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17 feb. 2021




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Owen Wilson
Owen Wilson Uur geleden
I know why David isn't coming out yet.....the Kevin Spacey defence :)
CSH 3 uur geleden
Finally I'm an og
Zaynab King
Zaynab King 10 uur geleden
This reminds me of ridiculousness
Sebs Hansen
Sebs Hansen 11 uur geleden
you guys do kniw that nick austin and Maddison are datting, right?
PRETTY RICKY 11 uur geleden
You need a clicker for effects like on iCarly
Mysterious Mystery
Mysterious Mystery 15 uur geleden
I love you madison ♥ ♥ ♥
Madison Barlow
Madison Barlow 16 uur geleden
Madison Beer annoys me.
Bryce dunne
Bryce dunne 17 uur geleden
This is what David rejected?
Mya Harper
Mya Harper 17 uur geleden
i love the stickers on your laptop!! the stitch one is my favorite 😍
Noura 20 uur geleden
26 : 58 WHEN DID LIZA KISS SOMEONE ELSE ?! And who did she kiss ?
Riley Chikhfsfuofdicicidwadh
You guys need absolutely canceled
Dilly Bar
Dilly Bar 23 uur geleden
Davey and Madison want to try it they just don’t want to hurt each other tho
Karan Dev Arora
Karan Dev Arora Dag geleden
"I don't like beer" -David Dobrik
Mellow Mellow
Mellow Mellow Dag geleden
Improve your ad game dude. THats the weirdest, laziest and most boring way you can try to advertise a product.
Crystal clear
Crystal clear Dag geleden
No, just no!!!! So shallow and will never be better than Liza! He deserves so much better than this fake POS! True colors will show, and she'll fade soon enough!!!
Kolorado Kid
Kolorado Kid Dag geleden
Best part of this interview, “I dress up as doctor Phil sometimes” 😂
Relaxation Music
Relaxation Music Dag geleden
Oh yeah thats her friend Amy , i was there trust me
Charles McElroy
Charles McElroy Dag geleden
Let’s face it David and Madison are so fucking into each other it’s PERFECT 🤩
Jorge V
Jorge V Dag geleden
3 companies really sponsored David’s podcast dang
Freddy Robles
Freddy Robles Dag geleden
I'm feeling some serious Jimmy Fallon vibes from David but without the fakeness
Fr4xture xD
Fr4xture xD Dag geleden
thats her friend sarah
Alana Boirie
Alana Boirie Dag geleden
She loves flattery 🙄
Alana Boirie
Alana Boirie Dag geleden
Madison is so damn annoying
Danny Dag geleden
Get your foot off the chair Madison 😒
Tiff G
Tiff G Dag geleden
David seems so interested in her, making all these jokes and Madison isn’t even getting them😂
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Dag geleden
What happened to Natalie?
Binu Francis
Binu Francis Dag geleden
If Madison does make a song called "Surface level friends", it's already a hit because it's now already been promoted to ~6M(or more) people who've watched this. It'd be stupid not to make that song. Imagine getting 10M streams the first week
Anthony C
Anthony C 2 dagen geleden
I thought madison is in a relationship? Why is she talking like she has feelings for David?
DRC VLOGS 2 dagen geleden
Is it just me or is Madison staring at David in a weird way? Lol, I could be wrong.
kskirk s
kskirk s 2 dagen geleden
The ruddy smoke internally smell because violin paradoxically mess up apud a half rhinoceros. hideous high, sore farm
miguel97687 2 dagen geleden
I just saw she was and is dating a tik toker, she just played him hard lmao. Poor fella said basicaly was down for something and she was going with it just to promote her album. Feels bad man
miguel97687 Dag geleden
@Nadia Padilla I never said they were not friends. For him to basicaly admit he was down he did not know, and i genuinely think that he meant it. I never thought she really was attracted to him ever has she said, because in another podcast episode she was always saying she would find him attractive and when he asked her out she panicked because she never thought he was actualy gonna do that, it was all talk and still is.
