How Steven Gerrard DESTROYED Celtic! | Explained 

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On today’s video, we explain how Steven Gerrard transformed Rangers and ended Celtic’s dominance of Scottish football.
When Rangers hired Steven Gerrard in 2018, the Glasgow club had only been back in the Scottish top flight for two seasons, and had just finished their latest campaign in third place, behind Aberdeen and 12 points off Celtic at the top. Having suffered the humiliation of liquidation and demotion to the fourth tier of Scottish football six years earlier, fans of Rangers could only watch as their Old Firm rivals won title after title, getting ever nearer to the fabled ten in a row - a feat both clubs had narrowly missed out on in decades past.
Three years later, and he has succeeded in stopping Celtic at the final hurdle, and in the process has made people sit up and take notice of the Gers once again, with his side even progressing further in European competition than their arch enemies in recent years. Soon we’ll see them contesting the Champions League for the first time in over a decade!

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7 mrt. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 2 maanden geleden
Yes we had this ready... you're welcome! (Doug)
Rouskey Carpel
Rouskey Carpel 11 dagen geleden
@Colin Millar I’ll give y’all that.Celtic have been SHOCKING of late against rangers.Hopefully that changes soon
Colin Millar
Colin Millar 11 dagen geleden
@Rouskey Carpel we did meet in the Scottish. Not so much "later rounds" right enough. How did that go for ye? 🤣🤣
Felix Fachanetti
Felix Fachanetti 11 dagen geleden
@Swilson Mistook ibrox fer Venice after the funeral in 2012 due to the hun tears...row row row yer boat gently doon the stream...keep crying yer river wee man🤣🤣🤣
Rouskey Carpel
Rouskey Carpel Maand geleden
“destroyed Celtic” He won one title in his THIRD year and has lot to Celtic in one -off matches for trophies and he’s “dEsTRoYeD” Celtic.We’ll be back next season and who knows we might meet in the later rounds of the Scottish cup💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿☘️☘️🇮🇪🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
random guy3637
random guy3637 Maand geleden
Apex MVA
Apex MVA 2 dagen geleden
You know Chris Hamil wanted to do a video about the Scottish league
k Smith
k Smith 3 dagen geleden
And still destroying them to this day.🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😂😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👏👏👏
John James
John James 4 dagen geleden
Head to head its Lennon 5 -1 Gerrard on the trophy count. Its taken the worst Celtic team in twenty years for him to win 1 trophy out of 9.
thomas tully
thomas tully 7 dagen geleden
Mostly rubbish stats.
Liam Gilchrist
Liam Gilchrist 8 dagen geleden
yeah he destroyed celtic😂 1 trophy in 3 full seasons and bottles it out pf another cup meanwhile celtic just completed a quadruple treble🤨 such a shit video
Donner 10 dagen geleden
It was actually perth St Johnstone that toppled celtic first
paddy lynch
paddy lynch 10 dagen geleden
1 trophy out of 9? Destroying celtic??? Ffs give me a break. One hit wonders
Matty Boy
Matty Boy 11 dagen geleden
You showed balogun when talking about tav bro just saying
roseann fitzsimmons
roseann fitzsimmons 12 dagen geleden
Hail hail
Niall Mackenzie
Niall Mackenzie 14 dagen geleden
I love Gerrard and I think he new he loved me but we had to stop our feelings for each other as I unselfishly ended our bromance to allow him to continue his focus on our club.🔴⚪🔵
Pancho McCafferty
Pancho McCafferty 14 dagen geleden
Don't think Stevie destroyed Celtic, rather Celtic destroyed themselves.
Josip Orehovački
Josip Orehovački 16 dagen geleden
Steven was clever enough to use Celtic weaknesses, as a Celtic fan I give him my respect, but outside Scotland he is useless !!!
Bernie Stephens
Bernie Stephens 16 dagen geleden
Did he sell us Duffy and Laxalt? Or did he tell the board not to hire a good manager? Cause those are the factors that humped us...
Bernie Stephens
Bernie Stephens 15 dagen geleden
@Kenny Black Yes - because we’re playing folk like Duffy and Laxalt (managers decision). That’s why you’ve been the better team ya moron. We’ve got the players, Kennedy and Lennon just chose to keep them on the bench...Griff would be in my team most weeks. Taylor, Griff, Soro to name a few that should be playing every week. Instead we play Laxalt, Brown and shuffle underperforming strikers around constantly.
