James Corden Is Against the Super League Proposal 

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James Corden shares his thoughts on the European Super League proposal that would dismantle the sport. James sees successful adoption of the idea as "the end of the sport we love. It truly is."

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19 apr. 2021




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Oluwafemi Ajose
Oluwafemi Ajose 2 dagen geleden
LOL Americans wouldn't understand the passion behind this because all their leagues are basically closed systems with no performance based promotion or relegation. In English football the system is broken into multiple divisions and a small team based in a tiny village can rise from the bottom tiers and end up playing the big guns like Manchester United and Liverpool in the premier league. There is even a wider competition called the FA cup which is open to all teams, big or small, in the entire country to compete against each other and this produces some really unlikely champions from time to time. America does not have (nor do they want) this level of competition in their sports.
Caletino Mhuriyengwe
Caletino Mhuriyengwe 2 dagen geleden
Thank you for exposing this bad league
Nathan Tomlinson
Nathan Tomlinson 3 dagen geleden
I dont like james corden but as a brit, he is speaking from our country's heart. Im a rugby fan not a football fan but this hurts and disgusts all of us.
tejas sangole
tejas sangole 3 dagen geleden
can feel the pain in his voice
bök bök
bök bök 4 dagen geleden
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Dejan Petkovic
Dejan Petkovic 6 dagen geleden
Chandramouli Mukhopadhyay
I just feel bad how hard he is trying to talk 'Football' with 'Inflated pig's bladder players'
Liam Townend
Liam Townend 7 dagen geleden
When james mentioned 3pm on a saturday, I lost it well said.
Connagh stokes
Connagh stokes 7 dagen geleden
Connagh stokes
Connagh stokes 7 dagen geleden
I love you games and if I wasn’t a LFC fan I would support the hammers 😉
Patrik Star
Patrik Star 7 dagen geleden
Super League got killed by the Fans, but the fight is still not over. Its like the bad guy in a James Bond Movie, who is still anywhere and waits for his Chance to come back. It will take time and hard work to push out the owners of our game. Thanks to the Players, the Managers, the Media, interested public Guys like James Corden and thanks to million of fans who used their Voice.
BoxerGT 9 dagen geleden
He absolutely doesn't understand what's going on. He didn't mention 400 millions in donation to the small teams or with financial problems that ESL could donate. A football team in 2021 is completely different from it was 50 years ago, Every club as company is free to do whatever they want to make money. ESL is not dead. He shouldn't open his mouth like that
marcus813 9 dagen geleden
American here. I never understood the whole point of the ESL to begin with. I never saw anything wrong with the existing leagues. Using the pandemic as one reason didn't sit well with me.
tal-lancer 10 dagen geleden
incredible how nobody in this audience cares. either they're completely de-sensitized to this kind of thing because it happens all the time in the US, or they are just fundamentally disinterested in anything that happens beyond their borders. Or both.
August Andersson
August Andersson 10 dagen geleden
I feel bad for him, he has to explain it to them as if they’re toddlers
Doc James Burton
Doc James Burton 13 dagen geleden
I love this man
Fear The Beard
Fear The Beard 13 dagen geleden
6:50 As many as Liverpool and one more than Tottenham! xD Props to you for bringing this up in America!
Fear The Beard
Fear The Beard 8 dagen geleden
@Ben Todd Prob City as they have the money and United already have Cavani.
Ben Todd
Ben Todd 8 dagen geleden
@Fear The Beard Ikr, you think he goes to City or United?
Fear The Beard
Fear The Beard 11 dagen geleden
@Ben Todd Too right. They need to know the facts. And they're never gonna win anything with Kane leaving anyways.
Ben Todd
Ben Todd 11 dagen geleden
As an Arsenal Fan I think it’s important to bring awareness to the Public that Tottenham have never won a premier league trophy. That is all.....
u8f7 14 dagen geleden
James explained the heart of the issue really clearly. I really understand it now.
LegendaryKing 15 dagen geleden
Football is life ⚽️ not American football 🏈
Star LORD 17 dagen geleden
Like someone else has said, a sell out talking about sellouts
ChpmShottyrush 19 dagen geleden
Not me seeing Americans thought this was about one direction
D-ManHD 22 dagen geleden
Fair enough super league is not happening thankfully And to James fair play for doing this infront of an American audience, explaining this to them is like watching a fish climb a tree here!
