FULL FIGHT | KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 (DAZN REWIND) 

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November 9, 2019 -- KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 from Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

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Ryan benz
Ryan benz 19 minuten geleden
mutui tipea
mutui tipea Uur geleden
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demarius conley
demarius conley 2 uur geleden
KSI vs Paul> May vs Paul
Phoenixx 2 uur geleden
3:12 who would’ve thought a year later he would be in the ring lol
Nicolaj Ingvarsen
Nicolaj Ingvarsen 2 uur geleden
KSI is da best
X3hatten 2 uur geleden
Just wait for jake Paul vs ksi and you’ll see what happens to ksi he will get beat up 🤕🤕. It would be what jake has wanted forever!
Queen Suu
Queen Suu 4 uur geleden
Austin was supporting who?
Rizvee Ahmed
Rizvee Ahmed 4 uur geleden
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Oscar Wikström
Oscar Wikström 6 uur geleden
Logan "the hug" Paul
Joseph Stephen
Joseph Stephen 7 uur geleden
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Gotta Run
Gotta Run 7 uur geleden
Biased commentary. Lameeee
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 7 uur geleden
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Epic 8 uur geleden
29:20 hey it's the guy who destroyed the childish Bryce Hall
7k Ghxst
7k Ghxst 8 uur geleden
Ksi was lucky when the six round finish his look said he thaght gonna lose Logan Paul think he’s gone win when they say ksi win he was happy
Caleb Hans Ong
Caleb Hans Ong 9 uur geleden
anyone saw austin mcbroom btw i am watching this after the tiktok vs youtubers fight lol
kevin vazquez
kevin vazquez 9 uur geleden
Ksi won due to them points on meee smh
Luis Madriz
Luis Madriz 10 uur geleden
Did any won of u guys seen astounded McBroom I did
Tseb Wedh
Tseb Wedh 10 uur geleden
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Resurxt 10 uur geleden
Hive777 11 uur geleden
Wow one of the announcers said it won’t go 8 rounds..... it’s 6 rounds. Who hires these guys
Hive777 11 uur geleden
Logan Paul looks in the zone
Tyler Gillen
Tyler Gillen 11 uur geleden
Back then I honestly do think KSI might’ve been a tiny bit better but Logan would destroy him now. KSI hasn’t trained in months almost a year.
Ahmed Elarifi
Ahmed Elarifi 11 uur geleden
he is training for bryce hall
rexynator [j.o]
rexynator [j.o] 12 uur geleden
Justin bieber :/
ayomou 13 uur geleden
I'm not an expert and I know almost nothing about boxing, but they both look like they don't exactly know what they are doing Ksi is swinging random punches, can't control his arms and looks down too much Logan...just a mess. Lots of hugs and defense💀
Sadaq janan
Sadaq janan 14 uur geleden
REHAN SYED 14 uur geleden
I hate ksi looooooooooooooser
Rift TOP DUB 15 uur geleden
In my opinion in a street fight Logans winning
Wael Tawfeg
Wael Tawfeg 15 uur geleden
At least it’s a real fight
Wael Tawfeg
Wael Tawfeg 15 uur geleden
No one gone believe this is my first time watching it
Nadra Baba
Nadra Baba 9 uur geleden
Victor Jizo
Victor Jizo 16 uur geleden
Why is my dad hugging another woman? That means they are fighting right? That's what Logan Paul does when fighting
Robbie LifeLess
Robbie LifeLess 16 uur geleden
I came here after the NLblockrs vs. Tik Tokers and I just wanted to say that GIB WAS ROBBED!!!!
Random guy who enlighten People
The amount of aderaline shakes me
Alice Rodriguez
Alice Rodriguez 17 uur geleden
Never knew austin was there🤣
Alice Rodriguez
Alice Rodriguez 17 uur geleden
Wth i never knew austin was there 🤣
The 4 musketeers
The 4 musketeers 18 uur geleden
Bro he dose not stop huging
JakeyBOI 19 uur geleden
33:46 top 10 worst hand shakes
Ziesmer Steven
Ziesmer Steven 19 uur geleden
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2Face Bedlam
2Face Bedlam 20 uur geleden
The announcers are so biased
greenrayfire 20 uur geleden
13:19 best part
mr.lemoon 20 uur geleden
That ref was going fo ksi
mark siegfried
mark siegfried 21 uur geleden
Logan can't win a fight by not fighting.
DYLTHEVYL 21 uur geleden
Folks, Logan Paul can actually fight. He’s comfortable in there.
G 22 uur geleden
logan is a idiot when ur “hugging” u can’t punch u have to back up if u got space between each other punch
fornece hemodtob
fornece hemodtob 22 uur geleden
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Lucas Mancini
Lucas Mancini 22 uur geleden
Wooow Respect! I really hate youtuber beef and I isolated myself from it. Also i really don’t like jake paul (not a ksi fan either) but that was a proper fight!!! Amazing boxing! Yes they are not pros but it was a very entertaining fight! Great stuff!
Riggs Plays
Riggs Plays 23 uur geleden
this was a draw to me :/
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 17 uur geleden
Well you don't understand points then🤣🤣
Hasan Razaqa
Hasan Razaqa 23 uur geleden
This match actually has compettion unlike bryce hall vs austin mcbroom
gaurav bose
gaurav bose 23 uur geleden
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Yuki Dag geleden
34:29 dababy is there if you see him
Viper 76
Viper 76 12 uur geleden
@da foose who says bwap and drinks juice boxes no that’s lilbaby
da foose who says bwap and drinks juice boxes
He was a feature on KSI’s song and performed with Rick Ross during his ring walk
tuan (Ivan) Do
tuan (Ivan) Do Dag geleden
I guess Tyson is right, "everyone has a plan, until he got hit in the mouth."
