F1 Drivers' First Cars 👀 

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This video includes the funny moments from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, George Russell, Kevin Magnussen, Alexander Albon, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren Renault F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Renault F1 team, Haas F1 team.

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27 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Aidar Sharafullin
Aidar Sharafullin 20 uur geleden
British People ditched the "th" sound for "f". Listen what Russel says. Slow as "anyfing"
Dominik Ternovan
Dominik Ternovan 2 dagen geleden
Carlos sainz had a golf
Cooper Tayman
Cooper Tayman 2 dagen geleden
Lando had the ride
JacketClanKing 3 dagen geleden
I still have my first car it's a 1998 sn 95 mustang
Fabled_Ninja285 4 dagen geleden
Lando=gangster Vettel=rich kid Max=child
mike jones
mike jones 4 dagen geleden
A Mini Cooper could never be gangsta
Big Shart
Big Shart 4 dagen geleden
How to be an F1 driver, step 1: have rich parents. Step 2: if you do not have rich parents, leave your current family and get rich parents.
Brain Drain
Brain Drain 4 dagen geleden
Would smoke them all on a push bike.
Nico Contrera
Nico Contrera 5 dagen geleden
I don’t know if they are telling the truth. Their families are mostly rich 🤷
Patrik Jansen
Patrik Jansen 2 dagen geleden
And the cars are fairly rich if you think about that they are their first cars and that you need to consider them having a crash
Kucing Kejeblos
Kucing Kejeblos 6 dagen geleden
And then there's carlos with his golf
lishan zeleke
lishan zeleke 6 dagen geleden
I was waiting fo Hamilton
Godzilla 6 dagen geleden
Mercedes for mick as His first car
Nept Tune
Nept Tune 6 dagen geleden
Vw polo! Thats awesome! Slow in a vw still feels fast. That's why I love vws
Dylan Jacobs
Dylan Jacobs 6 dagen geleden
He said it gangsta he aint seen real gangster then
Owster249 7 dagen geleden
Everyone else nice and normal then there always one Lando...
James Mahy
James Mahy 8 dagen geleden
Daniel saying one of the Aussie brands and then having no clue of what it is
Filip Uremović
Filip Uremović 8 dagen geleden
makes you wonder how many amazing drivers are there in the world who will never get their chance because they're not born rich like these guys
Kaveesha Karunaratne
Kaveesha Karunaratne 8 dagen geleden
Mini Cooper is probably the least Gangstar car ever made
matthew watson
matthew watson 8 dagen geleden
Missed out on Yuki
Adriigonzaalez 9 dagen geleden
Vw polo:slow as anything My renault 4:Bit funny innit? Let me introduce you to my ✨28hp to the wheels✨🤣🤣🤣
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith 9 dagen geleden
Lando Norris or dan ric who is the better joker
Cyberpunk Mirai
Cyberpunk Mirai 9 dagen geleden
Lando is a mood... Always
Carl Estepa
Carl Estepa 9 dagen geleden
Schrudel 10 dagen geleden
You cut out the best part. Kimi had a Lada as his first car.
Aaden Leon
Aaden Leon 10 dagen geleden
How bout stroll
Leendert van Nielen
Leendert van Nielen 10 dagen geleden
Lando just describes his current car.
mustard roshi
mustard roshi 12 dagen geleden
Lada niva
Lightning McQueen
Lightning McQueen 12 dagen geleden
me: a 2000 ford ranger
Scott Nemeth
Scott Nemeth 12 dagen geleden
Lol, 1st time I’ve ever heard of a Mini Cooper and gangster used in the same sentence
Vittorio Calabrese
Vittorio Calabrese 12 dagen geleden
Lando Norris: Gangster 😂
Murilo Charles
Murilo Charles 13 dagen geleden
Mazepin: A Buggati Chiron GT 3000
Gentinis Bytyqi
Gentinis Bytyqi 17 dagen geleden
Mick has some taste🔥
Sascha Måhr
Sascha Måhr 18 dagen geleden
Nitro Gaming!!!
Nitro Gaming!!! 18 dagen geleden
That’s classic lando lol
Tommaso Bravo
Tommaso Bravo 18 dagen geleden
Lando always the best
wInDhAwK 8
wInDhAwK 8 19 dagen geleden
Gia Huy
Gia Huy 20 dagen geleden
My first car is ford gt40 XD. I use that car to cheat some races in Rome.
Brett Gumeson
Brett Gumeson 22 dagen geleden
my first car was a cadillac fleetwood 1990
zstripez 24 dagen geleden
Unless you started on a Nissan Micra, beeee humble hahaha
PinkRage 24 dagen geleden
My man got an a class mercedes as his first car
LinkLeoSF 24 dagen geleden
Lando 🤣🤣
Andrew Cochran
Andrew Cochran 24 dagen geleden
Me watching this knowing that my first car was a $650 pt cruiser I bought from Facebook marketplace😅😅
Mr44nico44 26 dagen geleden
Spoiled brats
sinaweena 26 dagen geleden
Latifi is your quintessential Persian with his BMW M3
Felipe Flores
Felipe Flores 26 dagen geleden
GB2006 _YT
GB2006 _YT 26 dagen geleden
The parents of both of the Canadians on the track have a lot of money
michael mueller
michael mueller 26 dagen geleden
Bunch oh spoiled girls
Mad Wicked
Mad Wicked 26 dagen geleden
Mini cooper D, all black, tinted windows, "Gangsta" 🤣😂
Flynn Randall
Flynn Randall 26 dagen geleden
I love how Charles is probably the richest there and has the cheapest car but u gotta love Charles
Flynn Randall
Flynn Randall 19 dagen geleden
Yeah but he lives in Monaco wich is quite a rich country and u gotta be rich to live there so I thought he would of had smth a bit better
Machete Goose
Machete Goose 19 dagen geleden
Charles prolly one of the poorest. Richer than Seb only.
