Hey, Republicans Who Supported This President: Are We Great Again Yet? - LIVE MONOLOGUE 

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After the unprecedented assault on democracy that took place in the Capitol Building today, Stephen Colbert kicks off his LIVE monologue with a message for cowardly Republican lawmakers who for five years have coddled the president's fascist rhetoric: there will be a terrible price to pay. #Colbert #ALateShow #Monologue
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6 jan. 2021




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Josh Aaron
Josh Aaron 9 minuten geleden
I thought Colbert died...
henrikhansen 14 minuten geleden
Actually the Nazis took control as a result of the Reichstagsfire allegedly caused by their adversities, you - to use your own words - dummy. Like the Dems now take total control.
Janiya Gauge
Janiya Gauge 26 minuten geleden
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Gaming Norwegian
Gaming Norwegian 31 minuut geleden
Its honestly pretty scary seeing how many stupid people there is that believes anything Trump says... Look in the comment sections of hardcore trump fanboi channels, they seriously believe that Trump is being framed, the election was a fraud and that Biden didnt even get 1 mil votes. How can people get this stupid? Thats a serious question, one must be EXTREMELY stupid to believe any of that...
Tristan Andrew
Tristan Andrew 2 minuten geleden
It's the result of four years of constant conditioning and propaganda
FUNFEEDS 34 minuten geleden
While the rioting started, I sensed it was the opposing democratic sidesending their undercover agents to stage a hostile incident to FRAME the 99.9 percent peaceful protesters in a bad light. It was highly likely Antifa, and their cohorts sabotaging a large movement to contest a fraudulent election with overwhelming documented evidence which was backed by many senators. It just goes to show what lengths closeted communist socialists would go to to sabotage and STEAL an election.TIME will reveal that this is the case, in Gods name....Halleluyah!
Maksie0 37 seconden geleden
@FUNFEEDS The questionable narrative being that a bunch of Trump fanatics who said beforehand that they were going there, and livestreamed themselves and each other being there, were there?
FUNFEEDS 7 minuten geleden
@Maksie0 There is already a good amount of live video evidence of the riot to supports what I am saying, but the mainstream media will not air it, mainly because it doesn't support their questionable narrative, and mainstream media is basically against Trump.
Maksie0 28 minuten geleden
Imagine being radicalized by the former host of The Apprentice, and then when you break into the Capitol your fellow Trump fans say you're an antifa socialist false flag agent.
Rex Dago-an
Rex Dago-an 41 minuut geleden
fascist my ass!
Adam Roberts
Adam Roberts 51 minuut geleden
Trump has turned the United States into a third world hellhole. And a Trump GOP is a disgrace and source of national shame. It will never be forgotten that when they had a choice between democracy and dictatorship, they chose to fight for a dictatorship. As long as Trump and his authoritarianism still stains this country, we will continue our dramatic decline.
whoo else
whoo else Uur geleden
And yall really think this bs is gonna stop when jim crow joe gets sworn in? A wyt supremacist is a wyt supremacist, no matter what.
Kurt Sam
Kurt Sam Uur geleden
I love how he criticize about everything about the right, bit never talk about how the BLM fckin burn down shit for months
Josefina Hernandez
Josefina Hernandez Uur geleden
RED Wave
RED Wave Uur geleden
The BEST times on this planet, have been and gone. As the EDDY GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM continues to intensify, our way of life and life style...will continue to deteriorate. The EDDY, doesn't care who you are, or your status, skin colour, religion, age, sex, bank account, politics or zip code...The EDDY, is going to affect you. So I hope you have been busy preparing, that you haven't been wasting precious time. Because CoVid is the LEAST of our worries.
Julian Kaufuti
Julian Kaufuti Uur geleden
Shut up mate.... just be a comedian not a politician
Enzo Canedo
Enzo Canedo Uur geleden
China will have an upper hand when Biden wins
J Kelly
J Kelly 2 uur geleden
The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage Book by Arthur Koestler
Ohpana J
Ohpana J 2 uur geleden
18000 people out here with serious mental issues
TVOCD 2 uur geleden
If Trump says "we're going to walk down [to the cAPITOL] one more time.... jesus christ someone help this man speak in a single flowing sentence without repeating the same thing or switching the exact same sentence in another way.
GayTheatreGeek2020 3 uur geleden
I remember when Colbert used to be funny.... and then he became like every other left-wing hack criticizing Republicans and bashing Trump...
green grass
green grass 3 uur geleden
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within." it's literally being destroyed from the inside right now.
