Gary Neville's damning verdict on European Super League plans | The Gary Neville Podcast 

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Gary Neville gives his opinion on reports of plans for a breakaway European Super League. Sky Sports has contacted the clubs concerned for their responses.
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18 apr. 2021




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Anthony Stafford
Anthony Stafford 11 uur geleden
Wasnt quite as passionate when the premiership broke away.. Greed sky money sound familiar!? Hypocrisy of the highest order.. The destruction of football by sky no 3pm football only on pay per view... Monumentel transfer fees and wages... Really?
Reson8s 2 dagen geleden
Fair play Neville. You make a lot of good points about football in this country. Fighting the fight at the front. Good man
Dark Power
Dark Power 2 dagen geleden
still no comment on your business partner beating up women
Michael 3 dagen geleden
They want to control it all, not just the money. If successful, in 10/20 years time new generations of supporters will only have the choice of the big clubs to support, the small local clubs will be finished by then. This in turn will increase global support for the few in the Super League. Furthermore once you have a small Super League with only a dozen or so managers and few thousand players it's much easier to control and fix. I believe we have match fixing in the game already, but in a league like this it would be much more easy to fix. In their franchise systems in USA I have no doubt they know in advance who is going to win the Superbowl. With so much money in sport these days and so much money at stake these billionaires don't like leaving things to chance.
Jonny L
Jonny L 3 dagen geleden
The yanks want cheerleaders and trumpets and Beyonce at half time it will happen eventually no doubt about it this is just a little test to see how the land lies ..
Nick C
Nick C 4 dagen geleden
Well said Gary
Dr. Yaple
Dr. Yaple 5 dagen geleden
I'm not a fan of football but I LOVE Gary Neville
Matthew Doyle
Matthew Doyle 6 dagen geleden
Where was this energy when they were happy to charge £15 a game earlier in the season
Kalosha Kalosha1
Kalosha Kalosha1 7 dagen geleden
Buy Dogecoin as soon as possible
Mick Cee
Mick Cee 8 dagen geleden
It’s a shame there isn’t this backing for the smaller teams ruined by foreign owners... Blackburn rovers... charlton and many others
Daniel L
Daniel L 10 dagen geleden
As a Sky Sports employee, Gary's hardly Mother Theresa. He and his mates at Sky lost the moral high ground when it comes to supporting ordinary fans years ago. Those greedy club owners Gary is so concerned about, Sky's business model enables them to divert money from hard-working fans straight into their bank accounts
Trevor Random
Trevor Random 10 dagen geleden
James Moran
James Moran 10 dagen geleden
Gary Neville telling it like it is.
The Illusion
The Illusion 10 dagen geleden
Gary Neville is an exceptional actor!
David Clarke
David Clarke 10 dagen geleden
anglo saxon
anglo saxon 10 dagen geleden
Im a Stoke fan. Pele said "Stanley Matthews taught us how to play football"long live Stoke city...the second oldest professional team in the world..1863...only earlier were Notts County
Hounslow Parks
Hounslow Parks 10 dagen geleden
Gary 'Righteous' Neville
Richy Martin
Richy Martin 10 dagen geleden
He looks like he's rattling for a bag 😅
Mike Denton
Mike Denton 10 dagen geleden
So glad Martyn mentioned Burnley saving themselves from demotion to the Conference. That gap between Step 4 and 5 (League 2 and National League) was the last closed-off part of the pyramid to be removed. It was removed because it didn't feel right with progressive clubs in the Conference wanting to replace total disaster-zones of clubs in the old Division 4.
David Heys
David Heys 11 dagen geleden
Love Gary he's a legend
darren voysey
darren voysey 11 dagen geleden
while outragreous, it's on sky
Andrew W
Andrew W 11 dagen geleden
Hi as a big fan at the club with everything going on in football Gary Neville asking football club owners to leave due to their behaviour is he going to ask Ryan Giggs to leave Salford City FC if found guilty in Court with his behaviour I hope something gets done about this as it will be going on Twitter and Facebook if found guilty and us women will make sure we push this all the way because us women have gone through a lot over lockdown with domestic violence at its highest it’s ever been would much appreciate it if I get a email back please many thanks
True cockney Dying bred
True cockney Dying bred 11 dagen geleden
I want and London needs gary Neville to be our mayor
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 11 dagen geleden
club will contemplate doing anything like this ever again.
Daniel D
Daniel D 11 dagen geleden
MLS is a joke and exactly why football in America will never thrive. Same with other American franchise sports. All rubbish.
