Lampard at Chelsea & Arteta at Arsenal: Year One Review | Extra Time 

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On this week's episode, Patrick is joined by legit Chelsea insider Zac Djellab to discuss Frank Lampard's first season with the Blues: their performances, their issues, their transfer business to date, and what else they need, as well as their predictions for next season.

Then Arsenal outsider George Wright hops on to chat all things Arsenal. They get into the changes under Arteta, the state of the squad, their hopes for the transfer window, and what they can expect from both the FA Cup final and the 2020/21 season. They even find time for some obligatory Unai Emery slander. The man is a clown.


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22 jul. 2020




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Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 10 maanden geleden
What do you want to hear us cover on the podcast?
D A 10 maanden geleden
Next year prem predictions for the whole table
Charlie D
Charlie D 10 maanden geleden
How will the top 6 be like in the next 5-10 years
Mayukh Saharia
Mayukh Saharia 10 maanden geleden
Will leicester wolves or Sheffield be challenging the top 4 again?
L W 10 maanden geleden
@Imedon Black ??? What are you talking about???
Imedon Black
Imedon Black 10 maanden geleden
@L W arteta aint been at arsenal for year or a full season
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi 2 maanden geleden
did this age well?
Kunte Okonji
Kunte Okonji 8 maanden geleden
I think Werder Bremen's Rashica is a player in the ilk of Alexis Sanchez.
Ben Hamilton
Ben Hamilton 10 maanden geleden
aagaman 10 maanden geleden
_MaxBra _
_MaxBra _ 10 maanden geleden
Perhaps Varane is up for sale now...
Professional scout
Professional scout 10 maanden geleden
Pato treats everything like football manager, wants to sell everyone over 30
Simon Fischer
Simon Fischer 10 maanden geleden
Filip kostic from Frankfurt would be a match for Chelsea’s lefthand side
Cormac Loftus
Cormac Loftus 10 maanden geleden
What on earth are you basing this "Ozil is finished" narrative on? He was playing very well pre lockdown, the main problem is the central midfield hence why Ozil was constantly dropping deep to start moves. Tired of this lazy line that keeps getting repeated. He created 52 chances despite only playing about 20 games. He averaged 2.6 chances a game (which is up there with the best in the league eg Grealish 2.5, Maddison 2.7) and got about 12 pre assists. He's being frozen out by the board probably for refusing the paycut.
7ani 10 maanden geleden
This probably should of been done after the pl and Fa cup had finished no?
Sibusiso Maphanga
Sibusiso Maphanga 10 maanden geleden
Odegaard on loan would be a great move for Arsenal
marcus mclean
marcus mclean 10 maanden geleden
Zouma shouldn't be near a top 4 sides backline mid table defender at best
Patrick Jasper
Patrick Jasper 10 maanden geleden
Quite rate George's commentary. Very thoughtful and unbiased, you should have him on more
Gonçalo Ribeiro
Gonçalo Ribeiro 10 maanden geleden
I don't understand the doubts around Alex Telles. Ricardo Pereira came from the same league, from the same club and is probably the best RB in the league. Alex Telles isn't a Mendes guy, he isn't being sold by the papers, he is a consistent attacking LB with a killer dead-ball and killer crossing. What's the doubt?
Gen 10 maanden geleden
For the first time I've had to cut the podcast short because that Chelsea guys voice is sooo jarring. He's got a good insight, but it's no surprise I haven't herd from him before. His accent is holding him back lol
Adie Lubbe
Adie Lubbe 10 maanden geleden
Love Zac but his voice is very difficult to hear/understand. Perhaps try increasing his audio volume relative to other speakers and tweak his EQ so his bass is lower and his treble is boosted. Please gents! :)
Chris Lange-Pearson
Chris Lange-Pearson 10 maanden geleden
Buendia could fit the 10 role well.
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd 10 maanden geleden
I'm so nervous for tommorow let's beat wolves.
phil k.
phil k. 10 maanden geleden
How about a swap between real and arsenal aubameyang an like 20 mill for Isco nacho and ceballos ?
