Guy Throws Christmas Tree Out of Window and it Lands Perfectly on the Ground - 1169330 

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12 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Siddhi Rungta
Siddhi Rungta 4 uur geleden
Hello to whoever is seeing this in 2030!
Siddhi Rungta
Siddhi Rungta 4 uur geleden
See you all in 15 years when this randomly gets recommended to everyone.
Spooked 4 uur geleden
universo studies
universo studies 4 uur geleden
The gravity and physics laws saying must be religious.
??? ¿¿¿
??? ¿¿¿ 4 uur geleden
Bottle flipping2020 Also hello to the people who will get this recommended to them at 3 am in 8 to 12 years😏😂😂
Ma Sann
Ma Sann 4 uur geleden
Naveen Patnala
Naveen Patnala 4 uur geleden
We will meet again in 2025
Rishav Gupta
Rishav Gupta 4 uur geleden
Tree be like "Call an ambulance " "But not for me"
gon uzumaki
gon uzumaki 4 uur geleden
randomly recommended squad where you at
Rishav Gupta
Rishav Gupta 4 uur geleden
Plot twist: we'll see this video from dude perfect in days to come
Koko 4 uur geleden
Hi RM 👋☺️ Have a nice year ❤️
Beandipity 4 uur geleden
Mr bean be throwing he’s Christmas tree
Galazy Starlight
Galazy Starlight 4 uur geleden
When flipping the bottle is not challenging enough
Steve 4 uur geleden
So satisfying to see ❤️
Mark Jester Sullivan
Mark Jester Sullivan 4 uur geleden
Nah, it is played backwards. Watch it again
Kirk O. A.
Kirk O. A. 4 uur geleden
Flip the bottle ha more like flip the tree
New One
New One 4 uur geleden
That tree got some skills
Carlo Francisco
Carlo Francisco 4 uur geleden
9 year old: I can do a bottle flip and land perfectly. That one guy: *hold my tree*
Nikhil Sharma
Nikhil Sharma 4 uur geleden
Tree is a paid artist.
꧁Broken Ramen noodle꧂
u hehehehehe uheyheyeheyeheye uhhahahahey
I are Smort
I are Smort 4 uur geleden
Remember when bottle flips were cool in 2017. 2021 the tree flip challenge
anonymous YouTube
anonymous YouTube 4 uur geleden
Dude perfect crew want to know ur location
Moonton 4 uur geleden
Omg why everyone got this recommend 6 year later
heat regen z
heat regen z 4 uur geleden
Guy: *about to throw the christmas tree* The christmas tree: za warudo!
lakmanone 4 uur geleden
Mohammed Abubakar
Mohammed Abubakar 4 uur geleden
U have tied a thread over there😑
Daryl Padarti
Daryl Padarti 4 uur geleden
Hii to those who got this video recommended 10 years later
ca fe
ca fe 4 uur geleden
Pika 4 uur geleden
The Dude
The Dude 5 uur geleden
Window: I dont feel so go-🤢 Blehhh-🤮🤮🤮
Praptisikha Dutta
Praptisikha Dutta 5 uur geleden
This guy was too lazy to bring it downstairs. So he did this.
Shruthi Rajaram
Shruthi Rajaram 5 uur geleden
Plot twist: the Christmas tree is a paid actors 😂
DEAD PIG 5 uur geleden
C,mon guys the video is reversed.
Ricky 5 uur geleden
Random Guy
Random Guy 5 uur geleden
"Hello and this is youuur daily dose of internet"
aafaq khan
aafaq khan 5 uur geleden
Dude perfect be like: Come n join us
Ana Renteria
Ana Renteria 5 uur geleden
Esto es tirar la casa por la ventana👍
TwiCeu! OnCeu!
TwiCeu! OnCeu! 5 uur geleden
Taking bottle flip in the next level but call the tree flip
Alexine Productions
Alexine Productions 5 uur geleden
HELLO FUTURE. By the time you are seeing this, I’m probably famous. Idk
Bienvenido Cariño
Bienvenido Cariño 5 uur geleden
Imagin you've got 2.7 millions in just 2 days with 17 secs video only HAHAHAHA
Ayumo Todoroki
Ayumo Todoroki 5 uur geleden
2.6m people:Y E S
Darth Memer
Darth Memer 5 uur geleden
Isn't anyone gonna say that the laugh of this guy is so "satisfying"?
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 5 uur geleden
That tree is too powerful
Kresna Bayu Mahaputera
Haters say it reversed
Stellan Hagen
Stellan Hagen 5 uur geleden
A moment of silence: for Santa........
•B.B. Blue•
•B.B. Blue• 5 uur geleden
In surprised im getting this in my recommended only 2 days after.
