Game Theory: Did Reddit Just SOLVE FNAF? 

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You may be thinking, "Hey MatPat, don't we already know everything about Crying Child?" No, Theorists, we do NOT and you proved it! "Crying Child" is what we've referred to the victim of the Bite of '83 as since the beginning but that child has a name! A name I have figured out! This is one of the oldest mysteries of the franchise and I am sure that we've cracked it wide open! Theorists, no FNAF mystery will go unsolved as long as I am on the case.
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20 feb. 2021




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EvanTubeGaming 11 dagen geleden
guess im the crying child guys
Top Knotch
Top Knotch 10 dagen geleden
I mean Evan made my childhood
Train guy 1 A
Train guy 1 A 10 dagen geleden
EvanTubeGaming huh funny WAIT
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 10 dagen geleden
if anyone remembered the bite of 83 FAN animation they didnt contain the voice lines of the accual fnaf actors also they didnt sound british
Bettina Sherwood
Bettina Sherwood 10 dagen geleden
@Jasmin Batajoy no that was never a name confirmed by scot that was the name of fans also gacha steros deciding to give him a name simular to c.c. scot never said his name was cgris. end of story
Sleepy Eliza
Sleepy Eliza 10 dagen geleden
who u?
CJ Santiago
CJ Santiago 6 minuten geleden
Itz_Bøba FNaF
Itz_Bøba FNaF 7 minuten geleden
MatPat is taking too long lets motivate him with a control shock
Jamie Hall
Jamie Hall 10 minuten geleden
Do very little nightmares
SeTRo Sprayz
SeTRo Sprayz 21 minuut geleden
I was thinking and what if it was all a dream and that's why so much stuff keep switching up and is so confusing I mean we already seen a kid in his room with his bed
Bryana Totherow
Bryana Totherow 37 minuten geleden
In the Security Breach trailer it says “Gregory we’ll find a way to get you out” or something and Gregory was probably the boy in the shot which looks like C.C . I personally think his name is Gregory but that could be aswell.
the skeleton shadow
the skeleton shadow 42 minuten geleden
Why don't you guys just start asking Scott Hill might leave you a hint or something
Joey _The Tiny
Joey _The Tiny 46 minuten geleden
Either I’m over thinking or what. BUT. The most recent trailer of security breach mentions the boy named “Gregory.” Also notice how the aesthetic of the new game gives off an 80’s vibe if the crying child was the first bite victim in the 80’s does that make this crying child’s name “Gregory” I could be wrong based on the time line and characters. I haven’t done all the research but it hit me weird the time zones at least. It just is a bit weird how security breach looks like the 80’s but the first few games don’t have the same technology as the others. I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️
Cruz Crane
Cruz Crane 55 minuten geleden
I thought it was "The Bite of 87" not 83
derin Uur geleden
0:36 if i were jake: geez fine
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Uur geleden
Can I just say Gregory could be a recreation of crying child (or the same person) what I mean by this is Gregory could be the crying child PUT BACK TOGETHER
who's reddit
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Uur geleden
Boi his name is chris
Evan Karr
Evan Karr Uur geleden
i don’t like this
Fathoudini 123
Fathoudini 123 Uur geleden
Ok,so mini theory,the tallies r all the nights Michael has survived,before being scooped. He was filling out the book as he went along,maybe while his popcorn was cooking or somtheing,and with the one set of tallies that only has 4 marks,it's at this point where he was scooped,and stuffed with some endo spaghetti,so he wasn't able to "finish" those tallies(note that this includes the games 1-7). Before u say that there was 2 games after that,he just didn't make that last tally because he didn't see it as him finishing the night, ennard was calling the shots so to speak,And yes,I know that this has nothing to do with the crying child's name,but,it's just something that makes sense to me. But,hey,that's just a theory,a game Theory! Please like so matpat might see this
Lord beerme or us
Lord beerme or us 2 uur geleden
What if the spirit of Cassidy can go back and forth to Golden Freddy and psychic friend fredbear
日 MilkyChan 日
日 MilkyChan 日 2 uur geleden
*Matpat I can’t eat Lemons*
Khanh Pham
Khanh Pham 3 uur geleden
I think crying child is Gregory
OracleZAN 3 uur geleden
His name is Chris Afton
Echo CT-21-0408
Echo CT-21-0408 Uur geleden
Dude that’s not canon
OracleZAN Uur geleden
@Echo CT-21-0408 yeah the lore movies the crying child in the bite of 83 iris says wow Chris is the birthday party so boring that even the birthday boy falls asleep
Echo CT-21-0408
Echo CT-21-0408 2 uur geleden
Any Evidence
Bryan Beckert
Bryan Beckert 3 uur geleden
i thank c.c name is chris
Awesome Evan
Awesome Evan 3 uur geleden
LOOK AT ME!!!!! id want to die from fred bear
RedHood777 3 uur geleden
Why doesn't the Dad just call every night
Cat Smith
Cat Smith 3 uur geleden
mat when r u gonna talk abt the new security breach trailer
Bacon Fellow
Bacon Fellow 3 uur geleden
Reddit is da smart bois
Roopnarine Deonarine
Roopnarine Deonarine 3 uur geleden
The security breach triallier is out so why don't you make a video on that
Wario Lande
Wario Lande 3 uur geleden
why do you talk during the video, its distracting no offence...
