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14 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Katy Wards
Katy Wards Dag geleden
Simon is like teqo because my favourite in faze is teqo and in side men is Simon
EpikMurk 8 dagen geleden
We need more!
Hadrian Wong
Hadrian Wong 11 dagen geleden
Did anyone notice that Tobi has tobiias gaming under his name?
Suhaan Arora
Suhaan Arora 13 dagen geleden
Woah watching this after 1 year lmao Simon you ran outta content?
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 13 dagen geleden
i don't think it's just because harry is younger, it' just that he's been consistently going gym and bulking up.
Dawood Khaleeq
Dawood Khaleeq 14 dagen geleden
"Simon, do you smell that?" "Smells like a crossbar." *Hits the crossbar with a Rabona.* 👌🏼
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 14 dagen geleden
Harry hitting the volley to hit the crossbar will be one of the most memorable moments in sidemen history
7xgb 14 dagen geleden
vikk and apex make more sense
yusuf ali
yusuf ali 14 dagen geleden
Bennett Enfinger
Bennett Enfinger 15 dagen geleden
Sidemen and faze 7v7 would be a great video I think.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 15 dagen geleden
The way JJ runs when Harry hit the cross bar 😂😂
Black Gentleman
Black Gentleman 15 dagen geleden
Simon has clean rabonas
Dennisddt 16 dagen geleden
Didn't Simon hate reaction channels? That's all I came here to do.
Dyego Anthony Tinio
Dyego Anthony Tinio 16 dagen geleden
5:30 Voice Crack hehehe😂😂🤣🤣
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 16 dagen geleden
Vikk's has white trims while the others are in I think the second charity match shirt.
DinkleBerg 16 dagen geleden
Yeah let's react to a video I was in makes sense
Rashed Elamin
Rashed Elamin 16 dagen geleden
5:53 "tobiiasgaming" what a throwback
Zurgaa 17 dagen geleden
"intervention sound is Goated" so Goated it was the Barret sound, jheez
KINO 17 dagen geleden
unKNOWN 17 dagen geleden
Look Simon.I don't want to repeat this. But if it's not streamer life simulator we simply don't give 2 flying fucks.
Luthfi ahmad
Luthfi ahmad 17 dagen geleden
Tharsan J
Tharsan J 17 dagen geleden
lit ep.
Job Veldhuizen
Job Veldhuizen 17 dagen geleden
Fun fact about this video.... only Europeans have hit the crossbar.
cypher games
cypher games 17 dagen geleden
Bruh they were making some next up inazuma eleven shots towards the end
S8C 18 dagen geleden
Ahmed Muersh
Ahmed Muersh 18 dagen geleden
When sidemen plays Charity match again pls invite Teeqo
R3D STAR 18 dagen geleden
In old sidemen football vid when the songs started you know something cool was gonna happen and I like it
Flori Meqa
Flori Meqa 18 dagen geleden
dolita windo
dolita windo 18 dagen geleden
"Do you have a Playback" No but we have a "Replay" 😂
Playzgamez9 18 dagen geleden
Great video
Zyxph on drip
Zyxph on drip 18 dagen geleden
opposite = harry blaze vik kay josh adapt simon teeqo ethan jarvis tobi tommy JJ and apex
Poric Crompton
Poric Crompton 18 dagen geleden
Swear I’ve seen him react to this like 10 times😂
Pezza033 19 dagen geleden
100% higher production
Kryptic_callum 19 dagen geleden
If only we could have the old sidemen foootball vids and their reactions 🥺🥰
Lindokuhle Madlala
Lindokuhle Madlala 19 dagen geleden
13:35 Thank Me Later Boys
Howard Sebastian
Howard Sebastian 19 dagen geleden
17:58 JJ back then trying to hit a no look crossbar in a competition with Faze: *Failed horribly* JJ doing it in 2021 with the motivation of removing Vik: *Succesful attempt*
Sherisan Dean
Sherisan Dean 19 dagen geleden
Simon is so salty with harry doing better videos can't he just give him credit
Topmeoff 19 dagen geleden
Teeqo should have been in the NLblock all-stars vs sidemen matches .....
Mudau Mfhariseni
Mudau Mfhariseni 19 dagen geleden
Yho Simon are you sure you're not somehow related to Blaze
Cello Try hard
Cello Try hard 19 dagen geleden
Why is he reacting he was there
Agent 9762
Agent 9762 19 dagen geleden
Narain Manickam
Narain Manickam 19 dagen geleden
I’ve re watched that video so many times, such iconic moments. I miss the old sideman football challenges!
Jokke Thiry
Jokke Thiry 20 dagen geleden
React on moresidemen to top 50 sidemen moments
Strey Demon
Strey Demon 20 dagen geleden
When Ethan scared him. He reacted like he shit himself.