Daniel D
Daniel D 11 dagen geleden
@yuoop noke Its surprising to European football, yes. But now we know these clubs true colors. And it’s not the players or staff. It’s the higher ups.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 11 dagen geleden
So ‘the selfishness’ is not new and shouldn’t be surprising.
Baa Baa Bathsheba
Baa Baa Bathsheba 11 dagen geleden
I'm looking for the obvious comment - 'its not life and death it's more important than that'.
Baa Baa Bathsheba
Baa Baa Bathsheba 11 dagen geleden
I think Gary was on the verge of tears - he's obviously furious. I think he put the case very eloquently and if these people can possibly feel any shame they should be feeling it after this tongue lashing.
Michael rose
Michael rose 11 dagen geleden
What an absolute massive, quite likely purposeful distraction this Super League crap is.. While in the meantime this country plunges deeper into a police state and the vast majority of it's brainwashed citizens simply comply, either due to complete and utter ignorance to what is really going on world wide or by choosing to bury their heads deep in the sand & watch football as it is all just way too much for them to handle..
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 11 dagen geleden
Well Man Utd have become the latest of the band of 12 to leave the ECA and Ed Woodward has stood down from his UEFA roles. Shit’s getting real.
Shinky Orta
Shinky Orta 11 dagen geleden
Remember the poll tax ridiculous idea........leading to acceptance of the scam that is council tax. UEFA are probably behind this, whatever they now propose as a 'solution' will be accepted..........
Emily Sofia
Emily Sofia 11 dagen geleden
I basically thought that it was a Scam until I decide to give it a try with just a little Start up of €500 and I got €6,500 in 2 days it's so am axing and everything works out thank you sure James Moore.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi 11 dagen geleden
a hero to me....
Sebastian Vella
Sebastian Vella 11 dagen geleden
I hope the Super League does not happen, but football was and is a business. It is a business which the fans care about a lot, but it is still a business and if it wants to survive it must remain a business. One can blame the owners as much as one likes, however if ever comes a time when the big clubs go bust their fans would be praying some businessman takes over their clubs and saves them from relegation or worse. If these owners were to leave tomorrow very few would want to buy and invest in a football club. The kind of owner a club have is very important. My team Liverpool was going almost bust before the current owners. Chelsea and City were winning close to nothing before being taken over by foreign billionaires. Tottenham would find it hard to find a buyer if the current owners decided to quit. Milan have been a shadow of themselves ever since Berlusconi left and Inter have struggled for 10 years since Moratti left. Barcelona and Real Madrid have many debts too and if it wasn't an ego trip very few billionaires would invest in them to make money. Nobody has become a billionaire by investing in football, they were billionaires before investing and some might become 'just' millionaires.
Barry 12 dagen geleden
Football sold out 25 years ago. No point getting flushered now. These guys get paid more in a week than I get in ten years!
Michael Papadopoulos
Michael Papadopoulos 12 dagen geleden
Against Modern football Go English fans Thank you for saving Football
Carl Garner
Carl Garner 12 dagen geleden
You should always come back the next season hungry.
Therese Hammond
Therese Hammond 12 dagen geleden
Neville paid by billionaires complaining about billionaires... hilarious
The Accidental Viking
The Accidental Viking 12 dagen geleden
can you folks see how exploited you are? You're spending your attention and money and they are laughing all the way to the bank and they think you're a joke. STOP watching. Stop buying tickets. Stop buying merch.
Mark Tuffield
Mark Tuffield 12 dagen geleden
Yawn! The hypocrisy of Sky, money, money, money knows no bounds, watch your subscriptions cancelled overnight when clubs control their own media rights. It is inevitable get over it you paid shril. The timing of it has everything to do with the money men at Uefa!
LennyJohnson5 12 dagen geleden
I like Gary Neville - he’s a pundit I enjoy listening to - but there’s a level of hypocrisy here. Man Utd have got history of disrespecting British football in chasing the dollar, and he was involved. Remember United withdrew from the FA Cup in 1999-2000 to participate in the World Club Championship? The only holders not to defend the FA Cup. And Gary Neville was involved... they shat on the oldest cup competition in football without a second thought, and diluted the importance and reputation of the competition in the process. So ‘the selfishness’ is not new and shouldn’t be surprising.
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson 12 dagen geleden
So when are the premier league due to administer punishment on the six clubs? I hope this isn’t all going to get brushed under the carpet! It needs to be harsh enough that no club will contemplate doing anything like this ever again.