Steven 10 maanden geleden
Chelsea was carried through the Champions League early stages by strange, but very helpful referee decisions. But with the new signings I see Chelsea perform well in the CL next season, but now on their own merit.
Nicolas Wilches
Nicolas Wilches 10 maanden geleden
I want jonhatan Ikone as the #10 and Gabriel Maghalaes as center back
Nicolas Wilches
Nicolas Wilches 10 maanden geleden
Ceballos used to play as a #10 in spa in
Jayson Davis
Jayson Davis 10 maanden geleden
George with the beautiful flow. Keep that mane forever!!!
Columbo 10 maanden geleden
football tatics
londonmmc 10 maanden geleden
I see that Lil Ugly Mane behind you George. Props on the shirt too. Good music taste!
Adam Bowen
Adam Bowen 10 maanden geleden
Fabian Ruiz is the perfect 10/8. I'm sure Arsenal aren't too much of a step down from Napoli
Kaustubh Verma
Kaustubh Verma 10 maanden geleden
The Way Zac is progressing.....even he could announce Havertz for Chelsea
Nadine Wright
Nadine Wright 10 maanden geleden
Liberator Cacace would be the perfect left back for Chelsea
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
LJHeyes 10 maanden geleden
Arteta hasn't even had 6 months
Precision Cricket
Precision Cricket 10 maanden geleden
George bro you guys should definitely go for Buendia for AM
MoMo Nasri
MoMo Nasri 10 maanden geleden
Is it me or George looks like WWE retired Edge 😂😂😂
MoMo Nasri
MoMo Nasri 10 maanden geleden
Milot Rashica is the perfect replacement for Aubameyang or Luka Jovic.
deadman25us 10 maanden geleden
the one thing i cant appreciate about football now is everyone wants to buy the star. invest in your academies so you can build the stars and save yourselves the headache of the transfer market and having to be outbid by sides willing to throw a billion dollars at any player
Andrew Teague
Andrew Teague 10 maanden geleden
Pulisic's success has absolutely been due to Frank's work with him; they both talk about it in interviews. I mean, as an American, watching Pulisic is so much more fun now because he's really developed his killer instinct and finishing.
Michael ZIPEVSKI 10 maanden geleden
Since when did Chelsea’s ex-manager become there CDM?
Nicholas Gardner
Nicholas Gardner 10 maanden geleden
Michael ZIPEVSKI but you’re obviously referring to Kanté
Michael ZIPEVSKI 10 maanden geleden
Nicholas Gardner Conte is Italian not French
Nicholas Gardner
Nicholas Gardner 10 maanden geleden
that’s how you pronounce it in french
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 10 maanden geleden
Nick pope is way better than kepa
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 10 maanden geleden
Leno went for 25 kepa went for 70 and Leno is a top 4 goalie in the prem
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 10 maanden geleden
A experienced defender like van dijk be there week and week out strong and a leader hi koulibaly
Jonathan Sevilla
Jonathan Sevilla 10 maanden geleden
Just gave you the 1k like your welcome pato 😌
Valentious Ricketts
Valentious Ricketts 10 maanden geleden
With Havertz coming in , Chelsea now just need Tagliafico, Onana and Skriniar/ Giminez and they would be fine IMO .
Mahlatse Mashile
Mahlatse Mashile 10 maanden geleden
Zouma is Chelsea's best defender .He can pass the ball,physical and wins his aerial duels.I think he cant play with Christensen as they are both cover defender whereas Rudiger makes mistakes. Zouma is a baller.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
sabesan R very rarely and still better then the others
R SABESAN 10 maanden geleden
He can make mistakes too
Mahlatse Mashile
Mahlatse Mashile 10 maanden geleden
Chelsea are buying players to challenge for the premier league .I think they might buy an experienced left back, understudy to Kante and can play centre back and goalkeeper
Mahlatse Mashile
Mahlatse Mashile 10 maanden geleden
Ampadu won't be sold
ET FROM EARTH 10 maanden geleden
Liverpool & city are not miles ahead.
