MMA Community reacts to Khabib's retirement, Justin Gaethje issues statement, Dana White reacts 

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MMA Community reacts to Khabib's retirement, Justin Gaethje issues statement, Dana White reacts
- Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 via second round submission and announce his retirement from MMA.
- Dana White praises Khabib Nurmagomedov following his retirement: “You have to start putting him up there at GOAT status”
- MMA Community reacts to Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Justin Gaethje
- MMA Community reacts to Khabib's retirement
- Conor McGregor rects to Khabib's retiremeny and Justin Gaethje's UFC 254 loss to Khabib


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24 okt. 2020




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OCTAGON NEWS Maand geleden
Your thoughts, is Khabib the MMA GOAT?
j- lowe-84
j- lowe-84 Maand geleden
Everyone knows Connor doesn't lose to the same guy twice!! The first fight is for feel of the opponent and the 2nd one is for glory and the runback or rematch is for all the glory.
j- lowe-84
j- lowe-84 Maand geleden
@Abdul Naeem Connor was equivalent to an ingrown hair so deep into the ole poop shoot the only way to get it out is to stick a finger in there and dig. Lol I know that sounds pretty personal right? That's one of those things you don't say anything about. I say this because this is also how he has to deal with Connor... Don't say a word to him and eventually he quits.. lmao I personally feel that this is also part of Connors story plot, or strategy. He knows Khabib is a Chess master and I'd say at least 60% of Khabib success is his fight IQ/mental preparedness, and Connor tries to beat him at his game.
Adem Bajramov
Adem Bajramov Maand geleden
@Tyler Brown ggoooaatt
Adem Bajramov
Adem Bajramov Maand geleden
kaal gede
kaal gede Maand geleden
Top of the top GOAT #TEAMKHABIB 💪
wayne helton
wayne helton 27 dagen geleden
Khabb made justin look like a beginner ! Never seen any one like you justin huh . will he has fighted better thin you ! And that was connor and another one that went all rounds with him !
Adrian Sorin
Adrian Sorin Maand geleden
Dillon Danis, an imbecile like always☝️
Miguel Jimenez
Miguel Jimenez Maand geleden
For f.cks sake! Ufc just fire Kevin Lee already!!!
Jon Euc
Jon Euc Maand geleden
How hard do you think Connor gives it to Dillon Danis
Jon Euc
Jon Euc Maand geleden
Connor. “My foot🦶 was a 🎈balloon.
cnpankey1983 Maand geleden
Fight was rigged
John philpott
John philpott Maand geleden
Dirty ankle rat🐀😂
Jack David
Jack David Maand geleden
Guys do you know ho Dilldo Dannys is !??
Shir Waziri
Shir Waziri Maand geleden
Connor - My fut waz a baloooon Khabib- hold my broken foot
Anthony Jonas
Anthony Jonas Maand geleden
His foot was a balloon
Michael Sheets
Michael Sheets Maand geleden
U.F.C. Undefeated former champion, Khabib Nurmagomedov ! 🐐
y d
y d Maand geleden
Kevin thrown more words than strikes in his career 🤣
Sani Khan
Sani Khan Maand geleden
🇵🇰🇵🇰❤❤🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️😢😢love from pakistan brother
rm Maand geleden
It's funny how mn you've edited this where Justin was saying he'll be limping while Khabib was walking like nothing happened out of the cage🤣👍🏽
Moetez Ouelhazi
Moetez Ouelhazi Maand geleden
Obviously he woudn't be when he's adrenaline high and still warm, but exerting that much pressure on a healing leg that was fractured weeks ago can only make it worst
Dave B
Dave B Maand geleden
Says a ko causes brain damage and then says it was a 5 round fight and has to be better on the bottom........
junior minott
junior minott Maand geleden
i know some of you regret your negative comments , because you can not take anything away from a great man
Anthony Rowe
Anthony Rowe Maand geleden
His foot was blaine
Safal Limbu
Safal Limbu Maand geleden
my foot was ballon
Ben Goodrum
Ben Goodrum Maand geleden
Why aren’t people talking about that triangle that shit is not easy from top and he just made it look wayyyyyy to easyyyy on a champion wrestler
GRAD 79 GRAD 79 Maand geleden
Conjob will carry on. "Like a child"!
Islamic Book Center
Islamic Book Center Maand geleden
I pretend to be like a tough guy but j cried
JJ Scott
JJ Scott Maand geleden
Khabib has DAGESTAN celebrating constantly. LOL Masha *Allah*
JJ Scott
JJ Scott Maand geleden
GSP didn't want to give Khabib his 30th win. He would've gotten it defeating any of these easily: Zombie, Ortega, Diaz, Hooker, etc.
Jason Mckenzie
Jason Mckenzie Maand geleden
You can come out now Conor, he's gone..
Pasha Ninja
Pasha Ninja Maand geleden
Flawless victory
Yoav28 Mashiah
Yoav28 Mashiah Maand geleden
He Mold Connor and he will mold Dylan Dennis as well
Mobgusiam Mai
Mobgusiam Mai Maand geleden
Dillion Danis. If it is hard to congrats Khabib victory. It is wise to keep silence.