Johnny Frisco
Johnny Frisco 12 dagen geleden
Neville uses the word spineless a lot... sort of sits uncomfortable that his media mouthpiece is Sky. A lot of fans need to check on the recent history of football in this country from the 1990s.
Lufc 2310
Lufc 2310 12 dagen geleden
Gary. I'm Leeds and I now absolutely love u. LEGEND
anthony domingo
anthony domingo 12 dagen geleden
Why is it such a crazy idea to make UCL (or whatever the heck you want to call it) be the majority of a big clubs schedule and the domestic league take up a smaller % of the schedule. Essentially reducing the size of each domestic league, get rid of your cup competitions and make it a playoff system with a domestic champioship game. The UCL can be larger, more matches amongst bigger clubs and therefore making it tougher to win...more rewarding. Just a thought. Need to generate more money. Stop pretending this isnt ALSO (key word) a business. Stop being so dramatic and stubborn. Change is inevitable. Its coming. Embrace it.
anthony domingo
anthony domingo 12 dagen geleden
Neville. Stfu.
Andrew Bowden
Andrew Bowden 12 dagen geleden
Whatever team you support- you surely can't not respect Gary's pure passion for the game, and what it means to the fans. I've watched Leicester for 40 years. I was at Bromsgrove in the wind and rain when we were fighting to get back into the Championship. I went to a pre-season game once that had to be stopped because a dog ran on the pitch. 4 years later I'm at a pre-season game againt Inter Milan. How dare these fat cat foreigners try to deny me the right to watch my team play the cream of Europe next season in the most prestigeous sporting league in the world. (Hopefully- I've not just jinxed it!) We already HAVE a ESL it's called the Champions League, and you have to EARN your place in it! How can Kronke think that Arsenal can finish mid table, and then f*** off and join an elite, closed shop consortium- Disgraceful! I don't think the clubs should be docked points tho. It's not the managers, players, or fans fault- so whoever wins the most points should get their rewards- BUT FINE THESE OWNERS MASSIVELY- and distribute the money to teams and loyal chairmen down the leagues, who are in trouble now due to the economy. Gary Neville for PM!!!!
Daniel L
Daniel L 10 dagen geleden
True but who is Sky Sports owned by? Is Sky's holding company any better than these 'fat cat foreigners' you refer to?
Ace J. 7 Million
Ace J. 7 Million 12 dagen geleden
Wonder if he will be as damming over his mate Ryan Giggs recent violent behaviour. And it's Everton that are called the People's club, not Liverpool
robert hutchinson
robert hutchinson 13 dagen geleden
a hero to me....
Pavel Ištók
Pavel Ištók 13 dagen geleden
every communist started like Gary
CoolCat 10
CoolCat 10 13 dagen geleden
No need to refer to Liverpool’s anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ like that Gary
official Vanilla Muffins sugar oi! channel
kick em again ...........Gary
Buggsy61 13 dagen geleden
Gary is 100% right, but Sky can spare us the sanctimony. They have been feeding the greed in football for years and has everyone forgotten the proposed £15/game during lockdown.
Miguel Vilhena
Miguel Vilhena 13 dagen geleden
More money was given by the UK government in shady contracts to friends and Tory donors than to the football clubs during Covid-19...
mkspilane 13 dagen geleden
Reflection of society them and us
Anonymous 13 dagen geleden
sorry, i cant hear you reader, all i hear are pure facts one after the other from gary neville!
deduct them all 10-20 points at the start of next season
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 13 dagen geleden
It’s a disgrace listening to Gary put tears in my eyes. Hope it never happens!
carlos delfino
carlos delfino 13 dagen geleden
its in OUR hands.. i bett theyll do it anyway, no matter what we say. So it is in our hands , to just not care anymore. Simply ignore the greed-league, do not cover it at all, bhave, just like it didnt happen... our media have given proof , that they can do it, during this time especially. But as we know, theyll go along, and trasmitt it anyway.. so just dont watch, or pay attention. When they n otice there is no money in it,, what will they do?
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 13 dagen geleden
Thats why Manchester United were so successful, 100% passion for the game. It must have been electric in that dressing room back in the day. Huge respect to Gary Neville.
