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The best Premier League player ever!

Signed from Juventus in 1999, Thierry Henry would go to become an Invincible, a Double winner, a Premier League record holder, the clubs all-time leading goalscorer (228) and be honoured with a statue at Emirates Stadium.

Henry's Arsenal record is outstanding, winning two League titles, three FA Cups, four Golden Boots and five Player of the Year awards, and to think he wasn't even considered as a striker when he joined the club!

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This is the Official NLblock channel for Arsenal Football Club. This channel will aim to showcase the personality of Arsenal Football Club and give fans more of an insight into what it's like to be at this fantastic club. This channel will look behind the scenes and get closer to the likes of Mesut Ozil, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe, Alexandre Lacazette, Bernd Leno, Granit Xhaka, Hector Bellerin, and more.


Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.

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8 mei. 2020




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Muneer Martin
Muneer Martin Dag geleden
Zayd Shakur
Zayd Shakur 4 dagen geleden
Thierry Henry The King of Highbury!
Gary Hull
Gary Hull 7 dagen geleden
God Bless Thierry Henry forever!!!!
jacky zhang
jacky zhang 12 dagen geleden
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Francis Dubem
Francis Dubem 15 dagen geleden
Thierry Henry should of won world player of the year in his prime in addition to the Ballon d’or
Mary Trinh
Mary Trinh 16 dagen geleden
I left off at 1:05:00
Berlin Ocelot
Berlin Ocelot 17 dagen geleden
15:49 Cool stadium
ptrim1902 17 dagen geleden
It is really incomprehensible that Arsenal didn't adequately build on it's successes especially from the early 2000's. It is almost unforgivable! This club was poised for real greatness and should be enjoying being a true top club. As a fan who knows Arsenal as a winning club playing beautiful football; the current state of affairs is difficult to accept!! We try to remain hopeful .
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 19 dagen geleden
Absolute class act, on and off the pitch. Not many like this guy.
Rishab Gurung
Rishab Gurung 19 dagen geleden
Paul Harris
Paul Harris 19 dagen geleden
As I Liverpool supporter I have to say I have so much respect for this man. He truly was the best the prem ever saw. Arsenal fans I’m sure feel blessed to have watched his genius.
Itsmelo 26 dagen geleden
Anyone watching on 2021 ??
gubguhe rakurdim
gubguhe rakurdim 29 dagen geleden
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Ahmad Patel
Ahmad Patel Maand geleden
Current players should watch this and learn from the king👑
Noer Ismail
Noer Ismail Maand geleden
How we need a player like this in our team, The current 😢 players needs 10% of the man passion,What a great legend. Unacceptable as to what is happening at this beautiful Club. Kroenke out 😡😡😡🤬😠😠🤬🤬🤬😠
gussie lasell
gussie lasell Maand geleden
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no/blink Maand geleden
Enabulele Samuel
Enabulele Samuel Maand geleden
Arsene is a Legend who contributed in making another Legend
Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion Maand geleden
Needed a pick me up so checked in on the King. AFC 4LIFE
MyessYallyah Americus
MyessYallyah Americus Maand geleden
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Chris Ttofari
Chris Ttofari Maand geleden
Thierry Henry one of the biggest reasons why I love football ❤️
Anit Shrestha Manandhar
King of Highbury. Legend. There is no one like Thierry Henry.
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam Maand geleden
Even he left arsenal lol
Sean 2 maanden geleden
Vladimir Emerole
Vladimir Emerole 2 maanden geleden
Manutd fan but emm....How can you not admire this legend, it is respect all the way even after all these years of rivalry i think players like Henry can come to Oldtrafford to watch any game on the house..LOL...respect!
Kw3sToNe 2 maanden geleden
Absolute legend gave us everything... the day he left was the beginning of the end of Arsenal as we knew them
fouw fov
fouw fov 2 maanden geleden
RIP reyes
Febrial Alrizqan Chaniago
Febrial Alrizqan Chaniago 2 maanden geleden
i'm just scared, of losing u.
Ajakaiye Daniel
Ajakaiye Daniel 2 maanden geleden
The player that made me become an Arsenal Fan. Their performance of recent infuriates me, but I still support them and that's because of King Thierry Henry.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult 2 maanden geleden
the time arsenal was a force
josephine mensah
josephine mensah 2 maanden geleden
Da goat of the pl
Boxing finest AJ warrior
Boxing finest AJ warrior 2 maanden geleden
Al Son
Al Son 2 maanden geleden
The CNSR 2 maanden geleden
Hold on, 34:44 is looking a lot like Harry Kane as a YG 😂 Large up the legend Thierry though, I'm glad he's getting his flowers while he's still here to enjoy it 👏🏾🏆
Dick McCarthy
Dick McCarthy 2 uur geleden
You know what? Harry Kane was Arsenal youth before he went to Tottenham. That's a fact.
