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🎵Walking in a Bergkamp wonderland!

Signed in 1995 from Serie A's Inter Milan, Dutch international Dennis Bergkamp would go on to win 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cups with the club over an eleven year spell.

Honoured with a statue outside Emirates Stadium, the iceman was and continues to be a fan favourite, with many heralding the Dutchman as one of the most technically gifted players to have ever worn the Arsenal shirt.

Now enjoy this in-depth documentary as Dennis discusses his football heroes, his move to the club, winning the Premier League, being an Invincible, Arsene Wenger and more.

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Arsenal Football Club were formed in 1886. They have amassed 13 League titles, 13 FA Cups and many other major trophies since then. Their greatest players include: Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Tony Adams, Ian Wright, Robert Pires, Liam Brady, Patrick Vieira, Cliff Bastin and Charlie George.




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Hank NVT
Hank NVT 4 dagen geleden
wat een kut film!!!!
reics nonak
reics nonak 8 dagen geleden
merci dennis from france
forest dweller research
forest dweller research 14 dagen geleden
You ask Henry, ask anyone and they will tell you: Bergkamp is the greatest player i've ever met. You can talk about Maradonna, Pelé, Zidane....and so on. Bergkamp would run rings around those guys. He just worked harder and smarter. You know that stupid look on Diego Maradonna's face when he scored in the WC in usa? Bergkamp destroyed the booze and cocaine culture in London. There's a reason why they built a statue for him. He was the best player ever.
Tuấn Phương ChâuLê
Really Respect to the 2004 team... love this film... still wait for that moment again...
Eddy Jotam
Eddy Jotam 24 dagen geleden
It is Dennis Bergkamp who made me an Arsenal fans, calm, technically gifted, first touch is amazing. Love him so much. vs Newcastle goal, vs Argentine goal, vs Leicester goal ... fantastic
Smol Rider
Smol Rider 24 dagen geleden
I only cried one or two times while watching this
Andrew Frank
Andrew Frank 27 dagen geleden
Thanks James, great season's work from you. Enjoy your summer
Gary Shilton
Gary Shilton 28 dagen geleden
thank you dennis
Cl0ckcl0ck Maand geleden
Congrats on the hall of fame!
mario yu
mario yu Maand geleden
The entertaining sharon coronally learn because bacon socially claim apropos a quick birch. better, staking libra
scu10 Maand geleden
1:29 hacia la del Diego :/
hannington ouma
hannington ouma Maand geleden
I really respect this guy he is a Legend to me,,,, and me I will be a gunner forever
Mahzun Yuzlu
Mahzun Yuzlu Maand geleden
Arsenal at the first half of 00s was the "smoothest" team I've ever watched. It was like watching a ballet, it was so graceful. And Bergkamp was the crown of it. It was always an exclusive pleasure to watch him and Arsenal. And no, I didn't see that ludicrious display at that time.
Yaniakis JPM
Yaniakis JPM Maand geleden
Ernst 76
Ernst 76 Maand geleden
Dennis,Henry,viera they will be back, ;-) soon
Sausage Kosher
Sausage Kosher Maand geleden
Dennis Bergkamp my No.1 Idol- I missed Arsenal FC's Spirits in Highbury!!! I hate Arsenal FC in New Stadium- Loaded with bad Lucks since Stan Kroenke took over :(
David Maand geleden
Bergkamp was every bit as good as Messi.
Daniel T
Daniel T Maand geleden
What an amazing class and a humble guy at that. I just love this!
Kw3sToNe 2 maanden geleden
One of the most amazing players ever to grace the pitch and unselfish as well!
Omar Mere
Omar Mere 2 maanden geleden
Legend always ❤ we miss you alot our legendary football ⚽️
Kwadwo Gamer-PES fan
Kwadwo Gamer-PES fan 2 maanden geleden
Class act
ThatKidSON 2 maanden geleden
Just seen tony adams comments about how him and the defenders never took it easy on the attackers and kept them on their toes which made them better .... Oh how the club has fallen away from this as we have egotistical players who cry if you don't go easy in them in training .
OMENAHILLO5077 KFGHT 2 maanden geleden
one of my idols and heros
David Tomsett
David Tomsett 2 maanden geleden
He would spend hours as a kid watching how the ball bounced off the wall when he kicked it at different angles.
Deezee Saivate
Deezee Saivate 2 maanden geleden
Fav. Arsenal Player :)
Zahid Bahram
Zahid Bahram 2 maanden geleden
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Neil C
Neil C 2 maanden geleden
What a master footballer he was. A joy to watch. Pure genius.
Mana. 2 maanden geleden
Wenger wanted to give me a trial at Arsenal. (Lol) I dont do trials! Zlatan.
more than a wheelchair
more than a wheelchair 2 maanden geleden
Very very special player. Supported Arsenal all my life 36 now I can remember him coming to us. Forever be a legend
