Kamaru Usman KOs Jorge Masvidal - Crowd Reaction 

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24 apr. 2021




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XcellentMMA Maand geleden
Conor McGregor calls out Kamaru Usman, Usman responds:
Татьяна Кнапек
Тттттттииттттитттоимиит. Ти ититттиотииооиммм. Миимиисмммиим. Им ммимммммисмтт
Delon Baber
Delon Baber Maand geleden
@Jill what? I'm trying to understand what you said? Fighters don't get paid if they lose? Since when?
Jill Maand geleden
Yeah when Connor loses he doesn’t get any money for the fight unless the possibility of winning which he won’t
Delon Baber
Delon Baber Maand geleden
Watch it in slowmo, he pulled jorge's left hand down and through the cross perfect
Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor Maand geleden
Fuck Conor, punk ass needs to back back to acting like a pampered baby.
Blake Cunningham
Blake Cunningham 17 dagen geleden
Do you guys just see the sweat that comes off of his face when he gets hit
Dwayne AbsolutelyDribblin
Dwayne AbsolutelyDribblin 22 dagen geleden
Pmsl class clown lost his red nose
Guess Who
Guess Who 25 dagen geleden
Never gets old watching street diva go to sleep
harshtimes23 25 dagen geleden
That’s what that Trump loving moron deserves. Yeah yeah I know he can woop my a$$ I can still say it.
Mulyadi Mulyadi
Mulyadi Mulyadi 26 dagen geleden
Masvidal to much style&talk
Surf Lyon
Surf Lyon 27 dagen geleden
Por imbecil, bajo la guardia!
Tom Bowie
Tom Bowie 27 dagen geleden
When you see the sweat go flying off his head you know it was a good hard punch and he went down faster than a crackhead giving a $5 bj.
Kidigital !
Kidigital ! 29 dagen geleden
You can still hear the thud over the crowd roaring
tranceMEXN 29 dagen geleden
Another Masvidal from another dimension just got jolted and doesn't even know why
Jay H
Jay H 29 dagen geleden
Every dog has his day
silecrem Maand geleden
I got a concussion just from watching
Josh Brooks
Josh Brooks Maand geleden
Dam well maybe jake paul will teach him how to keep his hands up next time lmao
Clifford Harrington
Clifford Harrington Maand geleden
Dude, he got hit so hard water sprayed of his head, king hit from Usman, dude has some power.
TRUCKER COLT Maand geleden
This man ego is way to huge after how long it’s been since he had that flying knee knock out.
Zachary Taylor
Zachary Taylor Maand geleden
Knocked the sweat off that turd.
Bfair Maand geleden
Lucky shot
Gabriel Kelly
Gabriel Kelly Maand geleden
"Get the fuck outta here" I was this dude
batw4ng Maand geleden
Trump supporters stay taking L’s well into 2021
Jake Landshark
Jake Landshark Maand geleden
The KO was great but I can’t stop listening to “ Get the Fuck out outta here..,”!!!!
Mike Stephano
Mike Stephano Maand geleden
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Sic Semper Tyrannis Maand geleden
Conor McGregor wouldn't last half a round with Masvidal let alone Usman. That guy's a joke.
Evan Chen
Evan Chen Maand geleden
Lmao this Jake Paul groupie got ktfo!! Jake Paul next then the Universe will be restored.
Mini Martini
Mini Martini Maand geleden
The sweat that flew from his head from the punch was like a cartoon visual effect
K D Maand geleden
Wanna c Usman vs Rory!!!!!!!!
Jared Staudigl
Jared Staudigl Maand geleden
Wow jorge looked like a bum. Props though he admitted after the fight, that he got way to cocky
Krešo B.
Krešo B. Maand geleden
That will be KO like was Masvidal KO Ben Askren with flying strong direct corectly punch..but i am still fan of Masvidal
xavior B
xavior B Maand geleden
The Lord is Merciful and full Compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing LOVE that's why he become a human 2000 years ago. He become a human was to suffer and die on The cross to take the punishment for the sin of the WORLD. Your pain fell on him he was bruised for our inequities! You don't need to suffer for your sins because Christ suffered for us 2000 years ago! God so loved us He gave his only begotten Son to die for our sins, so that we don't have to suffer and perish, but who so ever believes in the Lord our God shall not perish but have eternal life.
Supermario Plushseries!
Dieje Maand geleden
I need windshield wipers after that one
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Maand geleden
Good God O Mighty!! That was vicious..!
