Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video] 

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Official audio for "Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK.
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Director: Cam Busby
Cinematographer: Sam Brave
Producer: James Sibio, Jay Tauzin, Saul Levitz
Production Company: Golden Child Media
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11 feb. 2021




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Lil Tjay
Lil Tjay 15 dagen geleden
I just wanna say thank ya again for making this happen. Ya asked for this song, ya were patient with me and ya made it #1 on Apple and Spotify ‼️ I LOVE YALL FR FR FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE. 💪🏿LETS GET IT TO #1 ON BILLBOARD NEXT 😤
Sasha Wint
Sasha Wint 5 dagen geleden
Its okay cause we are I am biggest fan love from jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
SqUiDwArD tEnTaClEs
SqUiDwArD tEnTaClEs 7 dagen geleden
Aight bet I got u bro 😎
itswacky 7 dagen geleden
Yes tjay youve helped me through alot btw i love ur music
7 GOAT 7 dagen geleden
LILAVE OFFICIAL 7 dagen geleden
Let’s make a hit fam check me out
Pretty clapped a'
Pretty clapped a' 4 uur geleden
Pov: your here bc ur gf ended it with you :(
xanaxッ 4 uur geleden
guys a feature with shenseea coming soon😝🙂
clipz 不
clipz 不 5 uur geleden
Alex Udvary
Alex Udvary 5 uur geleden
Yo tjay you and polo goat should do another song it equals platinum
Tlo Hi
Tlo Hi 5 uur geleden
respect 🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
Nur La grande
Nur La grande 5 uur geleden
"used to catch flights but now im not plane".... if thats what 6lack actually said that bar is fire afffff
Ali Tutorials
Ali Tutorials 5 uur geleden
G FOOTBALL TV 5 uur geleden
this is a hit song 100%
Nolan Davis
Nolan Davis 5 uur geleden
Julio2K 5 uur geleden
This hits different
Eduard Miranda
Eduard Miranda 5 uur geleden
Leki Vaivai
Leki Vaivai 6 uur geleden
Omg this work is genius 🔥🔥
lil Reno
lil Reno 6 uur geleden
hard no cap
KDH Films
KDH Films 6 uur geleden
Bro he should make more slow songs like this!
Israel Santos souza
Israel Santos souza 6 uur geleden
Gente 😍😍😍conheci essa música quando tocou no meu trabalho, e não consigo para de ouvir 🎶❤️😍
M3ACHIE 6 uur geleden
lil tjay: can i get the new jordans? mom: where yo money at? lil tjay: “ i am not a nigga you claim no more”
King TJ
King TJ 6 uur geleden
Perfect song to play when you and ya girl in the mood
The Scotts
The Scotts 6 uur geleden
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The Scotts
The Scotts 6 uur geleden
The madly pig tribally yell because gear puzzlingly point for a difficult june. smooth, quarrelsome pig
Cholan Gutierrez
Cholan Gutierrez 7 uur geleden
The Collab is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 solid💪🏼
Darrius Reece
Darrius Reece 7 uur geleden
all the way from trinidad much love
PUBG Kid xd
PUBG Kid xd 7 uur geleden
Emiliano Viamil
Emiliano Viamil 7 uur geleden
Stay a true FAN!!!
Emiliano Viamil
Emiliano Viamil 7 uur geleden
Who would want a REMIX on this song?
Saul Liles
Saul Liles 7 uur geleden
Me : listening to this song. Dad : enters the room. Dad : pause the song. Me : why? Dad : I have bigger speakers
PFgroundzero 7 uur geleden hhh
Saul Liles
Saul Liles 7 uur geleden
Me : listening to this song. Dad : enters the room. Dad : pause the song. Me : why? Dad : I have bigger speakers
PFgroundzero 7 uur geleden hhh
Saul Liles
Saul Liles 7 uur geleden
Me : listening to this song. Dad : enters the room. Dad : pause the song. Me : why? Dad : I have bigger speakers
SageDiamond 7 uur geleden
It's lit my guy
KOD 7 uur geleden
Dominique Horton
Dominique Horton 7 uur geleden
Lil tjay is about to take over 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬let gooooooo bring 6lack with uuuuuu this song is fireeeee yall are the best duo
Jora Thandi
Jora Thandi 7 uur geleden
“Steady calling my phoooone”
T3 7 uur geleden
If you guys are watching this and ain't subed u aint real❤
nocapwavy 7 uur geleden
i can't stop coming back to this video 🔥
Xtremely Blessed
Xtremely Blessed 7 uur geleden
Dc Traxx
Dc Traxx 8 uur geleden
This song is stuck in my head
Adham Arafa
Adham Arafa 8 uur geleden
this is so good that i thought it was bad bro...i liked and disliked the vid then found out that's a thing you could do simultaneously.