Shambhavi Verma
Shambhavi Verma 5 uur geleden
Every one got this in their recommend the same day
Spider's Beehive
Spider's Beehive 5 uur geleden
Dude this is perfect
parthiv_51 5 uur geleden
plot twist: this guy is a dude perfect member that no one has seen before
haraki-san 5 uur geleden
new type of bottle flip y’all lets go
Hi It’s me
Hi It’s me 5 uur geleden
Wait why does the house remind me of the animated mr. Bean’s house
frederick oswald aruji
Nonix _Gaming
Nonix _Gaming 5 uur geleden
Were is the dude perfect intro
Eme Kpop
Eme Kpop 5 uur geleden
Tree: "OH NO NO HELP SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE." Also Tree: "But not for me"
Aryadi Adi
Aryadi Adi 5 uur geleden
This is a reverse video
Zayin 5 uur geleden
Ankita patil
Ankita patil 5 uur geleden
him : im so sorry bt its FAKE LOVE 🌲🎄: no NOT TODAY! 🤪😂
squid feet
squid feet 6 uur geleden
Plot twist: it’s somebody in a ghillie suit.
Spencer Wilson
Spencer Wilson 6 uur geleden
I'm wondering how they got it in their home to begin with.
PooDot StinkPants
PooDot StinkPants 6 uur geleden
That tree was made of cats.
Green Flash
Green Flash 6 uur geleden
Me: Wow Water bottles:You son of a $#-##'#
GeorgeTDM 6 uur geleden
And they say God isn't real
ell ka
ell ka 6 uur geleden
Wait, this vid is not from 12 years ago? Something is not right
Daniel Balinski
Daniel Balinski 6 uur geleden
Pov : the bottle flip for the year
cryptidinthewoods 6 uur geleden
The tree:oh no,christmas is over,call an ambulance,call an ambulance... But not for ME * giornos theme starts playing *
hexarat 12w
hexarat 12w 6 uur geleden
Another happy landing
Kajal Piwal
Kajal Piwal 6 uur geleden
Why does it have 2.6M views in 2days? What was the reason?
Racoon_Root 6 uur geleden
tree: "call an ambulance call an ambulance" also tree :*lands* guy: dies of epicness tree: BUT NOT FOR ME
yerrrlaw yis
yerrrlaw yis 6 uur geleden
2.6 people watching someone throw Christmas tree! Say whatt?!
Nanda Pawar
Nanda Pawar 6 uur geleden
Plot twist: The Christmas tree is a paid actor
D :
D : 6 uur geleden
New challenge “Christmas tree flip challenge”
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Now I wanna see him drop the decorations onto it from the same window.
Lois Lao
Lois Lao 6 uur geleden
NLblock: guy throws Christmas tre- Me: say no more... *clicks*
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki 6 uur geleden
The tree be like: *I AIN'T ONE OF THOSE BISHES*
Oretal 6 uur geleden
Sannin Boy
Sannin Boy 6 uur geleden
Plot twist:It's 2 Days Ago
xx_Grace_xx 6 uur geleden
He be going *YESSSSS* after throwing a perfectly innocent tree out de window ;-; Shame on him UnU
Nadir Malik
Nadir Malik 6 uur geleden
Foreign windows have no bars because they can't afford it
Zyt L
Zyt L 6 uur geleden
The video is in reverse.
Emilio tanadi
Emilio tanadi 6 uur geleden
Saravana vikraman
Saravana vikraman 6 uur geleden
Who's else didn't search it🙋🏿‍♂️🇮🇳
Shawn-Michael Edwin
Shawn-Michael Edwin 6 uur geleden
Ultimate Bottle Flip😂
Limbu Sundeep
Limbu Sundeep 6 uur geleden
The video is reversed You're welcome no need to thank me
•tz Winter Fnaf•
•tz Winter Fnaf• 6 uur geleden
Guy:This guy can’t even bottle flip ! Him: *Hold my tree*
chie88 6 uur geleden
the next level for water bottle flipping..
Somuchsecrets 6 uur geleden
This will be on "your daily dose of internet"
N3KOS are life
N3KOS are life 6 uur geleden
The moment you realise that the number in the video title is the number of videos on this channel...
d p
d p 6 uur geleden
Base in heavier so perfect landing
starsadmirer 6 uur geleden
I thought this was Daily does of the Internet's channel for a moment
Russel Eramis
Russel Eramis 6 uur geleden
You can't break the Christmas Spirit.
Jsh Djsj
Jsh Djsj 6 uur geleden
This guy has mastered the bottle flip
Dr. T
Dr. T 6 uur geleden
I didn’t know I needed this
Lisa Sheila
Lisa Sheila 7 uur geleden
RIP stairs and elevator
A Proud INDIAN 7 uur geleden
Meanwhile Water bottles : We are done 😢
Seema Chowdhury
Seema Chowdhury 7 uur geleden
don't disrespect
Jessica Crider
Jessica Crider 7 uur geleden
He's a real boss. He bottle flipped a whole tree
Yokoni Yasuwa
Yokoni Yasuwa 7 uur geleden
So your telling me that those sounds I've been hearing at the night are just people throwing trees out his window?
Savage Dude
Savage Dude 7 uur geleden
"Hello Everyone This Is You Daily Dose Of The Internet"
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