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Launching giant model rockets is our new favorite hobby!
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Comment: Where was Pandas rocket?
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14 jan. 2019




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Reacties 100   
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect 2 jaar geleden
Huge announcements coming next Monday. Any guesses?
Laura Burgamy
Laura Burgamy 2 maanden geleden
Team cory all the way
Name_less 1208
Name_less 1208 2 maanden geleden
You are going to have a baby
Afif Family
Afif Family 2 maanden geleden
Dude Perfect yo u can make part 3
The Lil Gamer
The Lil Gamer 5 maanden geleden
You are so cool guys but t tight Is the coolest
Tgic Iglecia
Tgic Iglecia 8 maanden geleden
Dude Perfect fab
Deep_lover 2 uur geleden
i need rocket battle 5 right now
Kathryn Walsh
Kathryn Walsh 2 uur geleden
pt 3
Gabriel Perez
Gabriel Perez 3 uur geleden
Me people seeing this be like "its a nuke"
Dejane Sales
Dejane Sales 4 uur geleden
Me criance Love dude perfect
Gà Chôm Chôm
Gà Chôm Chôm 5 uur geleden
i love this video
Klea Kërçiku
Klea Kërçiku 6 uur geleden
Did you all remember in model rocket battle 1 Cody was 2nd and TY was firs.Cody lunch the rocket and he failed. Now Cody is firs who lunch rocket and TY failed because it was 2nd...
Lotlot Reyes
Lotlot Reyes 8 uur geleden
uwebqatebwhHEhhec🤣 bduwdblpdvdfeuwqpl jelly gwjwuwohs
Lotlot Reyes
Lotlot Reyes 8 uur geleden
gyqw😎kewqaskpkoufutdc gkeaqey
Evy salazar
Evy salazar 10 uur geleden
The quick cow bilaterally colour because spleen chemically practise minus a ahead red. fluttering, coordinated skin
bora babaj
bora babaj 11 uur geleden
Sutrisna Buddhi Dharma
Sutrisna Buddhi Dharma 12 uur geleden
R.i.p tylers silver bullet
Adriel Calapini
Adriel Calapini 15 uur geleden
Ganesh Shirsat
Ganesh Shirsat 15 uur geleden
Where is Pandas rocket
Adam Mohammed
Adam Mohammed 17 uur geleden
Wow wow wow wow wow
Roza Alega
Roza Alega 19 uur geleden
The windy frost analogously bare because picture lilly curve beyond a tremendous grenade. glossy, tacky titanium
Giordani Acosta
Giordani Acosta 19 uur geleden
CongrAts to corey
Olivier Teodorski
Olivier Teodorski 20 uur geleden
اسامه المرزوقي
معا امكم فلوس
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster Dag geleden
Ford Lenks
Ford Lenks Dag geleden
Я тут один русский?
Suad Ramusevic
Suad Ramusevic Dag geleden
TET Dag geleden
2 years after being uploaded , youtube recommend this video..
Game Zone
Game Zone Dag geleden
3:28 and 6:34 sounds like a rocket propelled grenade exploding
Ammini K S
Ammini K S Dag geleden
Malayalies 👍👍
Ali HOSSEINI Dag geleden
Farshid Sarwar
Farshid Sarwar Dag geleden
shut up guys
Nate Plays Roblox
Nate Plays Roblox Dag geleden
Rip sliver bullet V2
Harlem Bussie
Harlem Bussie Dag geleden
2:06 I would call it THE BULLET
LY - 07PJ 818803 Hillcrest MS
TY what an tragic turn of events...
abubeker E
abubeker E Dag geleden
Tyler how did you mess up
Logan Newman
Logan Newman Dag geleden
Brittany Baker
Brittany Baker Dag geleden
The parched jason univariably ask because sled longitudinally please for a imperfect toad. rigid, humdrum vegetable
1:03 In this shot I got anxious b/c you could've melted the camera sensor
Eli Adest
Eli Adest 2 dagen geleden
Next time they'll have the rockets be multi stage rockets
angryRINNI 2 dagen geleden
Yall shoulda invited kim jon un
Fergie channel Abi
Fergie channel Abi 2 dagen geleden
Sad 2:32
Julian Wills
Julian Wills 2 dagen geleden
cody cant resist almost killing things with his rocket, first a cow then himself
Kaito Sun
Kaito Sun 2 dagen geleden
Re3X Gaming
Re3X Gaming 2 dagen geleden
First Video small rocket. Second video big rocket Third video: NEWS SPACE X launched 5 more rockets whit dude Perfect.
Alexandros Vryonides
Alexandros Vryonides 2 dagen geleden
there is no chance cody's rocket reached 1010ft
Jodie Davies
Jodie Davies 2 dagen geleden
Song is gud
Gdgd Dgdg
Gdgd Dgdg 2 dagen geleden
sami alshilati
sami alshilati 2 dagen geleden
Coolgamersky 2 dagen geleden
ty should have named it golden bullet
Kana McGrath
Kana McGrath 2 dagen geleden
2 things why isnit the 2nd sivler bullet the golden bulet? 2 why isint it called the wasp?
BoxGamingYT 2 dagen geleden
2:23 Rocket: explodes NASA: Challenger Flashbacks
JamesNolan TheFakeName
JamesNolan TheFakeName 2 dagen geleden
If the rocket is big and explodes so big also : *WHOLE HQ DIES*
UnusualAnimations 2 dagen geleden
He should have called it the golden bullet. That’s why it exploded.
