previous tournaments. Also worth noting that you have chemistry with Shaw Rashford and Walker Sterling partnership as well. I think you have to pick players based on Form which is why I have gone with Lingard to start but it’s the most difficult position to choose because you have Grealish who is also injured currently but has been amazing .
Ice Gamer
Ice Gamer 25 dagen geleden
tactics from thogden
nozzer2002 26 dagen geleden
pickford has made some brilliant saves for England,cant believe people have that short term memories....
hornby396 28 dagen geleden
D Henderson, K walker, Maguire, Stones, Shaw, Rice, Grealish, Foden/Ward-Prowse, Rashford, Kane, Sancho/Sterling for me
Gary Margetts
Gary Margetts 29 dagen geleden
My England Eleven 4-4-3. Chilwell Maguire Stones James - Grealish Rice Mount Sterling - Rashford Kane
Jake Welch
Jake Welch 29 dagen geleden
That would be my exact squad too, except I would drop sterling. The guy isn’t reliable enough if we have only a hand full of opportunities in a game. For city he misses a lot more than he scores because that team produces loads of chances in a game. Sancho is more reliable in his chance creations and in his end product compared to sterling. Also, Kane and haaland are very comparable in their play style so he would fit more with him probably and the fact that he will most likely be the guy in the future. So play him now..
Ryan Curley
Ryan Curley Maand geleden
Only change I would make is trent for walker. Just like you said partnership's is key so having him next to stones would be good. Great content 👌
Matt devereux
Matt devereux Maand geleden
James you deserve 100k and more, your channel offers more insight than most sports journalists columns in newspapers now. You have a fair minded and deep seated awareness of the modern game ,being a qpr fan gives you a realistic sensibility to the game as well. I agree on ward prowse, plus his corners and set peices are so good and with how good we are in the air that has to be a considered option.
Maned Wolf
Maned Wolf Maand geleden
I'd seriously consider ward-prowse too, based on his form this season. He's got the work-rate passing range and that extreme skill on the dead ball
JynZ0 Maand geleden
I know everyone is again 5 at the back, but hear me out 343 Henderson Walker Stones Maguire Hudson Odoi Mount Rice Saka Foden Kane Grealish
Sonjoy Das
Sonjoy Das Maand geleden
I am not English but still love England from my heart.
Zeeshan Kara
Zeeshan Kara Maand geleden
I agree with most points, here’s my England xi: Gk: Pope Rb: TAA Cb: Stones Cb: Maguire Lb: Shaw Cdm: Rice Cm: (box to box) Mount (would rather utilise our attacking wealth then play a double pivot if it didn’t work against Albania & Poland don’t think it’ll work against Portugal & France) Cam: Grealish Rw: Sancho (Sterling’s poor finishing let’s him down imo. With Kane up front we need someone who can feed him & with experience at Dortmund feeding Haaland Sancho could do the same for Kane. He has 11 assists in the Bundesliga this season) St: Kane Lw: Rashford (gets in over sterling because personally he’s a better 2nd goal outlet to kane then sterling & has that connection with Shaw) Subs: Pickford, Henderson, R.James, Walker, Coady, Saka, Rice, JWP, Maddison, Foden, DCL & Sterling
Hugo Malim
Hugo Malim Maand geleden
I use to follow England home and away for a while. It was grim. Watching England draw nil nil against the Ukraine or struggle against Montenegro or Poland (not the current team) was dire. We had very talent available, with the likes of Welbeck or Townsend starting for England. Joey Barton getting a cap. The list goes on. Many England fans back are utterly deluded when it comes to the 3 Lions but you cannot totally blame them, we - as supporters - have been badly let down by the Golden Generation. That team should have done better (especially in 2006) and instead pressed the self destruction button, going as far as not qualifying for a tournament. Fans don't have high standards now. Your starting 11 looks excellent and seems very close to what Southgate was implementing in the last 3 qualifiers where we did fine. Really looking forward to this tournament. IT'S COMING HOME :)
Finley Clark
Finley Clark Maand geleden
Walker has to play over taa
Adam Alexander
Adam Alexander Maand geleden
With that team I think Henderson needs to play personally. You have 3 players other than him who have won massive trophies but in those three I personally would not class stones or sterling as leaders and Trent as people seem to often forget he’s still a kid. He may have burst on the scene and dominated at rb but he is still a young player. So for me hendo is the leader in that team he’s the commander. I know Kane’s captain but personally I would feel much more confident with Henderson in there
Dcam Maand geleden
I've been criticising Southgate a lot recently because I don't think he's got the nuts to go for a game thats there to be won. But what you said about just getting behind the team because we have quality options no matter who starts did give me more optimism. I understand people wanting Foden to start are justified (he's been the dogs) But I don't understand why we have to thrust another young player who's getting billed as the saviour into the lion's den. I think he can be used more effectively off the bench with the older more mentally ready creative players taking responsibility. I'd prefer Grealish but him or Maddison should start.