D-ManHD 16 dagen geleden
@zwag gamon like I said is not happening thankfully... But yeah just literally owners thinking about themselves really they don’t know about the game and traditions etc just a flat out disgrace and thank fuck it’s not happening
zwag gamon
zwag gamon 17 dagen geleden
The whole super league was an idiotic idea to begin with. All the richest teams creating their own special private club just sounds so immature and haughty. Forget the greed aspect just for a moment, how come Leicester weren’t invited? They have more Premier League titles than Tottenham and, up until last year, Liverpool. Or what about Ajax? A team that’s been champions of Europe more times than Arsenal, Manchester City, and Chelsea combined? Those owners were so focused on making money that it’s almost like they didn’t think anything through at all
5934 droi
5934 droi 24 dagen geleden
Good shout ... pressures working ... keep going
The Kim In The North
The Kim In The North 24 dagen geleden
You're having a hard time describing the European Super League to American audiences? Let me help you, 12 of the biggest European Football Clubs decided to follow the North American Sports League Model. Done.
Duane Torrefranca
Duane Torrefranca 24 dagen geleden
Anything symbolic on that Bee Pin that James' is using?
hardy 1989
hardy 1989 24 dagen geleden
Lmaoooo i agree with what his says but ironically, the biggest english sell out is talking about english clubs selling out.
Carletta Machelle
Carletta Machelle 24 dagen geleden
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dandycliff2 26 dagen geleden
If Corden is against it then I'm for it.
beverley anderson
beverley anderson 27 dagen geleden
Very well explained James
Maria Eugenia Larra
Maria Eugenia Larra 27 dagen geleden
I can't believe that he had to explain how football works, and what he's saying is amazing.
tkol123 28 dagen geleden
Uefa, the fans, and Čeferin killed that league in a matter of days. Interesting, looking back, how things played out. But you can see how much James cares about the sport.
Val Francis
Val Francis 28 dagen geleden
I think United fans got riled up by thi video.....I honestly think so
Brian H
Brian H 29 dagen geleden
You can tell how he genuinely cares about this issue.
Saroj gautam
Saroj gautam 29 dagen geleden
Cordon true football fan
TheJenni347 29 dagen geleden
Plot twist the FIFA was behind it all along 😂
Adam Playz - And More
Adam Playz - And More Maand geleden
“For the purpose of the video i refuse to call it soccer” while u may call it soccer other places _thank you_ for showing respect and calling it football.
Eli Gerus
Eli Gerus Maand geleden
Why do they compare the Super League to the Oscars? They could have just said US Sports!!!! (which was, is, and always been SHIT)
Caleb Nelson
Caleb Nelson Maand geleden
the super league is an absolute disgrace to world football, absolute disgrace
wir154 Maand geleden
They may well have killed themselves, never mind the smaller teams. They were delusional about the viewing figures for the whole shitty Super League and I suspect TV and sponsorship money would have eventually started to dry up, when they realised fans of excluded clubs weren't watching it, many fans of included clubs had either abandoned their clubs, or at least refused to watch it and neutrals started to tire of the lack of variety and the dull repetitive nature of the Competition! Also, many of these clubs have been latched onto by glory hunters and some of them would have had hoards of such prawn sandwich eating tossers disappearing almost as quickly as they appeared, once they started to struggle in the tournament. It's those glory hunting types who are more likely to be in favour of the European Shite League, or whatever it was to be called, but some would soon see their chosen club go decades without another piece of silverware, if it had happened! Perez claimed 4 billion would have watched it! 4 billion is more than half the population of the entire Earth! No one with any sense would think than anywhere close to that number will ever watch football, never mind that only a fraction of the real figure who do watch it, would have watched their shitty little private members club!
Klevr 818
Klevr 818 Maand geleden
In nba terms the best teams make up there own league ex. Lakers, clippers, heat,celtics,bucks,warriors,sixers,nets,nuggets,bulls(bcuz of history)
Fumeknight Maand geleden
It would be like NHL,NFL,NBA, etc.. :)
Nikki Rivers
Nikki Rivers Maand geleden
Awe I was never a fan myself but you can feel his and I’m sure so many others pain over this. It’s absolutely heart breaking to see something that can bring so much passion like that come to an end. 💔
Prince Jeron Vlogs
Prince Jeron Vlogs Maand geleden
Only yankees call it soccer🤮🤭😬
Tyler Lajoie
Tyler Lajoie Maand geleden
Bruh, I'm an American and my favorite team in the whole world is the Wolverhampton Wanderers, and this league will shatter my dreams of seeing them possibly win a championship. So all I can say to the owners who want this league to happen is, YOU SUCK!
Just Cliff
Just Cliff Maand geleden
lol like americans care
D M Maand geleden
Give me a fucking break. The club puts the money, the time and the players and UEFA takes the money to pay themselves. Shut up about the sport of people
Soura Sena Das
Soura Sena Das Maand geleden
Dreams can't be buy
El Chispas 502
El Chispas 502 Maand geleden
CONGRATUlations To Leicester FA CUP winers
metz ergenstein
metz ergenstein Maand geleden
James Corden is probably the best ambassador of the game in the US and the way the world, not only in Europe, see and feel about football
Lord Hades
Lord Hades Maand geleden
Love how James was trying so hard to prevent himself from saying "they are trying to Americanise the sport". It's a tricky situation here. He feels passionate about it but doesn't want to offend the audience and the American public.
marcus813 9 dagen geleden
I'm glad he didn't say it because it wasn't only Americans who tried to join this ill-advised venture.
wdwn1 Maand geleden
If I were there James and I wouldn’t of shut up.
