King Von - Armed & Dangerous (Official Video) 

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From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
Shot by @jerryphd
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Official music video by King Von - Armed & Dangerous © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE


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11 jan. 2021




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thatone_ bloxburguy
thatone_ bloxburguy 2 minuten geleden
why do ice box always says''Long Live King Von 💙🕊''
Inasia Gill
Inasia Gill 2 minuten geleden
wait till we get our hands on that quondo and timmy pack
I ain't never seen 2 pretty bfs
I thought he was dead-
Ozjani Travis
Ozjani Travis 3 minuten geleden
Jayde Davis
Jayde Davis 8 minuten geleden
R.I.P. OTF Von
Ozjani Travis
Ozjani Travis 8 minuten geleden
sme body is form 63
Fernando Retana
Fernando Retana 12 minuten geleden
Rest up bro 🪦 🙏🏽 ❤️
Kenneth Hicks
Kenneth Hicks 16 minuten geleden
Rip von we love you :(
Amir Dunn
Amir Dunn 17 minuten geleden
😔😔 rip
IKnowIm_ Bad
IKnowIm_ Bad 18 minuten geleden
Facts Everyone Know 1.If Drew DIDNT film it then it ain’t filmed right 2. Von show up to all his shows 3. He ain’t got no flaws
Juug Lifestyle
Juug Lifestyle 21 minuut geleden
LLV🙏🏾. Follow me @Huncho Man appreciate
Isls Keke
Isls Keke 22 minuten geleden
T Money
T Money 23 minuten geleden
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez 23 minuten geleden
King von too nice wid it
Lamarr Blount
Lamarr Blount 25 minuten geleden
Kemari Powell
Kemari Powell 31 minuut geleden
Man I’m mad cuz this bitch sooooo hard and bro can’t drop another rest easy fam 💯💯💯
I'm Ralph
I'm Ralph 35 minuten geleden
0:03 ayy look how von is carring Lil pump
Damien Mangual
Damien Mangual 39 minuten geleden
how von fans take trash out
Ethan & Adam
Ethan & Adam 43 minuten geleden
Rip V-Roy😓🖤
Cypher 43 minuten geleden
1:31 man von with his hair back is bringing back memories of his autopsy photo leak rip von
FNTLurkin 44 minuten geleden
Every song hits different
Jason Turner
Jason Turner 45 minuten geleden
Durk knew this boy was taking over smh
Bullet 48 minuten geleden
This song slapp
Lewdogg 48 minuten geleden
The exact type of music and lyrics that got him killed unbelievable nothing to praise about this song
BRUNO EVANDE 49 minuten geleden
This song is great and tragic at the same time
depression test came true
depression test came true 49 minuten geleden
Walt Everson
Walt Everson 57 minuten geleden
King von the best
Tekashi 6ix9ine
Tekashi 6ix9ine 57 minuten geleden
Imagine hes a gta 5 character
Walt Everson
Walt Everson 58 minuten geleden
Rip von
Yande-Chawe Simunyola
Yande-Chawe Simunyola 58 minuten geleden
but he's dead
Rubenn Dean Paul Alws
Very beautiful guy!
Quintaivea Miller
Quintaivea Miller Uur geleden
he the best and the gaot
Michael Dudley
Michael Dudley Uur geleden
R.I.P best person and pop smoke
Jaden Richardson
Jaden Richardson Uur geleden
Micheal Bell
Micheal Bell Uur geleden
Why lil Durk had to sacrifice him and I don't care about sleep people (MENTALLY).
Anti Matter
Anti Matter Uur geleden
Von had information that would lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton
javii don
javii don Uur geleden
Rip goat ❤️
Junior Martinez
Junior Martinez Uur geleden
lil jaylen up rise
lil jaylen up rise Uur geleden
He alive
lil jaylen up rise
lil jaylen up rise Uur geleden
If king von die how he so the music video
Dr sii Yoo
Dr sii Yoo Uur geleden
When he died he had around I think it was 400-800k subs now he has 1.72 mil. I wished he was here to see all his success. So many rapper die right before people know them. R.I.P KING VON
Holes Uur geleden
Only real ones will like this comment -> Been listing to him even wayy before his death
The official JDW
The official JDW Uur geleden
Isaiah Whitaker
Isaiah Whitaker Uur geleden
Keepon Groovin
Keepon Groovin Uur geleden
That boy storytelling skills were on point...RIP ALL THEM YOUNG CHICAGO CATS MAN.....CHICAGO LEGENDS ✊🏾
lifewithharmony Uur geleden
Best Drill Rapper 😌💪🏾 !!! Let’s argue !!