Bruce Burns
Bruce Burns 3 uur geleden
This stooge is just a walking advertisement for Leftists and the Democrats.
Ann Brodeur
Ann Brodeur 3 uur geleden
UK MEDIA 4 uur geleden
care to mention it started while trump was on the podium and that blm and antifa were leading the charge ? cnn reporter caught asking video of her with antifa inside the capital building be deleted ?
Headbanger Bald
Headbanger Bald 4 uur geleden
Prison for Trump!!
Ana MX
Ana MX 4 uur geleden
I can't believe MSM criminals are blaming Trump after all the democrats and BLM did in America lmao. Hollywood needs to be gone.
June M
June M 4 uur geleden
No you can't lure the President out with cheese you have to use Cheetos lolz!!
DEEPANSHU VeRmA 4 uur geleden
DEEPANSHU VeRmA 4 uur geleden
Love ksms
DEEPANSHU VeRmA 4 uur geleden
I see This
DEEPANSHU VeRmA 4 uur geleden
Wooww gimny
June M
June M 4 uur geleden
You know The Red keep saying they are the conservative professionals YA RIGHT! I see crap like what happened at the Captial building I'm not even sure what I'm looking at.
Swetab Singh
Swetab Singh 4 uur geleden
Big tech and big media are the real facist
TaTa8611 5 uur geleden
We need unity! But every single person who did not support us is fascist.
Maelo Lopez
Maelo Lopez 5 uur geleden
John Earle Sullivan a BLM activist was arrested for storming up the capitol.
Arman Maleknasri
Arman Maleknasri 5 uur geleden
Hahahaha really shows how biased these show really are in a political way
Sheila Patterson
Sheila Patterson 5 uur geleden
Stop dividing America! We need to stand united and stop all the finger pointing and name calling. This video is a joke.
25thBruce 5 uur geleden
8:44 Or cigarettes... or CDs... or a cellphone... or air
Echim Adrian
Echim Adrian 5 uur geleden
Weed smoke nades to all rioters :))
Hunter Garvey
Hunter Garvey 6 uur geleden
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LegendaryKing 6 uur geleden
Stephen Colbert is still a sell out and part of the problem.
fernando lopera
fernando lopera 6 uur geleden
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Ford Prefect
Ford Prefect 6 uur geleden
Why did you monetize this? Isn't that sort of disrespectful too the gravity of the situation. I'm more referring too the people posting these videos as a whole
JESUS CHRIST SAVES 6 uur geleden
โค๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’žThe Gospel of salvation of our souls:๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’•For what I received I passed on to you as of [first importance]: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures, and that he appeared to Peter, and then to the Twelve. After that, he appeared to more than five hundred of the brothers and sisters at the same time,
Veronica Zawodniak
Veronica Zawodniak 6 uur geleden
Thanks Stephan for nailing it!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!
yasmeen nour
yasmeen nour 6 uur geleden
God. I don't know why but i need to re-watch veep after this.
Norberto Lopez
Norberto Lopez 6 uur geleden
If it where blacks or Hispanics they would've been shot. But nothing happened because they were white. That's BULLSHIT
but nothing said when the BLM murder, burn and beat people. ๐Ÿค” nice
Rob Sobey
Rob Sobey 7 uur geleden
Alejandra Ledesma
Alejandra Ledesma 7 uur geleden
Stylewars70 7 uur geleden
GTMO awaits you ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Ferdinand Bardamu
Ferdinand Bardamu 7 uur geleden
This is America's Reichstag fire. The Democrats already ripped one page from Hitler's power moves and wrote draconian domestic terrorist laws that will make the Patriot act look like child's play. They will use this event to enact those laws. At this point, if you're an American and you want freedom, you might as well leave the country.
Bopping Gamer
Bopping Gamer 7 uur geleden
Man I just love how hes saying that no black person is a MAGA supporter yet for the Democrats, they both have black and white people... and let's not forget the obvious painting of MAGA people as racist (like 70 million people buddy)
Bopping Gamer
Bopping Gamer 7 uur geleden
Guys dont worry by his own words "even dummies like me" which pretty much says that he has no clue what tf hes saying and we should just trust him bc hes famous or something
ุงูƒุฑู… ุญุณู†
ู…ุง ุงู„ู…ุดุชุฑูƒ ุจูŠู† ุงู„ุณู†ู‡ ูˆุงู„ู…ุฌูˆุณ
pee wee
pee wee 8 uur geleden
I'm an idiot...god forbid
Stabby Bear
Stabby Bear 8 uur geleden
Burning buildings and beating innocent bystanders-OK. Storming Capitol Building- FACISM. Gimme a break
Jasmine Washington
Jasmine Washington 8 uur geleden
So, who wants to move to Canada with me?