Dom Bortlik
Dom Bortlik Maand geleden
Dean Henderson’s been robbed, our best keeper by miles
Daniel New
Daniel New Maand geleden
I’m liking the video because James is a top bloke but leaving out Mason is actually criminal. He HAS to start, simple as
Louis Hart
Louis Hart Maand geleden
Surely if you have picked Hendo and Trent for chemistry, and you’ve admitted you love James as Mount, why haven’t you picked those two instead? Love the channel!
Chris Evans
Chris Evans Maand geleden
Could you explore an England 11 using a 4-1-3-2... think it would be an interesting concept to include all of England's best attacking players
Lennox Forster
Lennox Forster Maand geleden
Pope, Trent, Stones, Mings, Shaw, Rice, Mount, Sterling, Foden, Grealish, Kane. Rashford, sancho, saka off the bench 🔥🤯
SwampyTV Maand geleden
Reece James > Alexander arnold
James Evans
James Evans Maand geleden
Totally agree with your whole team Jimbo. Against smaller teams put Henderson as the pivot and Mount as an 8. Keep up the good work
Lez Grey
Lez Grey Maand geleden
I always find it weird that managers don't use subs earlier... you can tell fairly quickly whether or not players are on their game that day or if the match up against the opposition isnt working. swapping out at 70/80 min mark as a last ditch attempt to revive the game seems pretty dead... Surely a more dynamic use of your squad would be beneficial
Lez Grey
Lez Grey Maand geleden
great intro!
jon hickman
jon hickman Maand geleden
grealish???? I'm Man u till I die, but grealish is better than Rashford. Causes more problems, keeps the ball better, better decision making, better at 1 v 1s
Samuel James
Samuel James Maand geleden
Watch Popes positioning for Iheanachos goal
davehornet Maand geleden
You cant make an argument for sterling over sancho on the right hand side, on the left hand side you would have a shout but sancho all day on the right
Tom Magness
Tom Magness Maand geleden
Good videos, interesting content. Keep up the good work!
Joe Maand geleden
I bloody love watching England in international tournaments, was also there on Hyde park for the Croatia loss. However I've always disliked the cringe nationalist iconography that comes with it. After the the last year and our awful government, I feel more conflicted going into the Euros than ever! But as a Bristol City fan, this the best chance I can see a team I follow have a chance of silverware... 😂
Joel Oates
Joel Oates Maand geleden
The government should never stop you loving your country, mate. Especially not when it comes to sport.
Siraaj Uddin
Siraaj Uddin Maand geleden
Pope James Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Hendo Grealish Sterling Kane Foden
aip Maand geleden
How about? Kane (up top) Sterling (left) Sancho (right) Rashford (around Kane) Henderson (cm) Mount (cm)
kidmitch Maand geleden
Respect your hustle but mount not being in your line up is wild
jammybizzle666 Maand geleden
Pope or Henderson in goal surely, pickford is third choice now. I wouldn't start trent in the final personally - his performance this season especially defensively has been poor, if he gave the ball away with just stones or maguire behind him it would cause huge problems. The forward players we could choose from are insane, could easily just pick names from a hat and have a great front 4/5
Charlie Morrison
Charlie Morrison Maand geleden
I like it, James, you didn’t mention with Shaw something you did for Walker at RB: if England want to shuffle to a back 3/5 mid game then Shaw has excelled at LCB at club level - could be key in the closing stages of tough games!
VELiAN FOOTBALL Maand geleden
You picked Pope over Pickford because “experience doesn’t matter” then pick Sterling over Sancho for experience reasons. Sancho has turned up for Dortmund in big games over and over again (UCL included) while with sterling, he doesn’t show any clutchness in his game. Ideally I’d have a Rashford, Vardy and Sancho front 3 but obvs golden boy Kane can’t be dropped.
west ay
west ay Maand geleden
kane has 39 goals and assists in 37 appearances. rashford hasnt even got double digit league goals vardy wont come out of retirement but sancho i agree with
Sl41nte Maand geleden
I’m an irish man and I will still watch these vids mate, I have the unfortunate pleasure of my dad being english so
Joel Oates
Joel Oates Maand geleden
Thoughts on Ireland right now? I'd be fuming.
