Kershaw and Profar chat about catchers interference, a breakdown 

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17 apr. 2021




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Jomboy Media
Jomboy Media 15 dagen geleden
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Lochlan Zayne
Lochlan Zayne 3 dagen geleden
@Angelo Ryan Yea, I have been using flixzone for since november myself =)
Angelo Ryan
Angelo Ryan 3 dagen geleden
pro trick : watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies during the lockdown.
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 dagen geleden
Congrats on going over 1 million subs
Scott Rastovic
Scott Rastovic 11 dagen geleden
The MLB is dead. You get more ratings than the MLB in a whole.
Baseball Rules
Baseball Rules 14 dagen geleden
Of course my favorite person ever
mike valent
mike valent 19 uur geleden
I’m waiting for a game where an umpire ejects someone while wearing the review headset. That would be hysterical
swim4scofield Dag geleden
Flannery 2 dagen geleden
if you’re gonna try to intentionally get catcher’s interference, at least swing on time?? I do this intentionally all the time and almost every time I still hit the ball in play? that’s just embarrassing at that point, regardless of whether he was trying to do it or if his swing was really just that dreadful. I agree w Kershaw here
James Honore
James Honore 2 dagen geleden
I don’t even watch baseball but this dudes commentary is fucking hilarious
admirallightningbolt 2 dagen geleden
Well the ball wouldn’t already be in the glove if his glove wasn’t too far forward
Malik M
Malik M 2 dagen geleden
He likely was trying to foul it to get a better pitch and hit the glove , had he made contact he gets another swing
Alfie Willis
Alfie Willis 3 dagen geleden
"Hmmm, wonder what a good transition would be? Oh, right, just zoom in on Kershaw's mouth."
Coach Shane
Coach Shane 3 dagen geleden
I want Jomboy merch hoodie that just has a big ole “That’s a Bullshit Swing” on the front
bamadeadhead 3 dagen geleden
You have a million subs and you don’t know for 100% FACT the bat can’t hit a catchers glove before the ball? What?!? No wonder you always talk about STUPID baseball topics.
Jared Lang
Jared Lang 4 dagen geleden
It is a bullshit swing but hes just trying to keep the at bat alive.
Atlanta Guitar
Atlanta Guitar 4 dagen geleden
Back in the day used to be that any contact between mitt and bat was called interference.
sexy bean
sexy bean 4 dagen geleden
It doesn’t matter...the catcher is not allowed interfere with the batter.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark 5 dagen geleden
Strike 3 sit down shut up.
Kane Landes
Kane Landes 5 dagen geleden
Karshaw tall as fluuk
Brian Davis
Brian Davis 5 dagen geleden
Profar's ass in the jackpot now.
Lionel I am
Lionel I am 5 dagen geleden
Padres beat them anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️
Marcos Borges
Marcos Borges 6 dagen geleden
Bullshit swing!
Vann0y 6 dagen geleden
Call em a N like you should of Kersh! That 🦝
Nick Prospero
Nick Prospero 6 dagen geleden
So the final call was to let him take first?
Tenochtitlan El Imperio Azteca
Man, those Padres players they're cheaters AF. Need Tony Gwynn in the team to teach them how to play baseball. Go Dodgers!
Mind and body Muscle
Mind and body Muscle 6 dagen geleden
I'm a Dodgers hand. But isn't a foul tip still possible? That looked like catchers interference!
William Fitzpatrick
William Fitzpatrick 6 dagen geleden
MLB quickly becoming the NFL with their random officiating
Ryan Kugelman
Ryan Kugelman 6 dagen geleden
Jomboy should teach a college course in lip reading
Will Synn
Will Synn 6 dagen geleden
Sounds like a Seinfeld bit
Rick From the Cape
Rick From the Cape 6 dagen geleden
Totally purposely swung to hit the mitt which would be the same as purposely being hit by the pitch. He should not have gotten awarded first base. Another bad call in a year of bad calls.
