Kylian Mbappe or Erling Haaland? 🔥| Thierry Henry & Jamie Carragher share their thoughts 

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Thierry Henry & Jamie Carragher look at who could potentially replace Sergio Aguero as Manchester City's focal-point striker, and analyse the characteristics of Kylian Mbappe & Erling Haaland.
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16 mrt. 2021




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idiotrepubliken 24 minuten geleden
Haaland in Chelsea would be a beast.
Knotwilg 8 uur geleden
City has a world class player: KDB, with great wingers/attackers like Stirling and Mahrez. To me, there is no doubt which type of player would complete the picture.
Michael Zerihun
Michael Zerihun Dag geleden
If MANCITY buys HALAND nd MBAPPE ....would they automatically win the league?
Michael Zerihun
Michael Zerihun Dag geleden
Henry running for Office 2022
Jae Dag geleden
Both were missing against city...
Artour Babiev
Artour Babiev 2 dagen geleden
well both get pocket by ruben dias lol
Edwin Zuniga
Edwin Zuniga 2 dagen geleden
haaland looks special ed... guess thats why hes so smart
Willian 3 dagen geleden
Por que Cristiano Ronaldo não está nessa lista dos 0:13 segundos? Ele tem 84 gols e 39 assistências na Premier League pelo Manchester United.
gi 4 dagen geleden
stats show no good goalscorers in the pl
Rich y
Rich y 5 dagen geleden
Hard question. But I would personally go for Mbappe. Haaland is really good. But I would like to see how consistent he can be in the next 3 years.
Iron Man
Iron Man 7 dagen geleden
It used to be Messi Or Ronaldo Seems like the drill is changing slowly 😔😔
c 1
c 1 7 dagen geleden
Haaland is better
[360] BladeHunter
[360] BladeHunter 7 dagen geleden
I’ll take Henry 😂
[360] BladeHunter
[360] BladeHunter 7 dagen geleden
Lewan plays against bad teams unlike Messi or Ronaldo
Super PantMan
Super PantMan 10 dagen geleden
When I listen to Henry talk all I hear is the old Mazda mx5 advert ‘zoom zoom’
hofmann waves
hofmann waves 10 dagen geleden
Yes Thierry, they're 2 different players. We understand.
Ethan Claridge
Ethan Claridge 10 dagen geleden
Mbappe is better
thefives7ar 11 dagen geleden
Dortmund please stop selling. I don’t understand the point of developing so many studs and then selling them and starting all over again. How will you ever beat Bayern if you keep letting your best leave? Reus is a world class talent who has dedicated his entire career to Dortmund, why don’t others follow?
kamphon sophapis
kamphon sophapis 11 dagen geleden
Thierry Henry not old
Vasilis Vasilakis
Vasilis Vasilakis 12 dagen geleden
I’ll go for Ronaldinho in every way! 🤫🤙🏽🇧🇷⚽️
Marcus Alexander
Marcus Alexander 14 dagen geleden
Imagine them in the same team.
Ya Alya
Ya Alya 14 dagen geleden
Mbappe much better, in 20 years he killed Argentina and Croatia.
Sharon Ghghgh
Sharon Ghghgh 14 dagen geleden
Forget haaland forget mbappe kane is proven in this league unlike the other 2 and if he is at city there win everything for years end off
ali tidda
ali tidda 14 dagen geleden
as a frenchman nice to see henry talking about football, we not deserve him, he's right to talk football with you england
El Tigre88
El Tigre88 15 dagen geleden
There is calculation mistake Sergio aguero total should be 237 not 227.
Lezcer 16 dagen geleden
I actually respect him for not answering it deadass. Both players are great, want to see and find out how they hold up in 5-10 years. We are getting old now ;-;
sebastian bonface
sebastian bonface 16 dagen geleden
Is funny how people are underestimating mbappe, is not easy to shine when playing together with the likes of neymar, di Maria and the rest in PSG. Haaland will be dimmed if he moves to a big club. Remember James Rodriquez
Greedy Bastard
Greedy Bastard 16 dagen geleden
And the German league is tougher than the French!
Mustafa المحارب النوبي
Mbappe has done it in the cl and world cup
João Rebocho OaW
João Rebocho OaW 16 dagen geleden
When you look at that sheet at the start and realize Harry Kane has those numbers spending an entire career at Tottenham. Forever a legend of the game
kadiray dukureh
kadiray dukureh 17 dagen geleden
Man city probably can afford both but everyone would look at them and say their cheating
ertjol mustafaraj
ertjol mustafaraj 17 dagen geleden
181+56 equals 227? 😹😹😹 bruhhh
DidYaServe 17 dagen geleden
Haaland is a myth. Flash in the pan.
Vi D
Vi D 17 dagen geleden
why would M'Bappe' ever leave the club which is going to dominate Europe for the next 10 years to join United, which needs rebuilding from scratch before they're once again competitive in a decade or two?