Elvin Humbetov
Elvin Humbetov Maand geleden
Garabagh is Azerbaijan 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇹🇷🇹🇷🇵🇰🇵🇰♥️
Martin Mckenna
Martin Mckenna Maand geleden
His foot was a balloon
Aka Blank
Aka Blank Maand geleden
You guys you forgot 29-0 not once he bleeds in the fights this is beyond 🐐🦅💪🏻
Walter White
Walter White Maand geleden
The difference between Khabib and Conor other than khabib being the better fighter Conor: blames broken foot Khabib: wins with broken foot.
Newton Wigginton
Newton Wigginton Maand geleden
Who is dillon danis?
Rusty Maand geleden
the hardest part of this fight for khabib was the weigh in
Azrael Maand geleden
When you're on top, everyone wants a piece. Khabib gave everybody a slice and is still undefeated
mahmud rahman
mahmud rahman Maand geleden
I guess only Dilon Penis got what Habib's retirement means!! Unbelievable sh8t from a less than average Funky MMA boy.
Boneginer Meatslabs
Boneginer Meatslabs Maand geleden
KHABIB IS GREATEST AT 155 he not the best of everyone jon is
Al #
Al # Maand geleden
Yeah his "foot was a ballon, you didnt see it my foot was a ballon." Na that was just justins kicks that fucked up his leg
House Barzini YT
House Barzini YT Maand geleden
Fought and defeated the best for his father and retired in his prime undefeated undisputed champion of the world for his mother. Respect.
.... Maand geleden
PFP KING for sure
.... Maand geleden
Just incredible
Trần Hồng Quảng Ninh
Rangga Surya saputra
Rangga Surya saputra Maand geleden
Indonesia i love khabib.♥️ Good job Khabib. #alhamdullilah
Dillon Danis still struggling to stay relevant. Aiming to keep his position as CHIEF ASS LICKER AT Connors HOUSE lmao. SOmeone tell Dillon that it was Connor that tapped so his neck didn't snap ffs. ;)
Odin Maand geleden
Conors tweet is as lame as Dillon having a Japanese tattoo when he's from New Jersey. He should of got a proper 12 label tattoo that says "proper bitch"
Acoustic Soulexternal
Acoustic Soulexternal Maand geleden
Askren is still allowed to talk shit on another fighter after retiring 3 fights in?& his only win was a bad ref stoppage Got choked out by Damien & his stand up looked like a little girl ,got knocked out quicker than anyone else ever..he was nothing once he got got in the ufc n fought real fighters yet has the nerve to run his mouth on a true warrior 🤔
404 Maand geleden
Justin " getting choked out is good for health" Gaethje
Cuyl Shepherdton
Cuyl Shepherdton Maand geleden
4:58 Gaethje is almost letting the secret slip every time he talks about it. Jeeze.
grace khiangte grace
grace khiangte grace Maand geleden
These guys.. Gaethje, poirier etc are talking big and tough but inside the octagon they are scared. Only Conor is the worthy opponent
Cuyl Shepherdton
Cuyl Shepherdton Maand geleden
3:24 Ben let's also talk about what he did with his left arm during that setup. Come on.....
Cuyl Shepherdton
Cuyl Shepherdton Maand geleden
Look. It's awesome Gaethje can get the money he deserves for everything he has done without taking any damage, but look... We all saw that he had room to get his arm under Khabib's right knee. He threw the fight. Enjoy the money though.
ramon ortiz
ramon ortiz Maand geleden
NASA lies!! The real Eagle has landed!!
Abdul Samad
Abdul Samad Maand geleden
Feel The Power Of Muslims! 29 Fights 29 Wins
Vitor Hugo
Vitor Hugo Maand geleden
And The clown Dilan Dennis had to talk shit like always!😂🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Muneeza Rashid
Muneeza Rashid Maand geleden
Anyone who says Dana White is unfeeling hasn't heard him speak over the years. I'm a young, female UFC fan and even I know that just because he's tough, looks tough, is a "man's man", and isn't politically correct doesn't mean he's not empathetic, too. This interview, likes dozens of others, shows that he has a good heart in him. Much respect for Dana. And ALHAMDULILLAH for 29-0!
Babah Channel
Babah Channel Maand geleden see khabib here ☝😎
MBasir Channel
MBasir Channel Maand geleden
Is that true. Cahbib will never fight again?? Allohuakbar. Hope alloh give the best for chabib
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle Maand geleden
When you lose a fight you should shut your mouth and not comment at all. Makes you look stupid Justin, not that your smart or anything, but do it for the sake of your family name.