Nicoló Di Filippo
Nicoló Di Filippo 2 dagen geleden
plot twist: Madison is dating Nick Austin
Neo Faelnar
Neo Faelnar 2 dagen geleden
I feel so confused with Nick austin's recent post with Madison
pinkrishader random
pinkrishader random 11 uur geleden
Neo Faelnar
Neo Faelnar 22 uur geleden
@Mike look at nick austin's recent post he's actually dating madison
Lucif3r-Logatee 2 dagen geleden
Nicholas Toland
Nicholas Toland 2 dagen geleden
I think he’s still waiting on Liza so he doesn’t wanna date anyone else
Dee Lysiak
Dee Lysiak 2 dagen geleden
David should be in prison
Frckhead 2 dagen geleden
Prudence 2 dagen geleden
ANIRBAN DUTTA 2 dagen geleden
He catches it😂😂😂 Madison
LiL Point
LiL Point 2 dagen geleden
Simp beer
Helena McLeod
Helena McLeod 2 dagen geleden
This podcast has no substance to it. Natalie doesn’t really talk. Jason jumps in with small crapy jokes. David takes over. Watch David when Jason asked an actual question, David interrupts and Ponting at him self his pretty much saying hey hey I’m the fucking host boi sit and shut up Jason I ask the real questions. It might have just been DAVID and the guest only. I watch a lot of podcast this is shit
Emiliano Lugo
Emiliano Lugo 2 dagen geleden
This is pretty funny
BaddestSalmon 2 dagen geleden
Did Madison smoke a bowl of shatter before this?
Ayman Ghiyat
Ayman Ghiyat 2 dagen geleden
far better then Impaulsive. David you're awesome
Serge 2 dagen geleden
O yea that's her friend Amy i want my 50k
Sofia Bakker
Sofia Bakker 2 dagen geleden
What a boring interview
John 2 dagen geleden
Seht agreed stop making lies. David is good
the e36 dude
the e36 dude 2 dagen geleden
Madison dobrik doesn't sound too bad it's pretty nice
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 dagen geleden
Me realizing someone hurt Madison so bad she’s too insecure to be in a relationship.
Don Vito Corleone
Don Vito Corleone 2 dagen geleden
She’s in one😂
___Sagitarius\ 2 dagen geleden
J'arrive à traduire mais pas tout le long, j'en ai marre 😕
Sierra Babcock
Sierra Babcock 2 dagen geleden
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 2 dagen geleden
her hands freak me out I’m so sorry
Sierra Babcock
Sierra Babcock 2 dagen geleden
Sierra Babcock
Sierra Babcock 2 dagen geleden
Cool KId
Cool KId 2 dagen geleden
Who got the merch?
SwirlyDoodles 3 dagen geleden
Madison’s upcoming song: “Surface level friends”
Petrie Rasmussen
Petrie Rasmussen 3 dagen geleden
maddison: u wna date... *so sweeeet* david: yeah im down *little rude*;) silence....................................................................silence........jason: get the fuck TOGEHTER!!!!!!!! *SAVES THEIR FUTURE BY SAYING IT*
Mays Faisal
Mays Faisal 3 dagen geleden
David is the worst liar
Frankie Godino
Frankie Godino 3 dagen geleden
Marry her already, jesus.
Mikhail Alex
Mikhail Alex 3 dagen geleden
Seriously who watches this
Aarav Godiyal
Aarav Godiyal 3 dagen geleden
Omg madison is bi ...what about asking her about the other genders...why .....wasnt wth
SpicyMcChicken 3 dagen geleden
Jason is so 🤮
mazal levy
mazal levy 3 dagen geleden
all the kiss-assing comments toward the top suspiciously.
Skylar.T.V Vaught
Skylar.T.V Vaught 3 dagen geleden
Natalie just looks so sad and kinda jelly. Anyone else seeing this?
Rouge Ghost
Rouge Ghost 3 dagen geleden
Imagine if David just gave in a tried dating her?
devonmck 3 dagen geleden
David: 😁🤣😎😍 Maddison: 😊🤩😎😮 Jason: 😅🙄😉🙃 Natalie the entire video: 😶😶😶😶
Jasmine Neal
Jasmine Neal 3 dagen geleden
Journey Cruz
Journey Cruz 3 dagen geleden
her hands freak me out I’m so sorry
BlondieBrunette14 3 dagen geleden
Who’s hands?
Alejandra Lopez
Alejandra Lopez 3 dagen geleden
here before david gets cancelled by d'angelo wallace
Sierra Babcock
Sierra Babcock 2 dagen geleden
@Divyansh Jorwal david’s career is already crumbling once d’angelo uploads a vid david is over
Divyansh Jorwal
Divyansh Jorwal 3 dagen geleden
he ain't doing shit to dave lol
Xander Kim
Xander Kim 3 dagen geleden
jason looked so hurt about the kite and david hit him with the sponsor lmao
Danielle Angel Nieves
Danielle Angel Nieves 3 dagen geleden
Uhmm so who's the shitter?