Mr Golden
Mr Golden 18 dagen geleden
What I’d give for klopp to sign haaland
asianaxeman 18 dagen geleden
All this chat but who knows for sure if these players would actually want to come to scummy Manchester? Lol
SirDetMist 18 dagen geleden
Haaland will age better as he doesnt rely on pace as much, he bigger and stronger meaning he will suit the premier league more.
cruzee1021 18 dagen geleden
Neither are going to end up in England, they want to win champions leagues so they will go to Real Madrid.
Simon Archer
Simon Archer 19 dagen geleden
How come shearer isn’t at the top of that list he had 324 goal involvements and 260 goals seem strange 🤔
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 19 dagen geleden
You're 20 and the entire world wants you... Imagine the feeling!!!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 20 dagen geleden
"owen needed heskey, heskey needed owen" love heskey getting a mention in debate about young world class strikers
salmon teriyaki
salmon teriyaki 20 dagen geleden
Walcott is better than haaland and mbappe
Daruosh666 20 dagen geleden
Henry must be the worst pundit ever what a load of bs will Never watch anything with him again
Ali Hasyimi
Ali Hasyimi 21 dag geleden
Actually haaland give alot good pass and have chance turn into goal, but mbappe have better comrades to finish the assist, thats why mbappe get more assist than haaland
Mustafa المحارب النوبي
Mbappe is better overall player
Corey Woodman
Corey Woodman 21 dag geleden
Seriously??? I love Haaland but it's not even a comparison mbappe is on a whole other tier higher then
Kes 21 dag geleden
Mbappe, theres been alot of players that have had 1 really good season but mbappe has 3-4 years of brilliance
Arnaud A
Arnaud A 21 dag geleden
Haaland is still growing, he will become more taller than Peter Crouch
Tezcat_0 21 dag geleden
Henry and Carragher are such a good pairing
Temsu Aier
Temsu Aier 21 dag geleden
Jamie : How are you Henry? Henry: I'm 10 years old
Jebackurwedospodu Tajebac
Jebackurwedospodu Tajebac 22 dagen geleden
They should make coach careers instead of be TV s clowns
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 22 dagen geleden
Henry is so good at answering questions with very long sentences and actually not answering the question, he should become a poilitican.
vengefulhero 22 dagen geleden
Having the two you say... 🤔🤔🤔 -Roman Abramovich
Billy Hancock
Billy Hancock 22 dagen geleden
i feel like with haland he needs to put up the numbers he has been doing for another season without fault to be able to be 'better than mbappe'
Stephen Quinn
Stephen Quinn 23 dagen geleden
Sign whoever doesn't have Mino Raiola as their agent
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 22 dagen geleden
It’s such shame when your decision is based on race bias. 😞
WilliamBentley 23 dagen geleden
Where's Alan Shearer on that first list? They did him dirty
Manjunath SK
Manjunath SK 23 dagen geleden
Haaland is a beast,n just imagine beast running towards the goal 🔥
Fredy Miguel Wamba nguemo
Fredy Miguel Wamba nguemo 23 dagen geleden
Haaland is not on level of mbappe stop compare them. Mbappe is the best
jleftwing9771 23 dagen geleden
Henry's the philosophical stryker and I agree with his answer. I wouldn't be able to choose. l love the swagger of both players. Both have that killer instinct and they know it and show it
Zac Brad
Zac Brad 23 dagen geleden
CR7 is still the best
AnupBeatz 23 dagen geleden
It's not comparable. Just like cr7 and Messi it's mbappe and Haaland
Brendan Mcmenamin
Brendan Mcmenamin 24 dagen geleden
why is wayne ronney not on this table?
Matthew Flynn
Matthew Flynn 24 dagen geleden
City should defo go for haaland. You'd imagine that could really make them a team to fear for everyone else.
Fabian Allnutt
Fabian Allnutt 24 dagen geleden
Roy Keane wouldn't want it with Haaland JR.
Gil Zi
Gil Zi 24 dagen geleden
Dennis overrated Bergkamp, Ryan cult Giggs, and Paul sub Scholes are not even top 30 in this list of goal involvement fyi all you revisionist or baby fans
93 Kiriah
93 Kiriah 24 dagen geleden
- Haaland est un ouragan , il emporte tout sur son passage , il te tombe dessus : t' es mort ! . - Mbappe lui , c' est un sniper ! , une fois que c' est lancé : tu le verra pas venir , il vise , il tire , et c' est fini .
Alex Makavelli
Alex Makavelli 24 dagen geleden
Mbappe to Madrid and Halaand to Barcelona
Gooner N4
Gooner N4 24 dagen geleden
If Haarland had Mbappe's credentials, this wouldn't be a question. Haarland has done nothing compared to Mbappe. This is a load of bullshit.
yusuf ibrahim
yusuf ibrahim 24 dagen geleden
Mbappe is a world cup winner and Mbappe and Guzman were the reason why france won the world cup. Why are they evej comparing the 2?
