Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi 

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Stormi and I are making cookies for Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year! Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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5 okt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Nicole Cruz
Nicole Cruz 16 minuten geleden
This makes me want to have kids awwww 💕😍😩
Jayshree Aravinnan
Jayshree Aravinnan 17 minuten geleden
Why stormi is so cute and kind😀
Katemonster Hi
Katemonster Hi 23 minuten geleden
This two year old has patience!!!
Katemonster Hi
Katemonster Hi 25 minuten geleden
Kylie is such an inspiration Stormi is so grown up and chilled out
Rayssa Barroso
Rayssa Barroso 25 minuten geleden
Stormi is everything
Mihlali Vellem
Mihlali Vellem 36 minuten geleden
cutest. best kid out of the grand children, then comes north
Berguzar Ozturk
Berguzar Ozturk 56 minuten geleden
I like the way how Kylie is cooking with Stormi.
Fernando Moalem
Fernando Moalem Uur geleden
I AM love
Fernando Moalem
Fernando Moalem Uur geleden
i AM lovo
Lila Frost
Lila Frost Uur geleden
Stormi is soooo cuteeeeeee!!!!!!!!!
Amber K
Amber K Uur geleden
I know it’s been commented multiple times BUT I just had to say as well that Stormi is the sweetest little girl.
Risna Malaque
Risna Malaque Uur geleden
i'm very impress with stormy when the table was dirty she was like:'' towel please'' she's so cute
Kolihi College Tinielu
Kylie your a great mommy😍storming is so adorable I bless u with all my souls u and storming and the Kardashian
Alveena Shaikh
Alveena Shaikh 2 uur geleden
So cute 💞❣️
Zuha Jushiddi
Zuha Jushiddi 2 uur geleden
Stormi is soo good and well taught! Love u Kylie
Amy Aguilar
Amy Aguilar 2 uur geleden
Stormi is so cute it is adorable when she says "mommy" SOOOO CUTE
Candice Poe
Candice Poe 2 uur geleden
That baby is unbelievably precious.
Claudia Gonzalez
Claudia Gonzalez 2 uur geleden
Aww how beautiful! I love the way stormy says “ok mommy.” She’s so cute
Ruby Oviedo-Arredondo
Ruby Oviedo-Arredondo 3 uur geleden
Are you still with Travis Scott I don’t really have insta or all the social media just TikTok?
Judith Moak
Judith Moak 3 uur geleden
She is such a cutie :)
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El comentario en español Que esperaban :)
Sania Travis
Sania Travis 3 uur geleden
Omg I love her little voice “that’s cute mommy “🥺🥺
Fiona Yaldoo
Fiona Yaldoo 3 uur geleden
NoyPi trendz videos
NoyPi trendz videos 3 uur geleden
Wow at her age she can talk politely on her mom and such a sweet baby😱😍 normally at that age kids won’t talk much! She’s so smart kid🤗great parenting kylie 💯
Fiona Yaldoo
Fiona Yaldoo 3 uur geleden
Fiona Yaldoo
Fiona Yaldoo 3 uur geleden
Lindy Ndou
Lindy Ndou 3 uur geleden
Kylie how old is she she speaks so well her vocabulary is good and I love how hyped up she gets
Fiona Yaldoo
Fiona Yaldoo 3 uur geleden
Fiona Yaldoo
Fiona Yaldoo 3 uur geleden
AvA 3 uur geleden
I hate how everyone is so MEAN and rude to kylie about her life and daughter but literally her daughter AND her are amazing people only think that shit bc they are famous and amzing
Anouar Juanito
Anouar Juanito 3 uur geleden
I hope stormi will be happy in her life for ever and no evil eyes will affect her. I hope she wont be Part of this unhuman society
Miguel Carvajal
Miguel Carvajal 3 uur geleden
Hummm cookies
Leizl Olandria
Leizl Olandria 3 uur geleden
Stormi : I need towel please . Me : ohhh 💕😇😇💋💋 She's so adorable 😻🥰😘
Nordia Reid
Nordia Reid 4 uur geleden
Their soooo adorable Kylie is so so so lucky Storm I is such a cute kid
Angelique Lara
Angelique Lara 4 uur geleden
kylie is such an amazing mom and stormi and equally amazing kid they are so cute aw
ada marshall
ada marshall 4 uur geleden
I do love this little girl ❤️ but, the Kardashian/ Jenner Mother’s have been rumored to have a complete staff of people raising and nannying their children. I know she loves her daughter with all her heart, but I’m not buying it. Sorry but not sorry. And I do hope that I’m wrong.