Trav Szn
Trav Szn Uur geleden
I listened to this 14 times in 1 day
lifewithharmony Uur geleden
Jermaine Uchiha
Jermaine Uchiha Uur geleden
Diss go hardd 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Eflex Xd
Eflex Xd Uur geleden
Rip von, best story teller ever no 🧢
J'Kjuan Williams
J'Kjuan Williams Uur geleden
The only thing I dont like about this song is that it ends. Fire 🔥🚒👩‍🚒
htm boy daeee
htm boy daeee Uur geleden
Q & P Family
Q & P Family Uur geleden
I miss von
YoBoyDirtyD Uur geleden
I'm the reason I keep that GL0CK on me
Gamerz League
Gamerz League 2 uur geleden
1:10 Till then end is 🔥
EddyTooraw 2 uur geleden
Rip the 🐐💔
mariame tall
mariame tall 2 uur geleden
Fire rip if you don't like this song you from 63
richkidd Whiteline vevo
Rip king von ☠️
Trxpie Films
Trxpie Films 2 uur geleden
he will never lose the flow
Dae Dae
Dae Dae 2 uur geleden
K1NG BOOMz 2 uur geleden
pop smoke 🕊 king von 🕊 juice wrld 🕊 they all have a song with this title
Raphael Knight
Raphael Knight 2 uur geleden
Is it just me because how do every rapper got a twin I'm confused yo
Hailey Lane
Hailey Lane 2 uur geleden
🕊R.I.P🕊Are Von❤️❤️
Malcom Shaw
Malcom Shaw 2 uur geleden
Donald Harper
Donald Harper 2 uur geleden
Rip von dam that kid bars are. 🔥 if he was alive he was going to the top the kid is bad rest up king von
iixrishtmasxxx 2 uur geleden
All these people dissin you is scary they won’t do it infront of ur face durk and them rapping bout then dieing but they ain’t sliding. LLV VON.
Latasha Washington
Latasha Washington 2 uur geleden
Yes love his mom for teaching him to be a man, love a man who takes the trash 🗑 out. 💯❤❤❤rip
Radu Mihai Alexandru
Radu Mihai Alexandru 2 uur geleden
RIP King Von.Love you bro ❤💲
Eli Card
Eli Card 2 uur geleden
4 days trending.
Jhit 2 uur geleden
Y’all can’t tell me he didn’t kill this , 🕊 fly high, “YOU MY SON IM YO DADDY!”
Vtae CHOPPED 2 uur geleden
Literally less than 10 minutes ago it had 6.1M views now it's at nearly 6.5M
JxHnV_SdAwRlD 2 uur geleden
s i e r r a
s i e r r a 2 uur geleden
Hypnotic Ghoulz
Hypnotic Ghoulz 2 uur geleden
he say he kept that glock o him. and the 1 time he didnt he passed away LLKV
jhl jhl
jhl jhl 2 uur geleden
Hes alive
mike madout2
mike madout2 3 uur geleden
I really don't understand, if rappers are dead how do they still make songs don't make sense at all
Shine Forever
Shine Forever 2 uur geleden
They made songs before they passed away
KILLJOY 3 uur geleden
He was just getting started too just think what he would have brought after he been doing it for years
Messiah Cire’
Messiah Cire’ 3 uur geleden
Miguel Escamilla
Miguel Escamilla 3 uur geleden
Bro von better have a vid 4 GTA and Mine too😂 cause those the most underrated on this album
Stephanie Allen
Stephanie Allen 41 minuut geleden
Comb Thru all these snakes 🐍 I need a fine 🦷 !!!!!
OMNI BANDZ 3 uur geleden
how tf u armed and dangerous dead boy.
OMNI BANDZ 10 minuten geleden
@Trav Szn ur not about it rap follower.
OMNI BANDZ 10 minuten geleden
@Supremesamthegoat so was OFB duck.
Supremesamthegoat Uur geleden
@Trav Szn ikr he bitchin ong
Trav Szn
Trav Szn Uur geleden
@Supremesamthegoat Folkz nem tweakin he betta chill fo he get his ass smoked out here
Supremesamthegoat 2 uur geleden
bro keep fucking playing real talk i have connections to some people who know von and von was a very cool guy so stfu
Ian B
Ian B 3 uur geleden
Back to back funerals, it's them or us, it's him or me. Don't get booked cause ain't no bond money. We doin this shit for free 🔥🔥
Yk Painking
Yk Painking 3 uur geleden
We loving bro u was a real one fuck quondo
Charles Mancuso
Charles Mancuso 3 uur geleden
I can't stop listening to this!!!! RIP VON.