Kenny Black
Kenny Black 15 dagen geleden
No mate the factors that humped you are Rangers are simply the better team now. Get over it, it happens 🇬🇧
Rhys Garrett
Rhys Garrett 20 dagen geleden
Gerard has spent £30m up in Scotland over his 3 seasons on transfers alone not including his loans and he’s only won 1 out of 8 trophies. Spending £30m in Scotland I’d be expecting to win more than that.
Stephen c2tc
Stephen c2tc 20 dagen geleden
Destroyed 😂 it took him 3 years to win a trophy, 1 season wonders
yourlove ismydrug
yourlove ismydrug 21 dag geleden
hahahahahahaha what a load of bollocks The zombies were screaming for his job last season and this season Celtic Gifted them the title , not to mention some very doggy refereeing in the SPL that they didnt need , They were well beaten by the first half decent side in europe and now slippy G is the messiah hahaha not long tol;l theyre screaming for his job again
Greig Reid
Greig Reid 22 dagen geleden
Good analysis. However when talking about the contribution of the full backs, you showed a picture of Balogun instead of Tavernier.
JasperRFC2011 23 dagen geleden
I can explain it in 5 seconds. *Rangers are better than celtic*
Rogue Sheep
Rogue Sheep 23 dagen geleden
You should do the Liverpool Graeme Souness Rangers story
Col Sinclair
Col Sinclair 25 dagen geleden
Matthew Kenny
Matthew Kenny 25 dagen geleden
It's Tav-er-near, not Tav-er-ne-a
Thomas H
Thomas H 25 dagen geleden
So much salt fron the snp voters in the comments
Hugh Jarse
Hugh Jarse 26 dagen geleden
Sooooo easy 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Colin Gillespie
Colin Gillespie 26 dagen geleden
Great video , the only way is up when Stevie G is involved , some nice comments from Celtic supporters giving credit were its Due 👍❤🤍💙
Mario Gizzi
Mario Gizzi Maand geleden
You got to be Kidding
Liam Gilchrist
Liam Gilchrist Maand geleden
destroyed😂😂😂 i see rangers won the treble
Paul McMahon
Paul McMahon Maand geleden
Steven Gerrard didn't destroy Celtic. Neil Lennon did that.
Jay Alex
Jay Alex Maand geleden
😂😂😂 Gerard never destroyed Celtic Celtics season was all down to Celtic next you’ll be under the delusion that The Rangers have 55 tiles 😂😂😂
sabrina harrell
sabrina harrell Maand geleden
Like TRUE BLUES W.A.T.P 👍👍😀😀❤❤💙😁🏆🏆🐻🐻
Narcissistic society. Inner sanctum
Destroyed celtic 😂 ranjurs are in major debt running at huge losses again Wait till the rents due again
Dave O'Connor
Dave O'Connor Maand geleden
Hahaha, Gerard didn’t destroy Lennon or Celtic. Celtic just fell apart all on their own.
David Gray
David Gray Maand geleden
Why cry, we are still celebrating winning 9 in a row twice, oh and not forgetting the quadruple quadruple, but never mind you still have ten years worth of firecrackers to get through in celebrating your monumental achievement of 1 in a row. hahaha.
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
CELTIC DESTROYED, that's good enough for me BHOYS ahahahahahaha 🇬🇧
GLENN Speirs
GLENN Speirs Maand geleden
The pronunciation of tavanier is wrong
Sand Rider
Sand Rider Maand geleden
. It’s their first title as Premiership champions. They are a new club, let’s get the facts right here.
Jimmy Maand geleden
ThePinkMadcap Maand geleden
Gerrard didn't do shit. Come to Premier League and then prove yourself, not in a third rate league where there are only 2 teams that count and that can barely qualify in Europa League, let alone exit the group stage (look what happened against Slavia Prague). Sure, he seems to be a capable manager, but this season it was that fucking ginger idiot Lennon and all the moronic leadership and fans that kept and wanted him after the Ferencvaros defeat that destroyed Celtic, not Gerrard. What the OM ultras did before Villas-Boas left, the Green Brigade should've done with Lennon. But no, he's a "legend". Pathetic, all they do is make banners and sing and brag about 1967, but when it comes to action they are little bitches.
Badly_Dubbed Maand geleden
@ThePinkMadcap your bitterness seems to have skewed your judgement somewhat.
ThePinkMadcap Maand geleden
@Jimmy My point is that Gerrard has to successfully coach a Premier League team before every retard starts kissing his ass, and not a 3rd rate team like SEVCO or Celtic in a virtually irrelevant Scottish league in relation to Europe. Currently SEVCO or Celtic are AT BEST at the level of the English Championship and even there I'd dare say that they would struggle for promotion
Jimmy Maand geleden
Leicester lost to Slavia so whats ur point?