Scott Carpenter
Scott Carpenter 6 dagen geleden
He should go back to AAA after this
DRiiiVER STUDiOS 6 dagen geleden
Still interference. The catcher stuck his glove forward too far that’s why the ball was in the glove before the bat hit it
DRiiiVER STUDiOS 5 dagen geleden
@DocPringles Right! The swing would’ve missed, BUT we have to take into consideration the fact that the pitcher still interfered.. Just as in every other sport, it doesn’t necessarily have to boil down to whether he would have hit the pitch ⚾️, caught the pass 🏈 or swooshed the net 🏀, pass interference, personal foul, batter interference still remains the same.
DocPringles 6 dagen geleden
This. While I agree that the swing would’ve missed, there’s no reason for the catcher to be fully extended like that.
Dave Lo
Dave Lo 6 dagen geleden
Why 😂😂😂 0:24
Zack S
Zack S 6 dagen geleden
I agree, even if it happened after. No reason bat should come in contact with glove. Seems odd but I feel like it should go to the batter.
Trevor Hubbard
Trevor Hubbard 7 dagen geleden
I had a kid do this in little league he hit me in the shoulder 3 times in a row the ump couldn't believe I wanted to keep playing I remember thinking he couldn't even swing hard he was reaching back to hit my glove. Anyways he got struck out
Thee Don
Thee Don 7 dagen geleden
As a catcher, there have been many times where guys swing WAAYY later than Profar did here to take advantage of this rule. And I had a broken thumb thanks to one of those times.
Patrick Sullivan
Patrick Sullivan 7 dagen geleden
100% diehard Padre fan here. Been in San Diego since 1992. Can’t stand the Doyers. That was some BS for sure though. Kershaw has every right to be pissed off.
DC Long
DC Long 7 dagen geleden
Both of them (catch-n-bat) are crowding each others workspace. They have dual citizenship in dumbassery.
DC Long
DC Long 7 dagen geleden
Both of them (catch-n-bat) are crowding each others workspace. They have dual citizenship in dumbassery.
DC Long
DC Long 7 dagen geleden
Both of them (catch-n-bat) are crowding each others workspace. They have dual citizenship in dumbassery.
Peter Harris
Peter Harris 7 dagen geleden
But also catchers think its cool to reach and grab and steal strikes. Thats how the bat hits their glove. The catcher cheats forward so he can steal pitches. Thats mostly the catcher usually. But in this case its ALSO a really bad/strange swing
Cameron Truemper
Cameron Truemper 7 dagen geleden
As a former catcher unfortunately it's catcher interference. I played against a guy in high school that literally sit in the back of the box and try to literally hit the catcher's mitt if he got behind in the count. He would get the benefit of the doubt every single time.
Chris Dvorscak
Chris Dvorscak 7 dagen geleden
Profar got caught guessing and got beat bad, shit call by the umpires- if this is the right call, then why wouldn’t everybody just just slowly check swing their bat into the catcher’s mitt every pitch?!
Jesse Rodriguez
Jesse Rodriguez 7 dagen geleden
dude your breakdowns are fucking prestigious!!! Top notch stuff right here lmao!!! love it
djduuhfhf jdjj
djduuhfhf jdjj 7 dagen geleden
why give the baseball to a black guy ?
Robo Jimbo
Robo Jimbo 7 dagen geleden
Was a bs swing. He knew what he was doing
WilliamHough 7 dagen geleden
When you realize that Profar was a more hyped prospect than Kershaw, Seager, and Lux
Louis 13
Louis 13 7 dagen geleden
Don’t explain anything to a Stinking Dodger! Just Beat LA!!!
Breakpoint 7 dagen geleden
The Glove should have not even come out that far to catch the ball imo
Peter Donkey-Doo
Peter Donkey-Doo 8 dagen geleden
They seriously gave him the base? The ball was halfway to the dugout before he even started his swing. The catcher's mitt had zero effect on the outcome
mofosoto 8 dagen geleden
I kinda thought that ya the ball was already in the catcher's glove but does that mean that the catcher can just reach out and snag it before the batter hits it? It does look like the ball was probably passed but it looks like there was a slight chance for him to make contact and foul it off. It's very close. Definitely doesn't look like Profar did it on purpose so it doesn't matter what kind of swing it is, Kershaw. Does this dude really think that it has to be a "real" swing for it to count? How many strike and strikeouts does this dude got from checked swings? He's got no problem with those though. He's just pissed Tatis be spanking him. I don't think catchers interference should count if the ball has already gone passed though. It's awfully close and would like to see it from the overhead view. Definitely not "well passed" like Jomboy states. Then you got Jomboy talking like he's never seen a batter take a bad swing at a ball before.
slim thumbtak
slim thumbtak 8 dagen geleden
Any call that goes against the dodgers is the right call. End of discussion.
