Highest Paid Footballer At EVERY Age (16-40) 

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From 17-year-old Borussia Dortmund prospect Jude Bellingham in the Bundesliga, to in-form Premier League star Gareth Bale, who is on-loan at Tottenham from Real Madrid, HITC Sevens takes a look at the highest paid footballers, according to reports, at every age.*
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* All figures quoted are taken from the Football Manager 2021 editor database unless stated otherwise.


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Samox Guiseb
Samox Guiseb 22 uur geleden
I was ryt bout Ramos
Glazers Out
Glazers Out 3 dagen geleden
Whats a mediocre youtuber make then? Johnny Evans is a better footballer than your youtube career to say the least pleb
Ian Gonsalves
Ian Gonsalves 6 dagen geleden
41: GiGi Buffon 🔥🔥
Happy Mbambo
Happy Mbambo 12 dagen geleden
Atleast include the figures on the screen ...
Jardane Stewart
Jardane Stewart 12 dagen geleden
Prove them wrong
Maik Otter
Maik Otter 13 dagen geleden
Among the youngest (16 to 24 years) are relatively many black players! Why this is the case? In Reinbek-Neuschönningstedt (Kreis Stormarn, SH, D), I once saw a then teen boy, who roughly looked like Pele at the 1958 World Champhionship in Sweden! Antoine Griezmann (Elsaß, F) is the only ethnic German in this list! The Deutsche Fußball Bund has around 7 Million members. Male members are around 6 Millions. Female members are around 1 Million. The DFB THE national sports association with the most members of every sport and of every nation. How many of the DFB members are actives ones .. outside a pandemic? How many are passive ones?
Katlego. Diale.
Katlego. Diale. 15 dagen geleden
Moukoko can't be 16! 🙅🏿‍♂️
Suman Limbu
Suman Limbu 24 dagen geleden
Pay gap between age 39 (187k)and 40 (27K) is just crazy and the highest paid 40 year is old from qatar league. There should be 40 year old paid more than 27k in MLS league.
Zman from 95
Zman from 95 25 dagen geleden
If you're english ur overhyped and overpaid
AB7 Fifa
AB7 Fifa 21 dag geleden
Not all english
SUBz Jay N-o
SUBz Jay N-o Maand geleden
Anthony Martial - 24yrs old - £250k per week
SUBz Jay N-o
SUBz Jay N-o Maand geleden
Mason Greenwood - 19yrs old - £75k per week
Kshitij Chauhan
Kshitij Chauhan Maand geleden
Video 2: A video on the differences in the landscape of football in India, China, The USA ( you could add 4 more countries similar to these to make it 7) and also make a prediction on the nation that could be a force of nature in the future!
£4million a week is just ridiculous
Peripatetic Maand geleden
We love your channel but you have never show Somalian athletes. I'm willing to make that changed. You can call me "Mali dreamers".
Tahmid Sultan
Tahmid Sultan Maand geleden
You could’ve at least displayed the figures your voice got so annoying listening to it 20 mins straight
Juan Mendez
Juan Mendez Maand geleden
How the hell is Vinicius Jr. paid better than Haaland?
Kian Shayegan
Kian Shayegan Maand geleden
Marquinhos looks like he's 32 not 26
Jan Guerrero
Jan Guerrero Maand geleden
The spiteful asia indirectly land because mark markedly flap from a careful south korea. unusual, unbiased table
Simon Banke
Simon Banke Maand geleden
greenwood earns 75k a week
Lukas Hiebl
Lukas Hiebl Maand geleden
Jamal Musialas salary is 90 000£ a week
Tibz Maand geleden
At 19 yrs old shouldn’t be Greenwood?
david norris
david norris Maand geleden
The reason your growing is because you've stopped chatting bollocks
Gaurav Kutemate
Gaurav Kutemate Maand geleden
PjT_V Maand geleden
EddyBPlayz Maand geleden
do lowest payed top league/pro footballers
Lovejoy Maand geleden
Ben Chillwell!!! £95 million! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Along with the outlay for Kepa, that is some serious dead money!
Quatel Quandor
Quatel Quandor Maand geleden
No Haaland, Sancho or Foden (those kids are getting robbed 😭).
Gett Jerry
Gett Jerry Maand geleden
3:56 😂😂
Sean Delaney
Sean Delaney Maand geleden
The 17 year olds in my FIFA 21 CM team: “ Y’all getting paid???”
Jack Steadman
Jack Steadman Maand geleden
Subbed bro keep it up
ultras psg
ultras psg Maand geleden
wheres miura?!