Kimmy’s Roblox
Kimmy’s Roblox 4 uur geleden
*licks spoon*
Maria Ayala
Maria Ayala 4 uur geleden
al guien abla español
ash lavoie
ash lavoie 4 uur geleden
Kylie is a great mother stormi is such a polite sweet girl
Joons Jams
Joons Jams 4 uur geleden
The fact that she knows more vocabulary than my 5 year old sister...
Gracie Playz
Gracie Playz 4 uur geleden
"I dont cook I dont clean" I do cook and I do clean(she is so precious)🥺-Stormi @jamescharles Kylie told us all she is going to be a yellow minion😂
Roop Platinum
Roop Platinum 4 uur geleden
This is too cute! My heart!
Sophia Grace
Sophia Grace 4 uur geleden
Her favorite do be “ mom “
Deanna Johnson
Deanna Johnson 4 uur geleden
6:49 I’m dead 💀💀
Sophia Carollyne
Sophia Carollyne 5 uur geleden
BRs kd vcs ???
Inayah Alam
Inayah Alam 5 uur geleden
i dont get why people hate on celebrities and artists who have kids like you can tell kylie treats her right just because she weares expencive clothes doesnt make her any different
Vidya Devi
Vidya Devi 4 uur geleden
I actually don't hate her. I am kinda jealous of her 😭😭😢
Deanna Johnson
Deanna Johnson 5 uur geleden
Omg stormi is SO CUTE 🥺🥺🥺🥺 she’s literally the definition of: 🥺+😆
Luis Sanz
Luis Sanz 5 uur geleden
Stormi is being such a good helper and she growing so big!
Rashika Jain
Rashika Jain 5 uur geleden
Im laughing my head of because when they made christmas cookies last year they spilled the vanilla and same this year xDDDDD
Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson 5 uur geleden
Deanna Johnson
Deanna Johnson 5 uur geleden
lillie lawrence
lillie lawrence 5 uur geleden
nobody: kylie: let’s move on, this is becoming... inedible. girl sameee😂😂😂😌
Mayeda Faheem
Mayeda Faheem 5 uur geleden
aww stormi is soooooo cute
ImThatOneGreenSnake :]
they made the video full of cuteness, like if u could know what i mean 🥺✊🏻
Amy Thomas
Amy Thomas 5 uur geleden
I could not stop saying aww in this video because stormi is soooo cute
THeBleSsHouSe Sheriff
THeBleSsHouSe Sheriff 5 uur geleden
Who else do not understand with stormi said at the end
Aesthetic_Pinapple Hehe
This mom saved 2020
THeBleSsHouSe Sheriff
THeBleSsHouSe Sheriff 5 uur geleden
She’s the cutest most sweetest baby! Kylie much lucky 🍀 do you HAVE!😖😫
P. Friday
P. Friday 6 uur geleden
who thinks kyile jenner is a good mom
Caassiopeia 6 uur geleden
This video gave me anxiety. lol
Frida Pérez Martínez
stormi is a adorable uwu
Alyssa Val
Alyssa Val 6 uur geleden
I am so obsessed with stormy she is so adorable Kylie you are so lucky to have a beautiful and smart little child
HANNAH BRODERICK 6 uur geleden
She is so cute
Djessica Sousa
Djessica Sousa 6 uur geleden
Kylie: I love you Stormi: lets make cookies mommy 😂😂❤️
Annika Price
Annika Price 6 uur geleden
why is stormi the sweertest girl ever
aoibhinn ferguson
aoibhinn ferguson 6 uur geleden
storm is so cute and polite ❤❤ also why does the vanilla always spill lol it spilled in the Christmas cookie one
multi 6 uur geleden
Maryela Hernandez
Maryela Hernandez 6 uur geleden
Kylie w-w-what w-w-what stormi still ads more sprinkles 😂
toxicxcherryz 6 uur geleden
Kylie is so pure
Nevaeh Harriott