NeoTenic 9 dagen geleden
If that's how players swing in the MLB, I might know a few toddlers with impossible strike zones we could bring up.
Them 9 dagen geleden
I think Kershaw is spot on. It's a bullshit swing, legal or not.
Couch Captain937
Couch Captain937 9 dagen geleden
So far I have watched zero BBall this year...what I have noticed though is that the umps get to be wrong, all the time. It's a miracle, or a contract clause, that any of them are still even allowed in the stadiums.
Fernando Cortes
Fernando Cortes 9 dagen geleden
Come on Profar tried to break the catcher’s hand
Ninjoel 9 dagen geleden
You can take a bad swing to get a foul ball and save an at bat though, so I do see his point. But the ball was pretty far back it was kind of a bullshit swing.
Rip Me
Rip Me 10 dagen geleden
He could of fouled that up
Felipe Parada
Felipe Parada 10 dagen geleden
Let's Go!!
Lachlan MacDonald
Lachlan MacDonald 10 dagen geleden
That’s absolutely catchers interference. The glove prevents the bat from hitting the ball. Otherwise what’s stopping catches from snagging the ball before it crosses the plate?
KG 10 dagen geleden
I think the ruling is that if the batter swings and hits any part of the catcher he gets first base. I’m with Profar, like you said, Pitchers are huge babies.
jake williams
jake williams 10 dagen geleden
This channel has turned me onto baseball
BennySlim 10 dagen geleden
Yeah that’s a bullshit swing
kmlevel 11 dagen geleden
Legitimate ask, how common is it for the home plate umpire to wear Blue instead of Black?
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 11 dagen geleden
Jomboy cracks me up with his videos!
tedgey 11 dagen geleden
His ass is in the jackpot now!
Gabe MacVittie
Gabe MacVittie 11 dagen geleden
John Cronin
John Cronin 11 dagen geleden
Sorry, but it’s catcher’s interference. It really doesn’t matter if the swing was good or bad, or if the swing was too late. It’s not on Kershaw, it’s on the catcher. He’s too close to the plate.
Mario The Menace
Mario The Menace 12 dagen geleden
I’m sure he’s not gonna tell everyone he did it on purpose he wants the 1st base 😂
yugurtz 12 dagen geleden
0:25 life complete
Cameron Menke
Cameron Menke 12 dagen geleden
It is not catchers interference.
Bill Dover
Bill Dover 12 dagen geleden
Padres be crying about legit strikes XD Get the fuck outta here homie.
Kent's Mobile Welding and fabrication
"I'm battlin' to try and catch up with these pitches..."
Haydon Ramirez
Haydon Ramirez 12 dagen geleden
Either he did it on purpose or it was the WORST swing in baseball history
Boot Yeater
Boot Yeater 12 dagen geleden
The Dodgers vs Buffalo Wild Wings
Troll 12 dagen geleden
He still could have hit it foul which is still a strike
Rupert Steffler
Rupert Steffler 12 dagen geleden
If the catcher can't keep their hand out of the way, the batter gets on. Makes sense to me
jsscrlsn 12 dagen geleden
kershaws a big ol mouth breather. spread the word.
Éd Og
Éd Og 13 dagen geleden
Not on purpose but definitely a bullshit swing The spirit of the rule is unarguably to prevent the catcher from interfering, but if the bat goes backwards during the swing instead of forward, then that's the batter interfering with the catcher. I'm not sure if it's covered in the rules but any umpire should know better than to rule this a catcher's interference.
John Doe
John Doe 13 dagen geleden
hella pine tar on Kershaws hat?