Mark Symonds
Mark Symonds 13 dagen geleden
The lady done well getting the amount of words in she did get.😂
Phillip Oshea
Phillip Oshea 13 dagen geleden
Love the way everybody criticising the super league and rightly so but what about the way fans are treated now , priced out of going to watch footy , extortionate kit prices , extortionate sky prices to watch football on telly , paying players up to £3/400,000 per week in a country where Marcus rashford has to step up and fight for under privalidged school children to get a decent meal , grass roots football forgotten , it’s the fans game , yea if you can afford it , there’s so much money in football and it all goes to the players , why not do something to help ordinary people who want to watch live football but can’t afford to ,
James Cushnie
James Cushnie 13 dagen geleden
Sir. Gary Neville!
robert lapsley
robert lapsley 13 dagen geleden
Football was a game everyone could enjoy ,now you have to be earning a high wage to watch your team ,cost of being a fan is extortion , fifa fa , sky ,bt all worried some other robbing git will take the money from them ,let’s be honest it’s a millionaires playground now , not the beautiful game
Lovely Garden
Lovely Garden 13 dagen geleden
Gary I think you should be more ashamed of your government for lying to you about the covid scam...there is no pandemic and there never was...forget football, who cares these day's, it's ultra boring with no atmosphere and footballers getting down on one knee for the corrupt BLM...I've had enough.
Adam Cox
Adam Cox 13 dagen geleden
Neville Neville, Your future's immense! Neville Neville, You play in defence! Neville Neville, Like Jacko you're bad! Neville Neville, Is the name of your dad!
Tom Servo
Tom Servo 13 dagen geleden
The revised Champions League format calls for a watered down system of giving big teams freebie placements too. Anyone on Sky or BT making finger-wagging 20-minute rants about that 'war on football'? Anyone? Gary? Anyone?
ARCoventry 13 dagen geleden
11:49 I have always thought it’s dumb baseball calls it the “World” series, however it’s probably the most “pyramid” like sport we have in the USA with the minor leagues and what not.
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson 13 dagen geleden
what about the year united pulled out of the FA cup Gary ? All a con to distract from the scamdemic.
Paul Dawson
Paul Dawson 13 dagen geleden
@MEE N BEE yep they didnt care about the fans then.We should be marching to stop our rights being taken away not this all a distraction.
MEE N BEE 13 dagen geleden
Well said thats been forgotten. That was just for money too
senni bgon
senni bgon 13 dagen geleden
Always knew he had passion ever since he kissed Scholesy😂.
David Somervaille
David Somervaille 13 dagen geleden
I would Find it very hard to disagree with anything Gary has said there, I’m an astounded 63 year old spurs follower ,Jesus Christ Daniel what are you doing putting yourself in that lions den ?
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly 13 dagen geleden
I agree Gary. Stop MONEY first.
TheEpicGameHub 13 dagen geleden
As a massive supporter of Man Utd for as long as i can remember... i will never, ever support the club again if they go ahead with the Super League. In fact, i will encourage everyone to never support any of the teams that sign up. They think they can abandon the entire structure of football and fair competition just because they decided to whore themselves out for more money when just about everyone at the level already has more than they could ever spend living a decent life. Regardless of what they do, they've already lost major home support from the average person that pays for their lifestyle. Greedy scumbags.
simon J
simon J 14 dagen geleden
I wonder if the irony of him shouting those words into a Sky emblazoned microphone is lost on anyone here? That will be the company that spends your money on paying him £2 million a year for six hours a week to jabber about football. Occasionally however he turns to humour and gives a 5 minute lecture on greed. LOL
bob heathcott
bob heathcott 14 dagen geleden
Well said gary
Kevin Colt
Kevin Colt 14 dagen geleden
Does NO ONE understand that the whole reason for the super league is to HELP the struggling clubs survive? It got NOTHING to do with greed.. the reason why its amid the pandemic is EXACTLY because of the pandemic and very little income to keep the club afloat. Super league would help the big clubs to stay within their finances goals. People are so stupid they dont understand this. When Man Utd and other big clubs run out of money and cant afford any good players, they you will wonder what went wrong and complain.. fing dumb people
Ansmi 47
Ansmi 47 14 dagen geleden
I feel like if Gary was so against this super league then he should just come out and say it
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor 14 dagen geleden
Of course its despicable , but Sky and football have created this monster , this just a continuation of what happened in 1992 when football spread its legs
JMH 14 dagen geleden
NOT having a Super League = "socialism" :D HA! Just another huge reminder, $$ and greed aren't everything..
Carlos Jr
Carlos Jr 14 dagen geleden
“Greed is taking this lightly” while the UEFA will have 100 more matches and we need matches that aren’t FIFA PERIOD. Dem bastards are greedy.
rupert jeffer
rupert jeffer 14 dagen geleden
what's he bringing YNWA in too it for!? This is the supporters anthem, not the American Owners who at fault, Gary's a melt.