Mustafa Said
Mustafa Said 10 maanden geleden
They are look at the table
avi pratap Singh
avi pratap Singh 10 maanden geleden
I will say this, Pat did quite bullishly say in the beginning of the season that chelsea are going nowhere fast and I'm glad to see him come around on it. Cheers lad!
avi pratap Singh
avi pratap Singh 10 maanden geleden
I love Zac's growth in terms of football intelligence but retain the honesty he carried from before raising his game. Class act Zac
Niko F.
Niko F. 10 maanden geleden
do you reckon Arteta will make a better window than Frank?
PA Daily
PA Daily 10 maanden geleden
Dude Frank has already signed ziyech,Werner and Kai havertz how do you top that
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
Gulumba_Man 10 maanden geleden
Our board need to actually buy players the manager wants. No point in buying these players if Arteta doesn't want them.
R SABESAN 10 maanden geleden
Ikr pooor emery didn't get Zaha and partey
Sebastian Chen
Sebastian Chen 10 maanden geleden
Theo hernandez wpuld be perfect replacement for both alonso and emerson at the left back...he is good both defensively and offensively.
sportsninja2000 10 maanden geleden
George is an idiot
Jake Qazi
Jake Qazi 10 maanden geleden
I’d love chelsea to go for Tah
pat 10 maanden geleden
hey it's zac
Henri 10 maanden geleden
46:36-47:24 I think he probably will get 30 goals next season more a less roundabout. My question to your George Wright though is will he get 30 goals the season after that? You mentioned pace, well mobility for me is the main reason he won't. Btw everyone he's not on 30 yet this season, he's on 25 with 2 games left, some stats goal per season if any1 is interested - 2019-20 Arsenal - 25+anymore 2018-19 Arsenal - 31 2017-18 (Dortmund and Arsenal) - 31 2016-17 Dortmund - 40 15-16 d - 39 14-15 d - 25 13-14 d - 16 12-13 Saint et - 21 it's like looking at a striker's peak years whatta ya know that's Auba aged 23-31 n the 40 goal season is aged 27-28 a little late for a peak striker perhaps so point to George, I didn't look at the stats til after I typed the comment above but as some statman wannabe would say the stats don't lie, i'd be lying if I said I didn't think Auba is approaching the downward slide of his career like a stocks chart. Time to cash in just my opinion.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 10 maanden geleden
"luckily he hasnt played kolasinac at left centre back since" then he did and we lost 1-0 to villa
Redwan Hamid
Redwan Hamid 10 maanden geleden
A bit long vid but loved it
Jacob M
Jacob M 10 maanden geleden
Tagliofico for chelsea would be my ideal target. 25 mill for a player of his quality and defensive prowess is a great option imo. Way more realistic than chillwell, and he has the chemistry with ziyech already also
George's Opinion
George's Opinion 10 maanden geleden
George with the Freddie Gibbs shirt & MF Doom vinyl behind. Much respect ✊🏾
Samuel Henstock
Samuel Henstock 10 maanden geleden
lampards lost 11 games if that was sarri or conte be calling for a sacking this franks doing amazing doing my head in legend bias all it is
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
Do you speak stupid Sarri had very experienced players Sarri had a 20 goals seaosn winger He had better defenders like Cahill David luiz and a younger azpi Sarri has money to spend You know what lampard has A shit team A very young team that is bad Kepa got worse Same with azpi rudiger He lost hazard Pulisic got injured Alonso is slower with time Christensen is becoming worse 0 money to spend Tammy our top scorer injured It took till restart for giroud it he good Lampard is going amazing since when is he doing bad
Premier League Freak
Premier League Freak 10 maanden geleden
Arsenal and it's fans should be more than happy that they got 3 points against liverpool, they were by some miles, the 2nd best team on that pitch, they had 3 attempts, only 2 on target, they scored from both, and both were the mistakes of liverpool players, arsenal didn't create anything of note in that match, liverpool had like 24 attempts, 8 on target, and we could score only from 1, I accept the defeat, we lost, but then to say, if taa was sent off, how much luck arsenal want, they already won the match which they should've lose by 3 or 4 goals, and then to be asking for a red card, wow. Arsenal fans crying for decisions that didn't went in their direction, what a new picture. Cry more, Patrick!