B034S 07
B034S 07 Maand geleden
the key to the success of khabib is to master the bottom fight and good defense
Benjie Visitacion
Benjie Visitacion Maand geleden
Khabib already proved himself and his worth
Gus Gus The God
Gus Gus The God Maand geleden
Nurmagomedov vs mcballoonfoot for the "my foot is balloon" title Hahahahaha
DιMαツ Maand geleden
I’m sorry but you must’ve been on the receiving end of some khabib mailing to put a club sit circle round the knee after quoting he broken foot
plops993 Maand geleden
I wouldn’t give Khabib round 1 vs Gaethje. He kept forward pressure and earned points from 1 takedown. But Gaethje landed numerous punches and leg kicks round 1. Gaethje won round 1
sartaj gazi333
sartaj gazi333 Maand geleden हिंदी में सुने लाइक करे लिंक को ओपन करो
sartaj gazi333
sartaj gazi333 Maand geleden Urdu me sune kya hua tha link open kre hit like
hogi99 Maand geleden
Well the Muslim audience about to say: bye bye 👋
vdubfrk Maand geleden
5:24 justin: i got him in trouble! Really??!!!
Honesty taqwa
Honesty taqwa Maand geleden
Khabib is GOAT
Alec Tang
Alec Tang Maand geleden
What is the music called?
Mario Zoisl
Mario Zoisl Maand geleden
My foot was a 🎈.
Neil Buckard
Neil Buckard Maand geleden
Wtf connor thinks he should fight for the vacant title?? Give me 1 reason why he should? Plenty of other fighters deserve a match like justin v Ferguson part 2 connor cannot pick who and when he fights the dudes had more retirements I've lost count so dana make him earn the honour of fighting for khabib title make him face tony hes been running from that fight for years then make him fight justin see how he fares with them two bouts then line up a title shot late 2021
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke Maand geleden
Love Gaethje, BUT holy shit Khabib is good. He should go to Penn state and wrestle for Cale 4x NCAA champ
Tau Maand geleden
Khabib is going through his 94 Michael Jordan moment. Hope he will comeback too.
loshotrosha Maand geleden
He retired bs his speed degrade every year! He's inteligent man and know it. 5-6 years on the throne is awesone and will be remmemberd forever!
E MC Maand geleden
"My foot was not a balloon" - Khabib
F F Maand geleden
Khabib, The Most Dominant Fighter of All Time!!! GOAT! Little Stupid Dillon Dani, maintain your garbage mouth closed, man... Eagle, Forever! FF
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds Maand geleden
Can’t wait for Justin to come bsck sharp
George Tanasa
George Tanasa Maand geleden
People actually buying this "he broke his foot but somehow was cleared to fight" bullshit. Only thing that broke was Dana's jaw from khabibs nuts.
julesgame Maand geleden
Why Conor gets attention when it wasn’t even close? Poirier got close with the guillotine, that’s about it.
cain T
cain T Maand geleden
khabibs foot was a balloon
Bulldog Badger
Bulldog Badger Maand geleden
Khabibs foot was a belleeewn
Richard Noggin
Richard Noggin Maand geleden
That kind of honesty and insight as to why he lost the fight is why Justin Gaethje will come back stronger and be the next long as Khabib stays retired or Islam doesn't get to the top before the next fight for the belt.
Salah Samou
Salah Samou Maand geleden
After this fight i have so much respect for Justin
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan Maand geleden
Kevin poor and poor comment let’s fight with Islam
محمد أنس
محمد أنس Maand geleden
Kevin Lee is a joke..
Juston Sullivan
Juston Sullivan Maand geleden
Mad props Justin keep your head up stay focused at the task at hand and u will be a champ. Already a champ in my eye's.
Marlboro Matt
Marlboro Matt Maand geleden
JG seriously needs to go back and watch the fight. The fight I watched had Khabib totally dominating from beginning to end. JG looked like amateur. This was very easy victory for Khabib
Michael McGregor
Michael McGregor Maand geleden
Justin, “he’s going to be limping for a while!?!?!?” From the guy who is laying unconscious in his own urine.
Cons2911 Maand geleden
Who’s the notorious one mentioned??
Randy Whitehead
Randy Whitehead Maand geleden
Much respect and love to Justin. You are a Champ in my eyes!
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez Maand geleden
That Dilon Danis with his stupid ass, attention whore comment, how could Khabib be scared of Conor y he beat him super easy, even tho he won one round, no Knockdown for Conor even having the Power advantage, and even still Khabib did drop him after setting that Overhand with the takedown shots 💯🔥🤷🏻‍♂️
d zl
d zl Maand geleden
khabib: my foot was a balloon
Glenn Heflin
Glenn Heflin Maand geleden
Jon jones sitting there with 15 championship belts going huh....
John Wick
John Wick Maand geleden
30 - 0 plus the Bear
Omar M Khalil
Omar M Khalil Maand geleden
I tuned into the fight right at the end, and all I saw was that scene of khabib collapsed on the ground crying.. I was like no way did he lose, was so confused for a sec.
KDog Shmackabitch
KDog Shmackabitch Maand geleden
It says fought with a broken foit but has tge red circle around his knee lol. Dummies
Angelo Seghesio
Angelo Seghesio Maand geleden
The child who fights with bear LEGEND!
Bekti Copy
Bekti Copy Maand geleden
I love you both
Moosenz_1 Kefs
Moosenz_1 Kefs Maand geleden
Dillion still sucking conners knob 😂
badmotorscooter1000 Maand geleden
Khabib didnt make weight! Watch the weigh in and see the official manipulate the scales and slide the weight while the bar is still moving. Dana knows it too. That guy has done that shit before . He was slick
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