Horatio Huskisson
Horatio Huskisson Maand geleden
Henderson, James, Stones, Maguire, Shaw, Grealish, Rice, Mount, Foden, Kane, Rashford.
Daveeey Noob
Daveeey Noob Maand geleden
4-2-3-1 RB Kyle Walker RCB Tyrone Mings LCB John Stones LB Luke shaw LDM Jordan Henderson RDM James Ward-Prowse LAM Jack Grealish RAM Raheem Sterling CF Harry Kane ST Marcus Rashford The front three essentially can swap and change in each other’s positions depending on the opponent and how the game is going but honestly think that would be a solid team. I’d ever consider playing Trent RDM if he got picked.
Malikia.W Maand geleden
Maguire is so bad
Michael Ayandokun
Michael Ayandokun Maand geleden
What's the name of the digital tactical board you use?
Grand Master Squid
Grand Master Squid Maand geleden
433 with Henderson in goal, walker, maguire, stones,shaw as a back 4, dm - rice, 2 free 8’s of grealish and Maddison with rashford, Kane and sancho as a front 3
Marc S.
Marc S. Maand geleden
You don't really know much about foreign politics, do you? Most of the countries in the world are divided as fuck, now more tha ever.
MILO ROSS Maand geleden
Sol González
Sol González Maand geleden
James for england manager
Adis Bosna
Adis Bosna Maand geleden
Not Trent
evefn Maand geleden
if you shut your eyes and rewind back to the start he sounds like spencer :0
SoulVibez Maand geleden
Pope: ✔ Trent: ❌ walker Stones: ✔ Maguire: ✔ Shaw: ✔ Rice: ✔ Henderson: ❌ Mount Grealish: ✔ Rashford: ❌ sterling Kane:✔ Sterling: ❌ sancho Sub: Maddison, Foden, Saka, Prowse, Calvin, ...
Ayoub H
Ayoub H Maand geleden
not too late to employ Wenger
William Retter
William Retter Maand geleden
What about best set piece takers?
Jordan Newton
Jordan Newton Maand geleden
Trent isn’t good enough defensively to be ahead of walker or James
Jordan Newton
Jordan Newton Maand geleden
Personally I’d have walker and stones in cb, or stones and mings, with walker or James at right back and chillwell left back, would also (probably biased) have Phillips in cdm with Henderson or rice purely because Phillips will drop in to a back 3 if need be it also frees up your attackers, personally if grealish can cut the diving out he’d be a worldie, rashford and sterling have to play, so now your stuck with who you playing in cam
James Whelan
James Whelan Maand geleden
My XI Pope Trent Stones Maguire Shaw Hendo Phillips Grealish Sterling Kane Rashford Will we ever play 4 at the back? Absolutely not 👍
Harry Clark
Harry Clark Maand geleden
Brilliant in depth video. Agree with everything in here🤝
#1Shagger Boi
#1Shagger Boi Maand geleden
I don’t think any sane man picks hendo ahead of mount. Loved the vid but can’t agree with that
Henrik Bruusgaard
Henrik Bruusgaard Maand geleden
This is the best I’ve seen
Alex George
Alex George Maand geleden
I just fucking love this guy sm haha🤣
Ed fc
Ed fc Maand geleden
England vs Scotland, Trent vs Robbo, fullback vs fullback, soo hyped
Ed fc
Ed fc Maand geleden
Where’s hendo in the line of players??
Nelo Onyiah
Nelo Onyiah Maand geleden
That looks like a good team 🤠 Following your point on relationships one thing to consider would be to play City players down the right (Stones, Walker & Sterling). That I think would also be interesting 😉
Jack Scarth
Jack Scarth Maand geleden
your team is the one - i think grealish and trent only debates - sadly i think Southgate is incompetent and we will play 3 at the back and look toothless in attack just like 2018
Oliver Hodson
Oliver Hodson Maand geleden
First time ever seeing this channel, had been searching for something like this for a while , great wholesome content
daniel mcdivitt
daniel mcdivitt Maand geleden
Should do subs and squad
Jack Hines
Jack Hines Maand geleden
I'm with James, it's coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
George McNally
George McNally Maand geleden
I think a central midfield 2 of mount and rice should be the best option and we can still have 4 players ahead of them
R P Maand geleden
Golden generation of England ruined by a terrible coach, Southgate. This guy wouldn’t be able to manage any top half side in the prem. I literally can’t think of 1 manager he’s better than actually. Crap tactics so he plays 5 at the back like the teams Brighton or Burnley.