Premier League Freak
Premier League Freak 10 maanden geleden
@Dusan Stanisic yeah, salty with a premier league trophy, tho, and Patrick sounded more salty but ok, I guess you didn't had anything else to go by, so you just said 'salty'
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic 10 maanden geleden
salty liverpool fan
Brad Parker
Brad Parker 10 maanden geleden
It is more that nketiah did the same type of challenge and var was used to send him off. It is more like why didn’t they even look at it.
skatertreflipable 10 maanden geleden
Always get confident against Chelsea and get slapped
David 10 maanden geleden
Could you guys make a video of arsenal and their possible formation ? I think we could run a 433 with the purchase of Dani and bring in someone like partey or Denis Bhardi
David 10 maanden geleden
Zouma is a great defender 😂ok Mustafi is world class now
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
Well zouma is good wym
AS SA 10 maanden geleden
I don't know why pat wants us to sell auba.I know Aubameyang can be sold to make the team balanced because we have a terribly unbalanced squad.The thing is no one is going to give us 30 mill for him(even Barca are not that stupid )Every top club has their striker.Dont get me wrong I will happily take depay for auba but the thing is here is no way we will sign depay.Auba is playing a waiting game as to which club go for him.He wants a move to an elite club and if it does not come he knows fans love him and he is going to get money and a good contract so he is in a win win situation I also don't like how people assume he is going to decline massively because he relies on his pace a lot which is not completely wrong but his positioning is his major strength(if Eddie had same positioning as him against Villa we would have scored two goals).And despite being 31 he is our fastest attacker after saka and of course martinelli .I think Auba will sustain his goal output for two years atleast . But the ball is not in our court in terms of Auba's contract.If an elite team comes he goes as he deserves more trophies than he has got in his career(fa cup would be nice for him)
skatertreflipable 10 maanden geleden
Lampard did the same subs as Sarri for most of the season😂😂 you love to see it
idk me
idk me 10 maanden geleden
George looks like he just smoked the fattest spliff 😂
Jhovany Corona
Jhovany Corona 10 maanden geleden
The Real Madrid guy, Martin Olongard, CAM or an 8. I think that works for Arsenal
PA Daily
PA Daily 10 maanden geleden
@Dusan Stanisic nope he's not
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic 10 maanden geleden
@Mustafa Said Heard he is the next Rodalno
Mustafa Said
Mustafa Said 10 maanden geleden
Ah yes my favorite player Martin “Olongard”
Josh Downes
Josh Downes 10 maanden geleden
Zac calling Sheffield United Sheffield Wednesday oops
AS SA 10 maanden geleden
Lampard-overachieving(some descent players some very good,pulisic is awesome) Arteta-overachieving in the cup underachieving in the league(descent to below average players). As much as I like Arteta I won't be surprised if he gets sacked next season because of he board not backing him and him trusting players he should not trust(Luiz,Xhaka,Kolasinac,Mustafi,Bellerin) -Arsenal fan
will coop
will coop 10 maanden geleden
I think arsenal would be smart to buy Matheus Pereira the attacking mid from west brom
Arthur Feital
Arthur Feital 10 maanden geleden
George should be on more often
Marquinhos Silva
Marquinhos Silva 10 maanden geleden
Loved the podcast but I would really love if you guys made a podcast or even just a segment of a future podcast about football outside of europe, maybe highlighting the amazing talent present especially in Brazil, where there is one club, Flamengo, which is gradually becoming better scructured than other and showed that last year when they became only the second team, after Pele's santos in the 60s, to win the Brazillian League and the Libertadores in a dramatic fashion. There are loads of very talented players here like Gerson, Arrascaeta, Rodrigo Caio, Pablo Mari (who left for Arsenal), Gabigol and Bruno Henrique! Maybe you could talk about them and other players in Brazil and even Argentina and suggest them as signings for some European clubs! It would really be great to see your perspective on South American football and the gems there are here. Cheers.