Strikerplays 2 maanden geleden
Looks more like Eric dier
Strikerplays 2 maanden geleden
Mr chicken valley
tadese birke
tadese birke 2 maanden geleden
he is one of hero for arsenal and in the world foot ball history
Al Son
Al Son 2 maanden geleden
Thanks For Making Me A Proud Gooner in my young days 🙏🏾🙏🏾.. FOREVER GRATEFUL! Good memories
Ben Sampson
Ben Sampson 2 maanden geleden
Just look at Ian wright he’s like a proud dad😌
Ewolo Ubama Eric
Ewolo Ubama Eric 2 maanden geleden
Titi you made me proud. Never an arsenal legend like you. We love you and we miss your goals. You still have an unfinished business at the club though. We are waiting for you
Charlie Sills
Charlie Sills 2 maanden geleden
When football is more than football TH aka 👑 KING 14
dazza944 2 maanden geleden
Listen to the passion in the man just sat on his arse talking about the club. More passion in a documentary than the current squad show week in week out. This man was amazing on the pitch. I can’t believe it’s been well over a decade now since he played for the club ☹️
dredd1761 2 maanden geleden
Tears flooding down my face remembering that supporting Arsenal used to connect with being a better person. Bring back the passion and belief for the players today and we will be successful again. Love your brothers, Peace
Th3realAP 2 maanden geleden
The corrupt FIFA robbed this genius of a Ballon'dor......but his legendary status stands on its knees outside the Emarite's. Long live the KING!
Th3realAP 2 maanden geleden
How anyone dares to stir up an argument regards the best player in Premier League, needs to watch this. This man is my own personal GOAT, the emotion and passion he brought to the Arsenal will never be topped! Harry 'crayon' Kane shouldn't be even be in the same conversation as Thierry. Ronaldo wasn't here long enough, Aguero fantastic goal scorer, but could you ever see him taking 11 players on and scoring whether its Liverpool or that mob down the road. Never will we see another like him! COYG
daramola ayobami
daramola ayobami 2 maanden geleden
Akira 2 maanden geleden
love you kobe bryant
Akira 2 maanden geleden
Swarnendu Bhattacharya
Swarnendu Bhattacharya 2 maanden geleden
i dont care about him not winning a ballondor as he has won the hearts of millions of arsenal fans and to me that is greater than any other award
Chris George
Chris George 2 maanden geleden
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wxnditaylorr 2 maanden geleden
Reagan Pantja
Reagan Pantja 2 maanden geleden
I like and watch football because of Henry. Like anything about him. After retire try to find another player for replace him in my head and heart but feel not same. He is different and can not compare to other player. Enjoy to watch him playing. The way he play and bring the ball make everything so easy and natural. Like him very much and I will tell my son about him in the future. A man they called Thierry Henry..😊
Jeevan Nathan
Jeevan Nathan 2 maanden geleden
Yes.... If there is one player who would've died or killed for Arsenal... Its Martin Keown.
Carly foster
Carly foster 2 maanden geleden
Rest in paradise Jose Antonio Reyes ❤😇⚽️🤴🏽
iwillget aoneclick6
iwillget aoneclick6 2 maanden geleden
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Seng Chan
Seng Chan 2 maanden geleden
Such a great pleasure watching this video. Your emotions and shared memories are fantastic. Arsenal fans love you so much. Somehow, we are missing this kind of video for the French audience as we do not honour you as you should deserve in France and what you truly represent for the French national team. You are a great sportsman and a great person!
Alan Tovar Hernandez
Alan Tovar Hernandez 2 maanden geleden
The REAL reason how I started to play soccer. THIERRY HENRRRYYYY
ProMo 2 maanden geleden
What a player
Vera Mitchell
Vera Mitchell 2 maanden geleden
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Pa Karamo
Pa Karamo 2 maanden geleden
Joseph Gallardo
Joseph Gallardo 2 maanden geleden
French records?
Habimana Diola
Habimana Diola 2 maanden geleden
the goat
philippe holland
philippe holland 2 maanden geleden
the best
Adrian Maulana
Adrian Maulana 2 maanden geleden
Subtitle please.. i don't speak English 😭😭😭
Steve Morris
Steve Morris 2 maanden geleden
I remember sitting in the East Stand Upper with my mates and telling them ' take this all in, and enjoy it, because you will never see football like this again at this club'. Sadly true words. Henry just oozed class. His goal against Real Madrid, his volley over a static Barthez, his dribble past the whole Liverpool defence, the volley against West Ham away, passing virtually every Spurs player and scoring at their place. So many. So sadly missed.
Laceyfhp6 Brewertc09
Laceyfhp6 Brewertc09 2 maanden geleden
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Guru dan murid
Guru dan murid 2 maanden geleden
Henry is the best "sayang Arsenal selalu sering di curangi wasit"
Sahid Ikeme
Sahid Ikeme 2 maanden geleden
This is so inspiring. I love it. The best.
Calvin Owens
Calvin Owens 3 maanden geleden
ahh goosebumps ..olddays
Rorie Robinson
Rorie Robinson 3 maanden geleden