Brandí Braandí
Brandí Braandí 3 uur geleden
He was really gonna go far .. I hate a hating ass ninja 🙄 Rip Von 🥺
Caleb ._1k
Caleb ._1k 3 uur geleden
“Boy I’m talm bout tragedies massacres casualties”🐐🔥🔥🔥
Pete Paintin
Pete Paintin 3 uur geleden
He’s not the best story teller I’m sorry it’s gotta be “trell” the dude who did Timmy turner story
Trav Szn
Trav Szn Uur geleden
Buddy there two different styles Trapp Turrell raps about the world and whats going on today. Von raps about shit he did irl there's a difference
Caleb ._1k
Caleb ._1k 3 uur geleden
Free Opinion
Free Opinion 4 uur geleden
Why are his jeans too small for him? It must be so much effort keeping his hand there just so they don't fall down.
Trav Szn
Trav Szn Uur geleden
Nah the fact you looked down there you weird ash.
Dani Stone
Dani Stone 4 uur geleden
Yungcro 4 uur geleden
Rip von🤧
Twambo Siakoche
Twambo Siakoche 4 uur geleden
Africa misses your presence..✊
Byu Mali
Byu Mali 4 uur geleden
King Von rapped about the gangsta life and he was really about it he’s not like the fake rappers out here 🖤🕊🐐 Long live V.Roy and T.Roy
Carlos Lloyd
Carlos Lloyd 4 uur geleden
Beat hit different bro play for keeps
Mustafa Ali
Mustafa Ali 4 uur geleden
Ch-Ch-Ch-Chopsquad Police steady watching me, every day they clocking me Every day they clocking me (ChopsquadDJ on the beat so it's a banger) Police steady watching me, every day they clocking me Red alert, armed and dangerous, I keep that Glock on me And I ain't looking for no trouble, I'm just looking out for me 'Cause I done did shit that niggas ain't talking 'bout no rapping beef Boy, I'm talking tragedies, massacres, casualties Shit that I can't even remember, bet they remember me Shit that happened late in December, I bring that Winter heat Niggas dying the whole October, the real Halloween Back to back funerals, it's them or us, it's him or me Don't get booked 'cause ain't no bond money We doing this shit for free If he told then that ain't my homie, that lil' nigga weak If I miss, ain't going to sleep, I'm in the street, we play for keeps 2011, August 11th, R.I.P. Odee August 9th, two days before, I turned 17 21 to 45, I'm like what $$$ the fuck that mean? You fighting an armed robbery shorty, that's what they offering My lil' brother getting big, my uncle got that cough again He been smoking crack since I was born, that monkey stalking him I used to stay up late at granny crib just to talk to him When I was locked up God knocked on his door and told him walk with Him Back to this drilling shit Sosa started rapping now the war going viral Boy, this bitch cracking Boy, they ass lacking Hit they block twice, a lot of booming, no jamming His mama pop out like, "Oh God damn, what happened?" This the type of shit happen, the life of a savage You ain't right, you get left, you slipped up, you ain't having Not your blood, ain't your cuz, you my son, I'm your daddy (You my son, I'm your daddy) Police steady watching me, every day they clocking me Red alert, armed and dangerous, I keep that Glock on me And I ain't looking for no trouble, I'm just looking out for me 'Cause I done did shit that niggas ain't talking 'bout no rapping beef Boy, I'm talking tragedies, massacres, casualties Shit that I can't even remember, bet they remember me Shit that happened late in December, I bring that Winter heat Niggas dying the whole October, the real Halloween
Lavera Moore
Lavera Moore 4 uur geleden
R.i.p king von i miss u
Deplorable Dubya
Deplorable Dubya 4 uur geleden
Omg. My favorite parts of Von videos is how he puts himself telling another person in the video the story he is rapping about. God I miss him.
Munda thugga
Munda thugga 4 uur geleden
Damn only if von was alive that boy still rich
Gavon 5 uur geleden
Rip bro
m a k o
m a k o 5 uur geleden
this is the only von song i like, i don't normally like von
thapelo bagasi
thapelo bagasi 5 uur geleden
Von was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 RIP VON...he was going places
crapmonster 5 uur geleden
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