Kristopher Schmid
Kristopher Schmid 14 dagen geleden
"A better and fairer game for all clubs" 14:00 perfect, love these men and always will! Game on!
dutoiu hour
dutoiu hour 14 dagen geleden
Respect from a lifelong chelsea fan. Thanks for sticking up for us Gary
OwtDaftUK 14 dagen geleden
Why does he look constapated in the thumbnail.
Appəl 14 dagen geleden
17:25 Gary Neville says he's not emotional but his voice betrayed him.
Borko Kostic
Borko Kostic 14 dagen geleden
Bravo for Gary Neville.
John Jones
John Jones 14 dagen geleden
why is there such a problem with the 'football pyramid' sky and Bt. You guys are the problem, without all this TV money we wouldnt have owners like this...
David Smaruj
David Smaruj 14 dagen geleden
Can he talk a little closer to the mic?
James Brady
James Brady 14 dagen geleden
James Brady
James Brady 14 dagen geleden
Now you want 51% stake former players and fans ! Put an end to the greedy bastard s .don't stop now game changer push this true for EVERY club in England then we will celebrate! Good job bye the way😃😃😃😃😃😉😉😉🍻🍻🍻
Francis Huddy
Francis Huddy 14 dagen geleden
Gary Neville is brilliant, a hero to all football fans (I support Chelsea Football Club) 👍💙❤️
Charl Hermanus
Charl Hermanus 14 dagen geleden
Gary Lets Say They Deduct Points For Breakaway Teams? Man City So Far Away I Dont Evem Think That Would Affect Them By Not Winning The League. Is It Fair Towards Other Teams? I Mean Man U and Chelsea Would Definitely Not Play Champoins League Next Season...But Am City Will and Would Have Won The League. I dont Think That Would Actualy Work...
Mr Key
Mr Key 14 dagen geleden
New title - New Comp - US yanks decided to 'Make America everywhere again' TM. The Arabs oiled the way again, TM - The Russians had nothing to do with it again.....(TM) ....& spurs etc....TRADE MARK! You are Welcome. THIS ISN'T AMERICA!!!!!!! This is England. This is NOT a yank sport...It's a World sport, "Made in ENGLAND" - TRADE MARK and re-owned and loved the World round - AND LOVED by all!!! I bought shirts this year i CANT AFFORD because we won ....30 years. I cannot wear MY shirt where I live because of YOU John. Yes you John may well be a Master of difficult meetings after the fact - pre-requisite. Your words spoken like a true sociopath and masterfully too. Re-printed MUG on every paying fans forehead who believed you - after the fact. That's why you are where you are. I'm occasionally smart but You wont know about this comment unless you answer it personally....or continue to "Walk alone" - TRADE MARK that version of the song...Its your very own version you own it....It's YOUR personal version for you...You're LIVERPOOL F.C.U.K. TM Do you want your fans to sing again? ......... It will be your new song la ( LFC = 129yrs - U.S.A = 244yrs ) - you do the maths... The USA is a Country/Child. Don't be gaming with our club and clubs in our much older country. 3 Your Parent. Jurgen/Players/Fans/anyone with a beating heart and soul.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 14 dagen geleden
Today's the day Gary Neville Became a LEGEND to every fan out there GUYS SPOT ON
Axmed Gure
Axmed Gure 14 dagen geleden
Super league is a good idea but badly promoted.
Axmed Gure
Axmed Gure 14 dagen geleden
Too much football kill football Season; Champion league; World cup; Euro; African cup; Cupamerica;
Jeff Rayner
Jeff Rayner 14 dagen geleden
Good man
Patrick O'Keeffe
Patrick O'Keeffe 14 dagen geleden
Football is all about money, this will not got away, it will be back.
Dr. Lingua TV
Dr. Lingua TV 14 dagen geleden
Fussball ist in erster Linie Sport und nicht Unterhaltung
Dermot McGuire
Dermot McGuire 14 dagen geleden
I think if any club should hang its head in shame, even more so, is Barcelona!
Brandon Duran
Brandon Duran 14 dagen geleden
Orion 14 dagen geleden
Can someone link me to all of Gary's passionate speeches decrying the Qatar World Cup please? Or does he not care because that didn't cost Sky any money?
Stephen Beardwood
Stephen Beardwood 14 dagen geleden
I'm a Liverpool fan and Gary love to buy you a pint in the park pub you talk sense well said Gary
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