Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Fight HIGHLIGHTS 

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Abonneren 4,2 mln.
Weergaven 4,2 mln.
28% 36 000 89 000

On Sunday, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather hit the ring at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. The fight went 8 rounds and ended without a knockout.

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7 jun. 2021




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Jason Tanner
Jason Tanner 3 uur geleden
Floyd Mayweather took it easy on them everybody knows it
Tom Barrett
Tom Barrett 4 uur geleden
It's not a real fight. But they put on a show. And Logan fought. It was school.
Tom Barrett
Tom Barrett 4 uur geleden
I'm starting to pull for this kid.
Santiago (Tiago) ROLDAN
I think floyd was payed to not hit logan
Comedy Indian
Comedy Indian 5 uur geleden
Can somebody simply write down the results without making it complicated
Daniel D'Souza
Daniel D'Souza 5 uur geleden
Cant believe this story is being turned into a positive for tweens. The lies we live on.
Solid Schnek
Solid Schnek 5 uur geleden
Now fight someone in the same weight class. AJ next please. Wanna see that murder for sure.
James Dennis
James Dennis 7 uur geleden
I didn’t watch the fight I’m even more sorry I watched this stupid highlight reel Who the F$&k is logan paul anyway
KrazyKiwi 7 uur geleden
Goes to show how much of a weak shit Mayweather truly is, really chose his fighters specifically.
B Floyd
B Floyd 7 uur geleden
Mayweather has a little over 50% KO percentage. Paul had a coin flip chance of going all 8 against a 44 year old fighter.
Clint Hopper
Clint Hopper 8 uur geleden
See there you got a problem with somebody fight it out then you don't hold a grudge towards each other looks like their relationship did a complete 180 good to see em showing respect and good sportsmanship.
DARKNESS 8 uur geleden
Who won
The Blaze
The Blaze 9 uur geleden
Matpat was right
Ismail Levi
Ismail Levi 11 uur geleden
Paul will never be a contender
ReconBlack - cod mobile
Who win
DMS KAKASHI 🌀 14 uur geleden
I wonder what ksi thinks about this meme.
Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas 14 uur geleden
Ryan Jagissu
Ryan Jagissu 15 uur geleden
trash event of the decade
Bump_ jc
Bump_ jc 18 uur geleden
You can see that Floyd was not trying
Manolito Rabe
Manolito Rabe 18 uur geleden
Mayweather vs Pacquiao should fight again.
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 19 uur geleden
Mayweather came to win I’m pretty sure he made atleast extra 5million to go full 8 instead of the knockout he actually held Paul from falling atleast once
Mike Salem
Mike Salem 19 uur geleden
Was a fugazi match.😁😁
Evil Brotherz
Evil Brotherz 21 uur geleden
This fight was rigged
Max Vives
Max Vives 21 uur geleden
ET please hire someone else.
Max Vives
Max Vives 22 uur geleden
A 50 year old that weighs 30 pounds less and has a 6 inch reach disadvantage wooped ur ass! 😂🤣
Max Vives
Max Vives 22 uur geleden
He really thinks he lasted eight rounds with Floyd and Floyd didn't knock him out to make it entertaining and get that money more ads watched more money so the longer it lasts more money
Mr nobody Nobody
Mr nobody Nobody 22 uur geleden
Mayweather should be embarrassed
YT BhenKaLoda Hatloda
YT BhenKaLoda Hatloda 22 uur geleden
Retarded are those who pay to watch their fixed matches 😂
Elias Roy
Elias Roy 22 uur geleden
I mean why put HIGHLIGHTS in the title. The match was just hugging
The Red Nazi
The Red Nazi 23 uur geleden
The biggest difference isnt the weight or height, its the iq
joseph parker
joseph parker 23 uur geleden
Lol this lady don’t know shot about boxing lol total Logan Paul Rick rider
Dg Mh
Dg Mh Dag geleden
They need a younger presenter for this show. We can't be having old women talk up a sack of idiocy like logan paul
Req Dag geleden
you can too buy yourself an unofficial draw with Floyd.... if the price is right, he’ll even have a nice speech prepared ready to praise you.
Mamadou Dia
Mamadou Dia Dag geleden
Logan is a very respectful guy, not like his brother. I am happy to see him win even though I was with Floyd.
Derek Franks-Ideson
This fight sucked but this restored like 0.00000000001% of my respect for Logan Paul
Marcus der Mächtige
I find it really sad that Floyd didnt knock Jake Paul out. As a sportsman you show respect when you show your oponent everything you got. You shoudnt go easy om them, because they need to know what they got to to improve on. In this case he should have beating the crap out of him to teach him a lesson. At least in the later rounds. He still would have gotten dozens of millions. He seems to be more of a buisness man than a real sportsman.
