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Starring: Justin Bieber & Zoey Deutch

Director - Colin Tilley
Producers - Jamee Ranta & Whitney Jackson
Director of Photography - Elias Talbot
Editor - Vinnie Hobbs
Management - SB Projects

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31 dec. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Delmy Dosantos
Delmy Dosantos 3 minuten geleden
I though that girl was Selena Gomez
Merary HE
Merary HE 3 minuten geleden
Kishan kishan
Kishan kishan 9 minuten geleden
Hailey got jealous that justin kiss a girl of this videos🤔🤔🤔
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
alican ergün
alican ergün 10 minuten geleden
FREE FACT 12 minuten geleden
Love from Nepal.❤🇳🇵🇳🇵☺ A School Boy ❤❤❤🇳🇵🇳🇵☺
Amethyst Jewel
Amethyst Jewel 16 minuten geleden
Did they HAVE to kiss tho? 😭 I was already sold on it
Rohan Ellis
Rohan Ellis 16 minuten geleden
Great song.. I hope everyone have a blessed 2021. #subscribetomychannel #iphone12promaxreview #thanksinadvance
Cover Legends
Cover Legends 21 minuut geleden
you have to watch this best cover song ever!!
Levys RST
Levys RST 26 minuten geleden
Lucas Guimarães
Lucas Guimarães 29 minuten geleden
He should record with GDragon 🤘🏻
Andreas Mosal
Andreas Mosal 29 minuten geleden
Love this song 🥰
V.I.P. Tarot and More by Deborah
Handsome, love the song and video. I watch every morning! 💙
Huawei apps Solutions
Huawei apps Solutions 18 minuten geleden
Want to ask one question can i ask!?
Pradip Dhakal
Pradip Dhakal 36 minuten geleden
How fast 2 week passed away Life iz to short enjoy every moment of your life who knew tommorow will be or not💓
Zaina Abdalbasettamimi
Zaina Abdalbasettamimi 39 minuten geleden
But he has tattoos and haley Bieber what about her did you break up with you guys you just got married just not like right now you got married by saying that you’re married to Haley Bieber tho
Draco Uzumaki
Draco Uzumaki 40 minuten geleden
Ksharles Gzhames
Ksharles Gzhames 40 minuten geleden
Zia ekaf
Zia ekaf 46 minuten geleden
His vocals are amazing !!!
Snippet Ziomal
Snippet Ziomal 48 minuten geleden
Halo polska
I am otaku
I am otaku 50 minuten geleden
oww another new song
Natasha 19
Natasha 19 52 minuten geleden
Have y’all noticed how Justin released this song and Selena released a song about 16 hours ago talking about she’s moved on and stuff. Coincidence? I think not 🤔
RICKO 54 minuten geleden
fun fact : charlie puth played the piano in this song
RICKO 28 minuten geleden
@Kaleeswarichenthilkumar Eeswari yes go and search anyone by Justin Bieber on Wikipedia and go to credits and personal over there you will find charlie puth
Kaleeswarichenthilkumar Eeswari
dregongora 58 minuten geleden
Thank god Justin Bieber is not a professional actor.
David Morel
David Morel Uur geleden
Where are his tatoos?
『IKUTO 』 Uur geleden
مياو مياو جاستن احبش
Fun Fun
Fun Fun Uur geleden
38 millions views
Gay Peanut Butter Official
my music is way better than this
Kafa official
Kafa official Uur geleden
This video is the best
Nicole Elvina Emechebe
omg i cried
Tarq Alzaqeebih
Tarq Alzaqeebih Uur geleden
Anyone 👍
Barker Landar
Barker Landar Uur geleden
I’m putting my make-up on this I’ll have to postpone my premiering this song❤️..
Carolayne Alves
Carolayne Alves Uur geleden
Imagina eu participando de um clipe dele 🤡😂😂 aí gente
O.G. Odokuma
O.G. Odokuma Uur geleden
Looks good without the tattoos.
itsjayjay 15
itsjayjay 15 Uur geleden
So weird without tattoos
justin_ biber
justin_ biber Uur geleden
786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 786 🌟
Pooja Kanwar
Pooja Kanwar Uur geleden
Love justinnnnnnnnn ... Love the song.....
Jaíny Andrade
Jaíny Andrade Uur geleden
mais uma vez ele nos impressionando!
Jaíny Andrade
Jaíny Andrade Uur geleden
love you so much ❤️
Varbie Darl Mejia
Varbie Darl Mejia Uur geleden
Why it’s not hailey?
I was so Lost
I was so Lost Uur geleden
Hailey left the chat*
Mathius Kennedy
Mathius Kennedy Uur geleden
Looks better with no tattoos.