Billy Masson
Billy Masson Maand geleden
Image giving that spoon burner anything shoplifting 🐀
Jon Burrows
Jon Burrows Maand geleden
Did he really? How's that? Because he has only managed to win 1 poxy trophy in the 3 yrs he's been up here. Meanwhile the mighty Glasgow Celtic won a quadruple treble. They have won a title because Celtic handed it to them. No other reason. If anything, it's Celtic who have destroyed the huns. #9 iar! #quadruple treble! 😁👍🇨🇮✊
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
😵😵😵😭😭😭😵😵😵😵😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 am telling ma ma.😂😂😂😂ps wrong flag IDIOT 😂😂😂😂😂😂
District 5 OFFICIAL
District 5 OFFICIAL Maand geleden
As a Celtic fan ya can’t actually look down on and criticise Gerrard has he has done well with rangers .... BUT to say he DESTROYED Celtic lol wrong lol Celtic basically played that shite all season they basically handed rangers the league lol I’m not a biased fan but realistically that’s how this season panned out CELTIC where garbage and rangers wanted it more, simple as that
William Turner
William Turner Maand geleden
5:55 That's Balogun not Tavernier. 😂
G F Maand geleden
it will take another 91/2 years before The Rangers can match Celtic's achievements. Just saying.
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
G F Maand geleden
Celtic got Covid, Rangers managed to get away form their obnoxious fans.
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
anielouis louisanie
anielouis louisanie Maand geleden
He destroyed Celtic like he destroyed Liverpool with slipped on the field Hahahah
john catterson
john catterson Maand geleden
Return to the 21st Century and leave the 17th behind . If beating Celtic is your crowning achievement you lack ambition.Gerrard Will have bigger goals and Rangers could be part of that .
David Doonan
David Doonan Maand geleden
One trophy in 3 years if that was Lennon that done that he would have been sacked well before that ..trophies ... Gerard 1. ... Lennon.5..speaks for itself
Richard Coats
Richard Coats Maand geleden
Gerrard 1,You’re right but it’s one that cancelled all the parties ruined the t shirts and put paid to the notion of 10IAR👋
Mr .Brickshithouse
Mr .Brickshithouse Maand geleden
Scrap this pub league FFS
John Cronin
John Cronin Maand geleden
They destroyed celtic ..😅😅 what a pile of shit
Diego Juarez
Diego Juarez Maand geleden
Fionn c
Fionn c Maand geleden
Gerrard changed everything.Miss the days where Caixinha and Murty were managing Rangers
lawrencemacd63 Maand geleden
Destroyed fuck all it was all celtics doing the board & manager team selection nothing to do with Gerrard 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
@lawrencemacd63 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭55.😂😂😂😂🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
lawrencemacd63 Maand geleden
@k Smith Ah Ha 9 yrs being champions & you post greeting emoji’s 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪😁😁
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
@lawrencemacd63 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇬🇧
lawrencemacd63 Maand geleden
@k Smith enjoy your clubs first league title 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
@lawrencemacd63 55, unbeaten enjoy your 😭😭😭😭😭🇬🇧
Yakurna 3212
Yakurna 3212 Maand geleden
Wait, destroyed is not the proper word when Celtic have made 9 in a row and a quadruple treble, and winning a league as invincibles. If Gerrard does that, then I Will have destroyed celtic.
David Gray
David Gray Maand geleden
Hullo, hullo, 1 in a row hullo. only 8 to go to match Celtic doing it twice. Dream on
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 bahahahahahaha cry more 🇬🇧
stewrmo Maand geleden
Steven Gerrard, Liverpool Legend, Glasgow God. 55 WATP
Edmond Scott
Edmond Scott Maand geleden
Gloat when you win 3.
Fifi Fairus Fuyo
Fifi Fairus Fuyo Maand geleden
hopefully he made rangers his next liverpool may he stay for yearss
Annemarie Ducie
Annemarie Ducie Maand geleden
Could easily top UK Premier League when it comes about, Rangers are too big for thr current league now.
Saxxon Maand geleden
You ran a sub audio during the presentation that was highly distracting. I suspect you wanted to give you audio some body and not sound flat, but it was miserable to hear.