Nevaeh Harriott 6 uur geleden
I love youuuuuu ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Leslie Alcantara
Leslie Alcantara 6 uur geleden
7:33 Kylie hit stormi with the “this is good” ~ sarah paulson
Jen 6 uur geleden
I never new a baby could be so cute like her mommy
Laura Aguilera
Laura Aguilera 6 uur geleden
When that baby grows up she is going to look like a star just like her mom
jaeyoonssi 7 uur geleden
Stormi saying "mommy", "mom" and "mama" gives my heart so much uwus
LPS noodle
LPS noodle 7 uur geleden
Omg She is so polite and adorable I love her cute cookies to😊😊🥺🥺🥺🥺
Katelyn Miller
Katelyn Miller 7 uur geleden
I respect Kylie more since she has a kid now. She’s really loving to Stormi even if she’s not the best mom and I think that’s what matters. She’s trying to be a good mom and it’s clear that Stormi is being raised right in some way seeing as how polite she is.
Susan Simpson
Susan Simpson 7 uur geleden
I'm actually going to make these because we can't go trick or treating, lol
Kimberlie Jean
Kimberlie Jean 7 uur geleden
She is so rich and dumb like her mom both of you are so dumb and ugly 🤪🤪🙄🙄
Susan Simpson
Susan Simpson 7 uur geleden
awww, Stormie is Sooo cute!
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio 7 uur geleden
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio 7 uur geleden
**kylie not even looking up** "wow the purples so pretty" "your doing such a good job" "this is beautifu;" ilysm kylie stormi's so friggin adorable
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio 7 uur geleden
kylies a good model- a role model
Sandy in Canada
Sandy in Canada 7 uur geleden
She is so adorable 😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Milagros Escobar
Milagros Escobar 7 uur geleden
beautiful both that adorable stormi
Chloe Sun
Chloe Sun 7 uur geleden
dude vanilla extract is expensive and she just spilled it my mom would've killed me
Taliyah Blair
Taliyah Blair 7 uur geleden
ok but everything stormi says is adorable i can't
Emma Gerety
Emma Gerety 7 uur geleden
Stormi is the cutest kid ever!! I can’t believe she 2 🥰🥰
Elijah Girgis
Elijah Girgis 7 uur geleden
Those cookies are more sprinkle than cookie.
Teenager Wisdom
Teenager Wisdom 7 uur geleden
Stormi is an international treasure, SHES so polite and sweet. Kylie is an amazing mom.
Rawda ammari
Rawda ammari 8 uur geleden
Stormi's cute Mashalah ❤
Sofi Val
Sofi Val 8 uur geleden
She’s so mature at her age! She’s so precious and pretty 🥺🥺
Kasey Gomez
Kasey Gomez 8 uur geleden
Stormi is the most polite and Patient kid so cute
khoas on eba
khoas on eba 8 uur geleden
The way stormi says mummy is so adorable
khoas on eba
khoas on eba 8 uur geleden
Kylie is such a good mom
yNr Mavy
yNr Mavy 8 uur geleden
😭😭😭😭 she is so big this is not ok
Heaven Niccole
Heaven Niccole 8 uur geleden
Stormi is so polite Kylie is such a great mom
XIME RODRÍGUEZ 8 uur geleden
chio requena
chio requena 8 uur geleden
stormi talking so good me at 2 i liv o
Giovanna Hariel
Giovanna Hariel 8 uur geleden
Solo cuteeee 🤩🥺🥺🤍🤍🤍🤍
Notsonicepers On
Notsonicepers On 8 uur geleden
Her hair is so slick
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