War Mafia
War Mafia 8 uur geleden
I'm not American but I can still see it clearly that the next 4 years are going to be the destruction of America with crazy biden.
Rob j
Rob j 8 uur geleden
c v
c v 8 uur geleden
Censorship is what fascists do. Never forget that.
Chris Javens
Chris Javens 8 uur geleden
I hear he sits on a bar stool with no pad, ie, he sits on a pole. By his face, it looks so.
c v
c v 8 uur geleden
Chris Javens
Chris Javens 8 uur geleden
Robot speaking for the leftist wingnuts, would not mind if he was funny.
Zach Black
Zach Black 8 uur geleden
I would slap colbert so hard in the face for his clown nonsense
Crazy Guy
Crazy Guy 8 uur geleden
Lachlan McNeill
Lachlan McNeill 8 uur geleden
Canada needs to build a wall
The Miner From Chiner
The Miner From Chiner 8 uur geleden
"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups" - George Carlin
Bayou Billy
Bayou Billy 2 uur geleden
@GayTheatreGeek2020 nice attempt at an obvious troll. Name plus word choice gives it away. Sorry bud. Use a more neutral name next time noob...
GayTheatreGeek2020 3 uur geleden
So pretty much everybody that voted for Joe Biden...... xD
Nightshade 8 uur geleden
his jokes hurt and every second he sounds like an angry dad. but neat
NovaPlum Uur geleden
okaay. that "joke" was better though?
Freddy Chale
Freddy Chale 9 uur geleden
*Ohhhh Boi!* Remember How easy it is to download this video. Now, imagine the *MEMES* you, voluntarily created 4 Life. You should have gone 4 the Truth, not your master's narrative. Wish you'll come to your senses, soon. Yet, I thank you for so many laughs you gave me in the past. *Bless you Steve, bless you.*
MrFlexID 9 uur geleden
That's fucking ridiculous, how every one of them know exactly who won the elections despite some bullshit with voices. And they go on and on how unrightfully is everything that's happening. Who the fuck are you to know that? I mean of course all this protests, looting, rioting is out of the charts, it's not how a 1st world country should make a statements, but still - all the sides are based on ghostly knowledge of "we know who really won the elections". HOW? Such a delusional times.
Brian Hazelbaker
Brian Hazelbaker 9 uur geleden
wow stupid i didnt hear him say anything about starting a riot so stop blaming crap on him because there were idiots that started it. btw the way you are saying this is a riot then the million man march should be called a riot except they didnt have any idiots.
Kenshinfo 9 uur geleden
I'm more concerned for Colbert's career now that Trump is gone. What will he make fun of now? :^(
J Pete
J Pete 9 uur geleden
People don't understand its not all about TRUMP... not to the majority of us... its about NOT having these damn people in power that support abortion and all the other disgusting things they say are ok.... about keeping our country from turning into China's bitch.. about keeping our country from becoming socialist.... THIS IS WHAT MAGA IS ABOUT.....
Maksie0 24 minuten geleden
Why do you hate socialism? Is private ownership of the means of production that important to you? Are you a business owner?
J Pete
J Pete 9 uur geleden
I'd pay good money to see Colbert in the middle of a "red hat" crowd... oh the joy.... so hypocritical for him and all you damned lefties to speak down about these people yet cheer the riots of blm and anqueefa....
Chris Gallon
Chris Gallon 9 uur geleden
There's a lesson here. I'm not sure what it is, but I feel like we learned to start vetting political leaders, because of that one time a Cheeto wearing a haystack deleted democracy. Why is there not even an IQ test? Why do Physicists have to do a minimum of 6 years to reach a PhD, but a partially sentient, dried, fascist apricot need only guest appear in Home Alone to gain control of the largest nuclear arsenal on Earth. Who's idea was that? Do they still work there?
Walcott Leanan
Walcott Leanan 9 uur geleden
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Impeach Joe Biden
Impeach Joe Biden 9 uur geleden
Good thing Colbert has a nice job. A well paying job for only doing blah, blah, blah, blah, while millions of American people lost their jobs and are struggling right now.
A 9 uur geleden
When did Stephen Colbert become a news analyst? He seems to have overestimated himself. He's "supposed" to be a comedian. Why should I care about his opinion on anything?