Phoenix Dawn
Phoenix Dawn 4 uur geleden
I'm sorry but..... *inserts vauge joke about a random musical*
Tabitha The Galaxy Cat
His name is chris
Echo CT-21-0408
Echo CT-21-0408 2 uur geleden
Is there evidence
Tabitha The Galaxy Cat
Boi his name is chris
Pedro Carlson
Pedro Carlson 4 uur geleden
also btw mangles name is maddie
Pedro Carlson
Pedro Carlson 4 uur geleden
You should check out scottworld the channel.
Jax the animator
Jax the animator 4 uur geleden
I now want game theory to review my fnaf lore vids because I hid some stuff in them :)
Billy Cabana
Billy Cabana 4 uur geleden
What if old man consequences could also be in the timeline of fanf
Kalyb Olson
Kalyb Olson 4 uur geleden
When the video about the new security trailer coming
Andrew Manning
Andrew Manning 4 uur geleden
What an intro that was amazing
Martinez Fam
Martinez Fam 4 uur geleden
I’m sold! Also I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to Chris/Evan having a kid and being in the army....
I SAY LET IT DIE 4 uur geleden
If i'm being honest I WANT to believe that Evan is his real name but it just has a rope that is not connected to the thing it really should be connected to Like Theres a rope here ___ and it connects to this at the moment ( ) when it really should connect to something very close but just not reachable
It’s Kate
It’s Kate 4 uur geleden
It seems the the likeliest answer, and the evidence is there, but Scott always has to throw something out there that really jots our brain
TØWER Games 4 uur geleden
When your name is Evan then matpat says no. I cry
Fabiana Morales
Fabiana Morales 5 uur geleden
What if the crying child was cassidy
DOOG 5 uur geleden
Bro, this is the 10th "Solve FNAF". I know its your money cow but holy poop stop milking it.
Minionmatronic SCT
Minionmatronic SCT 5 uur geleden
Did anyone else notice the MORTY theme song in this video has the same jingle as hololive Coco’s shitpost review intro
Lord Skeletor
Lord Skeletor 5 uur geleden
2:38 the first onscreen death was Charlie in fnaf 2
Lord Skeletor
Lord Skeletor 3 uur geleden
@King Cin Charlie's death literally happens in the Freddy minigame
King Cin
King Cin 3 uur geleden
He means while playing the game we never actually see with our eyes someone dying right then and there, the rest was just hinted at or simply told to us
anonymous the mystery
anonymous the mystery 5 uur geleden
Leticia cat
Leticia cat 5 uur geleden
Leticia cat
Leticia cat 5 uur geleden
Mariska Lippett
Mariska Lippett 5 uur geleden
I have a theory that fnaf 6 girl is the girl from fnaf 4 room empty room by mangle?this can be proven by how he can get closest to foxy as he is like a fox nightmare or not and fnaf 6 girl who is sad about her dog and will afton leading her to see mangle (to my belief) and that house is the afton and she kept mangle and messed up his parts since mangles part are across the room. Do you agree????
