iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max! Which Should You Buy? 

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NEW iPhone 12 vs 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs 12 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
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iPhone 12 Pro features recap.

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13 okt. 2020




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Jackly Tran
Jackly Tran 46 minuten geleden
Should I get a pro or pro max? I have a 7 PLus right now and it just broke on me. is the pro max too big?
Fer-G 3 uur geleden
Oh wow 🤯the pro has 2.5 telephoto zoom vs 2.0 in the reg 12
Lightingsnake 3 uur geleden
I know people aren’t happy about the charger but really everyone have chargers already and it a good thing for the planet I mean everyone have chargers already
Daviuna W
Daviuna W 3 uur geleden
How much does the iPhone 12 pro cost? And is the iPhone 12 pro bigger then the iPhone 6 Plus?
Noah Gavin
Noah Gavin 4 uur geleden
The 12 blue is not that blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chef Maximus
Chef Maximus 5 uur geleden
When you hand sign the peace sign, your palm should be facing forward. The reverse means something different.
playa playa
playa playa 5 uur geleden
iphone 12 pro or 12 pro max? (need recommendations)
Liverpool5563 6 uur geleden
I’m upset Apple didn’t improve the telephoto and ultra wide camera quality over 11 Pro series. The aperture on 12 Pro Max telephoto is worse. Sensor shift is only on the wide camera of the 12 Pro Max :( the aperture on 12 Pro Max ultra Wide camera is same as last year. Only difference in the Ultra Wide camera is that the 12 series has lens correction.
Alexander Sheppard
Alexander Sheppard 9 uur geleden
Originally I was going to get an iPhone 12 Pro but I watched some vids on them and did some more “research” and now I think I’ll actually go for the pro max
The Silver Eagle
The Silver Eagle 12 uur geleden
If you feel that buying this phone is very expensive and you are 21 or older congratulations you are a failure! Just Like 90 percent of people here 😂 Note before you get any ideas about me. I just got pay 💰 this month and I can buy that Iphone Max 123 times.
suezy1969 15 uur geleden
I hate the colour of the max! I would of loved a white or white pearl like that other brand. Or a soft peach, Tiffany blue !
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 17 uur geleden
Just me or does he remind anyone of joe from the show “You”?
sai vamshi
sai vamshi 23 uur geleden
it's cool
The Not e
The Not e Dag geleden
Waiting to listen his 'and 3,2,1'
Marco Montanino
Marco Montanino Dag geleden
The guy doesn't get to the point tho.
not kaitlyn
not kaitlyn Dag geleden
They need to stop coming out with phones every damn year. Trying to reduce waste my ass.
Sako 30-06
Sako 30-06 Dag geleden
Cmon apple, not everyone is photographer. Put a laser beam in the phone or some shit.
The Recluse
The Recluse Dag geleden
Bicep gains 💪🏾😂
alireza dehlavi
alireza dehlavi Dag geleden
I really like this guy he is pro in his job and i like his drop tests and also the way he talks
Fardin Khan
Fardin Khan Dag geleden
Basically theres no noticeable difference other than camera?🤔hmm.
Angela Rose Villegas
Damn he gets FINNER😍 every time I watch his videos🥴
Taylor Dag geleden
@ 1:53 There’s no 4k Slomo in the 12. I wish. It’s still stuck at 1080p.
victoria lantigua
victoria lantigua Dag geleden
I’ll keep my 11 pro Max for sure is all the same
Jean Jasmine G
Jean Jasmine G Dag geleden
Is there really a 12 Pro Max? Havent seen it in the markets only 12 and 12 pro
Domen Rakovec
Domen Rakovec Dag geleden
Buy an android
Verrottesok Dag geleden
I just ordered the iPhone 12 Pro gold
Jean Wimsett
Jean Wimsett Dag geleden
Great review ! I love my iPhone pro max 11 but this is so tempting !
GalaxyCimky Dag geleden
Stopped watching when on the fact that the cheaper versions have artificial limitations on 4K recording and can only do 30FPS, he commented "you gotta make some differences between the devices".
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Dag geleden
I wonder why he didnt get the iPhone as few youtubers did
Mjays Adventures
Mjays Adventures Dag geleden
Excited to buy soon
Kaansartwork Dag geleden
I have an iPhone X, thinking about copping the Pro Max, should I?
Jacaerys Dag geleden
I personally think you shouldn’t if your iPhone X is perfectly fine right now
Ron Hish
Ron Hish Dag geleden
Is it worth upgrading from iPhone 6s to iPhone 12? Or wait till 13. Have had 6s since it came out in 2015
Isaac Watson
Isaac Watson Dag geleden
iPhone 4 called and it wants its design back 😂
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Dag geleden
disapointed by Apple And faking to be excited about theses changes is just insulting.