Ethan Hodges
Ethan Hodges 2 dagen geleden
I like when coby’s rocket went really fast
Ethan Hodges
Ethan Hodges 2 dagen geleden
My dad think that was funny when Tyler’s rocket got on fire 🚀 🔥
tio momochishiki otsutsuki
Lengeda is great
Chris Truong
Chris Truong 2 dagen geleden
Tyler:LAUNCHING Rocket: I’m about to end this mans whole career
Lindsey Bieskie
Lindsey Bieskie 2 dagen geleden
I love this video
Micah Alexsander Reyes Martinez
Bro this thing looks like a gold Bullet he should’ve called it that
Nicholas Borski
Nicholas Borski 2 dagen geleden
chingyiu ho
chingyiu ho 2 dagen geleden
The ruthless milkshake scully fear because jet recently relax barring a material crime. pretty, panicky dressing
Toufik Bkr
Toufik Bkr 2 dagen geleden
تجربة مشوقة ❤️، جزائري مرة من هنا 😊
Mason McKenzie
Mason McKenzie 2 dagen geleden
Silver Bullet? ...more like Challenger
Lucas Suryan
Lucas Suryan 2 dagen geleden
These guys are just boring, They put back powder at the base of the silver bullet and they know they didn't put a parachute in mooooooove over
Mahyar Arefi
Mahyar Arefi 2 dagen geleden
Ali King
Ali King 3 dagen geleden
كيف هيك قناتكم 55مليون مشترك
bastek0407 3 dagen geleden
Nasz Polski
Rafaelgamer 3000
Rafaelgamer 3000 3 dagen geleden
Doğan ile Herşey
Doğan ile Herşey 3 dagen geleden
Ne güzel eğleniyorlar
Aaron Jiang
Aaron Jiang 3 dagen geleden
Remember the go pros survived all of this
Jacob Glerup Jensen
Jacob Glerup Jensen 3 dagen geleden
123m nice
scout tf2
scout tf2 3 dagen geleden
Im to the-
mackynze sawyer
mackynze sawyer 3 dagen geleden
Cody is like my brother lol
Thunder Of Thor
Thunder Of Thor 3 dagen geleden
I demand as a fan of Dude Perfect to make MODEL ROCKET BATTLE 3 Its been quite some time now
Thunder Of Thor
Thunder Of Thor 3 dagen geleden
Destruction of Silver Bullet 2 wos the most beautiful thing I saw
sersonico6 ser
sersonico6 ser 3 dagen geleden
Ecco 3 dagen geleden
Silver Bullet: *explodes* me: least the chute deployed :D
Ecco 3 dagen geleden
4:42 *didnt the original rocket d i e when it hit the ground?*
Chin Chee Loong
Chin Chee Loong 2 dagen geleden
It's probably a rebuilt one
محمد كاظم
محمد كاظم 3 dagen geleden
محمد كاظم
محمد كاظم 3 dagen geleden
Big fat Yoshi
Big fat Yoshi 3 dagen geleden
Ty: "She's soaring high!" The rocket: 2:23
Ccggx 123
Ccggx 123 3 dagen geleden
Silver bullet version two makes you not look like dude perfect and makes you look more like dude terrible
Squirrel pipe
Squirrel pipe 4 dagen geleden
Rip silver Bullet
saki sani
saki sani 4 dagen geleden
Woah taht is so cool !!! 😎😎😎
Frostfire plays
Frostfire plays 4 dagen geleden
6:38 me: wtf blue fire??!!! That is insane
Ngoc phuong Tat
Ngoc phuong Tat 4 dagen geleden
Gonzales Curth
Gonzales Curth 4 dagen geleden
ty's silver bullet turned into an actual bullet lol
Anti_Matter 6966
Anti_Matter 6966 4 dagen geleden
Silver Bullet 2.0 More like Crashy McSplodey
Adrian Ahammed
Adrian Ahammed 4 dagen geleden
🤩 wow
Adrian Ahammed
Adrian Ahammed 4 dagen geleden
Augie keller
Augie keller 4 dagen geleden
Do a rocket battle three
Jael Xyrus Cinco
Jael Xyrus Cinco 4 dagen geleden
also rip gopro
Gael Santos Jorge
Gael Santos Jorge 4 dagen geleden
Á1áq,chóferes !!!!!
BarçaFan 10
BarçaFan 10 4 dagen geleden
Purple horses rocket the fire purple
Felix De La Rosa
Felix De La Rosa 4 dagen geleden
I hate you guys so duhm
Bulent Tekinisik
Bulent Tekinisik 4 dagen geleden
Baranflix 4 dagen geleden
Fuel what ??
Sophie Jimenez
Sophie Jimenez 4 dagen geleden
Awesome vid
MR MARSHMALLOW 4 dagen geleden
5:45 surely the bumble bee v2 should of got a 300 ft catch bonus as the tree caught it and so it didn’t hit the ground and also in the first one Cody got a 300 ft bonus when his traffic cone was caught by the rod so he should of had an extra 300 ft bonus.
Imad Laine
Imad Laine 5 dagen geleden
The Next with Elon musk
Ashar Ahmed 16
Ashar Ahmed 16 5 dagen geleden
i am watching in 123 million views
omya xyz
omya xyz 5 dagen geleden
Over power lonch Rocket
TheSwedishSalamander 5 dagen geleden
Came for the AIM-54 Pheonix, very impressed, I love getting kills from 50 nautical miles out with that missile in DCS.
Mikey Block
Mikey Block 5 dagen geleden
7:40 my last 2 braincells
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