Kuja Alazaza
Kuja Alazaza Dag geleden
Worst shit I’ve ever watched and a complete waste of money. I’ll stick to Canelo from here on out.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag geleden
"But he was able to use his huge height and weight advantage to avoid taking more than one or two clean shots at a time". What an achievement
Big Daddy Silver
Big Daddy Silver Dag geleden
These guys are making a mockery of boxing and floyd is becoming the sideshow tbh imo, you get in the ring with the best boxer of all time and dont even have a papercut after all those rounds??? What a absolute fake farse, this will be the last time I ever watch one of these stupid matchups
Nil Rogova
Nil Rogova Dag geleden
fuck life
F165 Dag geleden
Mike Tyson would have said F-the money. I’m knocking his azz out.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Dag geleden
is a Boxer a Champion a fighter. Just happy yourself 👎
Patrick Coleman
Patrick Coleman Dag geleden
Now i give Mayweather respect he box an 6'2 200lbs man and still put up a fight and won because Mayweather is 5'8 155lbs
Patrick Coleman
Patrick Coleman Dag geleden
At the end of the day Mayweather cash out on a big pay day....
Jim Schultz
Jim Schultz Dag geleden
mr mayweather. you are amazing. you are an inspiration. you are a role model for all the kids in the world.. how do you it? such focus.. such training. your whole life you have dedicated and you believed in yourself. thank you for being a hero to me.
Jesse Tuominen
Jesse Tuominen Dag geleden
Who win?
This was like Mayweather VS Manny Paquiao but Mayweather is the one hugging lol,Maybe he can't Match Manny Paquiao speed...
momelllo Dag geleden
Videos uploaded by 9 y/o Pakistani kids who recorded the fight on their friend's 2001 flip phone through an illegal tiktok live stream are better breakdowns than this. Go watch literally any other video this is a waste of time.
Eugene Smith
Eugene Smith Dag geleden
To be surprised not being knocked out he should fight real fighter/puncher. Maywather is a top qality sportsman but he's not destroyer.
X Leiꪜ
X Leiꪜ Dag geleden
Do y'all want a rematch of Logan and KSI? I WANT IT SO BAD😂
basiq quddusi
basiq quddusi Dag geleden
This match was nothing more than a drama to pull money out of your pockets.
KingKobraJoe Dag geleden
0:38 ZERO technique! he looks like a drunk old man.
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson Dag geleden
Sad part is people actually paid for this trash lol…what a joke
Bilal M
Bilal M Dag geleden
Boxing, just another thing that millennials have ruined.
UNI Dag geleden
What a fucking disgrace to boxing
devon james
devon james Dag geleden
mayweather vs kevin hart
Koulaid Dag geleden
muhammad ali probably is mad, he wants to box too 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Elham Azimi
Elham Azimi Dag geleden
Ridiculous boxing no boxer punches no great blows no knockout even no right punches that was like hurry Street beef fighting logan you didn't and you cant beat mayweather He is a Boxer a Champion a fighter. Just happy yourself 👎
nino holzner
nino holzner Dag geleden
Bro Logan is Smart who else got the chance to get the experience to fight the master in the ring
vorkvoyd Dag geleden
He had an overwhelming height and weight advantage. The fact he tried to fight someone smaller and lost is embarrassing in more ways than one. Maybe try fighting someone in your own weight class.
Isidore Finau
Isidore Finau Dag geleden
They really painted this picture in favor of Logan Paul lol
2 Many Ball Faces
2 Many Ball Faces Dag geleden
The parts that were interesting were actually kinda interesting, but once they ran outta energy and started getting defensive it was meh.
Rynn Dag geleden
Try manny Pacquiao and face like margarito 👍👍
Lil Durkio
Lil Durkio Dag geleden
Daniel Hahahah
Daniel Hahahah Dag geleden
It was set up and paud
Messenger Dag geleden
Floyd put on a show, he knew there was no reason to seriously hurt Logan. Hes matured indeed. Like the late great Black Mamba said "most people dont know shit about boxing."
VinTurboDiesel Dag geleden
Ehm LoL 😂🤣😂 Paul was knocked down but Mayweather held him up and Paul recovered quick.
Josh Leidholdt
Josh Leidholdt Dag geleden
Where are the highlights?
x isaka
x isaka Dag geleden
thank god Mayweather only hugged here haha.. Was only Running During Pacquito Match 🤣🤣🤣
Mango Cookie
Mango Cookie Dag geleden
These young ppl are even being robbed on what true boxing is supposed to be like. This clown logan paul and his brother are clearly taking advantage of the current youth and or are delusional and actually believe the stupid shit that comes out of their mouth's.
