Miley Cyrus - Heart Of Glass (Live from the iHeart Festival) 

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6 okt. 2020




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Rachael Kempf
Rachael Kempf 2 minuten geleden
sexual orientation: miley cyrus
Mage 9 minuten geleden
I’m the 19 million view
Tauqueisha Chester
Tauqueisha Chester 25 minuten geleden
Okay Miley this is more her she have such a loud voice its hard to keep control of a loud voice she stay in key
G Shock
G Shock 27 minuten geleden
She did great!
Cardi b's Toenail
Cardi b's Toenail Uur geleden
im so amazed, with all that high notes and not encountering voice cracks is just wow.
Josimar Albino
Josimar Albino Uur geleden
Essa show foi muito foda... dancei horrores
Alan Scott
Alan Scott Uur geleden
Miley, thanks for reminding me how great Deborah Harry is.
Siniq Uur geleden
She looks like jay Cartwright
carrotcake Uur geleden
a cultural reset
nazaré moreira
nazaré moreira Uur geleden
Ficou top 👏
fcporto porto
fcporto porto 2 uur geleden
Don’t understand how can people hate .... guess they hate they own life then they just hate everything and the world 🌎.... she killed it and I only listen to wu tang rage Korn biggie u get the point
Carlos Eduardo de oliveira
Mano eu escutei essa música sem saber que era dela e fiquei tipo Pqp deve ser um daqueles hinos atemporais cantados por uma voz lendária de uns 50 anos atrás agora descobri que essa música/voz lendária é da Miley...
Matt Hendrix Cobain
Matt Hendrix Cobain 2 uur geleden
R. I. P. heart of glass 😢
Michael Sachs
Michael Sachs 3 uur geleden
Deborah Harry sings much better.
Casity W
Casity W 5 uur geleden
Miley killed this!!!!!!!!
simone hilliard
simone hilliard 5 uur geleden
i didn’t know i needed this version so bad
NOYB 5 uur geleden
Well ! my approves just went up for she has the pipes for this kind of singing...!!
Rasta Man
Rasta Man 5 uur geleden
Shows how good Debbie Harry was.
Phylonyous Phunk
Phylonyous Phunk 5 uur geleden
Holy shit... all of her covers are have made me a big fan of hers!
Marilin A Z
Marilin A Z 6 uur geleden
canto bien, el maquillaje bonito , la ropa mmm... yo hubiera elegido otro escote para ella pero el cabello noooooo Miley noooooo hubiera quedado genial con el cabello oscuro ese rubio esta feo parece Susy Diaz xD todo perfeecto y hermoso pero ese cabello no va! queremos a Miley morena otra vez
OM Primo
OM Primo 6 uur geleden
Hot damn. 😧👌
miss skyla
miss skyla 7 uur geleden
Sing to me like you do !!!! Wow!!!
miss skyla
miss skyla 7 uur geleden
シuwu 7 uur geleden
fome tu wea, mejor blondie
FatElvis 7 uur geleden
nick blue
nick blue 7 uur geleden
Hanna Montana is back! 😍
Albert Patino
Albert Patino 7 uur geleden
Debbie has poise! Miley kinda does but no match!
JuanJoT$ 7 uur geleden
Blondie revived!
bossdarko Ø
bossdarko Ø 7 uur geleden
How did they get around social distancing ???? pandemic #bossdarko Ø
Kevin Bittrolff
Kevin Bittrolff 7 uur geleden
A 🐖
rita huarcaya
rita huarcaya 7 uur geleden
Amo a esta mujer carajo
Rhonda Bower
Rhonda Bower 8 uur geleden
You’re all going to hate me but no one can touch the indescribable beauty of Deborah Harry. She was mesmerising. Definitely a great performance by Miley. Blondie was pure magic.
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 8 uur geleden
Damn miley got sexy af! Ooohh and her vocals on point 👌..