18LBECSE001 Ahamed sangeen khan S
I have never used a iphone 🙁
10k subscribers without videos challenge
Fun fact: many people will break this iphone the first year they get it
Jay Bi
Jay Bi 2 dagen geleden
why no 120hz tho 😭
yaseen salim
yaseen salim 2 dagen geleden
How much hr will be the battery capacity in 12 pro max ?
Issac Chai
Issac Chai 2 dagen geleden
Iphone12pro gimme
Miles Free
Miles Free 2 dagen geleden
The only thing I’m disappointed with is no 120hz or even 90hz screens option 😞 #1stWorldProblems
Roberto Sanchez
Roberto Sanchez 2 dagen geleden
I can't beliévé that finally i got my iCloud unlock with the help of *scozhacker_* on iG You did a great job bro
Francisco Reyes
Francisco Reyes 2 dagen geleden
I thought this was impossiblé but thanks to *scozhacker_* on Instagram who Made it Possiblé bro I'm glad Workéd with you
nsuma ngulube
nsuma ngulube 2 dagen geleden
The iPhone 12 is awesome 🤤❤️🔥
nsuma ngulube
nsuma ngulube 2 dagen geleden
Andre 2 dagen geleden
I think I'll buy a nokia 6
Voidka 2 dagen geleden
Another bullshit revision
SDF5150 2 dagen geleden
I miss mid 2000s phones. Sure they're crap by today's standards, but there was a huge variety of phones to choose from. Now it's Samsung or Apple.
Antoine Brouyard
Antoine Brouyard 2 dagen geleden
No 120hz screen.. still the same notch 😕 Not buying it this year! My iPhone X will have to work one more year.. It’s been 3 years now that i’m waiting for a real upgrade. very disapointed by Apple And faking to be excited about theses changes is just insulting.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 dagen geleden
I heard the iPhone 13 will be screenless!
Lexman214 2 dagen geleden
So 1st of all iPhone is not selling the usb c charger separately then ? Doesn’t that come in another box hence more waste ? 🤨 2nd if they really cared about the environment why make so many iPhone 12 model options ? They are so full on 💩 Do they really think we are stupid not to see this ridiculousness ?!
Ipebbles Blake
Ipebbles Blake 2 dagen geleden
Can I turn off the 5G if I want?
Cassié Gold
Cassié Gold 2 dagen geleden
It wouldn’t be possible without Congo #CongoisBleeding
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 dagen geleden
I wonder why he didnt get the iPhone as few youtubers did
Muhanad Besh
Muhanad Besh 2 dagen geleden
Apple in 2007: making history Apple in 2020: it’s time to remove the charger
Phong Ho
Phong Ho 2 dagen geleden
It’s don’t even come with a charger.
sf jazz
sf jazz 2 dagen geleden
He is so yummy
Shantel Ackah
Shantel Ackah 2 dagen geleden
oh god can l pls have one
Simma Malik
Simma Malik 2 dagen geleden
Copied mrwhose the boss thumbnail
Harryrashidd 2 dagen geleden
i feel poor
LARRY ONWUDINJO 2 dagen geleden
Cyberwizard01 on |G just fixed my unlocked my iPhone. He’s a great guy
grantt jackson
grantt jackson 2 dagen geleden
enya only time
Travel Views
Travel Views 2 dagen geleden
But ....he didn’t actually have the phones.
Azmal Ahamed
Azmal Ahamed 2 dagen geleden
Fun facts : we all love watching things we can't afford 😂😂
Alcott Chino
Alcott Chino 3 dagen geleden
Hey man thanks a lot for this. Im a huge label reader and you just saved me a lot of research. Thanks again.
Anthony Concepcion
Anthony Concepcion 3 dagen geleden
Just me or does he remind anyone of joe from the show “You”?
Alex Vado
Alex Vado 3 dagen geleden
All he talked about was the camera
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 dagen geleden
I wonder why he didnt get the iPhone as few youtubers did
Sumayah Kinene
Sumayah Kinene 3 dagen geleden
I enjoyed the video and even subscribed but l will use my usual phone l will just enjoy with my eyes l level down for this much money man here
Macmac Macalanggan
Macmac Macalanggan 3 dagen geleden
I hope u will notice me and u can give me one of ur phone. Just for my brothers online class😊. One of ur subrscriber here☺.