That final was the only game that's left me in tears 😢. We lost the game and at the final whistle I knew Thierry was leaving.
Blanco 55
Blanco 55 3 maanden geleden
One time there was a Thierry Henry..
Corona Owner
Corona Owner 3 maanden geleden
This video should be shown to all Arsenal players as initiation
rohan kundaje
rohan kundaje 3 maanden geleden
love this man too much
Meikäpoika 3 maanden geleden
Min kim
Min kim 3 maanden geleden
lol remember when arsenal wasn't a joke? god i miss those days
Zeddik V
Zeddik V 3 maanden geleden
His such a proud CARIBBEAN Mr Henry we love you ❤ North London is RED.
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson 3 maanden geleden
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Gooner Ali
Gooner Ali 3 maanden geleden
Good old Arsenal.
Haikal Mohd
Haikal Mohd 3 maanden geleden
I remembered when I was a small boy I saw man u match I was like boring but when I saw arsenal play I was like wow because of Henry and that's what make me supported arsenal
Reuben Osei
Reuben Osei 3 maanden geleden
For us every day is Christmas
Reuben Osei
Reuben Osei 3 maanden geleden
For us every day is Christmas.Gunners
Abhinav Kumar Singh_03
Abhinav Kumar Singh_03 3 maanden geleden
Legend ❤️
Vladut Ionut Vacaru
Vladut Ionut Vacaru 3 maanden geleden
He was my idol. I was watching every arsenal games only for him. I was watching his play, remember his dribbling skills and then used them against my friends to humiliate them. I became good at playing football because of him. He is the best, the most gifted, the most skilled player of all time. Life is not fair though as he hasn't won any balloon d'or but we all know he deserved them all. ☝ only one king and that's Thierry Henry 🤘
Jake H.
Jake H. 3 maanden geleden
he is not an arsenal legend. he is thierry henry.
Jake H.
Jake H. 3 maanden geleden
words cannot describe how much i love this man
Amir Pourdanay
Amir Pourdanay 3 maanden geleden
Legend. King
Juuko Andrew
Juuko Andrew 3 maanden geleden
You done very, very much better to Arsenal fc. My dr. Sir, prof. Lord Thierry Henry 💯🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🧎‍♂️Never to do like you!
Naman Srivastav
Naman Srivastav 3 maanden geleden
I am not an arsenal fan but when this guy used to play he was something else an absolute machine and used to look one step ahead of games the perfect striker I had seen in my childhood he had it all and for him to never win a Ballon d'Or is shocking
Mohamad Alsharef
Mohamad Alsharef 3 maanden geleden
I started crying when he was describing his feelings after his goal against Leeds on his comeback game. I’m 20 and I never got to watch him play for Arsenal. His effect on arsenal fans truly is eternal.
Dick McCarthy
Dick McCarthy Uur geleden
True that, true that! I was heart broken when he got transfered to Barcelona :'( I started to root Gunners back in late 90s just before Henry came to his spiritual home (Arsenal) It's been a journey! Sometimes it's hard to be a Gooner, UCL trophy was literally on our hands and many other similiar cases + today's downhill.
George Jason Goumas
George Jason Goumas 3 maanden geleden
Hopefully, we sack diet pep and a true legend takes over
munnauk 3 maanden geleden
This mans passion for Arsenal is another level . Thanks for the memories TH 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
tiarnan 3 maanden geleden
been an Arsenal supporter since 1986 - but Henry will always be a cheating scumbag for what he did to Ireland
Jack Dearden
Jack Dearden 3 maanden geleden
Forget adjectives. Forget the whatever. #14 Mr ARSENAL.
Hafid Noerahman
Hafid Noerahman 3 maanden geleden
Aly Muhammad
Aly Muhammad 3 maanden geleden
King of Highbury ❤❤
crkin7 3 maanden geleden
very few players like this, last ones I can remember from PL, Ronaldo, Bale, [younger and balder:D rooney].
Ezekiel X
Ezekiel X 3 maanden geleden
Watching both of the teams I support in the uefa cup final in 2000 was tough, I had a jersey and it was number 10 with half saying Hagi and the other half saying berkamp. My family was rooting for GS and I just wanted the cup to come to where I was born and raised. it went to Turkey instead ofc.. ah well.
Mutsa K
Mutsa K 3 maanden geleden
i cry every time i watch this,cant help it
rizla235 3 maanden geleden
I'm sorry but Reyes deserves a statue. He was a big part of that invincible team. R.I.P. And I hear the disdain in his voice for not breaking the record at Highbury but so happy he did it before we left. Watching this reminds me how much joy this man has brought my life. Le King of Highbury.
Robert Karlsson
Robert Karlsson 3 maanden geleden
The last qout should be on a sign In The dressing room 👊👊
Robert Karlsson
Robert Karlsson 3 maanden geleden
Imagine IF our players now had 10% of Henrys mentality...
John 3 maanden geleden
it's 2021 god damn it and still bring tears to my eyes watching the goal against Leeds.
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity 3 maanden geleden
I lost my job during the pandemic I created my NLblock channel in faith, believing for myself, you and the rest of the world🌍
Paul Ross
Paul Ross 3 maanden geleden
Drogba is better. UCL for an English team
see you soon
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