Claudia Maribel CH. Lopez
Me encanta 💜💜💜💜💜🔥
Stephanie De Leon
Stephanie De Leon 8 uur geleden
nathalie 55
nathalie 55 9 uur geleden
this is why i'm bi
Edu Villegas
Edu Villegas 9 uur geleden
Wooow increíble!
Sandra Uvalle
Sandra Uvalle 9 uur geleden
Simplemente increíble 🤩
Lady Snow
Lady Snow 9 uur geleden
I love her so much😭😭😭
joe nolasco
joe nolasco 10 uur geleden
Not a fan of hers but if she put out an album of 80’s hits I’d buy it
Sofía Munoz
Sofía Munoz 9 uur geleden
you should check her new album Plastic Hearts...lots of 80s vibes and featuring Billy Idol and Joan Jett she even has a remix of edge of seventeen w stevie herself
david cuellar
david cuellar 10 uur geleden
Barry Woods
Barry Woods 10 uur geleden
How to destroy a great song, poor Blondie.
Javier Asdsdsdas
Javier Asdsdsdas 10 uur geleden
Cynthia Virove
Cynthia Virove 10 uur geleden
Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez 10 uur geleden
she's iconic, very iconic
Joe M
Joe M 10 uur geleden
Looks good but my god voice horrible
Lachon Jackson
Lachon Jackson 10 uur geleden
I still really enjoy Blondie doing it.
hadi valentina ariza quintero
el mejor con ver que e escuchado
Uncle frank memes
Uncle frank memes 11 uur geleden
Amazing! She's definitely an entertainer in everything she does.
megan farren
megan farren 11 uur geleden
Cant wait for the metallica cover album 😍😍
Ricardo Jimenez
Ricardo Jimenez 11 uur geleden
debbie harry > Cyrus, cyrus is only screaming.....
yuh get into it
yuh get into it 12 uur geleden
this is her genre of music.
Sofía Munoz
Sofía Munoz 9 uur geleden
check out her new album Plastic Hearts!
Diego Andrés
Diego Andrés 12 uur geleden
Dominique Hamel
Dominique Hamel 12 uur geleden
I had to watch it twice. Once to watch her and once to listen to her.
Estefania Ramirez
Estefania Ramirez 13 uur geleden
Like si hablan español jajajjajaja 👇
Hannah Pierce
Hannah Pierce 13 uur geleden
I love this album and can't stop listening to it. Does anyone happen to know whether it's gonna be available on vinyl?
Hannah Pierce
Hannah Pierce 6 uur geleden
@Sofía Munoz Tanks a lot! I'll look for it there then :)
Sofía Munoz
Sofía Munoz 9 uur geleden
i think it is on her websitee!
Will_e7 14 uur geleden
This is shit
Short Nop73
Short Nop73 14 uur geleden
She comes across as very brassy, not a patch on Debbie
Roman Macias
Roman Macias 14 uur geleden
Tina Turner and Blondie must be proud of their bb.
Alexis Colby
Alexis Colby 14 uur geleden
What the hell is she wearing? Did she raid Cher's wardrobe??
Dale Moeser
Dale Moeser 14 uur geleden
yo yo
yo yo 14 uur geleden
Barbara Morales
Barbara Morales 14 uur geleden
you are my goddess, i love you
Lilian González
Lilian González 14 uur geleden
Robert Halstead
Robert Halstead 14 uur geleden
OMG .. I haven’t seen this kind of talent since the seventies.
Gabril Mtz
Gabril Mtz 14 uur geleden
Simplemente perfecta
Fernanda Rojas
Fernanda Rojas 14 uur geleden
cada día soy más 🍰torta🍰
Елена Годунова
костюм не помог
Joshua Aguilar
Joshua Aguilar 15 uur geleden
The original is way better... sorry
Tome Homeowner
Tome Homeowner 13 uur geleden
Yeah, but honestly I don't mind this either
Shanti Om Tarot
Shanti Om Tarot 15 uur geleden
Simplemente hermoso
anne hovenden
anne hovenden 15 uur geleden
ya its over rated
VAWEEBIE 15 uur geleden
Rock is definitely her genre. The fucking SOUL THAT COMES OUT! Unmatched.
