HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5 

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Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!


WARNING: for horse!

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30 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Vivziepop Maand geleden
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Braxton Forbes
Braxton Forbes 3 dagen geleden
Is there gonna be anymore episodes?
Random Fan
Random Fan 8 dagen geleden
Hellhound _17
Hellhound _17 22 dagen geleden
It’s A Norman Reedus No it’s a Darrel NO ITS STRIKER
Pokemaniac 28 dagen geleden
Just wanted to say you are doing awesome with the animation
Sage 28 dagen geleden
MrGhazt MSM
MrGhazt MSM 17 minuten geleden
Stolas with the blanket as a hoodie is so cute
Alastor 22 minuten geleden
Nice one blitz you had to have smex to get a book
Irziru Uur geleden
Idk why mf needed a gun Homie looks like he’s got the six paths And is bouta use shinra tensei
Irziru Uur geleden
Nobody talking about the fact a dude with the mf rinnegan got beat by a regular ass guy
Emilyrain Vincent
Emilyrain Vincent Uur geleden
Is it bad I simp for striker?
alphablood119 Uur geleden
Gaster #2
Gaster #2 Uur geleden
"It doesn't count if they don't find the body~~~"
115satan 6
115satan 6 Uur geleden
When will they be part two of hazbin Holtell
alphablood119 Uur geleden
she will never answer that question
Angel of Shadows
Angel of Shadows 2 uur geleden
I still can’t get over that final shot with Striker! That was animated beautifully!! Wooooo!!
Erg Gni
Erg Gni Uur geleden
꧁ Gasai Yuno シ ꧂
:0 Stolas looks so cute here : 1:09
Lina Hernandez
Lina Hernandez 2 uur geleden
They really popped off with the animation in this episode, love it
eli cank
eli cank 2 uur geleden
What month is episode six? just asking.
eli cank
eli cank Uur geleden
@alphablood119 thanks
alphablood119 Uur geleden
Kayla Bennett
Kayla Bennett 3 uur geleden
14:43 me when I roast a kidnaper and mox is my bestie
Hailey E.M.S.
Hailey E.M.S. 3 uur geleden
Gotta admit, that Striker guy is pretty hot, but my heart will always belong to Stolas
Rachel Nemergut
Rachel Nemergut 3 uur geleden
not me crying at 3 am bc of moxxie crying
Alpha Schnauzer
Alpha Schnauzer 4 uur geleden
9:02 I like that you can see the referee looking at stolas like the fuck?
Positivo FX™
Positivo FX™ 4 uur geleden
Dog man
Dog man 4 uur geleden
Face reveal
Samara Denny
Samara Denny 4 uur geleden
I swear I wanna voice a character and I think Blitz is a girl :/ legit Im pretty sure the boy demons hair is white and the bottom of there horns and white to-
Black Water :D
Black Water :D 5 uur geleden
5:43 XD
Black Water :D
Black Water :D 5 uur geleden
Maybe a new episode this month or the next maybe...