Michael Kiley
Michael Kiley 3 dagen geleden
Taht shitting Elizabeth
serhat ayebe
serhat ayebe 3 dagen geleden
Please someone tell Natalie to leave david alone
LOCKDOWN 3 dagen geleden
Ask her about the black protest stunt she did
Juan Ruiz
Juan Ruiz 3 dagen geleden
David hairline is fucked
Alvi AR
Alvi AR 3 dagen geleden
I've been into Bewbs since I was born.
Moegoe FN
Moegoe FN 3 dagen geleden
Oh fuck its Sara
666flags 3 dagen geleden
Such excellent time having wasSA’d
Chey Smallz
Chey Smallz 3 dagen geleden
34:50 I really felt that especially last night ...
Chey Smallz
Chey Smallz 3 dagen geleden
It’s freaking me out that she has her shoes on that type of couch 🥲
Martin Afghahi
Martin Afghahi 3 dagen geleden
Is it just me or does natalie look older and less attractive than before
Danielle Angel Nieves
Danielle Angel Nieves 3 dagen geleden
I think just in comparison to Madison she makes everyone around her look less attractive
Kristina 3 dagen geleden
Madison trying to flirt and connect with David and David casually joking abt it to right it off bc he’s so clearly hung up on Liza🥺 Feel for both of them
txllyz 3 dagen geleden
I had the best birthday gift.. born on feb 27 and got a whole album 😁
PunkinKween 3 dagen geleden
Jason: "You can't get this on Fallon" 🤣😂🤣
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 dagen geleden
Madison - “I never wrote a lyric about you” David- turns to honey ad 😂
pinkrishader random
pinkrishader random 11 uur geleden
Rhian Corcoran
Rhian Corcoran 4 dagen geleden
Anxious about her shoes on the fresh cream chair all the way through 😅
Oscar Aragon
Oscar Aragon 4 dagen geleden
They’re deleting comments
Sajjad The Spammer
Sajjad The Spammer 3 dagen geleden
Damage control
Sajjad The Spammer
Sajjad The Spammer 3 dagen geleden
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 dagen geleden
Welcmome tooo vIeWs
James Hernandez
James Hernandez 4 dagen geleden
alright, im really loving this host type thing davids doing. i can see this becoming a huge thing for his future.
Ryan Twist
Ryan Twist 4 dagen geleden
Anyone else see how Madison looks at David
Brandon Kubota
Brandon Kubota 4 dagen geleden
Bruh it’s crazy how David just turns her down but anyone would not do that if they were normal but David is David I guess it’s his choice.
Brandon Kubota
Brandon Kubota 2 dagen geleden
@inad PUMAMI yea 😜😈
inad PUMAMI 3 dagen geleden
HE'S GAY even you were not in love with her, wouldn't you at least still try to sleep with her?
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie 4 dagen geleden
awww this makes me feel single
joshua kim
joshua kim 4 dagen geleden
The utopian dentist sadly inject because interviewer disturbingly yell upon a waiting interactive. spiteful, plant taiwan
Senpai_ Catracho
Senpai_ Catracho 4 dagen geleden
David and Madison would look so cute together it’s killing me
Jackie Borg
Jackie Borg 4 dagen geleden
Own up to your shit
lizzieblonde 4 dagen geleden
Are you going to face up to all your bullying anytime soon David?
Bassel Wassouf
Bassel Wassouf 4 dagen geleden
A podcast is great to listen to but its pretty damn hard to not WATCH this when the cast is so fine. Been struggling to get work done with this on
crybully 4 dagen geleden
David preys on broken, vulnerable people.
UnDeaD_c_718_ w
UnDeaD_c_718_ w 4 dagen geleden
david and madison have mad chemistry
ana banana
ana banana 4 dagen geleden
petition for jason to be shown more on camera. come on david
J 4 dagen geleden
Why would he not date Madison Beer, he must be gay
Robert McCreary
Robert McCreary 4 dagen geleden
When shit hits the fan are yall still a fan?
Bryan 4 dagen geleden
Welcmome tooo vIeWs
Regino Pena
Regino Pena 4 dagen geleden
Jason is a fuccing wing man 😭😭 my dawgg 😈