Making transparent wood 

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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.

I finally decided to try it again though!

Old video:
Procedure that I followed:
Procedure that went viral recently:
CBC article on it:

Nile talks about lab safety:



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30 apr. 2021




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NileRed Maand geleden
Sorry about all the ads. NLblock automatically adds a million and I forgot to manually take them out. Refresh the page and you should get fewer ads!
Caitlyn Taylor
Caitlyn Taylor 5 dagen geleden
I have a few questions: 1. Do you wright scientific papers when you discover new things from your experiments? 2. Would you still have to write a paper if you made a video to satisfy the scientific community? 3. If you don't write scientific papers about your experiments, would you ever consider writing one?
Danboomtown 21
Danboomtown 21 14 dagen geleden
Make Ice 9
Pavel Panibratyuk
Pavel Panibratyuk 18 dagen geleden
we blocking the ads dont worry
DonnieV 20 dagen geleden
Hey Nile, was wondering if its possible to extract copper or other minerals from blood? Just curious
Jacinee Pertuset
Jacinee Pertuset 28 dagen geleden
Hiiii, thank you for helping me make Ferro fluid!!! Also, not to fangirl, but your smile is so so cute and falling asleep to your videos is so easy with that relaxing voice!! 😚😇
Thierry Baudet
Thierry Baudet Minuut geleden
@NileRed, maybe not really your cup of tea, but it might be interesting to make hydrogen by using Algea
monsieurpyrite Uur geleden
Cool video! My only concern is with the part where he says transparent wood could be one day be used as window panes. If we need to basically replace most of its biomass with polymers why use the wood in the first place? Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like a lucrative green washing concept for greedy companies because it "seems natural".
Veronica Luer
Veronica Luer Uur geleden
It looks amazing stop criticizeing yourself
Nahin Hasan
Nahin Hasan Uur geleden
Love your videos...And glad to know You're a Duky too (Bobby Duke Arts for pple who don't get it)
Berkan 2 uur geleden
I feel like I’ve watched the same 10 minute video 5 times.
originalksd 2 uur geleden
You make great videos BUT you need to change hand gestures when in front of the camera. it's the same over and over again, in all the (youtube suggested) videos i viewed, it stopped me from becoming a sub....
Katie Watker
Katie Watker 4 uur geleden
when he was searching the room for a weight i said ‘tungsten’ to myself, for like no reason. when he pulled out the tungsten cube my mouth dropped lol
Power5 4 uur geleden
Transparent aluminum is what we want. Not wood. LOL Amazing patience though. I would have given up after the 20th attempt and bought a small square of acrylic and done some light sanding to it and just been like, "look at this almost perfect clear wood." LOL.
Blue hoodie Animation
Blue hoodie Animation 5 uur geleden
good, now make transparent meat :D
Flammable Toast
Flammable Toast 5 uur geleden
I didn’t come here for mixed martial arts 😡
Iftekhar Ahmed
Iftekhar Ahmed 6 uur geleden
the amount of patience
TheXtravagant 8 uur geleden
Yeti5299 9 uur geleden
What’s lignin
Maulik Sharma
Maulik Sharma 12 uur geleden
New video pls
Mduduzi Dube
Mduduzi Dube 12 uur geleden
You used the word finicky. Where you from ?
Edin Bushi
Edin Bushi 14 uur geleden
waiting for that styropro nilered collab of "cleaning Chernobyl"
UrDailyCupOfTea 14 uur geleden
How did you learn chemistry?
Knuckle Sandwich
Knuckle Sandwich 16 uur geleden
You shouldve nammed the video transparent wood 2, Eletric Boogaloo
MoonFanKitty Lol
MoonFanKitty Lol 16 uur geleden
Lillievee 13 uur geleden
yes gacha cultist glass can be and is usually clear
re cover
re cover 16 uur geleden
Hey Nile, can you do a video on synthetic muscles. Like with nylon and and stuff. Also is there other things that replicate the function of a human or animal muscle.
Sarah Black
Sarah Black 16 uur geleden
This feels exactly like 4 years as a graduate student in chemistry. "How is it not going to work today differently than it didn't work yesterday?" Good job for persevering. The final product is pretty impressive.
J G 17 uur geleden
Turn your sweat 😅 into salt 🧂
MysterB 18 uur geleden
Dude this is so cool like I didn’t know you could make wood transparent