Antiques History and Conspiracy's
How many fnaf videos this guy got yet?
the zombie slayer TTV
the zombie slayer TTV 6 uur geleden
what if its all fake its all in a book and we are the ones reading it all the charitchers are fake includding the secirity guard
Thebest Fishy 2211
Thebest Fishy 2211 6 uur geleden
Fnaf YES
Gaming N’ Fun
Gaming N’ Fun 6 uur geleden
#Mordy I think you should Taco abowt fnaf and see if there is a third brother sorry if you have already done this one but if you didn’t please if you like this one try to do it someday
Ryan McGrath
Ryan McGrath 6 uur geleden
I was watching one of your older theory’s on fnaf 4 and noticed that golden freddy was in the intro for fanf 4 when the four is rising so that might be a hint to you playing as who posses golden Freddy
Endercreep003 6 uur geleden
Keep your eyes on shadow Freddy 👀
Fahrenheit 6 uur geleden
3:22 M o n i k a PS: Is it possible there are multiple versions of the book and we were not aware of this?
dragomofice 99
dragomofice 99 6 uur geleden
Crying child's name real is Michael Afton /Mike afton
TunSplowsion 6 uur geleden
Matpat sounds so much like a detective in this video lol
Samantha Bertrand
Samantha Bertrand 7 uur geleden
CookieLord 7 uur geleden
5:42 I laughed way too hard at this
King Cin
King Cin 4 uur geleden
Really? That part scared me lol
Couchpotato:D 7 uur geleden
Fun fact: Scott revealed that the Crying Child's name is Evan. ( I heard it from somewhere it might not be correct- )
HopelessSimp 7 uur geleden
Silver Quest
Silver Quest 7 uur geleden
Random theory I have: Micheal afton was some sort of attempt by William to gain immortality. That's why he looks just like him and he can't die. He was either experimented on or created by William. So that he could gain immortality for himself in some way
Annie x Tokyo
Annie x Tokyo 7 uur geleden
Hmm. I feel like there's an element missing, but I'm not sure what. But the fact that "Jake's" dad's name is Evan is kinda weird. If the child's name is Evan and his brother is Michael and adult Evan describes Michael (in a way) as his brother, would one of them be fake just like the two Jakes? Just thinking about it kind of makes sense to me. I don't know, what do you think MatPat?
XxMidnightoceanxX 7 uur geleden
Theory! (Please no Hate i’m not sure on this theory to. Also sorry for bad grammar and spelling!) So you all know UCN. Maybe after the fire William was left at the fnaf 6 ruins.Then started to have those nightmares from Cassidy. (UCN) Then MAYBE Fazbear Entertainment was going to all of the previous locations. To take and scan all the remaining circuit boards. Because they are creating a VR game. Fazbear entertainment did say in the intro of Five nights at Freddy’s VR, “we have recreated many of these completely fictitious scenarios(lies) that you've been fed over the last several years, into a hilarious VR Game in the hopes that we can finally move past these childish ghost stories.” Obviously they were trying to cover up what really happened and during the process when they were scanning all the robot circuit boards and import them into the game. They probably came across Scraptrap, and took his Circuit board. In Fazbear frights black bird. During the Stichwraith story, where William was trying to drag Andrew back down with him and not let his soul rest. That showed us that a small part of William was in the robot the Stichwraith. So maybe, parts of William are in different places at once. An example of this is, maybe part of his soul is in Springtrap. Another in Scraptrap. So on. Maybe part of his soul was in that circuit board when Fazbear entertainment took it. That chould explain how William became glichtrap. The last part in the Stichwraith story, Afton became that huge robot field will agony. At the end of the security breach trailer (new one I think.) shows a robotic hand with claws on it but mostly purple. Maybe that in security breach William gets out of Glitchtrap, witht he help of Vanny. He probably got out from different robots filled with agony and soul energy. All being compressed or put together with William mainly in control. That’s probably how that happened. If you want to use the theory PLEASE credit me!! Thanks!
kgomez 7 uur geleden
Whar if Evan stand fr something
JJDABEAST 7 uur geleden
Hey could you guys do a fazbear frights book timeline
onidub 7 uur geleden
Im waiting for the security breach theroys
Sucumfrunce12 8 uur geleden
Sucumfrunce12 8 uur geleden
River O'Neal
River O'Neal 8 uur geleden
morty intro:* exists * mandjtv: *he cannot keep getting away with this*
nancy lupian
nancy lupian 8 uur geleden
I like train
Prince_currly 8 uur geleden
Idk if this sounds dumb but what if they worked it out backwards?