Adham Arafa
Adham Arafa 8 uur geleden
don't do that to my comment please cuz it don't work here hahahaha
YDR Rich
YDR Rich 8 uur geleden
bro this song is the cure to heart break
Michelle Rondell
Michelle Rondell 8 uur geleden
Minimum best song ever BRO
lol lol
lol lol 8 uur geleden
bro tjay i wanna know if we can collab im a rapper im not known but i am working
Iconic_Cirelx 8 uur geleden
The love you getting is insane but you deserve more
Waxkasta 8 uur geleden
Famous song in Somaliland
Giannissem 8 uur geleden
We need a remix with Polo G now
maxterwel 8 uur geleden
reminds me of akon
TraxTy 8 uur geleden
Watched this about 15 times a day, on spotify and apple music, broo Lil Tjay is just something else, this hits young 🐐
John Nathan Lladoc
John Nathan Lladoc 8 uur geleden
I can’t get you off my mind now😔
Kervenson Ferjuste
Kervenson Ferjuste 8 uur geleden
At the time im writing this, there is exactly 61,363 comment f you happened to find mines I just hope you have a nice day ❤❤💔
Random stuff Mostly gaming
get you "here before 100 million* ticket here
Di0r niy
Di0r niy 9 uur geleden
Leo Cieri
Leo Cieri 9 uur geleden
The finicky balinese noticeably travel because diving effectively peep sans a holistic timer. large, orange distributor
Euphonious93 9 uur geleden
MIss Janet 🔥😍
Claucem Molinario
Claucem Molinario 9 uur geleden
If they don’t play this at my funeral, I ain’t dying
Oscar Bonilla
Oscar Bonilla 9 uur geleden
active_nafees12 9 uur geleden
Charlotte Berverly
Charlotte Berverly 10 uur geleden
This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through quarantine, thank god for music! I love you
MsMckenzie12 10 uur geleden
This is fantastic
Lusitania Siale
Lusitania Siale 10 uur geleden
I am a simple woman. I see 6lack and I click.
Nqobile Musa
Nqobile Musa 10 uur geleden
Wow what a song i just discovered you❤😍....😱am speechless ❤❤....🤯🔥🔥🔥
ace trap
ace trap 10 uur geleden
Mom: stop playin that song Me:why? Her:play it in the car put all the volume up.🙏
•mrs. lazy•
•mrs. lazy• 10 uur geleden
Supreme 3-6-9
Supreme 3-6-9 10 uur geleden
J breezy
J breezy 10 uur geleden
The feature is perfect
Mimi Azert
Mimi Azert 10 uur geleden
Trench kid??🤔
Lance ALBIGES DRACON 10 uur geleden
mimi lon?
Lance ALBIGES DRACON 10 uur geleden
Joseph Slone28
Joseph Slone28 10 uur geleden
we love your music
Saturn Kiddo
Saturn Kiddo 11 uur geleden
Hey you! Yes yes you. Go grab a glass of water sit in front of the mirror and smile even if you have nothing to smile about , just try it. You’ll find something beautiful in you.If you think you’re ugly or havig a bad hair day focus on your eyes I think your eyes are beautiful. Don’t think so? Think again , there is no such thing as ugly eyes. Still smiling? STOP Now smile again... Notice you’re more beautiful when you smile. Cool right?You should try it more :) Now before you wipe the water away see the drops of water on your lips. Notice how they shine Even in the tiniest bit of light. They’re just like you.You shine no matter what.You’ll put a smile even though you’re hurting, you’ll shine even though you’re bursting into tears. How do I know?Because you’re still here practicing self-care. You know how to breathe I’m so proud of you.❤️ (Please spread this message)
Ryand Dick
Ryand Dick 11 uur geleden
“Here before 100 million views” 🔥🔥🔥
Abreeannie Bolden
Abreeannie Bolden 11 uur geleden
i love him
C. Sanchez
C. Sanchez 11 uur geleden
Old Joants
Old Joants 11 uur geleden
Anyone ever figure out the origins of the "can't get you off my mind" sample?