Omicron Delta
Omicron Delta 18 uur geleden
Now turn some biscuits back into their original ingredients
hotdog hq ツ
hotdog hq ツ 18 uur geleden
daniel buckner
daniel buckner 19 uur geleden
"They clearly still were not transparent." Haha!
Seth R.C
Seth R.C 19 uur geleden
You should try to test your tap water for Ethanyl Estradiol using a voltammetric method. I would like to understand how it works, but I don’t know where to start. It would be very interesting and would allow you to screen your water for estrogen agonist birth control people say is present in tap water.
Adamn Woo
Adamn Woo 20 uur geleden
lignin ligma
Gerhard Frame
Gerhard Frame 20 uur geleden
Why dont just harden some methacrylate without the wood?
Platinumgaming57 22 uur geleden
@NileRedWait if you take out adds, you don't make any add revenue??? Why don't you want to make by wasting people's time? If you don't find that a good way to make a living, that is another great quality about you.
Peter M. Souza Jr.
Peter M. Souza Jr. Dag geleden
dang! you may have been able to create a damn around the bottom plate using clay, to corral in epoxy during drying (to keep the level of epoxy higher than the height of the wood)
Peter M. Souza Jr.
Peter M. Souza Jr. Dag geleden
make me a guitar out of transparent wood
Andrew Cooke
Andrew Cooke Dag geleden
That pop at 24:36 was amazing
Craig Wheeler
Craig Wheeler Dag geleden
Nilered, Congratulations on hitting 3 million subs! Awesome job dude!
nasdfghidgf Dag geleden
You are what my chem teacher wants me to become and cody is what she doesnt want me to become XD
C Pledger
C Pledger Dag geleden
Something about the phrase, "I carefully hit it with a hammer," is thoroughly amusing to me
HELLO GAMER Dag geleden
Bhai mai bahut garib hu mera channel yahi hai lockdown mere pass kuch nahi hai bhai kripa karke iss channel ko promote kardo pls bahut abhar ho
Vin Dag geleden
Could you close the oven a little quieter in the next video? Thanks. Cool video though.
Princess Jean Orfano
"The top just had problems." My bl conditioned brain: 🤭
DragonBoyTen Dag geleden
The final result: 39:15
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo Dag geleden
in Dexter's laboratory....
Sean Andrei Silagan
I just like how 10 of Nilered's newest posts are sponsored, lol
Benis Boi
Benis Boi Dag geleden
It's a little late to comment, but I was looking through your subscriptions and saw that you're subscribed to IamJakeHill. That, personally, makes me very happy. He's an incredible artist and I'm glad that people, with all kinds of interests, backgrounds and occupations, can enjoy his music too. Wonderful videos, by the way!
Zain Khan
Zain Khan Dag geleden
What was the thickness of the wood at the end of the last process because you took 1.5 mm thick wood and then sanded it.If its thickness is 1.1 to 1.3mm what was the purpose of taking 1.5 mm thick. wood.
ꪜꪑ • ShreHari
why u need wood windows when u can use plastic🙄
oofig Dag geleden
You should try to make Adderall, Vyvanse or Ritalin that would be cool
Swissfrankie Dag geleden
So... you made plexiglas with extra steps? now more serious... i wonder if you could remove the lignin of larger pieces of wood and use it to build stuff like instruments.
Tarak Karmakar
Tarak Karmakar Dag geleden
NileRed in 2021:making tranparent wood... NileRed in 2025:making tranparent furnitures with transparent wood and also transparent nails .....
The Real Cali
The Real Cali Dag geleden
Its 2 am, I'm hyping myself up for my chem course I guess lmao
TheGreatPeru Dag geleden
I wonder what sort of interesting chemistry he could come up with, just utilizing everything already in his lab, and a packet of ramen seasoning.
Amon Gus
Amon Gus Dag geleden
Damn I just got a pampers advert NLblock knows what’s up
Heliphobia Dag geleden
Whenever he says "Supposed to..." I always think something went wrong.
Error Unknown
Error Unknown Dag geleden
Next video: making cocaine out of prison razors
Josh Lorusso
Josh Lorusso Dag geleden
turn gasoline into food grade ethanol
Muhammad Yazka
Muhammad Yazka Dag geleden
Seru bangat ngeliatnya
PreCon Tech
PreCon Tech Dag geleden
We need videos on Graphene!
Äsh da psycho
Äsh da psycho Dag geleden
Hey Nigel, could you do this?
james hill
james hill Dag geleden
@NileRed. Check this out. Can you do a video on explaining the information in this news article. I think it would be cool to hear your take and maybe see if you would do an attempt on it