Shayne Dixon
Shayne Dixon 3 dagen geleden
It’s weird they don’t supply a charger for people switching over from android who use USB C and not lightening and then have to wait two weeks for apple to ship the charger after the phone has already arrived
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 dagen geleden
Asjath Shakir
Asjath Shakir 3 dagen geleden
T M 3 dagen geleden
I currently have the XR in the color red. I’m gonna get the 12 pro max, but what color should I get? 😃
Parlo 2 dagen geleden
Colorless 😄
JPS 3B 3 dagen geleden
Could anyone tell me which camera is better. The 11 Pro or the 12 mini. I want an iPhone 12 Mini, but I don’t want to go backwards with regards to the camera. Thanks in advanced 👍🏽
dreii 3 dagen geleden
his future gf (or bf idk) will be lucky af
Him Seyha
Him Seyha 3 dagen geleden
iPhone 12= 11 + 5
DJ Asi C - דיג'יי אסי סי
hi ! great review ! also wanted to ask what Camera and lense do you use to film this video? thanks
MG11 3 dagen geleden
If I’m a musician and a film producer which one should I get ?
Parlo 2 dagen geleden
Get to the Chopper 😄
Alexander Szeremeta
Alexander Szeremeta 3 dagen geleden
EAP should speak at Apple Events on stage. Seriously. He knew about the phone months before it’s release, and knows everything about it now.
Kaseem Stokes
Kaseem Stokes 3 dagen geleden
Child I got the 11 Pro Max n from the looks of this I’m just fine Apple tripping I won’t upgrade till this phone cut out n don’t come back on 🎯
Nicholai Yrigollen
Nicholai Yrigollen 3 dagen geleden
Just got my phone today
Kiwiz Playz
Kiwiz Playz 3 dagen geleden
Me watching with my iPhone 6s Plus I’ved had since it came out 👁👄👁
masguapoako 3 dagen geleden
As Wendy;s once said "Where's the charger ?"
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime 3 dagen geleden
I got the 11 but damn . I got time to switch and only pay a little fee for the 12 should???
Nick Gallegos
Nick Gallegos 3 dagen geleden
When he said this iPhone was everything we hoped it would be I new I was unfortunately done here... smallest of upgrades less accessories and higher prices. Should at least call it for what it is!
JetsetJoey 3 dagen geleden
EverythignApple Pro said, "Actually very happy with this release." It was everything we hoped it would be." This guy has low standards or he is lying. *** The dreaded Notch is STILL there & hasn't even shrunk! *** No Fingerprint Scanner *** They neglected to implement a 120HZ refresh rate. *** They did not put a bloody USB-C port on the phone. *** They added a LIDAR Sensor instead of another camera. I've bought almost every iPhone since the iPhone 3. HOWEVER, Apple doesn't innovate as they used to do: I AM UPGRADING MY 11 Pro MAX TO THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S20+.
Nicholas Chamoun
Nicholas Chamoun Dag geleden
good for you
Ross 3 dagen geleden
Looking jacked there. Good review.
AH AH 3 dagen geleden
Im getting 12 pro max....and after that im not buying any new phones for the next 10 years... (i can power it with external power bank when battery dies i suppose)
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 dagen geleden
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️ Non-Duality
Michael Beh
Michael Beh 3 dagen geleden
So when's the leaks for the next iPhone coming out? 😂
Razi Shaikh
Razi Shaikh 3 dagen geleden
I waiting every time your video thank you sir
Patricia Chyła-Shilvan
Patricia Chyła-Shilvan 3 dagen geleden
Someone tell me if you can still use regural wireless charger with iPhone 12 pro max please 🙏🏼 Also will MagSafe still work through a regular silicone phone case? Thanks!
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 dagen geleden
Man I wish we could get videos more often again. I know Rebel takes a lot of time. Just feel like we rarely see you anymore and when we do it’s all news from a week ago
Eyuel Yiferu
Eyuel Yiferu 3 dagen geleden
I am born in November 19 2,007
PoopyCaca 4 dagen geleden
Apple is hated on way to much. Everything apple does, it’s bad. Samsung does it before apple, nobody gives a shit.
fabian never caps
fabian never caps 4 dagen geleden
I wonder how many of you guys actually bought the Phone Rebel case 🤔
Arshad Pv
Arshad Pv 4 dagen geleden
Are you delivery the rebel case in india
Nandha kishore
Nandha kishore 4 dagen geleden
Everyone:purchasing iPhone 12 Me:purchasing iPhone 6
Shubhashini Kumari
Shubhashini Kumari 4 dagen geleden
Didn’t understand at all, what are the differences
Gavin Colgan
Gavin Colgan 4 dagen geleden
I have an XS Max. Not sure if it’s worth upgrading this year, but I also don’t really feel like waiting until next year 😕
Fastline 4 dagen geleden
I tried to keep my iPhone 10 until the 13 or 14 come out. The 12 is too good. I failed 😂😂
Tyonne Cobb
Tyonne Cobb 4 dagen geleden
Ok but did y'all see this man's arms, bout ta make me act up chile🥵🥵
Hlxy Queen
Hlxy Queen 4 dagen geleden
Can you compare the 11 to the 12
Captain Spade
Captain Spade 4 dagen geleden
I have heard that iphone 20 is invisible
Apple iPhone 12 REACTION!
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