Zaccybacon 10 maanden geleden
Do you think Zidane is going to rearrange his system and formation to account for Ødegaard? Because if he really thinks an attacking midfielder is worth adjusting his formation then Isco or James would be starting every week. And I don’t see him dropping one of valverde Casemiro or kroos to play Ødegaard. Surely he is get able.
Zaccybacon 10 maanden geleden
Do you think Zidane is going to rearrange his system and formation to account for Ødegaard? Because if he really thinks an attacking midfielder is worth adjusting his formation then Isco or James would be starting every week. And I don’t see him dropping one of valverde Casemiro or kroos to play Ødegaard. Surely he is get able.
Zaccybacon 10 maanden geleden
Jesus Christ George! What is that barnet mate? You need to get that syrup sorted
Growham m
Growham m 10 maanden geleden
So disappointed George pussyfooted around the Lacazette topic i was ready for some heavy duty slander
Ronald Vasquez
Ronald Vasquez 10 maanden geleden
Have you guys looked at szobazlai from rb Salzburg? He looks a class attacking midfielder
Kunte Okonji
Kunte Okonji 8 maanden geleden
We should get Emi Buendia on loan and go for Szoboszlai in Jan or end of season.
CAPSLOCCC 10 maanden geleden
Madvillainy, Lil Ugly Mane, and Freddie Gibbs... George knows his music
londonmmc 10 maanden geleden
As do you sir
Victor 10 maanden geleden
Calum brooks
Calum brooks 10 maanden geleden
Good stuff thank you!❤️❤️✌️
Mohammed Hossain
Mohammed Hossain 10 maanden geleden
Why don’t Arsenal look at Ianis Hagi for the number 10 role
James Cook
James Cook 10 maanden geleden
Maybe because they would rather get a talented and successful player that will make the difference.
ACG 97
ACG 97 10 maanden geleden
Thate so poor that Zac can't give his honest opinion 🙄
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia 10 maanden geleden
I think George should be on the channel more often
PhatLadd24 10 maanden geleden
What scenario does Chelsea getting 2 points secure them top four. I’m struggling to work out how that would be the case
brad5111 10 maanden geleden
@PhatLadd24 ah, right.
PhatLadd24 10 maanden geleden
brad5111 yeah I know that to be the case I just couldn’t understand any scenario where it would’ve been 2 points needed
brad5111 10 maanden geleden
one point is enough, man u & leicester play each other on final day. man u win & chelsea draw, they go above & chelsea finish 4th, leicester win & chelsea draw, leicester go above and chelsea finish 4th, leicester & united draw & chelsea draw chelsea finish 3rd.
Rex Johnson
Rex Johnson 10 maanden geleden
When they say the arsenal fans they mean AFTV
Jack Lynch
Jack Lynch 10 maanden geleden
Maybe jamal lewis from norwick as a lb for chelsea
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
Too inexperienced Norwich concede 4 goals every game
Alan Estrada
Alan Estrada 10 maanden geleden
I agree Chelsea are nowhere near as far behind as Zac makes them out to be. And arsenal talk was dreadfully boring.
MBTE 10 maanden geleden
Bobinho 10 maanden geleden
Lil Ugly Mane and MF DOOM, George is now my favourite in FD
AbsoluteZero -273
AbsoluteZero -273 10 maanden geleden
It would be great to have a podcast talking about the best 11 eleven possible in each top league, similar to what you did with the prem couple of weeks ago on football daily, you can also do the best possible under 23 team for this season like last year
Parker 10 maanden geleden
Zac is one of my fav chelsea fans. Has such a realistic and interesting view of the team
Gen 10 maanden geleden
It's a shame he has the most annoying voice going
Max Langworthy
Max Langworthy 10 maanden geleden
Zac has underrated football opinions
Edward Williams
Edward Williams 10 maanden geleden
My mind boggles as to why Sam is still featured on FD. He speaks like a robot
Manny Herrera
Manny Herrera 10 maanden geleden
A good left back for Chelsea would be Alphonso Davies young great attacker and defender just the type they need and he has the power of youth with him
cfc's Time
cfc's Time 10 maanden geleden
I literally said that in February when bayern beat us Then 2 weeks later he sign a new contract I almost cried
Hazzer 10
Hazzer 10 10 maanden geleden
Theyd never get him why would he leave Bayer for Chelsea
Taryn Estabon
Taryn Estabon 10 maanden geleden
George lookin like Jesus
MYSTERY life 10 maanden geleden
If Frank Lampard wins the FA cup, not only has he had an amazing season, but he has had a better season than Sarri.