The Joker
The Joker Maand geleden
Kamaru reminds me of Anderson silva in his prime
666 route
666 route Maand geleden
perfect ko
flyonbyya Maand geleden
Although the sweat spray off Jorge’s head was reminiscent of an iconic still image of perhaps ‘The Thriller in Manila’, or the ‘Rumble in the Jungle’...Jorge has never been, and will never be more than a mere, utterly unworthy journeyman, undeserving of a great sweat spray still.
Jessica Manuel
Jessica Manuel Maand geleden
trump supporter down! I repeat, trump supporter down!
Dandy Bill
Dandy Bill Maand geleden
por sobrado nokearon ah masvidal
Smd4998 Maand geleden
Hand down man down. You know the rules
Marcelo Cordova
Marcelo Cordova Maand geleden
John Lukach
John Lukach Maand geleden
That's what you get being cocky dropping your arms constantly. Covington would be masvidal. You ko'd askren and beat Nate fight every 3 years diaz
Iron Mike Team
Iron Mike Team Maand geleden
And this is the end of Masvidal carrier, hands down against someone like Usman ? Seriously bro ?
Pete Stone
Pete Stone Maand geleden
All that sweat that left his head!!! Like a mist cloud
John Yang
John Yang Maand geleden
Jorge....hands up....not down!!’
Brandon Moreno MMA
Brandon Moreno MMA Maand geleden
Must be cocky Masvi cocky
Yo Blizzy
Yo Blizzy Maand geleden
Yo he knocked the sweat off yo whole head with that punch.
Pasamelas Porfa
Pasamelas Porfa Maand geleden
Notice how when talking trash it all falls in your lap. Tisk tisk smh should had just being humble and a true champ. Hablador
dn15726 Maand geleden
ben be like hehehheheh karma sucks huh
michael lilienfeld
michael lilienfeld Maand geleden
Buy bitcoin.
Mohammed Madani
Mohammed Madani Maand geleden
New sensation real G.OA.T
Knowbloc Maand geleden
people who use the term “casuals”... u guys are losers. like u got a club we can’t get into, or even worth getting into we all just scum on this Earth tryna learn and experience. Gtfo with that prejudice bullsh!t
-Tom -
-Tom - Maand geleden
weak crowd
Who Cares
Who Cares Maand geleden
Thats like knocking out a 10 year old he couldn't even beat Kimbo fight someone good for once
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid Maand geleden
@Who Cares Size matters ESPECIALLY in a Street Fight when all the bigger guy has to do is sit on you, you imbecile.
Who Cares
Who Cares Maand geleden
@Muyanzi Reid in a street fight go get educated there chump change
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid Maand geleden
@Who Cares It doesn't matter if it's a Street Fight or not dumbass. There are weight classes for a reason you moron... size does matter
Who Cares
Who Cares Maand geleden
@Muyanzi Reid street fight moron kimbos 3rd fight and Kimbo was fucking horrible. weight don't mean shit
Muyanzi Reid
Muyanzi Reid Maand geleden
Yeah No shit he couldn't beat Kimbo, Kimbo was a heavyweight... Jorge is a welterweight.
Nicolae Maand geleden
There was a literal explosion of sweat when the punch connected that made you really feel the impact. Almost like a special effect lol
JBI Tile
JBI Tile Maand geleden
Fighting with your hands down only ends up in a ko lol. Masvidal was scared from the start his striking stance was trash usman ko this journeymen
Korban Lockdown
Korban Lockdown Maand geleden
Fahad Hayee
Fahad Hayee Maand geleden
Boring fighter
Mark Gonzales
Mark Gonzales Maand geleden
Totally looked like a knockout on ufc3 or something for ps4.. like didn't even look real it was too perfect. The sweat flying off in light then the shoulder bump as masdival falls... Dude.
Sergio DO OR DIE
Sergio DO OR DIE Maand geleden
There u go jorge now u fall despacito . Remember this guy with his orange man political youtube commercial 😂🤣
sam gonzalez
sam gonzalez Maand geleden
He knocked all the electrolytes out of that fool
Daniel Lujan
Daniel Lujan Maand geleden
Dayuum!! What a shot!! Usman nearly knocked his head clean off!!
Jay Lea
Jay Lea Maand geleden
He got knocked tfo!
the Wellness Channel
the Wellness Channel Maand geleden
Yikes 😬
Toby Wilson
Toby Wilson Maand geleden
I like the part where Masvidal gets punched in the face.