Jesus Velociraptor
Jesus Velociraptor 13 dagen geleden
Profar suckksss, didn't take long for his last team to drop him..
Jesus Velociraptor
Jesus Velociraptor 13 dagen geleden
This dude's bat was so perpendicular at the camera angle facing his body, when the ball hit the glove. Lmao you can't get more late than that!
Jesus Velociraptor
Jesus Velociraptor 13 dagen geleden
In that specific situation not interference, but are catchers going to start sticking there gloves out more until a new/better rule is created?
Michael Mancuso
Michael Mancuso 13 dagen geleden
Profar is not a major league ball player hell be gone next year when he bats .150 this year
Lucas Blanton
Lucas Blanton 13 dagen geleden
I wish White Sox vs. Cubs would be this good
Samoatupo 13 dagen geleden
Hit him at his next at bat
Brandon Sager
Brandon Sager 13 dagen geleden
Baseball was made for this channel
Inceptacon Inceptacon
Inceptacon Inceptacon 13 dagen geleden
Such a dirty player.
Bdottio 13 dagen geleden
If the Glove was more back it would’ve been a fouls Rick head
less than bread
less than bread 13 dagen geleden
Do you think Kershaw knows hundreds of thousands of people have a detailed image in their minds of his gaping mug?
Andres Velasco
Andres Velasco 14 dagen geleden
Yah I'm with Kershaw here. Too late of a swing. That's not a baseball play in my opinion
BMac's Breaks
BMac's Breaks 14 dagen geleden
I'm also on Kershaw's side.
Shlammy Hammy
Shlammy Hammy 14 dagen geleden
I mean it’s possible it gets fouled off there
Doug Glatt
Doug Glatt 14 dagen geleden
Jomboy to 1mil 👊
Joshua Parks
Joshua Parks 14 dagen geleden
Why not look up the MLB rule on Catcher’s Interference first? now, whether the catcher interfered ‘after the pitch’ because it was caught, is something that we might debate. That said, it looks like the glove is over the plate and, if so, that’s catcher’s interference every time. Catchers often reach OUT toward the picture to catch the ball, it’s dangerous, thus the rule.
Jon Colunga
Jon Colunga 14 dagen geleden
Not gonna lie that swing was pretty whack. xD Totally trying to hit the catchers glove on purpose
Wes 4511
Wes 4511 10 dagen geleden
previnsnaidu1 14 dagen geleden
The point of the rule is to protect catcher's hands from getting bludgeoned with a bat, it was a way too late swing but the catcher shouldn't be bringing his mitt that forward. Profar should've struck out but the catcher fucked it up for Kershaw, not Profar
Boat to the Belly
Boat to the Belly 14 dagen geleden
Have a feeling Profar will have a very sore back next time he comes up to the plate.
Ryan Schechtman
Ryan Schechtman 14 dagen geleden
Feels like a lifetime ago that Jurickson Profar was the most hyped prospect in baseball.
Jared Erasmus
Jared Erasmus 14 dagen geleden
It looks much worse in slow motion because it seems like the ball is in the glove for a long time before he checks his swing. But In real motion doesn’t look very egregious, baseball is a game of milliseconds so yeah I’m with profar on this one
BR Cope
BR Cope 14 dagen geleden
This continued mask/face covering crap is the stupidest thing ever! Just stop already. Everyone looks so stupid in them and they really don't protect you. But, go ahead, continue being sheep. Also, I don't see that as interference.
Christian Dale
Christian Dale 14 dagen geleden
Definitely did it on purpose 100%. He knew it was going by him so you can obviously see him almost feel for the catcher’s glove with his bat. That’s some Busch league bullshit right there
Pb 207.2
Pb 207.2 14 dagen geleden
Make baseball players fight like hockey players. We’ll end up with some buff pitchers and a clearer understanding of unwritten rules.
Ryan Holt
Ryan Holt 14 dagen geleden
Kershaw had it right. That swing was bullshit. There’s no logical reason he should have been awarded first base. Clarify the rule and make sure this doesn’t happen again. Otherwise you’ll have more people waiting til the last second and doing there best to make contact with the glove.
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