Ayush Ovhal
Ayush Ovhal Maand geleden
The funny thing is he couldn't even get attention from the people in the room he was speaking in but he earned the respect of each and everyone of us football fans around the world. We love you James
Trevayne D'silva
Trevayne D'silva 25 dagen geleden
He dint care about getting their attention. He had a platform to put it forward n he just went head on. Respect.
MW 1701
MW 1701 Maand geleden
Yeah and thanks God , this Legaue don't happend
Jae Min Jung
Jae Min Jung Maand geleden
Alright can any of our European friends or any people who are fans of European Football here explain this situation for us in a way we can understand? Is it like if the New England Patriots, San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers branch out and form their own league?
gregnew1 Maand geleden
Respect James.
Maia Swan
Maia Swan Maand geleden
I know that you don't care but I do, ,I felt that 🙌
Dick McCarthy
Dick McCarthy Maand geleden
But the thing is that eventhough UEFA looks like they are now the good guys, it's far from truth tbh. They are as much greedy fuckers as these massive team owners who wanted this Super League. And the reason why these teams wanted this Super League is because they are so deep in debt. Real Madrid and Barcelona maybe in biggest debt. Over a billion dollars..
Kish Patel
Kish Patel Maand geleden
This guy is one of the biggest virtue signallers.
Alex Gabriel
Alex Gabriel Maand geleden
„Don‘t forget the people who did this.“ Spoken like a true fan, supporters against Super League and especially Perez and Agnelli. Greetings from Bavaria 🔴⚪️
Roshan Sodha
Roshan Sodha Maand geleden
well said this super league is a MASSIVE mistake and the thought of it should never have anyone mindes
Ki Son
Ki Son Maand geleden
Of course when everyone is against something james cordan will say something on tv to look like he's standing up to the man🙄
Amelia Trembley
Amelia Trembley Maand geleden
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Thompson Paul
Thompson Paul Maand geleden
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Fanuel Anteneh
Fanuel Anteneh Maand geleden
unapologetically British!
J Heaven
J Heaven Maand geleden
I know this is a stretch but we need to inform urinatingtree of this to shit on the teams parade
Joe Juarez
Joe Juarez Maand geleden
To put it into perspective, imagine the Cowboys, Patriots, Steelers, 49ers, Bucs, and 4 other top football markets broke off from the NFL to form their own playoffs and championships, and they were always guaranteed a spot for that championship instead of the rest of the NFL teams.
Anil Kumar
Anil Kumar Maand geleden
Not millions football has 4 billion fans
Eleanor WIlliams
Eleanor WIlliams Maand geleden
Be pleased James they ran scared after the fans erupted
Luke Shep
Luke Shep Maand geleden
Was so frustrating the audience not understanding but he did a very good job trying! Well done James
Mike B
Mike B Maand geleden
Super league was such a vulgar, Donald Trump like idea. I'm a supporter of man city and real Madrid and I'm so sad my teams are/were part of this.
vino pit
vino pit Maand geleden
Now i love Bayern even more
Nick Manning
Nick Manning Maand geleden
What does James know. Guy looks like he has not been able to run for 20 years. Gets gassed eating chocolate bars
Tatiany Monteiro
Tatiany Monteiro Maand geleden
I'm Brazilian, I get it. Bravo James. Speak up!
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan Maand geleden
To put it in words Americans can understand: this is like the top 12 most valuable teams in MLB broke off to start their own league.
AlexRN Maand geleden
@Mantis Toboggan I wish I was as positive as you. I used to think I’d see soccer surpass at least hockey in the US in popularity during my lifetime but not anymore, not after how bad the USMNT has been the last few years. I think it’ll still grow but it may have a very low ceiling, I’m afraid. I’d love to be wrong though.
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan Maand geleden
@AlexRN I know I know but like... just go with it bud. Work with me here, soccer in the states isn’t near what it is in Europe. We’re getting there though, slowly but surely.
AlexRN Maand geleden
@Mantis Toboggan I know but it didn’t properly convey how much worse than that the Super League was going to be because in your example only 50ish % of teams (aka 15 or so) were being shunned when in the SL it was going to be hundreds (!!!) of teams from multiple countries.