Raheeb Mir
Raheeb Mir 20 dagen geleden
We all went off tall white guy
IGL_Brando 20 dagen geleden
He has perfected the art of the volley
T.T. 4life
T.T. 4life 20 dagen geleden
No hate but Simon might have been a little bit jealous of Harry hitting that amazing crossbar...😬Simon is better tho
Mark Sturgeon
Mark Sturgeon 20 dagen geleden
12:47 🤣 jarvis is shiting himself
Dishant Joshi
Dishant Joshi 20 dagen geleden
Is it just me, or everyone's NLblock glitching out?
PixelStacker 20 dagen geleden
Even though this is Harry’s vid and he didn’t edit it, it feels like a Wroetoshaw video because of the drops and stuff surely!
Alan Thespider
Alan Thespider 20 dagen geleden
Jarvis and Vik cuz they like kids
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 20 dagen geleden
I’ll say blaze and vik since they the ones that get bulky 😂
Rahul Utamchandani
Rahul Utamchandani 20 dagen geleden
In the Chelsea and Spain jersey, Harry looks exactly like a young Fernando Torres
Aakash 20 dagen geleden
nice 20 minute clip
Aaron B
Aaron B 20 dagen geleden
I literally just rewatched this video and now I find Miniminter did it a day ago 😂
Twenty 209
Twenty 209 20 dagen geleden
Great everyone gets to watch grown men kick a bag of air into nets while having a loud annoying buddy there with them. The only reason why these videos exist is because people are lonely. 🤪🤪🤪
David Sime
David Sime 20 dagen geleden
See how all the Sidemen get around each other after every hit! wayyy better friend group than Faze.
Alohavibez808 20 dagen geleden
I always rewatch sidemen vs faze videos 🙌🏽 Good content and banter between the two 💯
Jamie 20 dagen geleden
you should react to the call of duty game against faze too
Gevorg 20 dagen geleden
I’m so sad this is the pitch my team practices on every day and we weren’t there when they recorded this
averagegamer 20 dagen geleden
This reused content is terrible, fake reactions and fake hype. Miniminter used to be original but he has run out of good video ideas and just puts out rubbish now.
Shawn Mansoor
Shawn Mansoor 20 dagen geleden
3:02 did no one see what the guy on the right was doing
Kent Vigilante
Kent Vigilante 20 dagen geleden
The clip of you all carrying Vikk made it into NLblock Rewind 2019.
TXHMID09 Ali 20 dagen geleden
Blaze is like the simon in faze
gorilla gaming
gorilla gaming 21 dag geleden
Some of Simonsbath chat is so dumb sometimee
Jude Ake
Jude Ake 21 dag geleden
Most of the high quality Sidemen videos are shit
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord 21 dag geleden
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iPulsey 21 dag geleden
Blazekin played football as he grew up
Pranav Kashyap
Pranav Kashyap 21 dag geleden
I'd rather have 10 low quality miniminter main channel video..than One "high quality video " he puts out once a month .. I miss the vlogs man.... I'd say vlogs and real life stuff was miniminter peak
Preston Graham
Preston Graham 21 dag geleden
Simon: “Saying let’s go is an American reaction” Also Simon: Says let’s go all the time
Cayden.M 21 dag geleden
He meant the way he said it
Ondřej Tomek
Ondřej Tomek 21 dag geleden
You should do another 👍👍
Prince Mbata
Prince Mbata 21 dag geleden
Alex Stylebender
Alex Stylebender 21 dag geleden
The vlog ones arent even really low quality It kinda is but low quality i love is when they did the face painting challenge Obviously not a banger of a vid but it was them and more sidemen if you know what i mean
Yxsuf 21 dag geleden
12:25 Viks too underrated
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Youcef Ghechim
Youcef Ghechim 21 dag geleden
YR Media
YR Media 21 dag geleden
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YR Media 21 dag geleden
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YR Media 21 dag geleden
James Butler
James Butler 21 dag geleden
Faze vs Sidemen charity match when it all reopens again?
Goe Jomez
Goe Jomez 21 dag geleden
Do this with sidemen fearpong
Helen Martin
Helen Martin 21 dag geleden
Harry hitting the volley to hit the crossbar will be one of the most memorable moments in sidemen history
Love Trolling
Love Trolling 21 dag geleden
Jessica Polizzi
Jessica Polizzi 21 dag geleden
Istarting2022maybe 21 dag geleden
Apex and vick
MysticStrike Force
MysticStrike Force 21 dag geleden
I like how the whole way through he's teaching young kids how editing works and i think that's something youtubers should teach people so these kids or people who never edited before realize how long it takes and tiring it can be. Also yha the dinner part you were talking about i think it was in vikks videos before or i think after you guys did a call of duty video with them. But yha i bet vikk was really happy he helped the sidemen win both challenges has he was probably thinking the rest will do better.
Itsjunior 21 dag geleden
This does look like a sv2 edited video