Greyswindir 2 maanden geleden
I wish we had players like Dennis again, and a manager like Arsene Wenger. Arteta is not doing a great job, he has to do better.
David Townsend
David Townsend 2 maanden geleden
Im a spurs fan !! what a geezer
Cabdirahmaan Siciid
Cabdirahmaan Siciid 2 maanden geleden
😢😥😥😘😘Lgdn arsenal Dennis Bergkamp😓😓ims yuu
Peter Thompson
Peter Thompson 2 maanden geleden
Greateat player alongdide ian wright. My pleasure to watch you play. Footballing art. Bergkamp was an artist
sarad matthew tigga
sarad matthew tigga 2 maanden geleden
i still have the newspaper cut out of dennis with his daughter!
Wilson Cally
Wilson Cally 2 maanden geleden
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calypsojonnie 2 maanden geleden
Lovely tribute to a fantastic guy, class
The Realist
The Realist 2 maanden geleden
With Davor Suker, two of the most elegant players ever for me! Miss those days...
Gerard Oneill
Gerard Oneill 2 maanden geleden
Enjoying the documentary then went into the comments, Jose Antonio Reyes is dead 2019 RIP Jose❤️❤️❤️.
M95 3 maanden geleden
Where was the Newcastle goal???
Robin Arden
Robin Arden 3 maanden geleden
It's a good job that Dennis was our Menace
Gooner Ali
Gooner Ali 3 maanden geleden
Good old Arsenal.
bernard lee
bernard lee 3 maanden geleden
he introduce me to football
Maurice Matla
Maurice Matla 3 maanden geleden
Oh these players, coaches and all the lot give 100% ? Every single training even. Completely live for it ? Well no they don't aside from the whole flying thing. One simply can not survive giving 100%. Dennis lies here.
Abram Mamahit
Abram Mamahit 3 maanden geleden
his hair doesn't change abit😉
J Money
J Money 3 maanden geleden
His wife fell in love with him at first touch.
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh 3 maanden geleden
"Well you start to run out of superlatives" Summarizes Bergkamp
TheWAXONER 3 maanden geleden
Tony Celestino
Tony Celestino 3 maanden geleden
A gentleman and a genius
munnauk 3 maanden geleden
DB and then later TH is the reason i started to support the Gunners ,,,,thanks for the memories Dennis 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Muriel Mae Sanders
Muriel Mae Sanders 3 maanden geleden
a.salop fan who lives in philippines sendsi is best regards get well soon steve cotterill town manager up the town on saturday vs afc wimbledon
Richard JB
Richard JB 3 maanden geleden
George Costanza
George Costanza 3 maanden geleden
Easily the best no10 ever in the prem. Underrated in terms of international recognition outside of england and the netherlands of course. Zidane got all the praise, but in reality there were very very little if any to set them two apart
Karim ZAARI 3 maanden geleden
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John Vennell
John Vennell 3 maanden geleden
Great Players , Before the Marxist political KNEE ,andI was an ARSENAL supporter ,We had kick it out ,against racism , This awful B.L.M stuff ruined the game.
John Doe
John Doe 3 maanden geleden
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 3 maanden geleden
there will never be another player that gets close to this guy. he was just mesmerising, I love this man, If I could meet anyone in the world, it's him.
jay staar
jay staar 3 maanden geleden
Christopher Howe
Christopher Howe 3 maanden geleden
Mohammed Zamir
Mohammed Zamir 3 maanden geleden
davesaussieduster 3 maanden geleden
Kanu sprang over Wiltord so high.
Michell Free Fire
Michell Free Fire 4 maanden geleden
Efotbol points 27.500 to you legend berkamp
Νєw Сит'Ст
Νєw Сит'Ст 4 maanden geleden
🙏🙏 Thank you 🙏🙏 👑👑 Bergkamp 👑👑
bob the bob
bob the bob 4 maanden geleden
Berkamp..........what can I say.
Vishnu Prabhath
Vishnu Prabhath 4 maanden geleden
Please make one on Patrick Viera. "A monster among men"
Robin 2021
Robin 2021 4 maanden geleden
Proud to be Dutch. What a legend! For me with Ronaldinho the most fun player to watch.
Paolo Rolando
Paolo Rolando 4 maanden geleden
I don't think many people of my generation outside of the UK understand just how good Bergkamp was. They were too busy watching Zidane to notice. In my opinion he was better than Zidane. There's not a single thing Zidane could do that Dennis couldn't except Dennis was a bigger goal threat. Incredible player.
Tony Karim
Tony Karim 4 maanden geleden
DB10 - The greatest gunner ever !
Richard Smith
Richard Smith 4 maanden geleden
19:54 You're welcome
yo cool
yo cool 4 maanden geleden
Should have mentioned about the Statue also.
Kicks Essentials
Kicks Essentials 4 maanden geleden
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PFx 4 maanden geleden
We still haven't recovered from moving out of Highbury.
Alexander Inusa
Alexander Inusa 4 maanden geleden
My most fascinating Arsenal legend.
Sourav Pandey
Sourav Pandey 4 maanden geleden
Bryn Teeling & The River Thieves
