Mick Has The Sweetest Race Engineer 2 - F1 2021 Portuguese GP Team Radio 

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Mode Slow has never been spoken soo softly *_*
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2 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Anne Green
Anne Green 6 dagen geleden
The wooden spider wessely vanish because structure obviously cheat plus a lowly rabbi. interesting, special industry
handige rakkers
handige rakkers 7 dagen geleden
Everyone: why u wish to drive at haas they are the slowest car ever made me: Garry Gannon (micks engineer)
Joseph Nordby
Joseph Nordby 20 dagen geleden
what the name of the guy on the radio?
Manoah van der wolf
Manoah van der wolf 20 dagen geleden
is Mick a girl princess in a fairy tale car in the streets and serving tea to his fellow imaginary friends and getting support from his depressed social worker or does he want to play with the big boys and slay down dragon fire and serve down another piece of Schumacher legacy for his opponents to break their jaws on? My god imagine Hamilton, Alonso or his dad's engineers talking like that. It's not like he's 6 years old fcol.
Christian Domingo
Christian Domingo 24 dagen geleden
It's a Douze Points for Gary and Mick by showing Good Professionalism on the radio
Abyan Devi
Abyan Devi Maand geleden
Bring all nation leaders Gather them in one place Bring this engineer guy Ask him to say "everything is gonna be allright" Achieve world peace
Stygian Maand geleden
He needs to bring this engineer to Sauber or Ferrari when he eventually changes teams.
Arya Kareem
Arya Kareem Maand geleden
The more I’m listening to Mick and Gary’s radio, i’m getting a proud older brother’s feeling. I don’t even know him, LOL..
Erik Carrillo
Erik Carrillo Maand geleden
I just want Mick to do well. I want him to continue his father's legacy.
S. Fuchs
S. Fuchs Maand geleden
"Mode slow, mode slow.... behind the next chicane there is an fantastic cafe on your left. So park your car and take a moment to relax with a good coffee before you come back to the box..." 😂😂
y1521t21b5 Maand geleden
Classy son of a classy dad.
Roger Triggs
Roger Triggs Maand geleden
There's something about the engineers voice that is so good
level7 Maand geleden
I want this guy to tell me everythings alright.
spilot101 Maand geleden
How can you not like this guy? Now, his teammate....
Mythiceu Maand geleden
NLblock be like : yup thats Assetto Corsa
Manu Maand geleden
how can you not love them
AJ STYLES Maand geleden
nice wholesome conversation.
a e
a e Maand geleden
what’s the name of his engineer
777 Maand geleden
bruh i cant help but smile Mick and his engineer saying over and out. i wish its their catchphrase everytime they got something sorted out
tommobeast2 Maand geleden
Talks to him like a child
Cyril Abiteboul /Dilan
Dude I swear I feel so bad for Mick last year Haas kept getting P9 And now they are just P17.
Kasim Ahmed
Kasim Ahmed Maand geleden
That "over and out" between them was so wholesome
Youre Boys Gottem
Youre Boys Gottem Maand geleden
These titles are Sus
gallahant Maand geleden
Would like Seb, Mick, his engineer and Jock Clear in the same team.
Francesco Maand geleden
Over means you’re expecting a reply. Out means you’re not expecting a reply and that you’re ending the conversation. Over and out is Hollywood nonsense. Please don’t ever say over and out unless you wanna annoy anyone with a military or radio comms background
FSM Maand geleden
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.
Northern Rides
Northern Rides Maand geleden
I want this engineer to make an audiobook
nitin mendekar
nitin mendekar Maand geleden
It felt like a father and son conversation
Joren Maand geleden
this must be the most soothing voice of a race engineer ever
Dad Maand geleden
This engineer has a mega calm voice
fromeverywhere Maand geleden
wholesome 🥰
So much respect between the two. Its nice to see.
Carter Rowe
Carter Rowe Maand geleden
Mick's energy is also so sweet! Totally matches his engineer
tomeddie14 Maand geleden
The kindest engineer ♥
juan bacarreza
juan bacarreza Maand geleden
i felt so bad when he sait "im faster than seb", i cant imagine how hard does mick want to continue his dad legacy
Ha G
Ha G Maand geleden
like they are dating...