Bad_Leko Maand geleden
I swear Mbappe was 18 like yesterday
Long Radical
Long Radical Maand geleden
Killermotte 667
Killermotte 667 Maand geleden
Wait Dembele is 23... it fells like he's playing football for much more years :O
Mike mason
Mike mason Maand geleden
Johnny evans is acc class for us
Attila Ruszka
Attila Ruszka Maand geleden
I earned the rewards fair and square and now i'm gonna turn them into Gamespot shares. So long!
Chris smith
Chris smith Maand geleden
Moukoko hasn’t changed at all from 12 to 16
HENNI_YT Maand geleden
Greenwood is the highest earning 19 year old im pretty sure
Evan Carney
Evan Carney Maand geleden
Making a new cryptocurrency called AlfiE-points for the Sergio Ramos guessers
CHARL H 200 Maand geleden
For Birmingham at the time when we had Jude Bellingham he was only on £125 per week and didn’t get that big pay rise till her arrived at Borussia Dortmund’s team
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Maand geleden
Barca just can’t sustain there wage bill, astronomical- bankruptcy to follow most likely
aaden johnson
aaden johnson Maand geleden
How about Havertz ? He’s even getting paid more than chillwell
Nelex Hake
Nelex Hake Maand geleden
4 milie a week = cap
Sean Bhatti
Sean Bhatti Maand geleden
Meh I subbed
Siddiq Rahman
Siddiq Rahman Maand geleden
Joa Felix should be the most paid player at 21
sean wood
sean wood Maand geleden
Loved the Rupert touch 💪🏻
Jesse Thompson
Jesse Thompson Maand geleden
Greenwood (19) 75000 a week
___ Maand geleden
Gabriel there but no mention of that bideo
Isráel Maand geleden
You need to practice speaking clearer
RizzyDonker Maand geleden
No man city players
Edwon Rodrigues
Edwon Rodrigues Maand geleden
The beautiful trouble generally destroy because thumb cytologically bore apud a obedient enquiry. imperfect, flaky archaeology
Daniel Mackay
Daniel Mackay Maand geleden
Haaland earns more than vinicius
Arbion Llapushi
Arbion Llapushi Maand geleden
Vini jr has won la liga in 2020 and is real madrid first team player not B and he debut for brazil first team
RTSomi Maand geleden
In this week's episode of people who can buy your life from one week of their salary:
Sixten Sievert
Sixten Sievert Maand geleden
Werner doesnt make 270k per week. Chelsea's highest earner is Ben Chilwell. And chelsea have a wage structure of maximum 200k per week. So to be fair, all players dont go to chelsea because of wages.
Hriday Adwani
Hriday Adwani Maand geleden
chilwell is 24 but has the hairstyle of a 45, yo man
Valentijn Barendse
Valentijn Barendse Maand geleden
Frenkie earns more than Dembele tho
Xavier Akinwale
Xavier Akinwale Maand geleden
sergio ramos @8mins now
Herakles Eros
Herakles Eros Maand geleden
All this time I thought Sport & Eleven was the same channel 😭😭
GRG4c Maand geleden
Mason greenwood just signed a new deal a couple of weeks ago for £75,000 a week at 19
Andreas Wernerqeqwe
Andreas Wernerqeqwe Maand geleden
HAALAND really underpaid
FAN BOYZ Maand geleden
Fernandes and Shaw should definitely be on the underpaid list
Simon Byrat
Simon Byrat Maand geleden
What on earth is happening to Bolton wanderers Europe league and premiership Championship 2013-2016 League one 2016-17 Championship 2017-2019 League one 2019-2020 League two 2020- But in playoffs good form best form in England and the rise
isaiah stthomas
isaiah stthomas Maand geleden
What about Mason greenwood his salary is 75k
Neil Brown
Neil Brown Maand geleden
I hope I can be a footballer
Chidera Njoku
Chidera Njoku Maand geleden
Your comments are wrong! Per week or per month ?!!!
Erik Torres
Erik Torres Maand geleden
Someone please just post the list I don't have time to watch this whole video ...
Darul kutni
Darul kutni Maand geleden
troll to bottom..
michael deeping
michael deeping Maand geleden
Hating on Johnny Evans is a bit funny seeing as the past two seasons he's been one of the most consistent centre backs in the league
King Schultz
King Schultz Maand geleden
Vinicius earns more than haaland? What an absolute joke 😂
Lewi Yonas
Lewi Yonas Maand geleden
Lmao man said William Saliba earns the same as west hams number 2 goalie and immediately backtracked from his slander by saying it was “a fact of absolute no relevance or importance” 😂😂
krystian 3060
krystian 3060 Maand geleden
Lewandowski should be on at least a 1.000.000 euro per week wages.
boberz Maand geleden
My guess for the one defender above marquinhos: ramos
boberz Maand geleden
HA21 Yang
HA21 Yang Maand geleden
Nowadays footballers are being paied stupid money
Shammar Lesprance
Shammar Lesprance Maand geleden
Frenkie De Jong earns more than Ben Chilwell.