What a lovely, genuine, world class bloke and a world class footballer
BOB O. 4 maanden geleden
i live in the U.S.A. & have followed Sports very closely since 1978 'til today. I've seen a lot of shocking & miraculous things take place over those 43 yrs. but Dennis Bergkamp not playing a single second in what arguably would be the game in his career with the most prestige, the Champions League Final, is without a doubt the biggest disappointment i've ever had as a sports fan. I don't understand why he didn't start the game, let alone play any minutes at all; to me, you won't find a bigger "what in the hell were you thinking" moment as a question to a Coach, in this case Arsene Wenger. Why would you do that to the player who was 100% responsible for putting your club on the map? Bergkamp was, is, & will always be my favourite Arsenal player.
Lucattsur 4 maanden geleden
He had such a technich
Cesar hernandez
Cesar hernandez 4 maanden geleden
Moby Whale
Moby Whale 4 maanden geleden
Great Player! Sneaky personality...
Dead_fish_follow_the_stream 4 maanden geleden
My no1 favourite arsenal player ever Pure class
Vinson Dong
Vinson Dong 4 maanden geleden
The perpetual mascara aesthetically return because grouse antenatally interest besides a meaty badger. auspicious, irritating time
Nigel trump
Nigel trump 4 maanden geleden
In today's money mad market Dennis would be a £200 million pound player.
BoogeeKnight 4 maanden geleden
Plot Twist: Patrick Viera wipes a bogey on a little boy. 44:42
Michelle Ruggiero
Michelle Ruggiero 4 maanden geleden
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PS5 & Stuff
PS5 & Stuff 4 maanden geleden
Don't talk about that Newcastle goal?
PS5 & Stuff
PS5 & Stuff 4 maanden geleden
Bergkamps first touch was like a magnet 🧲
TheTerminatorevo 5 maanden geleden
For me he is the GOAT,just imagine what his pricetag would be in todays transfer market.
Sammy Hamawi
Sammy Hamawi 5 maanden geleden
There is a statue of michael jackson in front of the fulham fc stadium
Okay Raif
Okay Raif 5 maanden geleden
The emotion on he’s face the way he’s voice is breaking tells you how much passion he has for football and most of all for Arsenal a true legend
Chijioke Nwaogbe
Chijioke Nwaogbe 5 maanden geleden
Great man. So much respect for the talent, skills, ambitions, perseverance, achievements, and humility of this man.
Bûnglę The Góònęr
Bûnglę The Góònęr 5 maanden geleden
Out of the many live games I’ve been to whether home or away, still the only player I’ve seen able to bring a split-second of hush over the crowd when on the ball, and that includes opposing supporters. He was simply mesmerising. Still haven’t seen a player with me own eyes with as deft a touch as Bergy was blessed with. Pure class, absolute legend.
C. León
C. León 5 maanden geleden
Nice interview of Sting, but not much focused on his music I have to say , any chance of a Police reunion!?
James Rogers
James Rogers 5 maanden geleden
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JJ Smith
JJ Smith 5 maanden geleden
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Huynh Hong Nhat
Huynh Hong Nhat 5 maanden geleden
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Courtney Lowe
Courtney Lowe 5 maanden geleden
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Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ 5 maanden geleden
"The word says it all - invincible. You felt like that going onto the pitch. You knew you were going to win - it was just a matter of how, and by how many goals. "You’d look around the dressing room and think, ‘Jeez, what a team’. We were better than our opponents in every single area. "We were all friends, too. We’d go to dinner with six or seven players, or meet up at someone’s house with the wives and girlfriends. Maybe you need to be a team of friends to be successful. "It was a great time and it went down in history. It’s hard to beat - there have been some fantastic teams since then, quite recently with Manchester City and Liverpool, and they find it really difficult to do what we did. "Every year, it makes me more proud. It was a tremendous achievement." Dennis Bergkamp
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ
Ethio Zare ኢትዮ ዛሬ 5 maanden geleden
Invincible team never forgotten the History of football.
Kevin Nivek
Kevin Nivek 5 maanden geleden
He was the player that attracted me to become an Arsenal fan since 1995. He was a special player and the partnership he had with Henry was magic.
Peter Burke
Peter Burke 5 maanden geleden
Were Arsenal fans spoilt with such talent of which Dennis was the first? Bergkamp Petit Vieira Overmars Lungberg Henry Pires Van Persie
Gulaknikov 5 maanden geleden
When Thiery Henry asked Wenger wich player he subbed the most: When he heared it was Dennis he was in shock for a second ;)
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