Michael Beckwith
Michael Beckwith Maand geleden
He's definitely my favorite haas member since he was with Kevin
Alex14elma Maand geleden
Wait a minute did he say that he was faster than an Aston Martin? Impressive
maffyeew Maand geleden
video: Mick Has The Sweetest Race Engineer 2 - F1 2021 Portuguese GP Team Radio youtube: this looks like assetto corsa to me
Lee Mullin
Lee Mullin Maand geleden
Wow so calm, collective, professional and with such an understanding and respect for each other 👍 His engineer sounds so patient with Mick which is lovely to see and hear.
David Panken
David Panken Maand geleden
I think the relationship is very important for their attitude. Both Mick and Gary are friendly, which makes them like eachother, which results to them being even more friendly.
Tiff Maand geleden
this team radio it's so soothing to hear
Side Wing
Side Wing Maand geleden
I am totally ok with listening to a whole 60-70 min convo just with Gary and Mick.Its sooo calm
Venom129 Maand geleden
Gary Gannon? Definitely sounds like Magnussens engineer
Orangeballs Maand geleden
Haas: the duality of man
Amyrull Fazmi
Amyrull Fazmi Maand geleden
baby schumi is sho cute
Yogesh Vartak TG-PCM
Yogesh Vartak TG-PCM Maand geleden
Ya he is really sweet. Who would celebrate P17 like that. Not even Narain's engineer would have celebrated like that😂
Mr BlepBlopBlup
Mr BlepBlopBlup Maand geleden
i want mick to be a champion so bad
Overtake Media
Overtake Media Maand geleden
Bromance of the year
Adrian Unicycle Adventures
I love seeing how hard-working, modest and full energy/hope this guy is, taking into account his surname & what he is showing he seems like a great promise for the coming years...
SnobGoblin the third
SnobGoblin the third Maand geleden
chris l
chris l Maand geleden
Over and out is not a correct way to transmit on the radio. Over means you are waiting for a response. And out means you are off the air. They are conflicting transmissions
NachosOmi i
NachosOmi i Maand geleden
my face when I heard over and out🙂😊🤗
josem138 Maand geleden
He has a sweet voice, like a good child. I wouldnt doubt that after what he has witnessed... that should make you consider life as it is and being kind to others
Pseudo Historias
Pseudo Historias Maand geleden
Wow, that's so wholesome. And I also like the fact that Mick was positive with the car. Maybe is too early to say but I think he's not only good but a very educated youngman with a bright future ahead. Nikita on the other hand...
Guerteltank Maand geleden
I really hope that sacrificing this year for next years car will be worth it. Those 2 deserve getting better results
Kyle Ebarle
Kyle Ebarle Maand geleden
Gunther have shitty attitude and the airport head mazapin have also shitty attitude but this engineer have a great attitude
Denis Maand geleden
I love the way they say “understood”. Ricciardo’s “understood” is the best one yet haha
Geoff Isabelle
Geoff Isabelle Maand geleden
That "understood" is just like his pop. He's doing exactly what he needs to succeed. Well done Mick.
Alexandre Salau
Alexandre Salau Maand geleden
That is one good sound quality.
Ethan Vivi
Ethan Vivi Maand geleden
They are acting like close friends
Peter Maand geleden
Mick: Car is great Mazespin: !#&!∆%! Car!!!!!
SUPMIK Paddleboarding
SUPMIK Paddleboarding Maand geleden
there are a lot of things that have to fall into place to win a championship.but for sure he has the skills and talent needed to do so.if he is in the right team at the right time.what you certenly can't say about his team mate,which he already dominates on a regular basis.Mick is constantly 0.5-1 sec faster then Mazespin,finishing the race in portimao 1+minutes ahead of him in the same shitty car and even being able to finish in front of Latifi who is clearly in a faster car...the talent is 100% there now it's a matter of having the right luck.but I wouldn't even be surprised if he would be the next multiple champion of this era,stealing Verstappens show completely in the future!
*** Maand geleden
Box, box, and I'll make you a nice glass of lemonade, over.