NoobSlayer 666
NoobSlayer 666 Maand geleden
Got to give Rangers their due, they have been the better team 100% this season. With them in the europa league right now as well as stopping Celtics 10IAR. Not to mention that Gerrard has brought in new players and seen potential in a lot of these players. But I do believe that if Celtic were still in their top form then the league would have been a lot more interesting. With Lennon being a yes man and the Celtic board bringing in the wrong type of players Celtic were needing you have got to take that into consideration also. Regardless of anybody’s opinion i do still believe it was Celtics fault that has cost them the league and they have not got anybody to blame (Including Lennon). With Peter lawell now retiring as soon as Lennon does and as well as rangers practically champions now I would personally say that it was down to the board as well as rangers. Fair play to Rangers the better side by far 👏🏻 I’m aware nobody asked for my opinion but it was given 👍🏻
Don Juan
Don Juan Maand geleden
Celtic destroyed thmeselves not rangers. Btw who cares about a mickey mouse/farmers league
Jimmy Maand geleden
everyone normal cares
Sean McGough
Sean McGough Maand geleden
Celtic appointed Neil Lennon again after him proving to be a massive prick. Well done Celtic. That’s how they fucked it up 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Mindaugas Mazrimas
Mindaugas Mazrimas Maand geleden
Let's face it, Gerrard was caught in the perfect storm. Celtic was in shambles and he made his team good enough to capitalize. If he's able to repeat this success consecutively then we can sing his praises but if this is just a one off then its entirely irrelevant because like I said, Gerrard and Co. were helped by the fact Celtic shit the bed. If Celtic get their strength back next season or the one after and just go on another run of running the league and Rangers do nothing, this will just be a minor spike in an otherwise uninteresting run in Gerrards managerial career
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
Hahahahahahahaha more more 😭
Werewolf394 Maand geleden
steven gerrard is just secretly playing fifa
King James
King James Maand geleden
Love to see The Gers: Gerard and Rangers kick some fancy asses in CL
King James
King James Maand geleden
Lampard should learn from Gerard. Humbleness makes you legend
Frank Eh
Frank Eh Maand geleden
As the commentary states ' The Rangers' were liquidated. They are not Rangers any more but a new club registered in 2012. However, this is not to say that Gerrard has done a great job in bringing the club its first trophy.
Stuart Burnett
Stuart Burnett 14 dagen geleden
Not that absurd argument again lol.Except ger s were exellent and Celtic were atrocious 😁
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
Frank the w..k dry your eyes😭😭😭😭😭🇬🇧
Rob Maand geleden
Same club... FIFA says so
Rohnny Jotten
Rohnny Jotten Maand geleden
You forgot to add this in, Celtics wage bill when Ge55ard arrived was £60 million a year, Rangers wage bill was £25 million a year. Rangers wage bill has increased year on year since Ge55ard took over but its still only about two thirds of what Celtic spend on wages. #CHAMPION55
TSSpleef Maand geleden
Dislikes are raging Thimmys bahahaha
Excelsior32 Maand geleden
Managers like Ole, Arteta and Lampard all got major jobs at former clubs. Jobs that they didn't deserve and only got because of them being former players. But Gerrard has now gone and actually shown that in a number of years when Liverpool and Klopp depart, he could actually argue he deserves the job based on his credentials
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Maand geleden
We've only dropped points in 4 games not 6
Anton Watson
Anton Watson Maand geleden
Where do we get these headlines.. Gerrard has done well, and Rangers have won the league. Celtic lost it internally and with bad signings. We require a total overhaul as the team/squad needs a shake up. Mind you in all honesty, how many penalties given and how many conceded. No players sent off but quite a few players disciplined by the compliance officer. Enjoy
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
What fools believe.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🇬🇧
Seosamh O'Fionnaghain
Seosamh O'Fionnaghain Maand geleden
Until Rangers win the BIG ONE The European Champions League then that mental pain will always remain with them. This is the Brutal Truth that NO Rangers fanboys can argue against. Celtic Sit on The Ultimate Perch of European Club Football ! Rangers have not reached that perch ! This is the argument THAT SILENCES ALL RANGERS FANBOYS !! THIS MENTAL PAIN JUST WONT GO AWAY AS LONG AS RANGERS REMAIN without the European Cup . Remember The PAIN you feel is the Ultimate Trophy YOU HAVEN'T GOT !! THE EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS CUP .
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
@Renfer Torgen Simon and Garfunkel !!