NintenShibe 8 uur geleden
crying child did not have his weetabix
Violet Nights
Violet Nights 8 uur geleden
I just remembered the infamous “I'll put you back together.” line, what if the reason William/Glitchtrap is so eager to get Gregory to him is because Gregory is a robot recreation of the crying child. After all, they do have a very similar design. This means he was literally PUT BACK TOGETHER; however, the animatronics are trying to save him due to at least having some kind of knowledge as to who William is and what he does (kill children if that wasn't obvious). This could also mean that the crying child's name is possibly Gregory or at least a middle name, I think this could at least be one of or at least a possible reason as to why Vanny wants him.
King Cin
King Cin 4 uur geleden
I personally do like the idea, but from the information, we have now it doesn't really fit with the story for these reasons. Yes, they do certainly have similar designs if you glance over them. They both have brown hair, but if you really look, you can see that the crying child is iconic for not only his tears but for his brown hair and *black and grey striped shirt,* whereas when we see Gregory, he yes has brown hair, but his shirt is-... Now that is when it hit me. Rewatching the teaser trailers and looking at the design of Gregory, I noticed something. The shirt was blue, yes. That was the thing I thought would debunk this theory but, we have seen on multiple occasions in which different colours were used on the pallet because of different lighting situations, but the shirt was an exact match aside from the blue tint and the fold on the top of the shirt, and I'm not only going based off that. In the teaser, we can hear Gregory crying softly. And what is the crying child known for? Well, it's in the name, he's always crying when we see him. Speaking of his name, we obviously found his name to be Evan and I've gotten somewhat comfortable with the name Evan because when we found the name Cassidy, it worked better cause in *Gaelic* it translated to Curly haired which worked in that case, now the name Evan translated to Gaelic means Youth, youth being crying *Child.* But that doesn't fully mean the idea is therefore debunked. We learned that Circus baby's real name was Charlotte, Chica's name was Susie, So maybe the bot's name was Gregory but it was based on Evan, but it was named differently because nothing could fully replace his child since the child's true spirit was still alive, but wound up in a whole different entity. But something that didn't make sense whatsoever was if we are to believe that Gregory was an Animatronic that was built to be in place of Evan/crying child, then why is Vanny's task to kill/take *HIM* From what we know Vanny was to choose a child target for Afton/Springtrap/Golden Bonnie/Purpleguy/Glitchtrap so why did she go and choose him if he isn't even a human? That question can only be answered by she either didn't want to truly take the life of a helpless child, or she just didn't know. Both are truly possible, but I see the first idea makes more sense because her just simply *Not knowing* just seems too vague and just doesn't satisfy me compared to the content Scott Cawthon would usually include. But the fact that she knows and she just doesn't want to take the life of a child seems more interesting but still somewhat strange. Another thing that makes me sort of touchy on the subject of Gregory being an Animatronic is if it's true we need to find out the identity of him. Right now we're using the fact that Evan/crying child's Soul is in Golden Freddy with Cassidy, so now we need to find out who exactly is in Gregory causing him to have consciousness. I do really love this idea though, we just need more information on Gregory for this and I'm excited to see what's in store for that when the 'Security breach' comes out!! Also, if you actually read my paragraph thanks and props to you!
Princess Jazmin
Princess Jazmin 8 uur geleden
Evan Hanson !?
MADELEINE GARCIA 8 uur geleden
Don't know if I'm being stupid or not but I thought mike had a little brother named chris which is the crying child I haven't played the games so this is what I got from youtube I also think Mike has a sister named elizabeth
guilherme cunha
guilherme cunha 8 uur geleden
guilherme cunha
guilherme cunha 8 uur geleden
There’s something mat pat never explained of fnaf ever since fnaf 1 Who killed phone guy in fnaf 1 because all animatronics were in the pizzaria at the time
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 8 uur geleden
Ok Marpat You Seriuos? SOLVED FNAF Again? Jeez
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 8 uur geleden
i just Found Out That Is werid.... His Name Is EVAN?
Twister 107
Twister 107 8 uur geleden
I have a theory. Fnaf is about someone whos high. My evidence: 4 animatronics, each on 20. 420. I rest my case
Justin ` Townson
Justin ` Townson 9 uur geleden
TheRadaar 9 uur geleden
Oh you know the eroded mechanical arm at the end, yeah Scott said on his channel Scott world that the arm belongs to the stichwrath, looks like we’re getting a book character into the games. So looks like the games and the books ARE connected.