Connor Finck
Connor Finck 5 uur geleden
It’s so weird because moxie is a demon but he’s so smart and won’t shut up
Ezcars 14
Ezcars 14 5 uur geleden
Stryker kind of reminds me of tabi from fnf a little bit
Samantha Gomes
Samantha Gomes 5 uur geleden
OMFG YOU GOT NORMAN REEDUS TO VOICE STRIKER as I walking dead fan who is in love with him I can’t wait to see more of him Ps I’m a simp for Norman reedus
Hussaiyn Muhammed
Hussaiyn Muhammed 6 uur geleden
nice rinnegan
Irziru Uur geleden
Zamtik Girzzeta
Zamtik Girzzeta 6 uur geleden
Bue, me gustaría hacer un video diciendo todo lo hermoso de ésta serie, pero me da flojera, así que dejo mi comentario para que se pierda en la red: Qué magnífica serie. La cantidad de palabras groseras va de la mano con la belleza de la animación, en ningún momento genera incomodidad ni te saca de la trama, el trabajo de todo el equipo y los espectaculares actores de doblaje se siente muy genuino, esmerado y alegre. Son un increíble ejemplo para todas las empresas de animación moderna, me entusiasma pensar las puertas que dejan abiertas con este tremendo proyecto que están desarrollando, gracias por tanto. Sólo les digo una cosa: Hace algunos años, se consideraba que el leer cómics de Superman y Batman te volvían más agresivo y por lo mismo trataron de censurarlos y sacarlos del mercado, cómo ha cambiado todo ¿No? Perfecto episodio, y sigan adelante, la corrección política eventualmente cede a la demanda del consumidor ♥️
Zaner the Gamer
Zaner the Gamer 6 uur geleden
"I'm better at other things -like singing!" "I'd like to take a moment to sing a song that I wrote just now-"
mia uzumKi
mia uzumKi 6 uur geleden
mia uzumKi
mia uzumKi 6 uur geleden
Valia Rose Phoenix
Valia Rose Phoenix 7 uur geleden
So excited for the next episode 🖤🖤🖤 I hope it is a more solid continuation of this last one- like I want to see the impact of striker trying to kill Stolas has on Blitz- and honestly for them to be more openly romantic 🖤🖤🖤 #StolasXBlitz #IShipIt
NillaWaafers 7 uur geleden
i love how this is a country small town placed episode, it makes me remember where I was born and my hometown
Nari 8 uur geleden
Already a month
lol wut
lol wut 9 uur geleden
idk that blitz is strong? look at the wall after he punch it 15:38 or maybe the wall is just thin lmao
Bog shroom
Bog shroom 9 uur geleden
Plz more
Lilyshara 9 uur geleden
17:23 meilleur animation ever
bruh mode active
bruh mode active 9 uur geleden
This whole series has been very "quality over quantity", and it's amazing.
bruh mode active
bruh mode active 9 uur geleden
I can't believe this is actually free to watch, and I don't have to pirate it
baby bear
baby bear 10 uur geleden
A feather fell out of blitzo’s mouth, we all know what got in and what came out.
Chopperbros advance
Chopperbros advance 10 uur geleden
War fun
Руслан Хамракулов
Вы будите продолжать Россия и Казахстан ждут
Wyatt Fast
Wyatt Fast 10 uur geleden
Why not just like make a season put the whole thing out and just like wait a year or so before releasing the other season.
Kris Robin
Kris Robin 11 uur geleden
[Adult swim]
TheHotToast 11 uur geleden
just noticed, if Luna is the adopted daughter of Blitz wouldn't that mean Luna is technically sorta Octavia's sister is some very tiny little sorta way?
nathaniel navales
nathaniel navales 12 uur geleden
Update How's the Hazbin Hotel? 🥺
amber an wyatt
amber an wyatt 14 uur geleden
Vivzie pop when we gonna see. Angle dust and the rest of the hotel gang ??? We all have been waiting so long since u put up the pilot. I hope whats gonna happen is u will finish up with helluva boss and then do hazbin or somehow mix them together. They both are great!!
ashton r
ashton r 13 uur geleden
They are trying to get it signed to Adult swim so they need a fill Season
Mihnea Zarojanu
Mihnea Zarojanu 14 uur geleden
1:17 Wait, is that a GT Live reference?
I play Roblox Edward park
Put this episode on Nick jr. In August 7th 2021
alphablood119 Uur geleden
blitzø: excuse me...the FUCK
CrazyAngry 13 uur geleden
I can’t wait to see the faces of those kiddos watching this with their parents.
MichaelDj54 15 uur geleden
You know, for not wanting to come as his bodyguards… They did a decent job being his bodyguards.
Nexus 525
Nexus 525 16 uur geleden
I think it’s less stolas is thirsty for blitzo and more so dehydrated for him.
Møçhï Lêmøñ
Møçhï Lêmøñ 17 uur geleden
Poor Moxy ;^;
Alpha Schnauzer
Alpha Schnauzer 17 uur geleden
The fact you were able to get Norman Reedus on is amazing the sky's the limit with any other professional actors and or voice actors you guys can get keep up the amazing work.