Omni Mino
Omni Mino Dag geleden
Fake beef talk, fake the hype, and get some suckers to watch the fight for profit
SAVAGE SQUAD Dag geleden
Just stick to NLblock dude 😆
Matthew Ortiz
Matthew Ortiz Dag geleden
Boxing??? Your kidding me though it was a long add for Broke Back Mountain Part 2..with dueling banjos in the background..hahahaha 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆 🤣 😆 🤣 😂 😹 😆
Konner McCarty
Konner McCarty Dag geleden
Fight was fake lol
d56 Dag geleden
complete and utter joke , knew it would be , what a con job to get all the idiots out there to throw their money away on this shite
Paige Mcgrath
Paige Mcgrath Dag geleden
Why yall beating logan he done better then more then half of yall so stfu if you dont like him dont watch videos with him in it or anything about him. Grow up all of you
WingedDynamite Dag geleden
The way he says he did the impossible lets you know this was all about money.
TheBooban 4 uur geleden
True, boxing is rigged. And i found a comment not spammed with bots, amazing.
JR Dag geleden
Mayweather is a joke now....
The sozo guy
The sozo guy Dag geleden
How staged does something have to be before we call them on it?
Ivan Zzz
Ivan Zzz 2 dagen geleden
this is proof that money can do everything,I mean if Floyd wanted to knockout this patetic clown he could do it whenever he wanted but he did not because of contract...good old days are gone for sure
伊丹 耀司Itami Yoji
伊丹 耀司Itami Yoji 2 dagen geleden
Dude try it with Manny Pacquiao please? LOL
Waqar Mian
Waqar Mian 2 dagen geleden
Khabib vs Logan. Then I'll pay for this.
Waqar Mian
Waqar Mian 2 dagen geleden
When boxing becomes as fake as wwe... and i lose interest and switch to UFC
mies vailla nykyisyyttä
mies vailla nykyisyyttä 2 dagen geleden
Back in his day Mayweather beat at least one real pro who was 6'1 or more and plenty of others several inches taller than himself. So I don't think Mayweather was bothered by the reach disadvantage; it's just that he's past his prime, has nothing to prove and did not prepare very well either, which made the amateur guy look pretty good. For Logan this was like being a 13 year old girl in 1997 getting to hug the Backstreet Boys...a really big deal but for Mayweather it was a random payday years after he told people he's quitting. So Logan was giving it his all and Mayweather was more like just doing enough but not risking injury or anything at this stage in his life. I'm only mid 30's but I can feel my mind, more than my body, perceiving athletics differently than I used to; with time you grow more mellow, want to maintain a certain level of fitness and have so many other things going on. Logan is still young enough to be in that phase of his life where he's obsessed with all things physical.
Tsewe 2 dagen geleden
Where are the highlights?
Uniqq 2 dagen geleden
Guys don’t understand that Floyd go easy on him
Pegee 2 dagen geleden
U can tell it is all scripted because if it was not scripted then Floyd would have Knockout him in the first round
Мохамед El Barhami
When you skip all the quest and you’ll fight the MVP lvl 999 hahaha
PHX2PDX 2 dagen geleden
Logan doesn't belong in the same zip code let alone ring with this man.
khizer sharief
khizer sharief 2 dagen geleden
30 pounds more n 6 inch reach advantage ,but still great achievement
Maido Melker
Maido Melker 2 dagen geleden
The boy should try out Mike Tyson 😄
កូន ខ្មែរ
អាផ្លយខ្លាចចាញ់​ ទេីបប្រកួតជាមួយតែតួសម្តែង​ អាពងក្ត😂
Sultan Of swing
Sultan Of swing 2 dagen geleden
Wtf is this shit! ... i mean the match not the video
Shilton Spelberg
Shilton Spelberg 2 dagen geleden
nah he was knocked out, mayweather hug him to keep the show going
T Jimmy
T Jimmy 2 dagen geleden
ok. next, Tyson vs Trump.
Alif Halid
Alif Halid 2 dagen geleden
Why logan don't fight with canelo
Kodiack Weese
Kodiack Weese 2 dagen geleden
I respect Floyd Mayweather and that was cool what he said to Logan Paul and if I was Logan Paul I would be inspired
Larry Emert
Larry Emert 2 dagen geleden
What would this guy do for a living if people had nothing better to do than look at devices all day ? Scary thought, for most successful people today
Kevin Donahue
Kevin Donahue 2 dagen geleden
Clay Soggyfries
Clay Soggyfries 2 dagen geleden
He was obviously holding back lmao
Joseph Gotico
Joseph Gotico 2 dagen geleden
Do an exhibition fight with tyson. Let s see if he ll show you mercy 😂
mario simpson
mario simpson 2 dagen geleden
I'd placed more money that Floyd wouldn't KO him then him going 8. He hasn't been known for KOing people since he was Pretty Boy. Gtfoh with he won cause he didn't get Knocked. WTF?!
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