Mateus Araujo
Mateus Araujo Uur geleden
This is gay ☻
Angel Torreon
Angel Torreon Uur geleden
This song made me cry 😪
Nicholas James Brown
Nicholas James Brown 2 uur geleden
Is anyone else having the trouble of wanting to cover every song he does lately? 😍
Randöm Weirdö
Randöm Weirdö 2 uur geleden
Not just anyone can afford to love Justin bieber 😉
lyrical world
lyrical world 2 uur geleden
i love you bieber and as believers and army (BTS) i want both of you to collaborate...plz...plz...plz... can i get
drake 27 billboard BP zero
drake 27 billboard BP zero
Mary Frances Sullivan
Mary Frances Sullivan 2 uur geleden
F Rehimli
F Rehimli 2 uur geleden
Same recording, same song, why Scooter?
Devil King
Devil King 2 uur geleden
I love this song 🎶🎤 damn 🐼 beautiful song......... ✌✌✌
徹夜ターボ〜 2 uur geleden
eye of the tiger
Syeda Bushra Haque
Syeda Bushra Haque 2 uur geleden
Justin have to drink raw egg yoke for this video Ew!! But the video really touches my heart 🥺👏👏👏♥️♥️
Justin please send me your number I am your biggest fan 😘
이지원 2 uur geleden
True love
Syeda Bushra Haque
Syeda Bushra Haque 2 uur geleden
The only bad thing is that it ends🥺♥️ So beautiful 👏👏🥺♥️♥️
Dizaster Day
Dizaster Day 2 uur geleden
i dont even like justin but this song hit me like a bus
Adriana Calderón
Adriana Calderón 2 uur geleden
Hermosa canción. Pensé q se había borrado los tatuajes de verdad :(
I love your song justin I am the biggest fan of yours
fritze gab
fritze gab 2 uur geleden
nice Song
nu nu
nu nu 2 uur geleden
I love you Justin
lala loli
lala loli 2 uur geleden
You made me thank God that my job does not force me to kiss someone other than my husband, hug or hurt my husband's feelings and betray him in order to collect money
Sergio Escarfuller
Sergio Escarfuller 3 uur geleden
Where’d his tattoos go?
Deyvison R. Rosario
Deyvison R. Rosario 3 uur geleden
What happen with his tatoo?
Shanti Sai_tho_kri
Shanti Sai_tho_kri 3 uur geleden
Damn the song 😇💙💙
Safwan Al sakka
Safwan Al sakka 3 uur geleden
He's not ready for me
Shaurya Acharya
Shaurya Acharya 3 uur geleden
Love from Nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵😘😘😘😘😘😘
jarbah warsaw
jarbah warsaw 3 uur geleden
Some songs of Justin are too good ... They got the perfect mood... Gotta tell you ;)
Maddison Spence
Maddison Spence 3 uur geleden
In this video I feel bad for hailey
정윤우 3 uur geleden
하 이거지 ㅠㅠ
Water 3 uur geleden
i know im not the only one who taught that was logan paul
Steady ph Official Gaming Team
Those dislikes is done by anybody.
Abby Rosales
Abby Rosales 4 uur geleden
I’m mad that ppl gave him so much shit back then 😭 he was a great artist back then and still is ! He didn’t deserve to go through all the shit ppl put him through 😩 I’m glad he is back better than ever ❤️
ruby meza
ruby meza 4 uur geleden
Why does the girl look like Selena Gomez
Mary Crystalene Bantoy
tattoo's are gone ❤
Lynn Dominique
Lynn Dominique 4 uur geleden
He removed his tatoos
Ankit Kumar Punetha
Ankit Kumar Punetha 4 uur geleden
Summer Meredith
Summer Meredith 4 uur geleden
Always been a justin bieber fan 💟
peter thomas
peter thomas 4 uur geleden
If justin Bieber will reply me I will be happy ❤️
Simon Devroe
Simon Devroe 4 uur geleden
His voice sounds amazing!
Peaka01 4 uur geleden
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Gautham Kadiyala
Gautham Kadiyala 4 uur geleden
Wait what ... Where is tattoos 😂
usama amir
usama amir 4 uur geleden
justin bieber vs zayn malik
Huawei apps Solutions
Huawei apps Solutions 28 minuten geleden
Zayn baqwas h jb best hai BTS BHI B
Saneeya 4 uur geleden
i love this song sm🤍🤍
oOsimple editsOo
oOsimple editsOo 4 uur geleden
I love JB's Music I don't care what anyone says ;)
idk how to name myself
Claim your' ticket before 1B+ view' 👇👍
Stacy Luna
Stacy Luna 5 uur geleden
Who came from the tiktok talking about Selena Gomez?
Julia Skoraya
Julia Skoraya 5 uur geleden
Am I the only one wondering how he did take off his tattoos?
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