safe 10 maanden geleden
@Aladji Diallo Top 4 & FA Cup in a tougher league (relative to Chelseea not Liverpool) without a star player? Yes. He's also brought through 4-5 guys that will be there for 10 years.
RayNoob 10 maanden geleden
@Aladji Diallo yup without Hazard
Aladji Diallo
Aladji Diallo 10 maanden geleden
better than top 4 & a ECL?
Mauri 1991
Mauri 1991 10 maanden geleden
If I was an Arsenal coach I'd probably go for Marseille defender Duje Caleta-Car. I think he's matured into one of top defenders in Ligue 1 and he is still around 22 or 23. On top of that give Guendouzi and some cash and get Aouar if possible from Lyon. And in the end go for Depay if there is still some extra cash to be spent in the market. After covid-19 most of the players should be on discount anyway. Terminate Ozil agreement if nothing else works. At least Arsenal could invest those hefty salaries elsewhere
Bob Collins
Bob Collins 10 maanden geleden
Hakimi is a rightback and more suited to RWB. Tagliafico or Telles are cheaper better options to Chilwel.
J B 10 maanden geleden
Bob Collins honestly it’s just jarring
Bob Collins
Bob Collins 10 maanden geleden
@Christian Meneses pipe down big man
Bob Collins
Bob Collins 10 maanden geleden
@J B People are really sad out here looking for excuses to bash others
J B 10 maanden geleden
Christian Meneses stfu he didn’t say anything offensive u patty
Christian Meneses
Christian Meneses 10 maanden geleden
He know he said his more suited to rwb he didn’t say he wants him at Chelsea like shut up you such a ass
ExiledYT 10 maanden geleden
How do you feel about Filip Kostic and Luka Jovic linking up at Milan just like they did at Frankfurt?😀
ExiledYT 10 maanden geleden
Daniel Algurén onefootball
Daniel Algurén
Daniel Algurén 10 maanden geleden
spek888 10 maanden geleden
Its all good saying arteta needs backing. But emery needed backing and he didnt get the players to fit his system. Wanted partey got torreira wanted zaha got pepe wanted Maguire got david luiz so what u think is gonna happen to arteta with no euro football too.
shivachetan ulavi
shivachetan ulavi 10 maanden geleden
Unpopular opinion, but if chelsea currently possessed prime Gary Cahill (2011-17) chelsea would be title contenders.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 10 maanden geleden
No that’s just a bad opinion more it matters at kepa If we had terry and Cech we’d be title challenger
Cai Wilshaw
Cai Wilshaw 10 maanden geleden
There is a big reason that, that opinion is unpopular
Harry Fletcher
Harry Fletcher 10 maanden geleden
Spurs have been horrible to watch under jose but has taken then from 13th to 6th whilst having multiple major injuries. Arteta has taken them from 10th to 10th buts its fine because he was pep’s little helper
Kagi Sela
Kagi Sela 10 maanden geleden
Jose isn’t sustainable though. Spurs will not do anything under Jose.
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 10 maanden geleden
Chelsea don't have a quality young left back aside from Maatsen who is good but just so inexperienced. we would be able to fit him into our team in 3 or 4 seasons so i don't know why picking up Tagliafico for ~25 million when he's in his prime to start for those seasons. I agree that we need another central defender as well, but i think Tomori could be that player in a season or 2 so getting Thiago Silva on a free or another veteran would be ideal.
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