Alpha Schnauzer
Alpha Schnauzer 18 uur geleden
Once I heard Striker speak my brain... Daryl Dixon from *TWD* - Norman Reedus. Special Guest Credit appears *HOLY SHIT FUCK YA*
Steamed Sky
Steamed Sky 18 uur geleden
It’s been 46 days give me the next episode please
Listron And interactive shorts
This kid voice remind me of Zim from invader Zim
RandomGamerCory 19 uur geleden
every tweet you make makes it harder and harder to support you in anyway
Matthew Jose
Matthew Jose 19 uur geleden
The fact that Loona made a “That’s what she said” joke and Blitzø didn’t get it was PRICELESS!🤣
Meow Meows
Meow Meows 19 uur geleden
Norman *fuckin* Reedus
Irziru Uur geleden
Norman Reedus with a rinnegan
opossum stuff
opossum stuff 20 uur geleden
I love helluva boss sm, but r we ever going to get more hazbin hotel?
godzilla 19 uur geleden
i heard they been making eps of them but sometime this year there will be more cause someone picked up their show
🦋 𝓐𝓻𝓾 🦋
🦋 𝓐𝓻𝓾 🦋 20 uur geleden
i want more *HELLUVA BOSS* episodes :( I'mma cry cuz u didn't make more episodes
🦋 𝓐𝓻𝓾 🦋
@Sorry No ty (*ˊᗜˋ*)ᵗᑋᵃᐢᵏ ᵞᵒᵘ
Sorry No
Sorry No 19 uur geleden
They are working on the next episode. No need to be dramatic and emotional
Ididhfheeisod Hello!
Ididhfheeisod Hello! 20 uur geleden
Is there no more?
VICTOR BAUER 20 uur geleden
There is, they’re just gonna be making the next one the longest so it’s gonna take longer.
Poof Poof
Poof Poof 20 uur geleden
I love the cowboy outfits!!
WV Love
WV Love 21 uur geleden
I know Striker is a bad guy but he’s HOT
Mariah Calderon
Mariah Calderon 21 uur geleden
Need more of this!!!
Alvis Cleveland
Alvis Cleveland 22 uur geleden
PLEASE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
sonie augustin
sonie augustin 22 uur geleden
sonie augustin
sonie augustin 22 uur geleden
will you please make a new hazbin episode  ̄へ ̄( ˘︹˘ ) ;-;
alphablood119 22 uur geleden
She’s not making it A24 is
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
Dude be patient some people like me have been waiting for 2 years for episode one of Helluvaboss
ICS- Hernández Rosales Jefferson Marvin Alejandro
Norman Reedus: I don't sing Also Norman Reedus: 9:40
Big Man Dean
Big Man Dean 23 uur geleden
17:19 Stolas eyeing that big potato
691414 691414
691414 691414 Dag geleden
You could use the song of the jingel at the start of the pilot episode with some changes and the title as a intro for every episode. I like the song.
death con 5
death con 5 Dag geleden
When episode 6 coming out
death con 5
death con 5 19 uur geleden
@Crash trash damn it
Crash trash
Crash trash 19 uur geleden
@death con 5 next one is gonna be the longest so it needs an extra month so probably july
death con 5
death con 5 21 uur geleden
1 it's a new episode every month 2 in April they said no episode in may but in June
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
@death con 5 it’s usually every 2 months but next episodes going to be the most ambitious one yet so they might need more time
death con 5
death con 5 22 uur geleden
@AlexTona I thought it was this month
Ink! Animations
Ink! Animations Dag geleden
Awe poor moxxie XDDDDDDDD
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Dag geleden
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Dag geleden
The animation the characters the plot this is just perfection. I always saw vivziepops animation on internet but it was mostly about HH but this series is superior compared to that(in my opinion). Helluva Boss is just so underrated.
Anxious.Angel20 Dag geleden
The horse looks like the dreadsteed from WoW
Star Knight
Star Knight Dag geleden
Your work is absolutely fantastic and it keeps me going through college.
Kraken Dag geleden
Dragana Stankovic
Dragana Stankovic Dag geleden
16:02 She really said: *BOOM B$TCH GET OUT THE WAY!*
Даниил Цой
When will the sequel be?
Даниил Цой
Даниил Цой 16 uur geleden
@AlexTona I'll get it)
Даниил Цой
Даниил Цой 16 uur geleden
@AlexTona Thank you
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
In a month or so be patient
• b u m b l e e •
“Refrain sir.” *touches*
Mayokage -
Mayokage - Dag geleden
I think this new episode of helluva boss is coming at the end of June bc of the episode pattern.