Kokob Mekonen
Kokob Mekonen 23 dagen geleden
A fiat 500 is not cheap it around 15'000-20'000chf
Elon Esqandar
Elon Esqandar 27 dagen geleden
Lando : I have mini cooper, all black, black rims, tinted windows. Gangsta. While talking like a girl
Hunter Wroe
Hunter Wroe 27 dagen geleden
I love Lando 😂😂 “gangstaaa” lol
Matthew Campbell
Matthew Campbell 27 dagen geleden
Was not expecting the one at the end lol
? 27 dagen geleden
And mine s15 spec r cau .
Wahbie 27 dagen geleden
ŠITKE 28 dagen geleden
Latifi got M3 when 16 years old, i mean WHAT?
ライStammers 28 dagen geleden
Just some spoilt ass kids
Peter was here
Peter was here 28 dagen geleden
That’s one big flex: I drove in f1 before I got my drivers license
LeoPers 29 dagen geleden
Real gangster that mini 😂 except when it’s in the workshop again
KHAN DRIFT Maand geleden
Your first car Bmw m3 but now u still working for mercedes 👊keep going
Santiago Ybarra
Santiago Ybarra Maand geleden
Gangsta cooper
Oliver Golec
Oliver Golec Maand geleden
Mercedes🤢🤢 BNW😎😝😝
Miguel Angel Boza
Miguel Angel Boza Maand geleden
Rich babies
couldbe worse
couldbe worse Maand geleden
Hahaha spoiled with an x3, I would have a different choice of words
BEEN CHILLIN Maand geleden
Mf minis are gangster🤙
Mo Videos
Mo Videos Maand geleden
Mini cooper gang!!!
Krille Kralle
Krille Kralle Maand geleden
Ask the older drivers , would be funnier alonso or kimi :)
Spyros Bellos
Spyros Bellos Maand geleden
Where is yuki"s s2000 and kimi's Lada
FizZy _
FizZy _ Maand geleden
Well since Latifi is rich af, Seb was a BMW works driver abd Mick is the son of Michael I ain't surprised they had the best cars
Agus Pratama
Agus Pratama Maand geleden
Mazepin: "Monster Truck"
Paul Willow
Paul Willow Maand geleden
Sebastian Vettal was very spoilt, who would of guessed! 😄
Das mächtige Häuflein
Bmw m3 🙄 of course what else
1990 Honda Prelude
1990 Honda Prelude Maand geleden
My first car is gonna be an 18hp 1970 be beetle
Robin Maand geleden
Verstappen with a super license before a regular car license, now thats something. Super max max max!
Golden tear
Golden tear Maand geleden
F1 is pay to win
Laureano Fredes
Laureano Fredes Maand geleden
Lando: Gangsta ✌🏼
Abdo Sleiman
Abdo Sleiman Maand geleden
Im here just for mazepin comments
Mike Clips
Mike Clips Maand geleden
Norris is so funny!!!
Dirk R
Dirk R Maand geleden
No one cares
Vlad Filip
Vlad Filip Maand geleden
Storm Racers
Storm Racers Maand geleden
Gangsta mode 😂😂😂
Brger Gerv
Brger Gerv Maand geleden
I’d like to hear what lance strolll’s first car was! Probably something shitty:)
MagFeed Maand geleden
I’m riding with Lando.
BlindGuardian050 Maand geleden
Of course they're all spoiled rich boys
RubberDorky Maand geleden
Rich people talking about the rich shit they got to experience growing up. Fun
1A Landei
1A Landei Maand geleden
A Class Mercedes.... Realy Dude.....
binsar gultom
binsar gultom Maand geleden
yuki tsunoda S2000🔥🔥
Logan Phipps
Logan Phipps Maand geleden
F1 drivers were always privileged, it’s pretty hard to be an F1 driver if you aren’t already rich and your parents paid for racing lessons when you were a kid. NASCAR on the other hand, most of the racers grew up with not a lot of money and they started off racing go carts as kids and worked themselves up.
Logan Phipps
Logan Phipps Maand geleden
@LKY nobody asked you to reply 🤷‍♂️
LKY Maand geleden
No one asked about nascar
Drive with Paul
Drive with Paul Maand geleden
“Black rims” imagine Senna saying that
Ciaran's Cars & Bikes
Ciaran's Cars & Bikes Maand geleden
Oi! Latifi. No one asked😂
Ciaran's Cars & Bikes
Ciaran's Cars & Bikes Maand geleden
Lando is the king, gotta love that guy👑😎
Ilya Clutcher
Ilya Clutcher Maand geleden
Не удивлен, что Квят без прав гонял, в принципе многие без прав у нас катаются...
Golem Tech
Golem Tech Maand geleden
And i drive a fucking suzuki
Moomin Ninja
Moomin Ninja Maand geleden
Kimi: it had wheels and a steering wheel who the fuck cares 🤣🤣
OnMatterz Maand geleden
Clio rs 🤤
Robbie Schertz
Robbie Schertz Maand geleden
Fucking Latifi
Madeleine Zierer
Madeleine Zierer Maand geleden
Ich freue mich sehr das man wieder Live dabei sein daf
SCHUURSHOT Maand geleden
Wtf is he saying about the fists clutch🤣🤣🤣sounds like blue blue blue clutch
Rainman Maand geleden
Why that emoji on A class merc? That is the most basic affordable line up in their range.
Alexander Payton
Alexander Payton Maand geleden
Land's sounds the best! 😂
CamberwellCarrot Maand geleden
F1 clearly doesn't draw its drivers from the children of the working class.
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