Darvin Maand geleden
So basically Vinicius makes more than Haaland does..
Breganja Boy
Breganja Boy Maand geleden
Brobbey (17) will earn more than 3 million a year at rb Leipzig
banana boy
banana boy Maand geleden
I got it
Chevy K
Chevy K Maand geleden
lol he called irish guy the scarf man
Jonah Raposo
Jonah Raposo Maand geleden
it’s 100% ramos that’s the other defender
Khadz RT
Khadz RT Maand geleden
You talk to much just do a montage lol
Sameer Bernard
Sameer Bernard Maand geleden
The Rise And Fall Of Bursaspor: today their players released a statement that the club has failed to pay them once again. 9th in the TFF 1 Lig 20/21 when they used to be 1st in 09/10
Tom Blake
Tom Blake Maand geleden
This video could’ve literally been 2 minutes long...
B Drew
B Drew Maand geleden
No mention of Buffon as honorable mention?
Eyes walow simen
Eyes walow simen Maand geleden
I had to go Google Bale’s salary to make sure it is true, How exactly is Tottenham affording $600k per week and how..... I have many questions, $600k per week ? Why
Simon dos Reis
Simon dos Reis Maand geleden
I think Spurs are paying something like 40% of it with Real Madrid paying the rest
All over paid actors
K Sabin Kush
K Sabin Kush Maand geleden
Am sure simons should be here
K Sabin Kush
K Sabin Kush Maand geleden
BEST CHAMPIONSHIP PLAYERS THIS SEASON or 2nd league players across Europe
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez Maand geleden
I mean they have made an offer to mbappe, not rocket science
Jackson P
Jackson P Maand geleden
Make the underpaid video
Fatheh Al Rafeeq
Fatheh Al Rafeeq Maand geleden
Not even a single Man City player on this list nor on the top 10 transfer fees of all time, yet, somehow is City and Oil money is killing the game. All City does is buy really good players and invest wisely, unlike some clubs where they spend 80M on a fridge una
Khalfan Abdulsomad
Khalfan Abdulsomad Maand geleden
Started an mukoko, then mukuku to makuku. How did we get to makuku?
Jose Santoveña
Jose Santoveña Maand geleden
I hate to say this, and maybe it’s the chronological order you couldn’t find a 41 & 42 yr old, but leaving Gigi Buffon (43) out is almost blasphemous
Chris Newma
Chris Newma Maand geleden
I still can’t believe Modric won a Balon D’or but someone like Neymar hasnt. Also the year Modric won CR7 had better stats than the year Messi won his 6th
K Sabin Kush
K Sabin Kush Maand geleden
So you expect modric to score the same amount as ronaldo?! Modric was the best player that year nothing can change that move on
pacybitsoggamer Maand geleden
U forgot miura 🐐
Karl Fröberg
Karl Fröberg Maand geleden
I want to see "Famous International squads... But without the colonies". My idea came from seeing Ngolo Kanté being elevated in the WC18 celebration and there was very few cacausian players on screens. Without malice and partisanship I think it would be intressting to get a little hint to see how much the great colonial superpowers gained by being just that from a footballing perspective. My short list is the Euros winning squads: Spain 2010, Portugal 2016, England 1996, France 2000, Belgium 2021(as they never won the Euros yet and no one wants to hear about 1980 when they have such a mass of talent now), Netherlands 1988 and Denmark 1992 (yes they even do still control a massive landmass far from their own borders).
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG Maand geleden
Haaland is criminally underpaid for his talents.
Fango Maand geleden
Fun Fact: Neymar is coming to Fortnite soon😂 He’s gonna be a skin
Ashish Saikia
Ashish Saikia Maand geleden
@Mikhail Jordanov fortnite is the most entertaining game till date
Gopher Lee
Gopher Lee Maand geleden
prof_ pure
prof_ pure Maand geleden
@Mikhail Jordanov I do
Mikhail Jordanov
Mikhail Jordanov Maand geleden
Nobody gives a shit about fortnite anymore
Lethukuthula Mtolo
Lethukuthula Mtolo Maand geleden
makee the reverse !
David W
David W Maand geleden
do players who should be payed more at every age / or club
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Maand geleden
How is neymae 29😔😔career waste