Renfer Torgen
Renfer Torgen Maand geleden
@k Smith Naughty Naughty European Champions Cup is missing from the Rangers trophy cabinet until then all side talk is just the sound of silence.
k Smith
k Smith Maand geleden
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 bahahahahahaha cry more.🇬🇧 Is that your name or the best Scrabble score ever.👏👏👏👏👏👏
Renfer Torgen
Renfer Torgen Maand geleden
Awesome comment which has glasgow rangers fanboys quieter than any church mouse, rangers cant ever get over the agony of never dining out at Europe's Top Table. Brilliant Killer comment, well said sir .
WATP 1872
WATP 1872 Maand geleden
Ge55ard top player and top manager, stay with us for a few years to grow more, team and himself, but he's done an amazing job along with everyone else at the club - Underrated by a few, mainly haters, rest of fans along with us the Gers faithful he's done a fantastic job - i would let Ge55ard pump my mrs if he asked💯 5️⃣5️⃣🏆🔴⚪🔵
anwar basuki
anwar basuki Maand geleden
Gerrard has rise up talent of Joe Aribo to be like him when he plays for LFC.....
Dave Ratcliffe
Dave Ratcliffe Maand geleden
What league crowns champions in march?,
Uncle Wong
Uncle Wong Maand geleden
Come on man. When you manage Celtic or Rangers, you have 50/50 chance of winning a title already. Chris Wilder would even win it.
TKB Maand geleden
I still think the good times will stop for Gerrard at Rangers as he gets his 'philosphies' from Klopp and we know the form Liverpool are in.
ImFrederic Maand geleden
@TKB That's a fair point. I guess we'll have to see if Gerrard learns from what happened to Liverpool and adapts his style to prevent it.
TKB Maand geleden
@ImFrederic Extreme intensity is one of the leading factors of injuries and that's what Gerrard implements in his approach just like Klopp with Gegenpress.
ImFrederic Maand geleden
That has more to do with the number of injuries Liverpool have had this season then Klopp.
Con Cong
Con Cong Maand geleden
Celtic will spend and be back. They rested on their laurels for too long. They've just received a huge kick up the backside and sometimes that can be a huge step forward.
Ian Jarvie
Ian Jarvie Maand geleden
celtic got complacent and arrogant , rangers hungry and growing stronger , with an ambitious hungry manager who’s done it all as a player 💙 great of some celtic fans here to recognise him fair play 👌
General Caesar
General Caesar Maand geleden
Gerrard earned my respect by rebuilding the Gers as a side to be feared. Lennon’s style was woefully stagnant and couldn’t compete with Gerrardball. Can’t wait to see how Gerrard and (probably) Howe get on next season.
biff clyro
biff clyro Maand geleden
Bears1872 Maand geleden
Tell all the Tim’s you know they’ll never see Terry Munro 😉
stewrmo Maand geleden
He's deed. 55 WATP
john Vincent
john Vincent Maand geleden
he strikes me as a very pragmatic man and it serves him well in everything he does. he'll be a legendary manager as well up there with struth n fergie I reckon. when he was on the shortlist to take over from Murty I wanted him in. even without the experience. he's a natural winner
David Gray
David Gray Maand geleden
Well done Rangers. 1 in a row, fantastic achievement. What was it Celtic did 9 was it, oh and twice I believe. And I also think their was the unrepeatable quadruple quadruple. Never mind you have your 1 in a row. Whooopeee.
stewrmo Maand geleden
Terry's deed. 55 WATP
David Gray
David Gray Maand geleden
No one wants to take away you winning 1 in a row, But to equal Celtic doing 9 in a row twice and winning everything for the last 4 years, you have got something to prove now. And you know it, but I would imagine you are shitting yourself now because you have to equal that achievement otherwise you will be a bit of a laughing stock.
Jane Srawhorn
Jane Srawhorn Maand geleden
Why are you pronouncing Tavernier like that 😭😂😂
ross baird
ross baird Maand geleden
Why was barsic wearing a training bra 😂
arjun viswam
arjun viswam Maand geleden
Whoever is narrating these videos should speed up. Please 🙏
Summit tae dae
Summit tae dae Maand geleden
Gerrard took mediocre players on free’s or a steal to a really good level. wile Lennon had the finished article and deconstructed it. 🍀
Summit tae dae
Summit tae dae Maand geleden
@dafty97 I agree he was blessed with being surrounded by amazing footballers. He was kinda like a goon in a ice hockey team.