Verso Armament Company
Great video
Roman Hama
Roman Hama Dag geleden
Fake news!!
Ahmed Ghazal
Ahmed Ghazal Dag geleden
I love you for this!!!
Reborn Dag geleden
bro when will you share how to make nicotine ?
Billy Boy
Billy Boy Dag geleden
mellow_mallow Dag geleden
Honestly yellow windows wouldn't bother me too much, lots of store windows where I grew up were just green plastic Plus, wooden windows that you can see through sound really cool
J G 2 dagen geleden
Make a video on how to create Sildenafil (Viagra)
PeachJugo 2 dagen geleden
when you mentioned mms my partner shot up from their nap and had war flashbacks to the time they were a caretaker for a kid with autism and one of his classmates took mms everyday…
swapnil londhe
swapnil londhe 2 dagen geleden
Can you cook meth 😂
Nithiyasanjana Karnam
Nithiyasanjana Karnam 2 dagen geleden
The way he said that he "carefully smashed it to pieces"
wee nest
wee nest 2 dagen geleden
Make meth
Ancy Joji
Ancy Joji 2 dagen geleden
how can you carefully smash something?
BrandEver 2 dagen geleden
Hmm I bet Peter Brown would have some insights that may help you with this process
andy kohn
andy kohn 2 dagen geleden
Transparent aluminun please :)
Levi Workman
Levi Workman 2 dagen geleden
This guy is the real life version of the Skyrim alchemy exploit.
Bea Hopes
Bea Hopes 2 dagen geleden
3:01 ah yes, forbidden beer
TokyoTeddyBear 2 dagen geleden
Some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen!
G USD DBS 2 dagen geleden
Make N-Methyl-N-ethyltryptamine just cause
Drimi 2 dagen geleden
Love that Bobby duke merch :) wish I could make transparent wood lol
Timothy Quinn
Timothy Quinn 2 dagen geleden
I believe that MMA is what woodworks use to make resin stabilized wood.
Nilesh Agrawal
Nilesh Agrawal 2 dagen geleden
why the fuck NLblock wants me to watch a transparent wood video ?!! Like what the heck man ! I don't want to watch it... period I even "not interested" it !!!
Watermelon_Kittens634 2 dagen geleden
The Support System Of All Chemistry: *Distilled Water*
Kris H
Kris H 2 dagen geleden
Just found your channel. You are literally the only person I think I've let the commercials play for. Just so you get cash for the effort
Rodrigo Herrera
Rodrigo Herrera 2 dagen geleden
Hi !! I have seen many videos about brick made with recycled plastic. Maybe you can do a video about how to make something similar in home. It will be very useful for many of us.
that one guy in the back of the class
42:18 I like how it says ages 14 - 104
PurpleAsherr 2 dagen geleden
That circular saw sounds like a baby screaming, but in a deep volume
Luis Gustavo
Luis Gustavo 2 dagen geleden
I want to live in the same world as Nile, where a paper on making transparent wood can be referred to as "viral"
Moey 2 dagen geleden
ilysmeggsy 2 dagen geleden
That's pretty smeggsy
iluomopeloso 2 dagen geleden
The rough patches on the top surface are resin starved spots. In aircraft composites, we (try to) prevent this by bagging the top surface and pulling vacuum during the cure cycle. Also, an autoclave instead of an oven will help.
Joe The viking
Joe The viking 2 dagen geleden
You should synthesis iron from blood
Officer Cat
Officer Cat 2 dagen geleden
pls add subtitles
Ferrex Inc.
Ferrex Inc. 3 dagen geleden
Welp, this channel is ruined now since he’s posting on Snapchat instead of NLblock. Too many ads over there smh
Vanilla potaeto
Vanilla potaeto 3 dagen geleden
14:55 (ignore)
Mars :
Mars : 3 dagen geleden
Lignin these bañls
Steven Kral
Steven Kral 3 dagen geleden
Can you make dextromethorphan from scratch
Joel Ling Zhe Xuan
Joel Ling Zhe Xuan 3 dagen geleden
Pls upload
c soul
c soul 3 dagen geleden
This would be pretty cool to do on a larger scale and make guitars out of the clear wood. Even the step before that where it was translucent would be cool to make a hollow body guitar and have LED lights inside
Elliott Rock
Elliott Rock 3 dagen geleden
I think it is called translucent not transparent
Levi Wageley
Levi Wageley 3 dagen geleden
Or you could flip it half way through
Levi Wageley
Levi Wageley 3 dagen geleden
I think I might know a way for it to equalize try to spin it when it is in the oven
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
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Aluminum and Mercury
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I had to break all my beakers.