Kitsie R
Kitsie R 7 uur geleden
He eloquently and sadly pegged how most of the country, and the world, are feeling about this.
arutka2000 8 uur geleden
You don't have to. But he's allowed to have his own. And a network is willing to pay him to be on tv and say his opinion. You're allowed to have yours and tell people in a youtube comment section. And in my own opinion, the fact that you're here asking why you have to care about that opinion means that you somehow care about Colbert's opinion. If you seriously disagree and dislike, you aren't required to comment. You could simply watch, shrug your shoulders, and go watch something else. Or scream obscenities at the image of the man on your phone.
Phillip Rickman
Phillip Rickman 10 uur geleden
Hey Steven you wanted to defund the police last year. Leftist commie make up your mind. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Robert Stanfill
Robert Stanfill 10 uur geleden
You're an idiot! Only gun there was the officer's and if you didn't notice there are black patriots too.
Benjamin Dagnan
Benjamin Dagnan 10 uur geleden
No talent needs to go back to cable
Mike Tubiman
Mike Tubiman 10 uur geleden
The obsolete writer dewailly load because cardboard bodily mess up absent a lying square. offbeat, nutritious desk
D. Scott
D. Scott 10 uur geleden
Hey Stephen, Maybe you should look up John Sullivan. An Antifa member who has just been arrested for inciting the "riots" at the Capital Building. Idiot. Eat your shoe.
Persona Dan
Persona Dan 10 uur geleden
That depends Stephen are you funny yet?
Kate McCracking
Kate McCracking 10 uur geleden
What a horrible low vibrational man. Wasnโ€™t he supposed to be a comedian? There is NOTHING funny about this angry man. Is he on the CCP payroll?
Jon dow
Jon dow 10 uur geleden
ron cubana
ron cubana 10 uur geleden
Morons like this is who's dividing the country.
413 June
413 June 10 uur geleden
Lmao OBAMAGATE hope your ready daily show LMFAO
Simon Ginks
Simon Ginks 10 uur geleden
Make Colbert Smug Again
Leo Ha
Leo Ha 10 uur geleden
Love you Trump you are good lie but now you trying to protecting yourself and family for those dump mob doing jobs for you, happy ending Trump , jail
David Hays
David Hays 10 uur geleden
he who runs their mouth the longest, is the one who is the most ignorant. just saying
Jackie Peel
Jackie Peel 10 uur geleden
Trump supporters are literally a cult. Trump created a damn cult. This world we live in man, I swear all of this could have been avoided if Trump never became president back in 2016. I want to live in another reality where LIFE ISN'T LIKE THIS. It is so sad my parents and half my family are trump supporters.... my papa even said that he would have joined in the capitol ATTACK if he could have. TF.
Obiwuan Shinobi
Obiwuan Shinobi 10 uur geleden
im here for the comments not this douchebag on the video that can't even stand without falling.
zachary corral
zachary corral 11 uur geleden
Bless your soul champ. Repent!
Briana Hodgson
Briana Hodgson 11 uur geleden
Did I hear someone say โ€œkill them!โ€, twice when those freaks were breaking the window? They are committing Treason!! Those morons need to be exiled to the most desolate filth hole in the world!
Mendi Curtis
Mendi Curtis 11 uur geleden
I'll never understand how someone so funny and talented could enjoy being part of a divide (or, sometimes hes an antagonizer) and I say that as someone with no political affiliation. What must his soul feel like to know how gross and sick the whole political theater is and yet need it so badly for material, like that's his livelihood and it's so dark and sad. Oh well.
Frank Ortega
Frank Ortega 11 uur geleden
Itโ€™s gonna happen again
Kent Milbrandt
Kent Milbrandt 11 uur geleden
We are great again and you phony bias comedians( comedian used loosely ) will rue the day you gleefully make fun the public. The democrat congress is responsible for the riots. And you are included.
Helois Gevit
Helois Gevit 11 uur geleden
What makes you great again? How were democrats responsible for Trump supporters breaching the Capitol?
Randy Bell
Randy Bell 11 uur geleden
Are you going to run and hide next week like the politicians did Mr. Colbert.
Helois Gevit
Helois Gevit 11 uur geleden
Why would he?
Darth Pepe
Darth Pepe 12 uur geleden
Hey, Democrats; write down what you think about Trump and his supporters in great detail. When you've finished, go through what you've written and replace "Trump" and "Trump supporters" with the word "Jews" and read it all back to yourself. Enjoy knowing how brainwashed you've become.
Helois Gevit
Helois Gevit 11 uur geleden
This is such a terribly flawed argument that can be used against anyone including yourself. Low IQ take.
Jack Benson
Jack Benson 12 uur geleden
Yes it was until 4 years worth of race baiting exploded into that mess of 2020
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