TRUTH NETWORK313 24 dagen geleden
It’s such shame when your decision is based on race bias. 😞
Rockin Hype
Rockin Hype 25 dagen geleden
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Yuri Zsa
Yuri Zsa 25 dagen geleden
Can't believe this is a discussion, mbappe of course, he won the world cup, psg already in champion league finals and it looks like they might be again this year.
dee dee
dee dee 25 dagen geleden
It would be difficult to move Mbappe from PSG otherwise he is his choice.
Luis Gomes
Luis Gomes 25 dagen geleden
Mbappe will never ever join city. He is Real Madrid bound. Forget mbappe
Dawan kaiyant
Dawan kaiyant 25 dagen geleden
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Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 25 dagen geleden
Henry's response in a nutshell: I like both of them and don't want to compare
Adnan Hossain
Adnan Hossain 25 dagen geleden
Henry > Haaland+Mbappe.
oliver suto
oliver suto 25 dagen geleden
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Mrcubababy 25 dagen geleden
Haaland is a great striker, but when you watch his goals this season the service that he's getting is amazing.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom 25 dagen geleden
We do not need haaland or garland or any1....we have LIAM DELP for next season ...we only need a CDM
Richard Good
Richard Good 26 dagen geleden
Good chemistry
RobWilli 26 dagen geleden
Yes they're different and both are amazing players at what they know best. But personally, I would pick Halaand first 100%.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 26 dagen geleden
Thierry Henry’s stats are still remarkable so many years later since he retired. Nobody realises how many assists he used to get for a goal scorer.
Jack Hansen
Jack Hansen 26 dagen geleden
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Kushra Producer
Kushra Producer 26 dagen geleden
Haaland for me
TASHI TENZING 26 dagen geleden
Mbappe is clear.Nobody can tell me otherwise.
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 26 dagen geleden
man ...
Philip Victor A. Palmer
Philip Victor A. Palmer 26 dagen geleden
All these comments are from kids who think more goals equals a better player. Mbappe is obviously the better player as he can create for himself and for others in addition to being an excellent finisher. Håland is “only” an excellent finisher but if you remove a creator from him and he’s completely neutralised. Henry picking Mbappe over Håland has nothing to do with him being French.
Srini 26 dagen geleden
8:50, not a sentence you want taken out of context
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 26 dagen geleden
If Mbappe or Haaland went to Man City they would get about 1 million pounds a week in wages. About 20,000 kids in the third world die each day because of hunger. I don't think the Arab oligarchs who own Man City have ever been that hungry before. Obscene and immoral!
Cassie 26 dagen geleden
"He's so Big"... "I'm happy to see those guys coming". Ok Thierry XD
Didn’t ask
Didn’t ask 26 dagen geleden
Why do people in the comments just copy what the majority of people are saying?
tamara lacna
tamara lacna 26 dagen geleden
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Actu News Sport&Music
Actu News Sport&Music 27 dagen geleden
Mbappe is showing that hes ahead. Hat trick at Barça, double vs Bayern
Cassie 26 dagen geleden
8:33 Bit delayed from Carragher, but... Henry: "ooo!" Jamie: "Blimey"
nikhil mahesh
nikhil mahesh 27 dagen geleden
We do not need haaland or garland or any1....we have LIAM DELP for next season ...we only need a CDM
Hoang Phuc Sinh
Hoang Phuc Sinh 27 dagen geleden
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Jack Speight
Jack Speight 27 dagen geleden
Might be a weird thing to say because fundementally they're different players but Mbappe is a Messi, Haaland is a Ronaldo. One is creative and natural, the other is clinical and well rehearsed
Sean N
Sean N 27 dagen geleden
Mbappe definitely; no question or 2nd thought about it!!!
Philippe Azimzadeh
Philippe Azimzadeh 27 dagen geleden
Haha never sleep on Mbappé. I'm surprised Thierry still doesn't see it coming
BBC LORD GOD 27 dagen geleden
it bothering him when they say you similar to mbappé but guess what he should say thank you cause mbappé his better than him all aspect tho ...if you take henry 19 years old and mbappé 19 no comparison to the boy tho ...
BBC LORD GOD 27 dagen geleden
the problem is that he and his dad are jails of mbappé trust im french too im from there and i play football ....the man say like mbappé ? see the way he bug out saying haaland dont know mbappé as a player and as a person he smart he knows double face people so his dad mbappé so he gave him the best education to still have a chat with you man ...
K T 27 dagen geleden
I am an arsenal fan but i think Haland will go to city because his dad once played there and additionally they can make him rich. And Mbape will go real mad cause he supported them when c. ronaldo was there... but i wish mbape would join arsenal and win us the quadruple...
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 27 dagen geleden
"owen needed heskey, heskey needed owen" love heskey getting a mention in debate about young world class strikers
ameursita 27 dagen geleden
Because of the consistency and physicality: Halaand. Mbappe will fare well in all other leagues for sur but pl is too physical. I know mahrez has done it but its a rare thing.
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