Pancrasia Voladora
Pancrasia Voladora 16 uur geleden
Miley puede pisarme la cara y le diría gracias
Cayla Wood
Cayla Wood 16 uur geleden
Your insane!😍
Abril Delgado Fonseca
Abril Delgado Fonseca 16 uur geleden
I like more this version than the original, honestly...
Rebecca Roca
Rebecca Roca 16 uur geleden
Miley mullet is a fucking Dream , i loved
Isis Ra El
Isis Ra El 16 uur geleden
She doesn’t have any bunz 😂😂
ixe 1331
ixe 1331 16 uur geleden
her voice is perfect
Alexandre Notta
Alexandre Notta 16 uur geleden
Sil Zamora
Sil Zamora 16 uur geleden
I love the song, miley is the best
Carina Buroni
Carina Buroni 17 uur geleden
Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass Seemed like the real thing, only to find Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind Once I had a love and it was divine Soon found out I was losing my mind It seemed like the real thing but I was so blind Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind In between What I find is pleasing and I'm feeling fine Love is so confusing, there's no peace of mind If I fear I'm losing you it's just no good You teasing like you do Once I had a love and it was a gas Soon turned out had a heart of glass Seemed like the real thing, only to find Mucho mistrust, love's gone behind Lost inside Adorable illusion and I cannot hide I'm the one you're using, please don't push me aside We coulda made it cruising, yeah La, da, da, la,…
Carolina González
Carolina González 17 uur geleden
I will never stop watching this video 😍
Felipe Silva
Felipe Silva 17 uur geleden
Rodrigo Gastón Rister
Rodrigo Gastón Rister 17 uur geleden
Mejor cover!!!
WayneStatic65 18 uur geleden
Not a Miley fan but DAMN she did this song some justice 👍
J K 18 uur geleden
what can't she do?
It's me yanti
It's me yanti 18 uur geleden
My favourite idol God bless you From fens Hongkong Indonesian
Douglas De Jesus Martins
Thomas 18 uur geleden
I had no idea she has such a powerful voice
Luis Calderon
Luis Calderon 19 uur geleden
She couldn’t take it so she left and poured her heart out with my this song. We love u sooo much sis
patricia alves
patricia alves 19 uur geleden
I love this version😍
Mr. Musik
Mr. Musik 19 uur geleden
Es una diosa!
Brisette Macedo Huaylla
Este es su género, rock a las venas please!!!
Addison Moored
Addison Moored 19 uur geleden
To be honest, she sang this better than the original omg
Pourik Smith
Pourik Smith 19 uur geleden
First impression Miley looks like drag act singing ..if you look at Debbie Harry's song she is natural beauty like marlyn Monroe .on this occasion you can't beat the original for beauty and great singing voice ..but Miley sings her own songs well ..but not this one .
808tune 19 uur geleden
She Rocks
WenStarsCollide 19 uur geleden
Pretty sure I saw the same performance at some dive bar a year ago when some wasted chick with a deep voice was trying to impress some dude with her karaoke. Needless to say, she went home alone. Debbie Harry, we apologize for this mockery of one of your biggest hits. .
Donnie Murray
Donnie Murray 10 uur geleden
lmfao no way in hell you heard someone with a voice as powerful as this at a karaoke bar.. pack it up lol
Mar Vazquez
Mar Vazquez 20 uur geleden
Belinda 20 uur geleden
Me encantó su versión
Erika Elizabeth Miranda Domínguez
AMO, AMO, AMOOOOO ♥️♥️♥️♥️
sakura one
sakura one 20 uur geleden
Я в шоке как же это крутоооо
Miley Cyrus Carpool Karaoke
KAI 카이 '음 (Mmmh)' MV