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
In a month or so be patient
Loona ● 10 Years ago
I love this thing
Ziad Saher
Ziad Saher Dag geleden
We want ep 6
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
In a month or so be patient
marley diaz
marley diaz Dag geleden
Bro i love.....THIS!!!!!!
Carmelita Axelrad
Carmelita Axelrad Dag geleden
Ember Hydra
Ember Hydra Dag geleden
15:38 this frame is sick. Now I imagine these two has fighting characters for a game
Ember Hydra
Ember Hydra Dag geleden
7:01 oh no, why does Loona looks so good with a red hillbilly cardigan
The Terrible Turophile
A lot of people assume that Blitzo just randomly stumbled on Striker as he was about to assassinate Stolas and there was a lot of criticism that it made Moxxie's escape from the basement mean nothing, because Blitzo would've stopped the assassination anyway without him - but how can you be so sure about that? Think of it this way. What were the odds that he was going to just happen upon the assassination attempt? Sure, Blitzo wasn't at the festival, but he was in the field watching Bombproof. Knowing what we know about his obsession with horses, does it seem likely that he'd leave that beautiful creature to wander around the house and just happen upon Striker? He had no reason to be in the house. I don't think him walking in on Striker was an accident at all. Rather, I think Moxxie found Blitzo when he escaped and told him everything. They quickly made a plan and that lead to the scene where Blitzo "just happened" to find Striker about to assassinate Stolas. Add to that, when Moxxie gets the rifle Blitzo says "Took ya long enough, Mox!" like he wasn't at all surprised that he would show up. I know a lot of people interpret that scene as Blitzo having so much faith in Moxxie that he _knew_ he'd show up, and while I really like the idea of him believing in Moxxie that much (frankly I think he does anyway), it makes a lot more sense that the two were in on this little plan from the start.
Red panda
Red panda 7 uur geleden
Ember Hydra
Ember Hydra Dag geleden
9:08 This is gold
luchi gimenez
luchi gimenez Dag geleden
And ep 6 and 7????
alphablood119 22 uur geleden
Vivzie dosent just shit out animations be patient.
The Grand Phrog
The Grand Phrog Dag geleden
The striker's eyes reminds me of rinnegan xD
Shaman Dag geleden
Where is the fps?
addison grier
addison grier Dag geleden
You have been bonked
Lol Food roblox
Lol Food roblox Dag geleden
Blitzo really had gay panic
AlexTona 3 uur geleden
@Abstract Studiosシ oh shoot your right I mixed it up 🤦‍♂️
Abstract Studiosシ
Abstract Studiosシ 5 uur geleden
@AlexTona Blitzo is actually pansexual
AlexTona 19 uur geleden
@Sorry No but…. That’s different entirely
Sorry No
Sorry No 19 uur geleden
@AlexTona ok but still he had a gay panic lol
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
He’s bisexual
Rifty Fishyy
Rifty Fishyy Dag geleden
Very Ironic
VasaPu Pro
VasaPu Pro Dag geleden
When you are post 2 part of hazbin hotel?
~lesbaingarbo Dag geleden
I relate to Millie I know how good it feels to get back to family back In The country most of my cousins and my aunt live down there
Concordiastudent Dag geleden
astetrixc X
astetrixc X Dag geleden
We require episode 6!
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
In a month or so. Be patient
Harmony Bade
Harmony Bade Dag geleden
Does anyone know when season 2 happens?? Someone please relieve my poor soul ;;
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
@alphablood119 yea and there are so many new kids who joined because this episode was in Markipliers video :( so naturally we got many new people to the fandom
alphablood119 22 uur geleden
@AlexTona I know right it’s getting super annoying, I come to this comment section every freaking day and I see comments spamming hazbin hotel requests, which Vivzie herself said she will not answer those questions.
AlexTona 22 uur geleden
@alphablood119 I was talking about next episode. Sorry I’m coming and pasting my comments and everyone’s replies of asking when the next episode is going to be about
alphablood119 22 uur geleden
@AlexTona very inaccurate date, season two doesn’t start until next year
Harmony Bade
Harmony Bade 22 uur geleden
@AlexTona good to know! Thanks!
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