ALEX LOKI Maand geleden
saxo saxo
saxo saxo Maand geleden
Comentario en español!!
Aqua Man
Aqua Man Maand geleden
he saw the rise, now is fall or he turn into another mcgregor. Now Jorge should hangout with youtube kids...permanently.
Raphael Dawkins Combat Radio
You could see the spray from a mile away 😮
Nahum Rivas
Nahum Rivas Maand geleden
0:08 your welcome
Dash Rendar
Dash Rendar Maand geleden
They’re both so lucky that I wasn’t in that octagon.
It's too bad his buddy TRUMP could not save him, RIP Masvidal LMAO
Jesse Lund
Jesse Lund Maand geleden
I love how you can see all the water his corner poured on his head fly off with that right 👌👏
Danger X
Danger X Maand geleden
That's what I'm talking about
Model Car Hobbyist
Model Car Hobbyist Maand geleden
I thought I had seen all the angles of this knockout, but WOW! When he hits him you see a mist of sweet around his head. That is what you call lights out!!!
Joe Dicks
Joe Dicks Maand geleden
Damn that was a hit you tell from that far
Alan Thomson
Alan Thomson Maand geleden
Good view of that brutal KO. Usman has seen him get cocky with the hands down and delivered an anti cocky pill that put Jorge to sleep. Awesome with the fans back at ringside.
Tim Bledsoe
Tim Bledsoe Maand geleden
DAMN, He got knocked the fuck out!
Adohl Black
Adohl Black Maand geleden
Senang sekali saya kalo masvidal K'O😂
RIPD44 Maand geleden
What happened? Did I miss the fight 🤔
Javier Flores
Javier Flores Maand geleden
How come people bet on Jorge with his 14 losses it was a mistmatch Jorge is a fraud
LeJuan Williams
LeJuan Williams Maand geleden
These newbies that say Usman is boring, will still say, Jorge was tired and fell into Usman's fist. I'm one of the few that can't stand the marketing side. Except Conor. He was being himself.
Josh Gulbas
Josh Gulbas Maand geleden
What he gets for slanking around with his arms down
Andrei Nekrasov
Andrei Nekrasov Maand geleden
Love that "here's my chin, hit me" strategy. Masvidal is, hands-down, the dumbest fighter in UFC. Even Usman will eventually hit you hard enough to lay you out when you act like you're invincible.
emilio alvarez gutierrez
Splattered all over holy shit 🤕
Daymon Wilcox
Daymon Wilcox Maand geleden
That's what happens when you take it as a joke.. Look at his hands..
Big A
Big A Maand geleden
Did he get the fuck out of there through
Simo Harjane
Simo Harjane Maand geleden
Anybody can get caught and they will get caught ! It is a brutal business! Ask chuck Liddell.
Butch Coplin
Butch Coplin Maand geleden
That was squeaky clean
Sick Smig
Sick Smig Maand geleden
Looked like a Dragon Ball Z knockout. Usman is straight Saiyan.
Sick Smig
Sick Smig Maand geleden
Androk Koi
Androk Koi Maand geleden
that was beautiful. lol
Jorge Espinosa
Jorge Espinosa Maand geleden
“Honey, I forgot to duck.”
Bode Zha
Bode Zha Maand geleden
There was only one crowd reaction that I heard....'get the fook outta here'😅😅😅
Rolland Curtis
Rolland Curtis Maand geleden
Kamaru Usman making Dana White and the UFC pay for putting Izzy and "Game Dead" Masvidal on the UFC video game cover instead of himself and Izzy!
Rolland Curtis
Rolland Curtis Maand geleden
UFC regretting putting Masvidal on the UFC video game cover instead of Kamaru Usman.
McRascal Maand geleden
He probably learnt that from Jake Paul
Juan Rafael Solano Uscanga
Lol Jorge you put your hands up too late buddy
Zach Attack
Zach Attack Maand geleden
I remember Usman doing this weird flexible back stretch before the fight an thinking "jorge you're in trouble man"
BIG HEART BIG CAPS Maand geleden
B Shari
B Shari Maand geleden
Next: Camaro Usman KO Jorge masfedal, Alien reaction
the realist
the realist Maand geleden
Latinos for trump getting his ass kicked, GOOD haha
Gage Pearson
Gage Pearson Maand geleden
Good Luck Jake
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