Q S Maand geleden
Squad. Pope Pickford Henderson. Shaw chilwell. Trent. Awb. Walker Dier maguire stones. Rice. Mount Bellingham Grealish foden Lingaard Saka Rashford. Sterling Sancho Kane. DCL. Standby. Johnstone Trippear Keane Coady maddison Henderson Ings
Q S Maand geleden
If Grealish starts then Trent has to play. To take advantage of the free kicks Wan bisaaka has to be In the squad also for nullifying the likes of mbappe
Q S Maand geleden
If England top the group. They’ll be playing a Spain in the second round
Ed Baker
Ed Baker Maand geleden
Missed Henderson out the pictures bruh ?
Andy Gordon
Andy Gordon Maand geleden
I turned off when you mentioned Reece James 😂😂😂
Ciaran Godman
Ciaran Godman Maand geleden
Sterling lw sancho rw and mount for rice
B X B L l
B X B L l Maand geleden
Foden has to start
SecretGreen Maand geleden
Easily the new go to channel for football content on NLblock.
James Lawrence Allcott
Thanks bro x
Jack Kilbz
Jack Kilbz Maand geleden
for me i wouldn't play sterling on the right hes not as effective on that side id go for either foden but have him coming inside or sancho
Bung DitDin
Bung DitDin Maand geleden
Wow what an intro and what a video
Alexander Brougham
Alexander Brougham Maand geleden
For me it’s recce James and mount also I don’t full trust rashford he is always on and off in games I think we need someone consistent so maybe foden or someone else
MadEagles InsanitY
MadEagles InsanitY Maand geleden
Isn't it EURO 2021?
Kali Vìbz
Kali Vìbz Maand geleden
I just had a look at the 2006 Brazil formation please do a England all out attack vid I think if we had better centre backs imagine playing like that..
Kali Vìbz
Kali Vìbz Maand geleden
Love everything your doing on this channel but can you please do a england formation video but In the old Brazil formation with double attacking mids when Brazil just put all the talent on the pitch ... Means you could take all 4 attacking mids. I think it would be interesting to fantasies southgate going all out
Sebastian Vella
Sebastian Vella Maand geleden
Grealish is good, but he is not world class. England still depend way too much on Harry kane the one and only true World Class player England has.
Jakescar99 Maand geleden
Says he wants Trent for his passing ability then doesn’t play Philips when he has better stats on everything over Rice apart from blocks
Sam P.
Sam P. Maand geleden
He picked Rice for his defensive attributes as well as ball carrying
vinnyvasquez Maand geleden
Pope Trippier Walker Stones Shaw Mount Rice Foden Grealish Sancho Kane
Mr. Arya Stark
Mr. Arya Stark Maand geleden
US 3 England 1 next world cup!
Khalid Ali
Khalid Ali Maand geleden
Dier and Pickford shouldn't even be on the bench let alone in the starting line up. Sadly southgate is going to pick both of them.
fred moody
fred moody Maand geleden
Sorry I don’t think Rashford and Sterling should be in the same team, way too boring and obvious
Malachi Dotse
Malachi Dotse Maand geleden
Gareth Southgate didn’t take Trent to the qualifiers because he said he hasn’t been up to standard which is true he’s been terrible this season
Malachi Dotse
Malachi Dotse Maand geleden
Ethan Kai
Ethan Kai Maand geleden
everything on point, but mount in for Henderson
TheMrBranford Maand geleden
Love this channel and watched every single video since I subbed. Reminds me of Spencer a bit before he went all cynical and pathetic. Keep it going lad. Always looking forward to it.
Richy B
Richy B Maand geleden
Bit late to the party but 100% the team I would pick against a strong opponent. Argument for Foden/Mount over Hendo against a weaker side, but this has the right mix of talent & experience for me. Really hope Gareth listens to Jimbo!!! Lol
Lewis Price
Lewis Price Maand geleden
Starting 11/replacements(would also have someone like Mings as another cb) Pope/Pickford TAA/James Stones/Walker Maguire/Konsa Shaw/chillwell Rice/Henderson Mount/Maddison Grealish/Foden Sancho/Saka Kane/DCL Sterling/Rashford
Sadakatsiz 27. Bölüm
Sadakatsiz 27. Bölüm
Weergaven 1,4 mln.
A Mercedes F1 drive... soon