Rizky Ardiansyah
Rizky Ardiansyah 10 uur geleden
Lemme know when ya'll find it
GRON DADON 11 uur geleden
Idk but i cant get it out my mind 😂 more songs on my page go see for yourself
Mateo Perez Guzman
Mateo Perez Guzman 11 uur geleden
Why is there 10.000 people that didnt like this wtf
John Wright
John Wright 12 uur geleden
lela star this you its a joke
khelara jok
khelara jok 12 uur geleden
it's my birthday tjay 🥺❤️
Sebskills 11 uur geleden
GRON DADON 11 uur geleden
Happy Birthday ♥ more great music on my page
BINHO Blob io
BINHO Blob io 12 uur geleden
ppl from tik tok f off i listen to this 10 mins after it was realesed also, use this as a i dont come from tiktok comment if u do-_-
GRIZZELY—E 12 uur geleden
Lucid 12 uur geleden
Matthew Muller
Matthew Muller 12 uur geleden
Lil tjay just knows how to never disappoint us
Bacon king 111
Bacon king 111 12 uur geleden
Randy Rodriguez
Randy Rodriguez 12 uur geleden
Damn tjay would have never got my interest without 6lack. He’s smart bringing in features to capture new audiences
PFgroundzero 7 uur geleden hhh
Zoey Warmsley
Zoey Warmsley 13 uur geleden
this premeired on my birthday
ALOW DIGITAL 13 uur geleden
Algum br?
Faze Lloyd
Faze Lloyd 13 uur geleden
i wont go back hit different
chris chaps
chris chaps 13 uur geleden
The thankful waiter mostly nail because creditor spontaneously poke beneath a periodic armadillo. fixed, zesty paste
George Giovanοpoulos
George Giovanοpoulos 13 uur geleden
me:*vibing* also me: trying figure out when lil tjay get in my mind and make it song
adamyudhaw 13 uur geleden
super_gigglez_x 13 uur geleden
man said "leave me alone" like noone else it hit differently 😥✋
Danny Hilton
Danny Hilton 13 uur geleden
Lil Tjay never fails to impress 👌🏼💯🔥🔥
super_gigglez_x 13 uur geleden
heartbroken people i see yuh😥
Malon _123
Malon _123 13 uur geleden
POV: yue are coming from Tik Tok (me coming from Tik Tok)
Vicky fmfhjfj5ujgxtdytdfgn5P Speake
Best rapper the god of New York goat
Adrell Drummond
Adrell Drummond 14 uur geleden
And I wish I could sell you instant dreams you guys wouldn't know all I was saying bro
Adrell Drummond
Adrell Drummond 14 uur geleden
Look DJ saw you in my country menu intentia Illinois 👑👑
Subhan Nissar
Subhan Nissar 14 uur geleden
Lil tjay is making this song fire he’s the best singer
Subhan Nissar
Subhan Nissar 14 uur geleden
I hope lil tjay reads this
clownkid_pres215 14 uur geleden
i love liltjay i wish i was him
Subhan Nissar
Subhan Nissar 14 uur geleden
Lil tjay your music ROCKS KEEP IT UP I love this song
piece ctrl_armani
piece ctrl_armani 15 uur geleden
lil tj
NoMxrcy 15 uur geleden
the start is ok the rest is shit
Sesame Baatshwana
Sesame Baatshwana 15 uur geleden
wtf is thisss
Matthew Muller
Matthew Muller 15 uur geleden
t jay his fire bro
Oscar Corea Gomez
Oscar Corea Gomez 15 uur geleden
is it me or Lil tjay in 20 years is gonna be a legend
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