dafty97 Maand geleden
Lennon was never very good, even as a player in the early 2000s he just wasn’t cut out for professional football
Glasgow Rangers 1872
Glasgow Rangers 1872 Maand geleden
Good way of putting it
Anto Mac
Anto Mac Maand geleden
Winning the Scottish league means noting its no different than winning a league Cup Lennon and rogers won it many times and it's already forgotten and there bsng average this is gonna be made out to be a big deal cause Gerrard is English they tried with lampard were is he now
QUIERES deja de fumar
QUIERES deja de fumar Maand geleden
Destroyed wtf are y sayin they got one championship whem celtic got 9in a row Also i dont think they ever will reach they quatrable treble
David Darcy
David Darcy Maand geleden
How destroyed half a taem after Dubai well see next season hh
Jan Johansen
Jan Johansen Maand geleden
Celtic fan, but this season the championship is (more than) well deserved and well done to our rivals and a congratulation to both Rangers and it's fans.
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Maand geleden
ryan mcluckie true m8 rangers and Celtic can get it
ryan mcluckie
ryan mcluckie Maand geleden
@Jonathan Smith except hamilton or ross county
Jonathan Smith
Jonathan Smith Maand geleden
Respect m8 anyone can get the title
El Nino
El Nino Maand geleden
Technically lennon DESTROYED celtic. LOL Gerrard just made Rangers amazing this season yano
mikey2363 Maand geleden
Come on, let’s be honest. ANYONE could manage Rangers or Celtic and win the league. It’s pathetic. I could go there an win the league no issue, it’s a Sunday League.
johnny mcknight
johnny mcknight Maand geleden
No you couldn’t
Rab McNair
Rab McNair Maand geleden
Congratulations on winning the first major trophy in your short history.
Frederick Hermann
Frederick Hermann Maand geleden
@Rab McNair oh dear lol
Rab McNair
Rab McNair Maand geleden
@Frederick Hermann That makes a change from feeling yer sister.
Frederick Hermann
Frederick Hermann Maand geleden
I feel your pain Rab lol
Celtic FC
Celtic FC Maand geleden
Coming from a Celtic fan I respect Steven Gerard and what he’s did for Rangers they’ve deserved It well Earned 👍
Super ally
Super ally 5 dagen geleden
Respect to you. Thanks
Cameron Stevenson
Cameron Stevenson 19 dagen geleden
See if everyfan of either side could admit when rangers or celtic deserve credit when its due the hatred wouldnt be as bad the backroom team at rangers have been sensational
Campbell Black
Campbell Black 24 dagen geleden
@Jon Burrows your probably 10 years old lol, all you have ever known was success well guess what rattler, Rangers only let you think your club was good, now hold ma beer.
Stephen Greenhorn
Stephen Greenhorn 25 dagen geleden
That's all we ask for. A bit of recognition for what we've achieved. Give respect and you get it back. Only ever so slightly though lol. Nice comment mate.
Mark Graham
Mark Graham 29 dagen geleden
@Mario Gizzi folded like a pack of cards Timmy
Ian Stewart Orr
Ian Stewart Orr Maand geleden
I prefer Liverpool to Lennon 🔴⚪️🔵
Matthew Cardoza
Matthew Cardoza Maand geleden
I'm not a Rangers fan but after what they've been through the last couple years, I'm happy for them!
Super ally
Super ally 5 dagen geleden
@Jake Hansen well no you must be a pacific shelf supporter. Get of the glue man.
Jake Hansen
Jake Hansen 5 dagen geleden
@Super ally incorrect. We all know you let your club die. It was hilarious.
Super ally
Super ally 5 dagen geleden
@Jake Hansen Your wrong FIFA AND EUFA Both said they were the same team, the holding company changed. muppet.
Campbell Black
Campbell Black Maand geleden
@Jake Hansen haha U crack me up !!!!!!!!!! Hey you with sad face 🥺 come up to place and live it up hahaha, the bait I use is a working
Jake Hansen
Jake Hansen Maand geleden
@Campbell Black should Rangers' victims see the Old Club in Liquidation for their compensation? If any club knows about a cover up, it's Rangers. Enjoy #1 you'll be dead soon.
king oberz
king oberz Maand geleden
League full of pub teams! Congrats 👏👏👏
stewrmo Maand geleden
@king oberz And when they are in Europe? Sorry, I thought you may have a good argument, but no.
king oberz
king oberz Maand geleden
@stewrmo all rangers and celtic have got to do is turn up to league games and there in Europe,they would both struggle in the efl championship
stewrmo Maand geleden
And Europe?
Keith Fairclough
Keith Fairclough Maand geleden
Theres not a team like the Glasgow Rangers.
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The Future Of Reasoning
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