HGSM HG 9 uur geleden
wait I thought has name was Chris I am confuse someone please explain TwT
Psycho Cloudy
Psycho Cloudy 9 uur geleden
When you figure out the whole story are you going to do a full story video
PARKER D'AMBROSIO 9 uur geleden
Maybe the crying Child Aka evan survives the bite of 83 and goes overseas like in the book?
Darkboi 9 uur geleden
Day 8 of telling matpat to do a terraria calamity theory
I like how it took us until fazbear frights to figure out that missing children's cases take place in 1985 when in The Silver Eyes book on page 3 chapter 1 it says "What did you expect, that the whole place would be unchanged? A monument to the moment of your departure, frozen forever in July 1985?"
Abdullah Baarre
Abdullah Baarre 9 uur geleden
wait why is it evan if you can say eva just eva i know it sounds weird but you never know if this is the real name eva so i think that name is eva eva anton and the n dont need to put in BUT HEY THAT IS JUST A THEORY A GAME THEORY THX FOR READING THIS
Krepp 9 uur geleden
It seems like the stories mirror each other
Mei Hatsume
Mei Hatsume 9 uur geleden
is it possible they used the numbers on the foxy magazine because foxy was the character drawn on the grid? I dont have the book, so I dont know how often he appears on other pages, but it's just a thought I had
Snug Plays
Snug Plays 10 uur geleden
isn't his name chris afton-
Snug Plays
Snug Plays 9 uur geleden
@Scott Cotton i- what?! my life is a lie...... Edit: btw i dont think ive ever talked to u or had this conversation with you- ever...
Scott Cotton
Scott Cotton 9 uur geleden
No it is not. and I believe we have had this conversation already
maango_bam 10 uur geleden
"OPEn The CABInETtT" My teacher on Zoom, talking about our newest assignment: So if you haven't opened it yet- ((confused internal screaming))
Diamante Mirabelle
Diamante Mirabelle 10 uur geleden
0:29 you sounded like It for a moment, i was expecting him to say "Hiya Georgie..."
Alexandria 10 uur geleden
Anyone see the new movie and was disappointed
Alicia Herzing
Alicia Herzing 10 uur geleden
his name could be evan or chris
don't read my channel picture
plot twist: matpat is wrong again
Em3ra1d 10 uur geleden
Ok guys I know this video is a week old but I have theory! So we know for a fact that the mall was being recently built in help wanted and it’s now finished. Now the question comes in, why are we at a mall in the first place? I have a simple yet interesting theory I believe that glitchtrap with all his influence sent vanny to the mall however using his power to get her a job as a security guard that way she won’t have a lot of suspicion towards her when he forces her to kidnap kids and kill them Gregory being one of them but escaping. So glitchtrap comes up with a new plan, let Vanessa search for him and find him but take over again and have Vanny take him! I know it’s a stretch but I honestly think it would be cool! Sry for the long rant 😅
Lillian Dettmer
Lillian Dettmer 10 uur geleden
Everyone just calls him Chris now because it’s gone on for so long TT
Sabine Martinez
Sabine Martinez 10 uur geleden
I think you can say it's a stretch, but Evan and Elizabeth sound like good sibling names that sound good together. If you now what I'm trying to say.
hilary wailonis
hilary wailonis 11 uur geleden
Please please pleaseee do an analysis/theory video on the new trailer for security breach, I'm BEGGING. WE ALL ARE!!
Jen soto
Jen soto 11 uur geleden
Not really I think that's not 🚫 really it(the name) it just doesn't feel like it fits
lego plays roblox
lego plays roblox 11 uur geleden
Beancake Beetle
Beancake Beetle 11 uur geleden
I still REALLY feel like that there's more to the foxy thing, why he's out of order, was that ever solved? or just forgotten after it was disproven that he was the animatronic that did the bite of 87
King Cin
King Cin 3 uur geleden
We actually never looked into that...and I think he deserves some love. We do know that he starts saying "If you want to be a pirate, all you gotta do is lose an eye and an arm" (or something like that) but even when we see this story he's already out of order before that happened.
Bill Cipher: ONE Fatal Mistake