Mantis Toboggan
Mantis Toboggan Maand geleden
@AlexRN I get your point but I’m just putting it in a way Americans can understand
AlexRN Maand geleden
Not exactly an appropriate comparison since the MLB, just like the now defunct Super League, is a closed club where only the invited teams can play in. In world football (except the MLS) thanks to the relegation/promotion system ANY team could potentially rise to the top, win their country’s top tier competition and, if they’re in Europe, enter the Champions’ League. If the MLB had promotion and relegation it’d be as if a AAA League team from Birmingham Alabama got promoted to the MLB and won the World Series and the Super League was going to shit can that possibility.
DP A Maand geleden
I'm not a fan of Corden by any means and A League Of Their Own is miles better without him and I hope he stays in America... but every credit and respect to him for A. bringing it up, B. Calling it football, as it is true football, not padded rugby which the Americans call Football
NEYMAR JR Maand geleden
The world love super League
Mr. Pesos
Mr. Pesos Maand geleden
This is like the Illuminati of football the game most of us played first it’s being destroyed
javier lafuente
javier lafuente Maand geleden
Don't forget corruption of UEFA
Metrofilmer88 Maand geleden
True. Now UEFA made something arguably worse than the ESL out of the UEFA Champions League
mirrr velll
mirrr velll Maand geleden
Well said James...but you are in wrong place to be so brokenhearted about it...
Lina Dominguez
Lina Dominguez Maand geleden
I like this guy :)
Tom Jerry
Tom Jerry Maand geleden
Respect ❤️
Lmbk 1
Lmbk 1 Maand geleden
"They're not franchises" Pete Winkleman: ...
Masood Shaikh
Masood Shaikh Maand geleden
Basically, they commercialised it and also took the competition out!
3P Combat TV
3P Combat TV Maand geleden
what is wrong with his voice?
Alex Arctic Adventures
Excellent speech
Steve Mutinda
Steve Mutinda Maand geleden
3:00pm on a Saturday
Ahamed Fayaz R
Ahamed Fayaz R Maand geleden
That's the man spirit
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Maand geleden
This is absolutely sad , as a fan the only thing I can say is I will stop watching these teams and you love futbol please stop supporting this mafia , they just kill the dream .
Teresita D. A Liguid
Teresita D. A Liguid Maand geleden
Thank you James for bringing this up. Coming from a person who calls it Football. Born and Raised in North America.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Maand geleden
I wish he would have actually said the names of the owners. FSG, Kroenke, etc...
A_H318 Maand geleden
Sheffield F.C is older than Canada
Brian Steenson
Brian Steenson Maand geleden
But James you are knocking the American team sports model which is what the UK football club owners want
Metrofilmer88 Maand geleden
The difference being that the American model has proven successful with different rules and functions to for the most part keep teams in check. The ESL wouldn’t have any of those rules or functions
Deepak Maand geleden
I was just watching that hotel at the background
Aytimur Maand geleden
I totally agree !
UK 1009
UK 1009 Maand geleden
I’ve been scouring NLblock trying to find a video that could explain this whole thing to someone as clueless as me and this was the best. Thank u James
Spikey__Mikey Maand geleden
Respect on James here! Thanks for bringing support to Football fans!!
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Maand geleden
Well said mon 🤔 doesn't look like its ever going to happen if the authorities put some gold plated rules in hopefully
Mackerel Bush Poo
Mackerel Bush Poo Maand geleden
Americans don’t have communities, therefore they won’t understand
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Maand geleden
di nordamericani che chiamano il "football" "soccer" che e' davvero una bestialita', ma insomma: Thanks James, you really explained what i the real passion for Football
KBeatBot Maand geleden
James is...cringe...Check out my opinions on the ESL and football reform in the podcast on:
sunshine xoxo
sunshine xoxo Maand geleden
It always amazes me that football is the world's biggest and most loved sport and Americans (most, not all) don't watch it nor have that passion for it that the rest of the world has. I can kind of understand given how popular basketball and NFL are. Those are their loves.
Tsquare Maand geleden
I'm heart broken that these sheep's think the super league is about greed, but uefa and fifa wasn't.
Metrofilmer88 Maand geleden
True. The New Champions League has been made with the same greed but when a few owners, who just happen to be American. People realize it’s about greed
Marie Joris
Marie Joris Maand geleden
James going on a rant about a subject that isn't especially interesting to most viewers is what I'm here for.
RAHUL DEY Maand geleden
People who calls "football" as "soccer" are discussing about European Super League. 🤣🤣🤣
Metrofilmer88 Maand geleden
I mean that’s what everyone called it pre-1940s when it was just about the passion and love for the game
Cam Maand geleden
I wish he would have actually said the names of the owners. FSG, Kroenke, etc...
majose Maand geleden
This is absolutely sad , as a fan the only thing I can say is I will stop watching these teams and you love futbol please stop supporting this mafia , they just kill the dream .
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