Stigma Maand geleden
Wholesome comms
Sasa Talpes
Sasa Talpes Maand geleden
he has better communication with his race engineer than me with my parents haha
Emilia Grace
Emilia Grace Maand geleden
Stephen Ramia
Stephen Ramia Maand geleden
It's all part of the plan Being groomed for success
Panpaletka Lg
Panpaletka Lg Maand geleden
looks like old man Schumacher did a good job raising Mick
Raihan Purboyo
Raihan Purboyo Maand geleden
I want Gary to tell me a bedtime story
Anamika Joshi
Anamika Joshi Maand geleden
He needs to start a side gig of a meditation podcast. I will listen to it!
Beau Bozza
Beau Bozza Maand geleden
Classic example of what goes around comes around...
Noggin Fodder
Noggin Fodder Maand geleden
To be fair Mick sounds rather kind himself.
Chat Maand geleden
I didn't know F1 could be This Cute!
JC Denton
JC Denton Maand geleden
So this is how to treat a rookie. Slowly, he will learn
BuuGz Maand geleden
pro tip for Mick. NEVER CHANGE THIS ENGEENER.. seriously wherever Mick goes to drive he should take this guy with him.
ThunderGaming Maand geleden
his voice and accent is soothing idfk why or how
Varc6 Maand geleden
Guy simping hard on mick
Afif Maand geleden
Like cap said, "I can hear this all day"
yes no
yes no Maand geleden
imagine this guy telling you where to point the light instead of your dad
Smaffles Maand geleden
The only good thing in micks first season in F1 is his engineer
Dalibor Zak
Dalibor Zak Maand geleden
Mick about underdeveloped Haas: "Car was great." Alonso about every car: "GP2 engine, GP2 engine..."
ThtSlo_mk6 Maand geleden
Can’t wait till he wins races
HeavyHarris Maand geleden
Everyone loves this
C Ro
C Ro Maand geleden
I wonder what their kids will look like
loduca16 Maand geleden
Jesus Christ enough gobbling this guy’s knob
Stephen Marengo
Stephen Marengo Maand geleden
Gary Gannon is the perfect engineer for him.
Reno Maand geleden
they really are a match made in heaven. mick is a rookie willing to learn everything he can and putting all his efforts in and his engineer perfectly guides him through everything and they really get the best out of each other.
Tom Quick
Tom Quick Maand geleden
Gary 🥰
ryan mullins
ryan mullins Maand geleden
Mick Schumacker's race engineer ASMR
The Cook
The Cook Maand geleden
Mick is gonna do great in F1. I think people are still underestimating him and that will work in his favor. The kid has talent, and all the good qualities from his dad like dedication and work ethic. I see no reason why he couldn't eventually challenge for a championship in the right car. But for now, we'll enjoy watching him getting better and better, with the help of this amazing race engineer called Gary Gannon.
fabook1 Maand geleden
His goodbye to magnussen was really nice too
Mixed Reality Sim Racing
I want a mod for crew chief on iRacing that talks to me like that when sim racing
[EVO] Caeden
[EVO] Caeden Maand geleden
Urrghhh. I hate it when I hear "Over and Out." It's such a cliche but it's terrible radio etiquette. "Over" means "Over to you", as in you are granting talking privilege to the other person. "Out" means "Conversation over, I'm leaving". So if you say "Over and out." You are essentially saying "You can talk now, but I am leaving"
Balraj Tavanandi
Balraj Tavanandi Maand geleden
"I am faster than seb"
Jack 1
Jack 1 Maand geleden
You should compare this enyineer to strolls. LOL.
Onkar Indurkar
Onkar Indurkar Maand geleden
It's funny how 1 driver in the team is the nicest guy on earth & other well he doesn't even deserve words to be wasted on such THING.
Niklas Maand geleden
Mark my words, that guy drives for Ferrari next year, if not in 2 two years. Theres no way around it
Lucky5tr Maand geleden
I think he was in 'mode slow' all race
Jacob _N_R_Z
Jacob _N_R_Z Maand geleden
He's kind to kmag aswell before he left
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