Eddie Dag geleden
If u think about it... If there was a different ref, there would be a Ksi V paul 3
AmishMeatball 2 uur geleden
Go cry about it
Josiah Goyco
Josiah Goyco Dag geleden
PzShockz Dag geleden
Ksi needs to knock out jake..
Muhd amirul
Muhd amirul Dag geleden
Logan shld have won
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 17 uur geleden
DD_McFattyYT Dag geleden
How Logan should of won
Eclipz Redifiy
Eclipz Redifiy Dag geleden
Yo at the end was that Austin mc broom
Movie trailer
Movie trailer Dag geleden
I never see a white dud like to huge like this dude.
Danny Williams
Danny Williams Dag geleden
The white guy got cheated
Danny Williams
Danny Williams 17 uur geleden
@Kevin M Hazel Absolutely did you don’t know boxing obviously
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 17 uur geleden
ALEX PLAYZ Dag geleden
Bro i swear the only thing logen Paul duz is hug
20 Kay
20 Kay Dag geleden
" All fun and games till someone gets hurt" 😂😂
Jeff Shannon
Jeff Shannon Dag geleden
Is this some kind of joke this is dumb lol!
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 17 uur geleden
I sellkids
I sellkids Dag geleden
They are biased 😂
jennyisabel_ Dag geleden
I didn’t even know there was a second boxing match between them until this month.
Ryan 22 uur geleden
You mustve been living under a rock
Dev Awfull
Dev Awfull Dag geleden
Anyone else see Austin McBroom @ 3:12
Minty Zach Minty Clan
KSI isn’t a bad boxer at all 😂
Cody Ellis
Cody Ellis Dag geleden
Looks fake
Aisha Adamu
Aisha Adamu Dag geleden
Wendy Bairesgomez
Wendy Bairesgomez Dag geleden
embarrassing he thought he was gonna win while putting his hand up- BYEEE 32:40
Corpse Uur geleden
it was a split desicion tho, Logan put up a great fight
The Tenth Doctor
The Tenth Doctor 4 uur geleden
Shannon raised his hand up tbf
Lewis Leo
Lewis Leo 10 uur geleden
It was his coach that raised his hands up
Victorious Dag geleden
Punpun 7 uur geleden
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe Dag geleden
Jesus loves you all!
yxng_bro Vision
yxng_bro Vision Dag geleden
C Logan Paul qui devait gagner
Nothing Dag geleden
Mohammad Yousuf Miskeenyar
logan should have wn]on he still fight's he beat floyd waywheather
mahad ayyy non
mahad ayyy non Dag geleden
who watching this after tiktokers vs youtubers
Peyton Amsbaugh
Peyton Amsbaugh Dag geleden
It’s hilarious how simons just sitting there like why am I here? 7:16
Bapak Suharjono
Bapak Suharjono Dag geleden
Paul has big hand but he don't use it well.
Romeo Dag geleden
This is so far the best youtube boxing match.
Batt0usai377 Dag geleden
Look at Logan after the match, dude himself knew he didn't win. Shame how these fakeass commentators disrespected JJ.
Batt0usai377 Dag geleden
That referee looked and sounded like a retired Mafia
zimma pericena
zimma pericena Dag geleden
💀yea this fight was petty asf we im just got ignore the commentators cuz their not rlly keeping it really lol they can have a side thats fine but what they just overhyping Logan I hope theres a video of refes who dont have a side dont know who's who and just commented based on everything thats happening not making excuses for one side
Jonah “Football forever 21 999” Simion
Austin mcbroom was in the camera
Luis Morales
Luis Morales Dag geleden
Who’s here after NLblockrs vs TikTokers?
MatoHP Dag geleden
Logan won honestly
Kevin M Hazel
Kevin M Hazel 17 uur geleden
shadz Dag geleden
KSI throws punches so wild bruh if it hits my head i will pass out immediately
shadz Dag geleden
3:12 Austin saw this and got inspired lol
hexon106 18 uur geleden
Yea I guess
Ninja Dag geleden
bryce hall think he can knock out ksi HAHAHAAHHA impossible
jack robinson
jack robinson Dag geleden
and rice
jack robinson
jack robinson Dag geleden
who else saw McBroom
EL guay guayareno
EL guay guayareno Dag geleden
chupapi munyanyo
chupapi munyanyo Dag geleden
POV: you just heard about ksi vs logan pauul now ur here to watch it
Netrix Dag geleden
use me as an "im going for KSI" button
softzeus Dag geleden
watching this again even though the commentators were so racist
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Dag geleden
Anyone here from tiktokers vs NLblock’s?
Chalton Adderley
Chalton Adderley Dag geleden
charles coxx
charles coxx Dag geleden
Now first off I’ve never boxed nor do I know the rules or how to box in general but seeing pros box vs these 2 they both are trash at boxing lol Ksi just throwing noodles all match and Logan has the softest jabs I’ve ever seen and really his only power hit is the upper cut which isn’t really useable at will both are trash tho at boxing but Logan is just trash in general him and his brother are trash both Paul’s just remind me of that supreme guy annoying
i was gassed to see our JJ win Babatunde will fight for Africa
dababy 2 dagen geleden
bruh what austin doing there
Shakeem morrison
Shakeem morrison 2 dagen geleden
This man keep huging kis what
Alfredo Jularbal
Alfredo Jularbal 2 dagen geleden
Wow, this is probably gonna go down in history as most remarkable youtuber fight, ik tiktoker vs youtuber was hype but not as hype as 2 entire countries waiting for this fight
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